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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Sainsburys again
- Suzie (3rd Jan 2019 @ 18:53:47)

Tried to shop at Sainsbury's this evening and had to walk out. No fruit, no veg, no fish. I have never seen such empty shelves. It really isn't good enough. Had a Domino's pizza instead. Will be shopping at Waitrose tomorrow.

Re: Sainsburys again
- Ian (3rd Jan 2019 @ 19:49:35)

And to compound matters, walking down pathway to car park to hear disgruntled staff effing and blinding about how crap the management are and that (to quote) “if the want me to do that they can go &?*# themselves”. Serious problems at this store.

Re: Sainsburys again
- Stevie Mac (4th Jan 2019 @ 09:44:45)

Here we go again - people moaning about Sainsburys.

They do not provide a public service - you have the choice to go elsewhere.

And what is the point of complaining on this forum!? Go straight to head office. You may not get a reply, but you have more chance of something being changed by making your concerns known to management than on the local community forum.

Re: Sainsburys again
- liz (4th Jan 2019 @ 13:44:40)

Stevie Mac

"This is not a public service you can go elsewhere" - don't be daft - it is a supermarket and with the sophisticated supply chain management these companies supposedly have there is absolutely no excuse for empty shelves. Just very poor management.

Re: Sainsburys again
- Stevie Mac (4th Jan 2019 @ 14:23:36)

Liz - I didn't say it wasn't poor management. I said that if you are unhappy with the way the store is managed, complain to the management.

No-one should be taking it out on staff, and there is little point airing your grievances on this site.

If you don't like it shop elsewhere.

Re: Sainsburys again
- liz (4th Jan 2019 @ 14:58:45)

I do not think we should be content to put up with such a poorly run supermarket - as I said there is no excuse. Senior management have been contacted (see earlier threads) and hopefully this should eventually make a difference.

In the meantime I think it is important that people continue to post on here - if only to inform others who wish to avoid the shop as you suggest!

This is a local forum and having to drive four or five miles to shop when we have a decent sized supermarket in the village is a ridiculous situation not a solution.

Re: Sainsburys again
- Rachel (4th Jan 2019 @ 17:45:00)

It's not easy to go elsewhere to shop if you don't have a car!

Re: Sainsburys again
- JBS (4th Jan 2019 @ 18:26:59)

I recently had a conversation with one of the shelf fillers in Sainburys, He said, " that the store has no control over what ordered for them"! How can the staff there provide a service if this is the case? The people in store should be allowed to control the ordering, as they are in the best position to see what is selling out, or not.

Re: Sainsburys again
- Helen (5th Jan 2019 @ 08:56:26)

I imagine all supermarkets these days have a computerised reordering system based on the bar codes that are put through the tills.

Re: Sainsburys again
- Adrian (6th Jan 2019 @ 05:39:33)

Despite the empty shelves they always have plenty of Green Bannannas.

Re: Sainsburys again
- Nicky (6th Jan 2019 @ 10:47:37)

My suggestion would be to take photos and post to social media with the location of the store listed. From my experience the bosses of establishments hate indisputable evidence which this would clearly demonstrate, plus it isn’t a positive image for all to see!

Re: Sainsburys again
- Satisfied (6th Jan 2019 @ 17:52:47)

Went to Sainsburys lunchtime today and what a joy it was. Plenty of fresh Vegetables and Fruit, Meat aisle well stocked, plenty of fresh bread and then once we had finished almost every checkout open with small queues.

Well done Sainsbury’s

Re: Sainsburys again
- Nancy (6th Jan 2019 @ 22:28:53)

On two occasions my husband has complained about the shoddy fruit and vegetables and the fresh meat counter. The poor young girl behind the counter clearly hasnt been trained on the different cuts of meat. The fish counter is limited. We now only use Sainsbury’s as a last resort to pick up basics. Luckily we drive so are prepared to travel to Tesco’s or Morrison’s for their high quality fresh meat and fish.

