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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Possible nightclub
- B J (4th Jan 2019 @ 09:44:56)

Want to find out what is the feeling on a small nightclub opening in Liphook.. My business partner is interested in doing so and has looked at industrial estate near station ..Would be an over 21 year-old only and would not be open every night ..
Any thoughts

Re: Possible nightclub
- L (4th Jan 2019 @ 10:29:59)

NO! Not sure if you are serious, but that is the very last thing liphook needs or wants.

Re: Possible nightclub
- AP (4th Jan 2019 @ 11:16:39)

Sounds like a good idea, the village needs more things for younger people to do. Get them off their computers

Re: Possible nightclub
- gr (4th Jan 2019 @ 11:18:24)

Green grocer , butcher , fishmonger is what the village needs

what happened to cinema idea for the old Anchor garage site?

Re: Possible nightclub
- Dave (4th Jan 2019 @ 11:23:54)

Terrible idea

Re: Possible nightclub
- Ann (4th Jan 2019 @ 11:29:02)

I think this is a fab idea

Re: Possible nightclub
- Sarah (4th Jan 2019 @ 11:46:54)


Whilst I admire your spirit, Liphook is a big village, primarily for families and with a large elderly/retired population. I don’t think it needs a night club and don’t think the local population of over 21’s would sustain it.

I imagine it would involve a lot of people getting the train/taxis into Liphook for a night out from elsewhere, which would inevitably lead to trouble at the station end of the village. It’s not really what Liphook is about. There are plenty of night clubs available a train ride away in nearby towns.

If your partner is keen on a business venture, we do need late night (Italian?) restaurants that offer cocktails etc, or a daytime venture of a Playzone for children? Or something for teens like a diner with music. Not as exciting as a night club, but definitely what Liphook could do with.

Re: Possible nightclub
- oldie (4th Jan 2019 @ 12:52:17)

Not sure on this.

I suppose it's a natural next step for our rapidly growing region, plus the drunk/ drugged millennials can stagger off to the station rather than risk driving or staggering into the village centre whilst trying to sing as loudly as possible at 2am. No reflection on your establishment I'm sure, but teens and wannabee teens (usually about 35 years old and on their third wife) will be teens!

I'd guess there's a fair chance that some of the residents of the brand new housing estates, built right next to the old and brand new trading estates as well as the station, will be horrified at the thought of such a service opening up, of all things, in that spot! (I can't say I'd blame them really).

But then I suppose if they're going to turn us into a sprawling town on the quiet, we may as well make a little noise about it!

Re: Possible nightclub
- P Weyland (4th Jan 2019 @ 13:52:04)

Good idea, its hardly like entertainment is an over subscribed commodity in Liphook.

I'll come down and DJ a few sets for you!

Re: Possible nightclub
- E (4th Jan 2019 @ 15:33:56)

Not a good idea at all! There's enough noise this end of liphook as it is after pub hours, asking for trouble! It's not really the over 21s that need something either it's the teenagers & the maybe a playzone for for younger ones

Re: Possible nightclub
- aa (4th Jan 2019 @ 15:54:55)

Personally, I’d rather see a few new restaurants in the village. And from a business perspective I reckon kids play area might be quite good.

Regarding the nightclub, the biggest problem I see is getting your clients home - there’s a major lack of taxis here on short notice, and while I’m sure more would come if you opened, I think that would be a major issue.

Re: Possible nightclub
- Joe Kerr (4th Jan 2019 @ 16:02:56)

Great idea... Kids these days need something to do in this run down place. Skatepark and green is rubbish .. only entertainment kids get is when the fun fair comes in !

Re: Possible nightclub
- Ian (4th Jan 2019 @ 16:04:53)

Don't listen to any of the objectors, people on this site would object to being given a tenner for nothing !

The Green Dragon used to have a manager about 2-3 years ago and the place was rammed to the throat, easily 250+ packed into it and people coming from all around.

The key to it will be security and that 21 limit, as soon as you let it flood with the young ones it all kicks off, as happened in the green dragon.

Down by the station is perfect for me... far enough away :)

Re: Possible nightclub
- Tina (4th Jan 2019 @ 16:07:17)

I eco what Sarah has said, all really good points and ideas. A nice cosy wine bar would be very welcome too.

Re: Possible nightclub
- Joe Kerr (4th Jan 2019 @ 16:46:00)

People walk further after a few drinks with out even realising ... lift shares , friend pick ups, staying at a friends or prebooking taxi would work fine . youre all such boring people with your boring wine bars .. put your selves in the shoes of a young person and realise that liphook has nothing for them ! would be good to bring something here so they dont have to have the trouble with going else where for it .

boring people .. go back to your silly bannanaa rant or however it was spelt - thats what your age group should be discussing.

