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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Sarah (8th Sep 2018 @ 22:38:22)

Was my first choice school, but not any more. Parents should be sanctioned for this, not the students and certainly not in this way! I am all for having correct uniform, but not at the expense of child wellbeing, just to make the school Ďlookí good.

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Sarah (8th Sep 2018 @ 22:53:52)

Bohunt is a very good school. Enforcing uniform standards is important and helps everyone to then knuckle down. I do agree that a warning system should have been put in place so that pupils had time to rectify uniform problems. but I think this has been blown out of proportion beyond that. Bohunt has always checked uniform in the first few weeks as do most schools and this is widely known.

Lots of people are complaining, but there are also lots of pupils and parents who are very happy with the school having high standards. Good for you for looking elsewhere, some other lucky person desperate to attend this very good oversubscribed school will get your childís place instead and appreciate how lucky they are to have such a good state school in the area.

I would note that a lot of people voicing their opinions online are also ex-pupils taking the opportunity to voice their experiences from the 1990ís, not from the present day.

So many people with no experience of the school seem very keen to keep this issue rumbling on on every social media possible, including here.

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Susie (9th Sep 2018 @ 00:48:06)

Read it in full which includes;

'In a statement, it said: "Our uniform policy is crystal clear and we wrote to all parents at the end of last term and again at the end of August to remind them of it.'

Most schools of this calibre are preparing students for the world ahead, including the world of work and discipline / self discipline.

Maybe parents should read the small print / terms and conform and stop complaining ref discipline.
Its not that difficult to understand, or is it.....
Its a sad reflection on the parents not to ensure their child conforms.

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Mrs Williamson (9th Sep 2018 @ 01:11:47)

Why should the parents be reprimanded? Pupil makes the decision at school to Ďroll upí their skirt or unfasten their top button or leave the home in incorrect is that parents fault?

At secondary school age, kids should be able to dress themselves. Iím a parent of a year 8 pupil and fully support this crack down on uniform. At the end of the day all parents were sent an email in July about uniform standards in preparation for September and itís on the School website and all pupils know the rules. Basically you donít break rules, itís that simple! No need for warnings as all parents and pupils have been forewarned back in July.

Kids are often moaning about being treated as young adults......this is it.....suck it up and stop breaching the school rules!!

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Richard (9th Sep 2018 @ 09:11:35)

The company I work for has a dress code. If you don't comply, you are advised accordingly. If you persist you will ne expected to remediate the failing.

Maybe other companies do it differently, but this seems a better approach than Bohunt's!

And I really hope people weren't "included" for not wearing a sweater!. The beginning of term was warm, and contrary what people may believe, school uniform is not a forces uniform.

In this day and age, most of us don't dress formally for work. We wear appropriate clothing for the environment, so that we can achieve our goals. 30 years ago, most male office workers wore a suit, now it is far more a matter of choice.

Schools should be preparing our youth for the future, and focusing on what is important...and whilst it is nice to have a consistent image of a school, there are bigger issues.

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- oldie (9th Sep 2018 @ 15:24:16)

A smart, consistent school uniform is a great asset, at my school many decades ago we had morning inspection in the gym the headmaster (a well loved old chap) would walk up and down the house lines quickly checking each boys appearance whilst we stood there trying desperately to rub the mud splashes off our newly polished black shoes! But all I remember getting was at most a withering look, which was enough to make you try harder the next day! The whole thing was very dignified, no drama or exclusions (inclusions either!) it was a mutual respect.

But stopping you studying or placing you on detention etc would seem to be a very last resort only for those who persisted and it always worries me a little when the leadership appears inflexible. I can understand why they want to enforce the rules but shouldn't they avoid making too big a fuss of it?

