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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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The Anchor
- CL (5th Oct 2018 @ 21:02:24)

Just wanted to say that my family and I all ate in the Anchor last night for the first time in years. Meal was great - hot, nicely presented and enjoyable. Waiting and bar staff were efficient, responsive and generally really welcoming and friendly. The place was clean and tidy, no sticky, dirty tables or ketchup splattered menus. Such a massive improvement from our last visit which kept us away for about 3 years. Itís great to have a child friendly and affordable option in the centre of the village. Well done to the team there & please keep it up. Iíll be back and iíd recommend that anyone else whoíd be put off over the last few years give it another go!

Re: The Anchor
- Rachael (6th Oct 2018 @ 09:50:01)

Sounds good although I have also heard there is some yobbo issues in the evenings and there have been a few fights at last orders ?

Re: The Anchor
- Harry (6th Oct 2018 @ 15:47:06)

The best way of improving The Anchor would be to sell it to Pizza Express or a similar chain. Itís still as disgusting as ever with local yobs added for the full Anchor experience.
The more people that stay away and donít have use this down and out pub the sooner we might get nice local country pub.
Itís too little too late when it comes to the Anchor.

Re: The Anchor
- G (6th Oct 2018 @ 19:47:28)

The anchor is run down inside and out.
If you choose to eat or drink there, that is your choice. It is absolutely awful.
The positive, it keeps the other good local pubs free of people who are likely to spoil your evening out.
Keep it cheap, keep it contained.

Re: The Anchor
- Dom (6th Oct 2018 @ 20:32:39)

You snobby git. Hope the olives in your tapas bar coke you

Re: The Anchor
- Gr (6th Oct 2018 @ 20:53:36)

Recent staff changes all polite and friendly food is fine for what you pay but it does need a tidy up it gets used alot so it gets hammered a lot

Re: The Anchor
- I (7th Oct 2018 @ 08:07:16)

Definitely still attracting the pond life in the evenings unfortunately

Re: The Anchor
- Becci (8th Oct 2018 @ 16:55:40)

by pond life do you mean koi carp? They're pretty attractive and sort after you know.......

Re: The Anchor
- Becci (8th Oct 2018 @ 20:30:27)

*Sought after (excuse the above spelling mistake)

In response to the "Pizza Express" remark, I think you'll find that the place has gone from strength to strength since the new new management came in and if the best you can think of to replace it is Pizza Express, THEN my friend I think you need to broaden your horizons on the cuisine front!

Re: The Anchor
- Anon (9th Oct 2018 @ 18:50:21)

I have to say that the Anchor is one of the most run down and horrible pubs I have ever been to. It completely lets Liphook down and to have it right in the center in what could be a lovely building if done up is just embarrassing.

They will always have issues unless something is done; Cheap and poor quality will always attract the wrong crowds and continue to push the pub in a downward spiral.

Would be wonderful to have a decent pub, restaurant in its place and no more pointless cafes!

Re: The Anchor
- Becci (9th Oct 2018 @ 20:01:04)

Re the last anonymous entry.

I think you'll find there are other things in this village that "Let it down"

The Anchor is actually going through some massive changes for the better right now so if you choose to go back in there, you may well be eating those words........and maybe a steak dinner too!

Re: The Anchor
- Ian (10th Oct 2018 @ 19:17:09)

Having just watched the One Show and their item on fake Trip Advisor reviews had a look at The Anchor s review and was amused to see the vast number of 5 star reviews recently added that absolutely matched the shows assessment on how to spot a fake review. Says it all really!

Re: The Anchor
- Grant (10th Oct 2018 @ 22:19:22)

Spot on!
The reviews are laughable.
Or is it just me? who would ask the names of the staff, so you could mention them on a review website.
Fake news indeed!!!
Anyway won't be going there, unless of course Brexit does screw up everything.

Re: The Anchor
- Amy (11th Oct 2018 @ 19:12:30)

Itís almost comical reading the reviews! Also interesting to note that a large number of positive reviewers have only ever posted 1 review on Trip Advisor... slightly pathetic and awfully misleading to unsuspecting customers!