Re: Sainsburys again
- k (7th Jan 2019 @ 10:03:09)

Like Nancy I am lucky to be able to shop elsewhere - Satisfied - you are perhaps lucky to be able to shop at lunchtime - those of us who work during the day don't have that luxury - the shelves are definitely empty by the time we come home! I with regret now do my major shop elsewhere & just get a few preferred items from Sainsbury Liphook - have tried other branches Alton seems pretty good but Parking & travel difficult - Godalming is just as bad little stock & staff complaining about management only this weekend!! Waterlooville stock problems! Sadly my time is valuable I choose to do a weekly shop because of this & don't have the time to have to go to other shops to get what I need if Sainsbury's can't provide this. Have written to head office about 5 times who neither seem to care about complaints or take them seriously don't think the problems are all to do with Liphook Management!! - other stores seem to have the same problem. I have always supported local businesses & with great sadness can no longer rely on Sainsbury's Liphook

Re: Sainsburys again
- Jacqui (7th Jan 2019 @ 13:41:49)

I use Sainsbury's online, this come from the large store in Farnham.

The drivers are always very helpful, the meat/fish/ dairy/veg and fruit have a long date on them. I have had to phone a couple of times regarding bits, eggs cracked etc but they have always refunded me without quibble.

Re: Sainsburys again
- Adrian (7th Jan 2019 @ 17:20:31)

Today PM. Bannannas all green. No Jersey gold milk or McCain frozen roast potatoes. Also could not find any brown toilet rolls

Re: Sainsburys again
- lu (9th Jan 2019 @ 13:22:29)

Adrian... you have made a fatal error... Aunt Bessies Roasties for the WIN

Re: Sainsburys again
- Rölli (10th Jan 2019 @ 11:48:22)

Lots of Plantains though, all they need to sell now is some goat and I could make a lovely Caribbean curry

Re: Sainsburys again
- Susan (10th Jan 2019 @ 15:03:14)

Rachel et al,

whilst you may not have a car,you are using an online forum...perhaps you should consider shopping online too.Its a whole new world and waiting experience for you!!...:)

You can negate the minimum spend by 'sharing' the shop / delivery costs with a friend / neighbour,and all times /days of the week are possible...even budget supermarkets offer this now!!

Vote with your feet folks and stop the whinging

Re: Sainsburys again
- Paul (10th Jan 2019 @ 16:47:34)

Ok so the fish and meat counters have a problem. The deli with the lovely French lady is one of the high points, always a lovely display. When ever I've had a problem with which cheese to buy she has always advised me (sometimes with fish & meat as well!)....must be that she has had an excellent training in a French hypermarket. Not all Sainsburys staff are bad, a few know their onions so to speak!

Re: Sainsburys again
- Adrian (10th Jan 2019 @ 21:36:14)

Bannannas where so green today I thought they were cumcumbers! Still no Jersey milk!

Re: Sainsburys again
- Ann (11th Jan 2019 @ 06:51:26)

Adrian, your jokes are getting so boring!

Re: Sainsburys again
- Albert Skinner (11th Jan 2019 @ 11:13:53)

It could just be a seasonal supply problem or maybe it’s a cost saving initiative to reduce food waste. But hard green ones don’t taste nice and are difficult for us oldies to open. I have just stopped buying them in Sainsbury’s until the yellow ones return. They were a luxury in my day and I am sure we can get by without exotic foreign fruits.

Re: Sainsburys again
- Anon (11th Jan 2019 @ 14:39:38)

Omg...not this green bananas thing again. 😠
The only reason the bananas are yellow is because in the warmer weather the Sainsbury's warehouse is hotter than it is in the winter, so they ripen quicker.
Sainsburys dont tick a box on the order sheet that says *Green Bananas or Yellow bananas to be sent* 😩 If you want them to ripen,then just put them in a warm place you will be surprised how quickly they turn and if Adrian wants a suggestion where he can put his bananas till they turn, I'm sure there are many people on here who would be very happy to tell him!

Re: Sainsburys again
- A.R (11th Jan 2019 @ 16:51:02)

Just got back from Sainsburys and there are plenty of vegetables on the shelves, people can't moan today.

Re: Sainsburys again
- Adrian (12th Jan 2019 @ 14:48:29)

Just to let people know there is an imposter on talkback, on this thread they only entry from me the original green bannanna man is on the 6 Jan. All other posts from Adrian are somebody else.
Could the other Adrian please stop and desist, get a new talkback name, you'll ruin my reputation.

Re: Sainsburys again
- Helen Turner (12th Jan 2019 @ 16:57:41)

Adrian please stop going on about bananas it’s getting very boring. Some might think a little weird? Are you 12!

If you are worried about other Adrian’s why not use your full name like others do?

Re: Sainsburys again
- Ian (12th Jan 2019 @ 17:11:48)

Adrian you are going bananas 🍌

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