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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Jogger from Liphook to Bordon
- Julie (9th Nov 2018 @ 07:00:21)

There's a lady jogger who goes through Liphook around 6.20, through Passfield, Standford and Lindford then up towards the Bordon crossroads. How the hell she's survived is a miracle!! This morning at around 6.35 we nearly ran straight into her, the only reason we didn't was because there was a car coming towards us and she showed up in their headlights. She was on the road running with the traffic, no lighting at the back, no hi vis and dressed head to toe in black! Now I get if she wants to jog that's all well and good but for your own sake and other road users do it safely!

Re: Jogger from Liphook to Bordon
- Richard (9th Nov 2018 @ 07:56:41)

Stealth running!

Re: Jogger from Liphook to Bordon
- B (9th Nov 2018 @ 08:58:57)


Re: Jogger from Liphook to Bordon
- Rölli (9th Nov 2018 @ 09:10:59)

Joggers are like cyclists - they think they have priority over all public highways and footpaths

Re: Jogger from Liphook to Bordon
- Paul (9th Nov 2018 @ 09:21:55)

Ah ha! I see Rolli has appeared with his usual inflammatory 'look at me' style inane comment!

Folks - don't feed the troll!

Re: Jogger from Liphook to Bordon
- Richard (9th Nov 2018 @ 10:17:04)

But cyclists do have priority! Clearly I expect the 44 ton truck to be able to stop on a six pence just so I can complete my ill-advised manoeuvre, without a care in the world...

Re: Jogger from Liphook to Bordon
- lac (9th Nov 2018 @ 13:19:34)

As a keen runner, I applaud our lady runner but please be safe. At the least wear hi visibility gear (cheap at Aldis). I gave up running on roads without pavements years ago.There are too many drivers who can't see properly, under the influence, tired, or just plain bad drivers. Remember the vast majority of drivers are careful and considerate but it only takes one to hit you for awful consequences. Given the route, I would buy a high powered LED light and run off road across the many bridleways and paths which are all over the area. The risk to the ladies well being is far less running in the countryside than dealing with cars on the roads. Keep on running!

Re: Jogger from Liphook to Bordon
- Helen (9th Nov 2018 @ 13:48:22)

The roads are not meant for jogging on ridiculous to think of a road as your training ground. Pay to use a track to get fit on.

Re: Jogger from Liphook to Bordon
- Bob (9th Nov 2018 @ 16:02:57)

What a ridiculous post Helen. We need less fatties in this world. Everyone should go out and run.

Re: Jogger from Liphook to Bordon
- Jake (9th Nov 2018 @ 16:48:47)

I agree about the comments about runners needing to wear high-vis when necessary. However, it is also the responsibility of motorists to be mindful of pedestrians. Common sense really but, then again, this board has never been very good at that as many earlier comments remind us...

Re: Jogger from Liphook to Bordon
- Mandi (9th Nov 2018 @ 18:03:07)

Agree joggers should not be on the roads!

Re: Jogger from Liphook to Bordon
- Dawn Hoskins (9th Nov 2018 @ 18:13:58)

I was thinking about LED reflective coats for my dogs when walking in the evening - I can't believe that someone would deliberately put themselves in so much danger!

Re: Jogger from Liphook to Bordon
- vyjgbgjydtrfd (9th Nov 2018 @ 20:23:48)

Goes with the moron cyclists (female in Headley Road, male in Tower Road) cycling at night with no lights and no helmets. Would love to see how far they'd get in a power cut!

Re jogger, I've known since I was a child that you walk/run FACING oncoming traffic. How is it this knowledge gets lost? Or maybe it just gets ignored.

Re: Jogger from Liphook to Bordon
- helen (9th Nov 2018 @ 22:38:21)

Bob, if all the dog walkers around in the area decided to ignore the footpaths and pavements and drag their dogs into the road, and all the ramblers did the same, would it not be a danger to traffic? why think that you only lose weight by jogging along a road? I for one cannot pound tarmac or pavement as I have arthritus in both knees, yet I am not fat. There are safer and less selfish ways to keep fit, like paying to go to a gym?

Re: Jogger from Liphook to Bordon
- liz (12th Nov 2018 @ 11:57:35)

If you are walking or running in narrow twisty lanes in the dark you need to listen out for cars and stand well out of the way when they approach. Not always easy but you need to have a plan. Not because cars have priority, it's just that drivers cannot see round bends while you can hear the cars approaching. It is madness to jog in these kind of conditions with headphones on which I have seen.

Re: Jogger from Liphook to Bordon
- Tom (12th Nov 2018 @ 17:59:32)

Dear Helen,

Are you going to pay for the track? Runners/Joggers run/jog on the road because it is better for you than a treadmill.

Dear Mandi,

Get off the sofa and go for a run!!!

Re: Jogger from Liphook to Bordon
- Herbot Kipling (12th Nov 2018 @ 20:31:07)

Great Grasshopper says ...the less cake 🍰 stuffed down the hatch the less running required

Re: Jogger from Liphook to Bordon
- helen (12th Nov 2018 @ 22:48:01)

I do not expect to get my pursuits for free, if I want to swim I pay for the local pool. And Tom, do not assume everyone who thinks joggers are a danger on roads is fat? Joggers would not expect to run on the hard shoulder of the A3 why assume it is Ok on all local roads?

Re: Jogger from Liphook to Bordon
- liz (13th Nov 2018 @ 09:12:47)


We have acres and acres of countryside around us full of tracks and trails. There is no reason to run on the roads.

Just because Mandi is not stupid enough to run on unlit roads does not mean she is sitting on her sofa.

Re: Jogger from Liphook to Bordon
- lac (13th Nov 2018 @ 09:59:35)

I've read the posts following mine and it's depressing to see the level of discussion. Public roads are exactly that - public. Drivers can talk about road tax, right to drive etc, plus there's the usual stuff revolving around payment to exercise and "rights".

Drivers DO have to give way to others on the road and they have every right to be there. People not enclosed by 1.5 tons of metal moving at 30mph plus should make sure they have every chance of being avoided by the drivers. Wear lights/hi vis gear.

However, the problem is that humans make errors all the time. Drivers are human and they do make errors. I stopped road running without a pavement because my delicate human frame will not stand the impact of being hit by a driver making an error.

Invest in a high power LED light and run off road in the dark. So much nicer than dodging cars. I'd apply the same logic to daylight too. Good luck to our lady runner. She at least will not be facing the perils of obesity and type 2 diabetes etc part caused by inactivity. I'd hate to lose her through impact injuries though! Plus, for non runners, I would point out it's a great way of exercising - off road.

PS - in Europe they have miles of separate paths for cyclists, walkers and runners, especially in Germany. For some reason, in the UK, we seem to think it's fine to mix fast heavy motorised vehicles with slower moving non motorised stuff. No wonder our road casualties are so high.

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