Re: The Anchor
- Marlow (11th Oct 2018 @ 20:52:47)

In response to Becci unfortunately the Anchor has had far two many up and downs( a lot more downs than ups I must say) and people are tired of the same old make an effort for a month or two and then it down hill again.
Iím guessing by your support for this run-down pub with its sticky floor and combined IQ behind the bar on any given evening been well below 10 that youíre actually employed there. Do you get a staff discount?
Enjoy your beloved Anchor Becci and letís hope thereís not an outbreak of the plague from this flea bitten establishment.
One positive thing the Anchor does do is keep all of the undesirables in Liphook in one location!

Re: The Anchor
- David Lambert (11th Oct 2018 @ 22:47:51)

I would suggest that you keep your remarks to yourself.
I think your remarks are outrageous there are many people that live in and around Liphook that use the Anchor and they are not undesirables as you state.

Have the balls to put your name to your post so we all know what a prat you are.

Re: The Anchor
- G Renouf (12th Oct 2018 @ 04:58:23)

Well said Mr Lambert

The new staff are working hard to turn things around . Please give them a chance
And Marlow stay off this site

Re: The Anchor
- R (12th Oct 2018 @ 07:55:17)

Marlow - your post here is wasted as I am sure that most of the low life you refer to that use the anchor in the evenings cannot read. I also suspect that most of the OAPís that use the place at other times are pretty normal folk (albeit with no taste buds)

Dave and G Renouf - Marlow has just as much right to use this site as you do. Just because he offends does not mean he is wrong! Freedom of speech is for all, even the pig ignorant

Re: The Anchor
- David Lambert (12th Oct 2018 @ 09:38:36)

I except what you are saying the fact still remains he is an a****e.

Re: The Anchor
- Alan (12th Oct 2018 @ 10:30:38)

'Except' ?
With spelling like that, no wonder you feel at home in the Anchor !

Re: The Anchor
- RŲlli (12th Oct 2018 @ 11:29:26)

littarissie is never bin 1 off the stong poignts in tawkbak. so mush for havin one oof the beast skools in the soufe in the vilige

Re: The Anchor
- G renouf (12th Oct 2018 @ 13:27:15)

What date where the reviews on trip advisor ?

3 and 6 days ago - see -

Re: The Anchor
- Sidge (12th Oct 2018 @ 18:20:02)

I just had a look at the reviews on tripadvisor, they were hilarious
I think this is a favourite:
"I wanted to eat somewhere with a friendly atmosphere and good service when I came across this quaint pub in the town centre of Liphook and I was not disappointed, I thoroughly enjoyed the food and prosecco, the garden area had a lovely ambience"

quaint and ambience!!!

Re: The Anchor
- Becci (12th Oct 2018 @ 21:51:54)

Marlow- I see you've gone for the age old method of insulting people's intelligence/IQs becasue you can't think of anything better to say, I bet you really are the life and soul of the Mensa Meetings!!
You'd be surprised at how many very intelligent and well educated people work in the hospital industry, including those who work in the Anchor, but that really isn't the point.

The place is a historical part of the village and always will be, it's not going anywhere so why not try having some optimism that things can indeed change.

Oh, now would you look at that- This low-life managed to read without anyone having to explain what all the words meant. Oh and shock horror, she also managed to type a response all by herself. Us Anchor Pond life are full of surprises!

Re: The Anchor
- Jen (12th Oct 2018 @ 22:52:12)

The Anchor is not my cup of tea but clearly lots of people do like it.
Every time I venture in there it seems to be packed with people, most of whom are eating. It doesn't claim to be anything other than cheap and family-friendly - and it delivers on both counts, as far as I can tell.

Re: The Anchor
- Betty (13th Oct 2018 @ 11:03:22)

Looks like the re-furb has started...... scaffolding up !!!

Re: The Anchor
- Mandi (13th Oct 2018 @ 12:01:51)

I love the anchor im a true liphook resident and have used the anchor for over 40 years.if u dont like it in there go somewhere else and stop whining .

Re: The Anchor
- Ali (13th Oct 2018 @ 12:04:43)

How long is the anchor going to be closed for?

Re: The Anchor
- RŲlli (13th Oct 2018 @ 12:34:51)

@ Mandi, what's a "true Liphook resident"? will be intrigued to hear your definition

Re: The Anchor
- d (13th Oct 2018 @ 14:00:14)

Is it closed or is the scaffolding just for exterior work?

Re: The Anchor
- helen (13th Oct 2018 @ 15:42:34)

It is similar to comments on this website " I am a true local" it is meaningless really.