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Sidge (9th Sep 2018 @ 15:38:03)

As a parent of one of the sanctioned girls, I can speak with some clarity. My daughter has just entered year 8, she had no prior uniform 'misdemeanors' and spent most of Tuesday afternoon in 'inclusion'. I complained to the school, her skirt was brand new, purchased over the holidays from a recommended online supplier that provides one length skirt. As I pointed out to the school my daughter had not rolled her skirt up, but it was above her knees. She was therefore being sanctioned for being very tall for her age!
She told me other students were kept in for having top buttons undone. While I generally support Bohunt's firm stance a warning would have been more appropriate in these circumstances.
Incidentally Bohunt are buying the school skirts I bought online from me and I have discovered Liss Wools sell skirts in different lengths.

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Ņ (9th Sep 2018 @ 20:36:29)

My son was sent to inclusion Friday morning for inappropriate uniform, the same uniform he'd been wearing all week. This was followed by the school contacting me to ask where my son was as he hadn't been registered in lesson.
It's a bloody piss-up in a brewery.

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Rachael (9th Sep 2018 @ 20:46:31)

This is more about Strowgers ego than the rules. In many ways he has done a good job at Bohunt but he craves attention and in particular loves to be in the media. He does need to be careful though as with headlines like this on the BBC and the dreadful Chinese tv debacle he could find Bohunt renowned for all the wrong reasons

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Anon (10th Sep 2018 @ 10:32:05)

Oh dear, isn't this self respect and personal pride! Where has it all gone in this day and age!

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Susie (10th Sep 2018 @ 11:29:06)

Guys,this is about policy, in which we all have to work, or take the consequences!

Most schools worth their salt will enforce this, you are lucky so far that this is the first warning,wait until individual teachers get behind it,and prevent your little darling from entering the classroom as they are incorrectly dressed.

The minority who do not conform,and yes parents are often behind this buying designer / branded footwear for example will also have to comply with what is a very clear policy.

I for one would deny access to any student not complying with the dress code, in the most diplomatic manner of course, but denied joining in the learning environment just the same.

Parents should be making a good example, and not supporting undermining school policy.

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Jack (10th Sep 2018 @ 13:06:35)

Susie, I think most people are in agreement that the there should be an enforced uniform policy and that the school is entitled to expect compliance. However, this is more about the application of the rules and the way it is enforced. This is not about branded trainers, it is about whether a girl is too tall for her Bohunt-sanctioned branded skirt to fall below the knee or a boy's tightly-fitting top button.

Clearly, Bohunt management decided on a 'shock and awe', zero-tolerance campaign at the beginning of term and I sort of get that logic. However, in their zeal, they have made some fundamental errors. In particular, students in their final GCSE year should not be missing any lessons. This is a year when students need a good relationship with supportive teachers, not upsetting children who would not dream of breaking the rules in normal circumstances - it starts the year off on the wrong foot. Absolutely a friendly but firm warning, but not missing a morning of study and 'inclusion' on their school record. The punishment also becomes less effective if it is applied to such minor transgressions, leading to less respect for the rules from students, not more. I am aware that some girls were troubled by male teachers inspecting the fit of girls' skirts - almost certainly innocent, but not advisable all the same.

I see that BBC South Today were present this morning at the school gate. It will be interesting to see their take. It is disappointing to see our school, which not that long ago was considered the best in the country, being shown in this way. It really didn't come out of the Chinese School project well either.

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Susie (10th Sep 2018 @ 14:40:15)

my daughter was refused entry to her GCSE exam for not wearing her uniform correctly,and so if I am to go along with the school policy, it applies at all times to all students.

Never mind which year, grade etc etc.
Trainers / designer shoes as parents often call them, were just one example.

I see it often in young people, they are clearly wearing 'high end' clothing / footwear paid for by parents... when those less well off struggle to even provide footwear.

Get a grip and stay inside the rules or take the consequences [ learning the hard way]...

BTW that same daughter is now a highly regarded teacher...

NB it wasn't Bohunt.

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Jack (10th Sep 2018 @ 15:05:24)


"my daughter was refused entry to her GCSE exam for not wearing her uniform correctly". And you were OK with that?

There is respect for the rules and then there is dogmatic silliness from another age. I suspect that your daughter is a good teacher in spite of such schooling, rather than because of it.

In the meantime, thank you for telling me to "get a grip" for expressing my moderate views. What a well-reasoned argument!

