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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Black Rangerover - woman screaming out of car window!
- Dawn Hoskins (8th Nov 2018 @ 14:14:00)

Was it you that screamed at me from a big noisy black range rover at lunchtime today by the Passfield store?

Ive been trying to lead-walk with our wilful 7-month-old puppy since we got him at 8 weeks. Im sure many of you have seen me as I have lots of people flashing and waving as I make my slow and painful way along this short stretch of pavement.

The pup just wants to pull my arm out of its socket when hes on the lead, or, run north south east and west whilst on the lead, or run in circles around my legs when on the lead, or, lay down on the floor and refuse to walk full stop.

Ive been walking up and down the same bit of pavement between Passfield and Lindford 2 or 3 times a week since he was able to walk outside. Its painful and long-winded. For example, today it took me nearly 1 hour to walk 400meters. It takes this long because if hes pulling I wont walk, if hes trying to trip me up I wont get the picture.

Lesser people would have given up by now and just put the dogs in the car and driven to a walk with no leads required, but I have been sticking this out for 5 months because despite the dog being as thick as two short planks, we love him and Im determined that with perseverance - the penny will drop. That at some stage in the future I will be able to take a relaxing stroll out with my dogs without being tripped over by my own dog and not having aching arm sockets and wrists.

The last thing I need is someone to start yelling out of their window at me just when the dog is trying to pull me into a bush. Firstly I couldnt hear what you were yelling (it sounded like stop abusing that dog!) secondly if you have some great advice for me pull over and have a conversation and lastly you frightened the shit out of the dog which is the last thing he needs too.

If this was you [or you know who it was], please feel free to email me at perhaps you have ideas that would help?
Or perhaps you just felt like screaming abuse at someone today and I was your mark?

Either way please know that this behaviour served no purpose other than scaring the puppy. With the wind taking your voice your words were never going to reach their mark when flung from a car window but Im available for conversation about this and any other issue on the above email.

Please feel free to flash and wave your encouragement to me as I continue to persevere with this wilful dog. I won't give up.

Re: Black Rangerover - woman screaming out of car window!
- Penny (8th Nov 2018 @ 15:23:22)

Screaming abuse out of a car window is unacceptable. However I do not think trying to train a lively puppy on a pavement near a busy road is very sensible. There are plenty of puppy/dog training classes locally. I took my rescue mongrel to a puppy training class for 6 months at the end of which time she had learnt to walk to heel, sit and wait, come when called and obey all basic commands. Although I have had dogs in the past I learnt a lot about understanding dogs and training them from the instructor. In between classes I would practice walking with her in an open space not somewhere with cars zipping past. Admittedly while she was learning I had to drive her there, but only for a few weeks. Now she will walk to heel anywhere. Very often it is the owners who need a few pointers in how to train a dog. Dawn you say others have been flashing and waving - perhaps they are genuinely worried your pup will step out into the road with or without you. A little common sense please.

Re: Black Rangerover - woman screaming out of car window!
- Faye (8th Nov 2018 @ 18:55:53)

Firstly Dawn Im sorry you have encounter such behaviour they are obviously fools! I commend your efforts in training your puppy.

Penny I feel your comment was a little harsh I think Dawn is very well in her right to walk said pup wherever and I feel walking next to a busy road is the best as its great training of vechicle awareness for puppy.

Please Dawn carry on training wherever you feel best do not let the others dictate to you or put you off :)

Re: Black Rangerover - woman screaming out of car window!
- Dawn Hoskins (8th Nov 2018 @ 22:23:40)

Hi Penny.

Please pass details of any classes that you know about that are running. My normal trainer has not run any group classes for a while, We did the puppy class with the dogs trust in Lindford and the other one in Grayshott is on an evening that I can't make.

Also, I live in Passfield. We have only one bit of pavement.

Re: Black Rangerover - woman screaming out of car window!
- Sarah (9th Nov 2018 @ 07:36:50)

There is an excellent puppy class at Rake Village Hall
Really kind and patient

Re: Black Rangerover - woman screaming out of car window!
- Dawn Hoskins (9th Nov 2018 @ 10:48:10)

Penny - also, it is friends and acquaintances who have been flashing and waving. As a lifelong dog owner with a lot of experience of training all our dogs, I am not a complete idiot. IMO what would be silly is to never take him on the pavement because he is misbehaving - how can he learn to walk nicely on the pavement if he never practices?

I've always looked at every event as a training event. If they do something wrong it is an opportunity to correct the behaviour and show them how to do it right.

Re: Black Rangerover - woman screaming out of car window!
- Penny (9th Nov 2018 @ 12:12:07)

Dawn I am sorry if I have given offence none was intended. I was giving my own experience with a rather nervous rescue puppy and when she was going through the training stage I would not have tried to train her to walk to heel on a pavement near a busy road until she had mastered that in a quiet area. She did all her initial training in quiet open spaces (plenty of those around) and in the puppy training classes. When she was more confident and understood what I wanted I walked her on pavements. She is now a joy to walk and she is still not quite a year old. My chosen path with my pup was based on common sense ie until she had more confidence I did not add to her stress. I am sorry if I interpreted your remark about people flashing and waving but taking in the context of your post I think this was an understandable mistake to make. I have Googled Puppy/Dog Training classes and there are quite a few so may I suggest you take a look. I am loth to post contacts on a public site or recommend a particular trainer. I can only say I was very happy with my trainer and she was local.

Re: Black Rangerover - woman screaming out of car window!
- Dawn Hoskins (9th Nov 2018 @ 18:12:39)

Penny, I don't take offence very easily and any advice gratefully received.

I am a pretty experienced dog owner/trainer but have also had Jimmy enrolled in puppy classes and do also have him booked in at Rake, although not with Steve Cain who is my usual 'go to' dog whisperer! at allsortsk9.

We know what to do - but Jimmy is taking a long time for his penny to drop. TBH sometimes he doesn't even know what his name is! We love him dearly but as lifelong dog owners, it's fair to say that he is the most gormless animal we've ever met. We were actually wondering whether he was deaf or blind when he first arrived with us as he was so unable to understand anything at all. Now we know that he is neither deaf or blind just intellectually challenged! Still gives great cuddles though. . . . .

Re: Black Rangerover - woman screaming out of car window!
- Chris (10th Nov 2018 @ 01:12:37)

Hi Dawn,

We walk our dogs every morning on Chapel Common and I would love to show you how we have almost trained our 6 month pup to walk at heel. Happy to meet with you and your pup Sunday. 07872501716

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