Re: The Anchor
- d (13th Oct 2018 @ 16:14:21)

Is The Anchor closed or is the scaffolding just for an exterior refurb?

Re: The Anchor
- Becci (14th Oct 2018 @ 01:12:03)

The scaffolding is up becasue of the refurb that's happening very soon. Not closed for business yet, but will be for 2 weeks.

Re: The Anchor
- Jacob (14th Oct 2018 @ 09:05:58)

I hear the Anchor is going to be closed on carnival night, is this true?

Re: The Anchor
- Harry (14th Oct 2018 @ 10:23:46)

Oh Becci we have seen it all before time and time again, new management comes into the Anchor and thereís little changes but then it slips back into the same disgusting place it truly is.
Look best of luck to you and it you can maintain some acceptable standard for a period of time I believe you might even start to see people come back. But your not the first and to be fair everyone I know is tired of the inconsistency which has always historically been show with running of the Anchor. Also the cheap alcohol served does nothing for the safety of the quiet Liphook streets after dark.

Re: The Anchor
- Grant (14th Oct 2018 @ 12:24:40)

It's a local pub for local people, there's nothing for you here.
It's not bloody Royston Vasey!
I have moved from Haslemere to the dark side and rather like it.

Re: The Anchor
- Becci (14th Oct 2018 @ 17:49:51)

Well Grant, welcome to the dark side! :)

Personally Harry, I think the streets of Liphook could do with being a little livelier after dark anyway..........

Re: The Anchor
- helen (14th Oct 2018 @ 19:23:24)

A pub is a public space for all to enjoy, after all the Anchor was the reason that Liphook grew after it was built as a coaching staging post, it is a grade 2 listed building with a distinguished history and would be nice if it were not seen just as a place for people to get the cheapest burgers and drink they can.

Re: The Anchor
- Bob (15th Oct 2018 @ 19:58:48)

The anchor is full of drug takers and dealers what is going to happen to them

you know who they are get rid of them might have better pub

Re: The Anchor
- Harry (16th Oct 2018 @ 20:01:56)

Donít worry Bob, Becci will mind them from her lively street corner after dark!
I looked through the reviews on Tripadvisor and youíd be forgiven for thinking they were real. I can see the new management are trying to raise the ratings with there fake reviews. There energies would be better spent on sorting out the real problem which is the inconsistencies in the Anchor and less spent on creating fake reviews which is deceiving to the unsuspecting customers who are constantly been lead to believe itís all changed come back to us only to find the same old fleas at the bar and disgustingly low standards of hygiene.

Re: The Anchor
- Bob (17th Oct 2018 @ 17:07:28)

Put prices up by £2.00 a pint make this pub the hive of the village where every one can be proud to have a pub like this good luck to the new owners I hope you can turn it around you will go down in history for at least try to give are village a nice place to live

Re: The Anchor
- John (17th Oct 2018 @ 21:23:51)

Bring back petra and jez

Re: The Anchor
- Pubber (18th Oct 2018 @ 15:37:32)

The Anchor is definitely a local pub for local people in need of a good refurb, hence why it closes this Sunday for 2 weeks. Since the new management, Richard and Sabrina, have joined the standards have improved considerably. Better quality of food, bar service more efficient, outside and inside generally alot cleaner, and there's always a good deal on food - especially on a Tuesday and Saturday. Another bonus, there is now always loo roll in the ladies loos - I never thought I'd see the day! I've found there is actually alot of drinks that have reduced in price, apart from the 'premium' beers which have gone up slightly. It's also great that there is now an over 18's area with a dart board and a better pool table, and which also means you don't have a million children charging round your table all the time. I'm looking forward to seeing what changes are made in the refurb - good luck to them!!

Re: The Anchor
- Grant (18th Oct 2018 @ 17:19:53)

Refurbished in two weeks!!!!???
Who's going in, Nick Knowles and his DIY SOS team.

Re: The Anchor
- Becci (19th Oct 2018 @ 15:43:57)

Don't worry Harry, I'm thinking of opening up a new pub on my street corner. That should give you plenty more to bi*ch about!

Re: The Anchor
- Mrs (19th Oct 2018 @ 17:26:00)

So it will be closed on carnival night, all over to the dragon then.

