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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Liphook Village Surgery Urgent News
- susan pledger (1st Mar 2011  05:29:27)

Calling all patients that attend Liphook Village surgery
Very urgent and disturbing news.
Since the Government have now encouraged practices to band together to enable them to determine who they want to use for their Hospital referrals and emergency treatment.

It has been disclosed by the patient participation group that Liphook Village Surgery via the remaining Partners are going to align themselves with the South East.
Which means Portsmouth QA and St Marys also Southampton.
This many of you may remember was a huge issue 5 years ago when we all had to fight for the right to use the Royal Surrey County Hospitals services. As of course it is much closer and convienant and all the consultants are well known by the GPs.
We won the right to use the RSCH services as we are on the border and it made sence,but now this MAKES NO SENCE.

We have been waiting decades for the TUNNEL to be started let alone completed which will be soon.
So it will take 10 miuntes at most for emergency treatment at the RSCH verus 20 to 30 min to get to Cosham to the QA.


Once they make their chose, which as patients we seem to have no say in it at all, that will be it.
Having won our case 5 years ago they will have thrown it to the wind and there will be no going back.

Their are members of the Patient Participation Group now resigning due to this, and due also the appaling behavour of the partners involved in removing Dr Judge.
(now their saying she has retired from LVS, but she will return to us soon she has not retired from being a GP )
She was a staunch supporter of staying with the RSCH and local Hospitals, it made sence and made seeing consultants so much easier and locally
If these Doctors do this it will be not for us, but for them.

The Question being why ? What do they get out of it ?
Why do they have the right to make such a hugh desicion without consulting ALL of their PATIENTS ?
Maybe it should be voted apon before it to late !!!

Any one reading this knows how difficult it will be for all us but can you imagine the elderly and disabled trying to get to the two most inaccessable Hospitals, just for appointments and Asthma Clinics, Diabetic Clinics because we do have a specialist any more in these areas.

For expessing your views on this I strongly suggest you speak to the surgery as soon as possible the more people who lodge their disproval at this stupid situation the better.
Only you can make a difference we all need to change their minds ASAP GOOD LUCK

Re: Liphook Village Surgery Urgent News
- charlie (1st Mar 2011  21:19:48)


You are obviously very passionate about this situation and the Dr. Judge scenario, but you are making less and less sense. Please re-read your posts before you submit them. Also has Dr.Judge asked you to lead a support group? As a fellow health care prof. I am starting to seriously think that you may be hindering her case and making things a whole lot more difficult. The GMC investigation must take place and the public must be made aware of the allegations against her and the stance taken by the GMC. The GMC could place warnings on her registration or worse case scenario have her name erased from the medical register. There is little point in trying to secure new premises for Dr.Judge if it is to be that she can no longer practice.
I hope Dr.Judge is found not guilty and that her name is cleared, but Sue please slow down and think about what you are doing.

Re: Liphook Village Surgery Urgent News
- sue pledger (2nd Mar 2011  16:23:28)

I have read you comments and I understand I Will back off.

The very last thing i want is to hinder things but people sometime need help, and thats the only thing i am trying to do. when people tell me things i feel others should know I weigh it up and decide what to do which In my understanding is what this site is all about.

There are just shy of a thousand people who have signed the petition of this village and surrounding villages which have had their say.

To your other querie I am just a patient who has lost a very important part of my support network, that being my Doctor, Dr Sangita Judge. I and all the supporters only need of this wonderful Doctor is the want for her to return to us as soon as is possible as for me, I can just say I NEED HER does that answer your question.


Re: Liphook Village Surgery Urgent News
- Jo Parkinson (2nd Mar 2011  17:27:21)

Primary Health Care – Liphook

I am taking the opportunity as the Locality Manager for East Hampshire GP Practices to reassure residents that no changes are to be made to the present referral pathway for patients of Liphook Village or Newtown Surgeries to attend The Royal Surrey County Hospital. The article posted on this site on 1st March 2011 “Liphook Village Surgery Urgent News” contained misleading information by inferring that patients would be unable to use the Royal Surrey County Hospital.

Both practices in Liphook are to be members of a shadow General Practice Commissioning Consortium (GPCC) comprising the existing localities of East Hants and Havant and Waterlooville, representing 30 practices, which will be formed on the 1st April 2011. This is a key element of the Government’s White Paper (Equity and excellence: Liberating the NHS) to bring commissioning decisions closer to GPs by April 2013.

The East Hants locality is presently dealing with 5 different acute hospitals. A large proportion of patients from Liphook are referred to the Royal Surrey and there is no reason why this should change at any point in the future. A key feature behind the Government’s White Paper for patients is that there should be “no decision about me without me” the choice of hospital will remain a decision between patient and GP.

I hope that this will allay any concerns that residents may have felt.

Jo Parkinson East Hants Locality Manager

Re: Liphook Village Surgery Urgent News
- jennie (2nd Mar 2011  18:03:34)

thank you jo for making the effort to write on this community site we were only last night discussing patient choice and you have reassured me and my family that this will still be allowed

Re: Liphook Village Surgery Urgent News
- helen (3rd Mar 2011  16:49:20)

If your earlier post is correct and Dr Judge hasd retired from the Liphook Surgery then I presume she does not want to return there. I expect it will be a while before the outcome of the GMC enquiry, and as Dr Judge has been silent on the matter do we know what she might want to do in the future?

Re: Liphook Village Surgery Urgent News
- Phil (3rd Mar 2011  20:56:32)

After consideration, I feel I must write in support of the 3 hospitals (although only 2 NHS Trusts) named in the long opening thread.

All NHS Trusts have good and bad experiences referred to by patients and folk who are not patients but who have opinions, therefore as a healthcare professional allow me to impartially say that Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust is a fine hospital with an excellent range of peer-reviewed services. External reviews of the Trust have found consistent excellent clinical services, quality of care and innovation.

Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust is equally an excellent hospital, hosting various regional specialist services and has received numerous accreditions for excellence in clinical services and care. The Trust enjoys close academic links with the University, which positively influences patient care.

Locally we also have access to the RSCH, another NHS institution with an enviable reputation, and rightly so. Further afield, St. Richards and indeed North Hampshire are highly regarded hospitals.

We are therefore favoured with good acute hospitals in our locality, and personally I would be treated at any of them and I say this from a position of direct clinical knowledge of their respective practises.

It would be useful if emotive statements around healthcare choices were kept to a minimum, and discussions based on fact favoured.

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