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Ann (10th Sep 2018 @ 15:12:19)

I thought they wore their own personal clothes during their GCSEs not uniform!

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Paul (10th Sep 2018 @ 15:20:10)

Completely supportive of Bohunt on this one. They have a uniform policy, they communicate it well in advance, and pupils with the support of their parents need to comply with it.

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Susie (10th Sep 2018 @ 15:51:17)

as a working Mum,what would / should one do at that point,which I might add was communicated to me hours later........?!...shout,cry,jump up and down, and to whom should that be aimed at exactly.The child,the teacher,who had seen her day after day out all school year,dressing in a similar way,or the school management,or perhaps all of them....& of course when there's time to deal with it!
It was merely an example [ again], which clearly you are unable to relate to.
Never the less, a rule / policy is just that, & yes get a grip,there's far worse to contend with.

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- John (10th Sep 2018 @ 16:59:40)

100% behind Bohunt on this, rules are clear, standards must be kept up and those standards will reflect in the childrens behaviour and grades. If you sign this petition or indeed believe alot of the fake news around it you are basically a CHAV.

We are very fortunate to have one of the better schools in the country on our door step and its a better school due to the hard work in standards set by those in charge. This petition is attempting to incite subversion and by engaging in it your teaching your children to rebel and not trust their own education at a school that has already and continues to prove its a step above the rest.

If you do not like anything about your little one's education then go and see the school and discuss it, I know you will receive a very detailed and fair explanation.. don't mount a bloody online campaign !!!

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Jack (10th Sep 2018 @ 17:30:16)

Susie, I am confused. You seem to be saying that, in your case, your daughter's school was unreasonable. The teacher saw her every day dressed as she was and then refused her entry to her GCSE exam anyway. And yet you argue that the rules are the rules etc. Yes, you are right - I can't relate to that. If this were to happen to my child (which I am very confident it won't), as a working dad I would certainly take this up with the school/exam board. I could not accept my child studying hard for their GCSE only to be told they could not enter because of a new, unannounced enforcement of a minor uniform matter. That's outrageous.

"There is an awful lot more to contend with". Well, that's true and I have no doubt that this will all blow over by the end of the week - but, maximising teaching hours in GCSE year is important - at least to me it is. So, if you don't mind, I think I have a perfectly "good grip" on this.

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Sidge (10th Sep 2018 @ 20:00:24)

John you are obviously channeling your inner Donald Trump suggesting anyone who objected to Bohunt's draconian treatment of nearly 200 students on their first day of term is a 'chav'.
Fake news, it isn't 'fake' it actually happened.....

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- John (10th Sep 2018 @ 22:20:45)

The fake news part is all the surrounding arguments I have heard to make it so, like

- "its the same skirt as last year" (not when its rolled up it isn't)

- The word "draconian" (Seriously, get a grip of yourself its not the middle ages no child was physically hurt)

- "my little Chantelle only wears her hairband on her wrist as she needs it for PE" (Chantelle's hairband is bright yellow & massive on plain view and isnt part of the dress code & if she needs it for PE then put it in her PE Kit and not on her wrist)

That's what I mean by fake news, or more accurately "weak arguments" I have heard so far outside this forum from the IQ challenged idiots that started this embarrassment.

I remember years ago Jamie Oliver did some program where he changed the school meals from turkey twists (Basically ass & eyeball recovered meat) to healthy food and some chav mum protested by bringing fried food from the chippy and handed it through the school fence so their little one did not die from eating healthy food, it was the most embarrassing and sickening chavy thing I ever saw.... the point is not Jamie Oliver or food, the point is the people whom started and signed this Bohunt petition are exactly the same as that useless moron whom rebelled against the healthly food and insisted on bringing s*** food to the kids.

We need to root out the idiots whom started this stupid campaign as they are a danger to our children, to their education and to Liphook as a whole. At this very moment you have children in their first weeks of school instead of respecting standards that will carry them for life, they now gossip that the school is wrong and have no respect for it.