Re: The Anchor
- K (20th Oct 2018 @ 10:34:15)

If it's true that The Anchor will be closed on the Carnival night I think it's a pretty poor reflection on the owners, and even the new managers, that they aren't aware of what is going on in the local community.
Being closed on what must be one of their busiest nights of the year does seem strange.
Looking forward to seeing how big the refurbishment is, as others have said it's been "refurbished" before which ended up being just a lick of paint and a wipe of the tables.
Fingers crossed it has a major update and good luck to the new managers.

Re: The Anchor
- GK (20th Oct 2018 @ 11:44:19)

A spokesperson for the Royal Anchor said:

We are investing a six-figure sum in a major refurbishment of the pub and are looking forward to sharing the many improvements with our local community.

Therefore the pub will be closed from Monday 22 October until Tuesday 6 November, which regrettably coincides with the Liphook Carnival.

We would of course have preferred for the pub to be open on 27 October and are disappointed we wonít be able to welcome people through our doors on this special day for the village. Extensive improvement works like this need planning in great detail and can only take place when everyone involved in the project is available.

Re: The Anchor
- Mandi (20th Oct 2018 @ 13:59:07)

Great news and i love the anchor always have and always will.good luck and look forward to seeing the new anchor.

Re: The Anchor
- R (20th Oct 2018 @ 14:33:25)

Wasnt there some aggro at the pub last year after the carnival? Cannot blame the management for deciding its a good time to close if that was the case. I suspect they would rather be open and up and running for the build up to end of december Holiday season .

Also recall that many years ago the pubs used to be closed before the carnival

Re: The Anchor
- Sean (23rd Oct 2018 @ 00:08:05)

Hi Iím Sean I am the bar manger from the anchor and will be when it reopens .

I have just seen all these comments from over the last week or so . But with what I and the new landlords staff are now going to do with the pub to move it forward come in and see when we do open .

But I will say about one comment that my bar staff have got a total IQ of 10 you are welcome to come in and test mine or any of my staff, whitch I back fully or come in and give me a game of chess and win or lose I will pay for your dinner but please donít put people down because so many of you here sound just like keyboard warriors. Come in and tell me whatís wrong then I can sort it. As the advert goes ďitís always good to talkĒ.

Re: The Anchor
- Ken (23rd Oct 2018 @ 20:22:30)

Oh the irony.

Re: The Anchor
- Jen (23rd Oct 2018 @ 21:49:46)

I look forward to seeing the new look Royal Anchor when it reopens.

Personally, I have only ever received polite and friendly service from the Anchor staff. I don't go very often, as I have to admit that the menu is not really my sort of thing.

Sean, if you could include a few more veggie and/or lighter options on the menu in future, that would be great. Good luck with the refurb.

Re: The Anchor
- Sidge (6th Nov 2018 @ 17:30:38)

Oh dear saw numerous fruit machines being wheeled into Royal Anchor yesterday, so sadly a bit of paint won't change the feel of the place....

Re: The Anchor
- d (6th Nov 2018 @ 20:26:21)

Went into The Anchor earlier this evening. The smell of paint was overpowering, so much so that we left. They have obviously tried to create a gastro pub of sorts. No tables and seats that we could see, no customers and a virtually empty car park..

Re: The Anchor
- Dm (6th Nov 2018 @ 20:45:04)

Re the reviews on trip advisor at least one is by a member of staff name and picture on trip advisor site.
No I am not a keyboard warrior but really, why do it?
Note they also comment on this thread.


Re: The Anchor
- Helen (7th Nov 2018 @ 08:48:02)

Cannot be a gastro pub if there are loads of slot machines. It is a historic building
and deserves to be a good place that Liphook can be proud of. I believe it is partly the fault of the huge menu chips with everything.

Re: The Anchor
- Local Resident (7th Nov 2018 @ 10:10:15)

The pub sign outside the Anchor. The caricature of Queen Victoria - on a horse. Has that always been the sign - or is it new? Thanks.

Re: The Anchor
- RŲlli (7th Nov 2018 @ 10:25:19)

Other than the sign the rest of the building looks great, much improved and a nice focal point for the village, especially when the tree grows to a decent height. Hopefully will draw in a better calibre of evening clientele as well now.

Re: The Anchor
- Adrian (7th Nov 2018 @ 11:51:51)

We don't need another gastro pub we have plenty in Liphook - We need a good value family venue.