Re: Possible nightclub
- PP (4th Jan 2019 @ 16:47:09)

I think a proper fast food place would be more sought after especially for youngsters. McDonald’s or a dominos would be great

Re: Possible nightclub
- Helen (4th Jan 2019 @ 19:56:01)

I think if your partner is serious then the only important thing would be to do a survey of the householders in the area affected by any possible noise. They would
be the ones who would come forward with their objections at the planning stage.
It may seem a good idea if you live miles away from the noise! There are some residential flats above the shops in Newtown Road which would be closest.

Re: Possible nightclub
- Anon (4th Jan 2019 @ 20:25:54)

This must be a joke, why would anyone in their right mind put a nightclub in liphook?

It would only attract the wrong crowds from the Anchor and Bordon, which Liphook does not want.

As a small town we need a restaurant, butcher, greengrocer and amenities that families, couples etc can utilise rather than a business venture that will degrade our town and attract undesirable locals.

Re: Possible nightclub
- Rachel (4th Jan 2019 @ 20:45:08)

Noticed the "BJ" hasn't responded to anyone yet!
Another wind up maybe.

Re: Possible nightclub
- Adrian (4th Jan 2019 @ 20:59:10)

I heard on the grapevine a new nightclub was being considered on the site of the old supermarket in Station Rd. I believe it’s the same developer behind the tattoo shop / vaping lounge on the old Plumbase site.

Re: Possible nightclub
- helen (4th Jan 2019 @ 21:30:03)

Do think it genuine but they would only be looking at a business with the biggest profit margin, a nightclub would be potentially bigger profit than butchers etc, with Sainsburys in the vicinity, and possibly a lower overhead cost.

Re: Possible nightclub
- Adrian (4th Jan 2019 @ 23:39:46)

I think it might work as for all those suggesting Greengrocers and Butchers, we had them and Sainsburys forced them out.
However a yellow bannanna shop might work.

Re: Possible nightclub
- Adrian (4th Jan 2019 @ 23:40:49)

If they need a name for the club how about THE YELLOW BANNANNA

Re: Possible nightclub
- Adrain (5th Jan 2019 @ 23:32:27)

I love the Bannannas. Will get the Bannannerama records and tapes out for a good old disco boogie woogie once I get the wooden leg fixed.

Re: Possible nightclub
- Richard (6th Jan 2019 @ 09:25:29)

I know a man with a wooden leg called "Smith"...What's the other leg called? (Sorry!)

Re: Possible nightclub
- Bj (6th Jan 2019 @ 10:17:26)

Hi and thanks ... wanted to see what feelings were before replying .. No Liphook could not use a butchers or greengroser as you all have cars and internet and it's a struggle for you to place an order let alone walk to shops .. I have lived here probably longer than most of you and can remember when liphook did support many local shops , but we also did have a really close community and used our local facilities...some people do like to enjoy themselves without the need to cause trouble and thought this maybe a good opportunity to do so ...there have been other good ideas and will give thoughts to them.. a drive through takeaway is an idea but am struggling to find a suitable location..
Thanks B J

Re: Possible nightclub
- B J (6th Jan 2019 @ 10:49:34)

OH Adrian you are stupid Sainsburys did not force the closure of village shops , it's people like you who can't be bothered to use these shops and pay the extra for quality ...

Re: Possible nightclub
- Rm (6th Jan 2019 @ 12:26:18)

BJ How come very good butchers in Grayshott.Petersfield and lots of other places. I think butcher, greengrocers, etc would do very well in Liphook given the new more affluent residents that have come to Liphook. They seem to want gastro pubs and the likes so why not butchers etc.

Re: Possible nightclub
- B J (6th Jan 2019 @ 16:27:17)

R M ..what about I ask my business partner to invest in either greengrocer or butchers and you pay for all losses

Re: Possible nightclub
- helen (6th Jan 2019 @ 23:01:49)

Grayshott only has some tiny supermarkets without a deli counter, the Petersfield butcher I think is or was organic? Also Petersfield has a much larger population and supports a huge Tesco Budgens, Marks and Spencer and Waitrose, cannot imagine that happening in liphook.

Re: Possible nightclub
- Fred Halligan (8th Jan 2019 @ 10:59:01)

Hey BJ how about you and your business partner set up a nightclub and we all hold you responsible for any of the trouble, property damage, fights, excess noise, police call-outs etc. that may occur in the future as a result?

Re: Possible nightclub
- Paul (8th Jan 2019 @ 12:08:09)

Hey BJ, if this is even remotely serious (which I personally doubt) how about you set up a website with your full name, address and business proposal impact assessment on the local community and then formally invite views and consultation?