Shame on you, utter SHAME on you total IDIOT's

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- RŲlli (11th Sep 2018 @ 09:02:46)

Firstly, who would want to be a teacher nowadays!! What a huge responsibility and I for one strongly support a school with high standards of discipline.

However, even without knowing the full facts on this topic it does seem to me that Bohunt management have got themselves into an unnecessary situation.

In the grown up workplace (which schools are meant to prepare our kids for) when you start a role you are normally provided with a clear idea of the employers rules, code of conduct, dress code and disciplinary procedure from day one (if not before).

Generally if you do not follow these rules you are in the first instance spoken to informally and advised on the correct conduct. If the breach re-occurs you are then given a more formal warning. If the breach continues the process will move to written warning, final warning and then as a last resort, disciplinary action.

Based on the reporting of this issue it seems to me that Bohunt have not quite gone to the last resort but have certainly missed out the first few steps. Not wise, or fair.

I suspect the problem is quite complex. There will clearly be some kids with some parents that have poor standards and will seek to undermine the school for whatever reason.

However the school seems to have decided on a zero tolerance policy and will act on this topic against all kids and parents assuming they all have lowest set of values and standards rather than on a case by case basis. Not right, lazy management!

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- A (11th Sep 2018 @ 09:26:21)


Whilst I agree with some of the sentiment of your post, if only your grammar, spelling and punctuation were not so dreadful. I hope you appreciate the irony....

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Sidge (11th Sep 2018 @ 10:20:43)

John you are quite an ignorant person, 'draconian' has nothing to do with the middle ages, try getting a dictionary out.

My daughter is a highly intelligent student, never misses a day of school and to have to spend two hours sitting in a hall on her first day because her legs are longer than the school supplier's skirt length is incomprehensible.
Evidently the school agrees as they are buying the short skirts back from me. Bohunt needs to review its recommended suppliers.

Incidentally as I have three children at the school I regularly hear that students dye their hair, smoke in Victoria Way, wear a lot of makeup, but these seem to avoid inclusion.

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Mary W (11th Sep 2018 @ 10:40:44)

I had always thought Bohunt appeared to be a very poor school partly because of the impression created by many of the girls walking along with skirts rolled up, almost showing their knickers and because of that dreadful tv programme a few years back, when many of the pupils were so ill mannered and ill disciplined.

I think the head master is very brave to stick out for raised standards of dress, it isnít only exam results that matter, itís also a question of respect earned from the community in which they live.

I went to a grammar school and, in common with most teenagers, tried to put my mark on my sartorial appearance - usually by taking off my hat immediately away from the vicinity of the school gates. But I knew Iíd get a detention if caught, it was par for the course.

Incidentally, I suppose the new batch of little girls dicing with death and running across the road between roundabouts in busy traffic, only 10 yards from the zebra crossing, are the newest recruits to the junior school. If they live that long. Maybe I should take a photo next time and send it to the school.

Where are their parents?

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Susie (11th Sep 2018 @ 11:40:01)

clearly you easily become confused!

Lets face it, if students miss time in a classroom they should be making up this time, in their OWN time.
Why should they be pampered little pooches.....?
Zero tolerance on all policy abuse,absolutely.
Well done Bohunt!

And my last words on this subject, are; life goes on beyond GCSEs, the next tier of quals will replace these,and so on for life.
How many people in their 20s,30s, 40s etc are reciting GCSEs, these are over taken at the next level and they are defunct. They may seem the end of the world at the time, but at the risk of repeating myself, there are bigger challenges / issues to contend with.

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- anon (11th Sep 2018 @ 11:40:42)

@ Mary W - wouldn't recommend taking random pictures of little girls outside a school!

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Ann (11th Sep 2018 @ 11:46:03)

Boys dice with death too crossing the road! As for parents - I don`t think the pupils would be very pleased to see their parents standing at the entrance to the school waiting to walk them home!!!!

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Jacob (11th Sep 2018 @ 12:12:39)

I agree with school regarding the school uniform, but I don't agree with the punishment. Surely the school want the children to achieve the best grades that they can get, and taking year 10 & 11 out of lessons is not going to help them achieve this!.