Re: The Anchor
- liz (7th Nov 2018 @ 15:27:06)

Let's hope they have done the much needed repairs to the inside too.

I see the CEO of Greene King has retired. Perhaps the new CEO will take more of an interest and realise that the 'Hungry Horse' model is not suitable for such an historic building in the centre of a village.

But that is cloud cuckoo land. As far as Greene King is concerned it is just a large building on which they spend the minimum but big enough to cope with the "pile it high and sell it cheap" model. Great pity, it could be the real heart of the village. No reason it couldn't be family friendly - value for money doesn't necessarily mean the cheapest available.

Re: The Anchor
- barbara easton (7th Nov 2018 @ 17:23:27)

I hope that the new management are stricter on behaviour from customers, including making families take home their noisy children who are tired and want to go to bed anyway, and prevent them from running around in there.

Re: The Anchor
- Gr (7th Nov 2018 @ 17:27:19)

£600k not a small amount to spend on a building top floor will be double that at least. Being listed makes it darn hard to do things to buildings and expensive so many hoops to jump through

And yes I have actually spoken to the anchor management about the repairs. I have not jumped on my keyboard and moan from home
Please give this business a chance.

Re: The Anchor
- grant (7th Nov 2018 @ 22:16:29)

just curious, are you saying that GK have spent 600k during a two week closure?

Re: The Anchor
- liz (8th Nov 2018 @ 12:11:46)

Greene King would probably not have had to spend so much on the top floor if they had not allowed it to deteriorate so much over the years. Presumably that work has not been done yet.

Re: The Anchor
- Rich (8th Nov 2018 @ 14:17:19)

I think it very fair to say that significant investment has been made in the appearance of the place, I have met the new manager and he seems bright and professional. Itís probable that is on an upslope of improvement now and the combination of a revamp and new leading staff will rub off on everyone whom works within it.
I have not been to see it yet, but I find it difficult to tolerate some of the negativity on here, no oneís forcing you to go in, youíre not being forced to like it, you still have your own choice but you should do away with the negativity entirely if you havenít even bothered to go and check out the efforts they have made.
If itís still not your cup of tea after that then go elsewhere, you have options. Donít come crying on here about it, I think the staff & mgmt are pretty open to critics and willing to correct or assist so slabbering on about it in a bad way via talkback now they have spent money on it and are clearly improving is just out of order, that place employs a lot of local people and many whom use it enjoy it.

Re: The Anchor
- liz (8th Nov 2018 @ 14:40:29)


There is no harm in highlighting the Anchor's problems. It can be changed. If the new management are any good they will not be dismissing these comments it in the way that you have.

Re: The Anchor
- Dizzie-wh (9th Nov 2018 @ 20:14:22)

Got to say I have been to the Anchor twice over the past week. It looks clean and fresh and the food was great and hot and delivered quickly.
Maybe the bar service needs to be upped a bit BUT it's a learning curve for all of them. Please give them a chance.

Re: The Anchor
- Alan (20th Nov 2018 @ 14:12:07)

For those planning on visiting the Royal Anchor, this offer might be of interest -


Only available when purchasing a voucher that will be delivered by Email or Text

Promotion ends Monday 26th November.

Re: The Anchor
- Pete (23rd Nov 2018 @ 16:21:53)

Have now visited the anchor on several occasions since the refurb and have really enjoyed the improvements.
The Food is better, the whole place is much cleaner and the wait at the bar has been much shorter on each occasion. Well done all involved.
There is a need in Liphook for a pub such as this that is affordable to eat and drink in. I enjoy the other local pubs; Dragon, Links, Deers hut and do use them all but could not afford to eat & drink in any of them on anything other than a special occasion.

Re: The Anchor
- Dawn Hoskins (26th Nov 2018 @ 11:50:53)

Went in to check out the refurb and for basic food it probably can't be beaten. ~However, we still prefer the Green Dragon, which has such excellent homemade food. I have to disagree with Pete - it so reasonably priced there (the Green Dragon).

Re: The Anchor
- sarah (26th Nov 2018 @ 19:28:10)

I went to Anchor last week at about 6.30, place was really busy, service was really fast, food hot, cheap and cheerful. Makeover looked good, only thing I didn't like was the encroaching of fruit machines into central bar area.
A big improvement though, well done new team

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