Or do a leaflet drop in the Liphook area with the above information, along with your plan, so that you get real opinions and engagement.

Just a thought. Otherwise this gets treated as the wind-up it appears to be.

Re: Possible nightclub
- dave (8th Jan 2019 @ 12:19:40)

Obviously a wind up otherwise why would you ask for opinions on a nightclub in a location such as Liphook on a forum where the average age of contributors must be nearing 100!!! Personally I think we need a lap dancing club!

Re: Possible nightclub
- Paul (9th Jan 2019 @ 12:33:47)

@ Dave - BJ could call it #MeToo - there you go, I won't even charge BJ for the free marketing …. :)

Re: Possible nightclub
- lu (9th Jan 2019 @ 13:12:22)

don't you dare... I'm a 17 year old vegetarian and would honestly rather have a butchers than a night club

Re: Possible nightclub
- april (9th Jan 2019 @ 13:49:15)

new country and equine supply store would be great... it would be lovely to see hiscocks expand

Re: Possible nightclub
- Paul (9th Jan 2019 @ 14:03:26)

I think the idea of a nightclub or cocktail bar professionally run is a good business, and an enhancement to our village.
Many nightclubs in the u.k. in the last 10 years have closed due to various issues. There is still a demand from adult people for evening entertainment.
We should look forward to our Liphook population and amenities, not just what people like or dislike for now.
The needs for locals 5 to 10 years ahead, and future generations need to be facilitated.
Good luck with your the business ideas.

Re: Possible nightclub
- helen (9th Jan 2019 @ 18:20:31)

I would make a fortune if it were to become a lap dancing club, selling the photos of local men as they leave the club. What a seedy idea!

Re: Possible nightclub
- Sarah (9th Jan 2019 @ 19:44:05)

Paul - I am curious for your forward plannin - why does everywhere have to become a place with a nightclub?

Large towns and cities are places for nightclubs - small towns and villages are where people choose to live for a quieter life - then they travel to a larger place for a night club night out if they want to. Night clubs need space for noise, transport, taxis etc. Why does semi-rural Liphook have to become that place? .
I do find it odd how people want and expect to have everything in one place.

Re: Possible nightclub
- J (9th Jan 2019 @ 21:01:50)

Or if you're in France then the most rural location possible is where they put nightclubs (albeit often near motorways).

Longmoor anyone? ;)

Re: Possible nightclub
- Grant (9th Jan 2019 @ 21:52:13)

If we call the club Magic Mike we could all go!!!???

Re: Possible nightclub
- Helen (10th Jan 2019 @ 00:32:40)

never been my type of entertainment would find it very boring! I prefer an evening at the cinema. I have heard there are plans for one in Farnham with the new Brightwell development

Re: Possible nightclub
- Paul (10th Jan 2019 @ 09:08:50)

Two Paul's in this thread - I am not Paul (9th Jan 2019 @ 14:03:26) … !

Re: Possible nightclub
- Dave (10th Jan 2019 @ 11:43:56)

Could be a Comedy Club, may help some on here develop a sense of humour!! Still think best idea is a lap dancing club ;-)

Re: Possible nightclub
- Tarquin (10th Jan 2019 @ 17:25:38)

Sounds good. Maybe a night club/spearmint rhino type offering?? Ideally with a small gambling area too.

Re: Possible nightclub
- Katie Ingram (11th Jan 2019 @ 19:20:07)

Bit of music and culture (even a nightclub) is not a bad idea I think if it is viable I would go.

Re: Possible nightclub
- Julie (26th Jan 2019 @ 15:40:05)

I think it's a good idea. Liphook is on the main line between Portsmouth and London, there's not really any housing between the site and the station and the site is tucked away with lots of room in all directions.

Re: Possible nightclub
- Ian (26th Jan 2019 @ 17:49:36)

Clearly Julie you have never been to Liphook or you need to go to Specsavers

Re: Possible nightclub
- G (26th Jan 2019 @ 20:23:08)

The club will not happen, I will buy a bottle of Cristal champs for the first couple through the door.

Re: Possible nightclub
- Anne (27th Jan 2019 @ 07:13:19)

I think a nightclub would be great for liphook, bring it on, liphook needs a bit of life bought back into it!!

Re: Possible nightclub
- Julie (28th Jan 2019 @ 10:05:39)

Ian, I live in Liphook, grew up in Liphook and have frequently visited when I didn't live here as my parents have lived here 70+ years. Btw, my eyes are good

Re: Possible nightclub
- liz (28th Jan 2019 @ 11:54:37)


As someone who lived in the area between the site and the station for over 18 years I can assure you it has pretty dense housing!

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