Also regarding the emails that come out of the school, were shall I start.

1. Wrong dates & years
2. Wrong attachments
3. Spelling & grammar incorrect.
4. Asking you for payments, when you have already paid for.

Please don't get me wrong the school is fantastic, but I think they need to get their house in order to.

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Jack (11th Sep 2018 @ 14:33:19)

Susie - I really am not easily confused about anything other than your contradictory posts. Who said anything about pampering? Give them detention, why not, but not during lesson time. That is the point I and others are making here.

You are suggesting that it doesn't matter anyway because GCSEs are not important - this so totally wrong. Selection requirements for some of the more stringent university degrees require a certain level of GCSE attainment, as well as A Level/BTECs.

My son needed to declare GSCE results when applying for part-time work when at university. As an owner of a professional firm, I always look at GCSE results when employing people, even if they are graduates. A lower second or third degree is less of an indication of attitude to work than a full suite of good GCSEs. Kids, don't listen to the nonsense!

I don't know where to start with John's post. I think he believes that schools should be run like a police state. Rolli is right - the police, employers, sports leagues etc. always give warnings first for minor matters.

By giving the maximum punishment for minor (or non) transgressions straight away, you are teaching children nothing about the real world, other than to beware people who think we should be living in the Victorian age (and there are a lot of them about). All that happens is their respect for the teachers drops.

John doesn't seem to see the nuance of the arguments - no-one is disagreeing that uniform policy is good. No-one is disagreeing that it should be enforced. People are just arguing that that the school dropped a clanger in how they went about it.

Still, I have learned that people with such moderate views are chavs and idiots apparently! Why conflate the stupidity shown by some parents in the Jamie Oliver project with a girl missing morning lessons on two days for wearing the correct uniform, but who happens to have long legs? They are not the same thing at all.

I couldn't agree with you more Jacob - I always wait for the second, correcting email from the school before I take note of any message.

It is a good school, but they make mistakes like any organisation. I have heard of a (studious) child being given a week to replace an otherwise perfectly acceptable (Bohunt) skirt and then being picked-on again the next day for wearing the same garment.

The school should be carefully managing how this policy is being implemented to avoid alienating otherwise keen students. Not all of the children are trainer-wearing, hair-dyed, spoilt brats. The majority work hard and are keen to get good grades. I have met a lot of students from the school who are considerably more courteous and informed than some of the posters on Talkback.

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Tom (11th Sep 2018 @ 19:44:23)

Right so someone from the admin team gets the system wrong, sends some wrong emails which are later corrected, errors are made etc.


Wise up FFS !

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Kate (11th Sep 2018 @ 21:01:35)


The girl with long legs did not have the correct uniform, its not the other way around. I think you also fail to understand the nuance of the argument as your turning facts the wrong way around to suit your bloated essay.

The rules regarding uniform are both about how its worn as well as is it the correct garment. Yes this long leg girl might have purchased the correct skirt but when she put it on she and her parents should have known it wasn't the correct fit according to the rules due to her long legs and therefore changed the skirt to one that fits.

I have to wear a suit to work. I don't arrive to work wearing a suit skin tight and six inches short on the arms and legs and then defend myself by saying "oh but am wearing a suit"

This is exactly some of the silly points that are being pushed around, "oh but it was the correct skirt, but legs are different sizes" I mean come on, this is weak

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Jacob (13th Sep 2018 @ 13:35:28)

Dear Tom,

I have just read your rant, I was just trying to point out that even the school gets it wrong. I was saying anything about not going as they get emails wrong.

As you can see from my post, I am agreeing with the uniform rule, but just not the punishment.

Re: Bohunt School - uniform punishment
- Rob (13th Sep 2018 @ 14:14:10)

No problem with either the policy or the punishment.
Zero tolerance.
It is proven to work. It is one of the more effective ways of dealing with a group of children, start off tough and then ease up. If you start off too soft they will just take the mick the whole time.
It isn't like it was immediately before exams or anything.

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