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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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- Anon (30th Aug 2018 @ 09:25:46)

Has anyone noticed how dreary shopping at Sainsburys has become lately?

The store looks very shabby, a lot of the shelves are half empty and what staff there are look totally disinterested. Walk down the crisp isle on any given day it looks like a fork lift truck has loaded the shelves, everything looks just thrown on!

The only bright light is the deli counter which looks pretty presentable, this is down I presume to the knowledgeable staff, especially the lovely French woman who is always pleasant and seems to want to help and advise.

All in all I think we need another food outlet in the village to show Sainsburys how a store should be run.

Re: Sainsburys
- Ann (30th Aug 2018 @ 09:49:20)

The last time I shopped in Sainsbury`s the shelves were half empty - not good!

Re: Sainsburys
- Another Anne (30th Aug 2018 @ 12:13:35)

The shelves have been half empty for months and months now. I spoke to a cashier who was quite scathing of Sainbury's and it's lack of staff to fill the shelves. She said that everything is in the warehouse but they have nobody to do the job. I'm finding shopping there these days a complete waste of time and happily will drive further afield until things improve.

Re: Sainsburys
- Casey (30th Aug 2018 @ 21:17:17)

Another top rating for the lovely, cheerful, helpful French lady. I hope Sainsburys look after her and know how lucky they are to have her.

Re: Sainsburys
- Peter (31st Aug 2018 @ 09:40:36)

The situation is well known at head office, the shop is run as though it is a mechanical machine, in other words it should deliver if it's for what to do.

The managers do not have the freedom of control to run it as a business, your average market stall or corner shop could do and does do better.

I am fed up with complaining to HQ, getting apologies back but no action.

Re: Sainsburys
- Yet Another Anne (31st Aug 2018 @ 13:23:11)

Although I live in Liphook, I haven’t done my major weekly shop in Sainsburys’ for several years because of the frustration of the store opening at 8am with empty shelves; apparently this was “the locals fault as there are restrictions on deliveries”. These restrictions have now been lifted but Sainsburys choose not to take deliveries earlier, or to take in staff to re-stock earlier.

On the rare occasion I do try to shop there, the last time being just after their stock check a few weeks ago, I find things have not improved and off I go back to Tesco, who open at 6am with fully stocked shelves.

I have no issues with the staff, all seem lovely, management need a kick in the pants and some training.

Re: Sainsburys
- the realist (31st Aug 2018 @ 13:23:49)

It's a shop. It's big. I go in there to buy stuff, it usually sells stuff, a lot of it. What more do you want, I can't see the problem? Liphook is a growing boom town and I'm sorry but Mrs Miller no longer runs the local bakery selling freshly grown bloomers and chatting to each valued customer for 20 minutes about uncle Albert's lumbago, Mrs Taylor the clothes shop selling one type of all weather denier hosiery, Mr Baker the bun shop selling his famous English rock scones etc. As we get more housing estates they'll be able to attract more low pay staff and we can all be happy once more!

Re: Sainsburys
- liz (31st Aug 2018 @ 13:52:47)

'The realist' - you are obviously not the one who does the shopping - we have an excellent 'Mr Bun the Baker' in Station Road!

'Mr Sainsbury' is a big supermarket chain with (supposedly) advanced logistics. However the Liphook store does not seem to be able to keep the shelves stocked with the basics and it has been getting worse. There is no excuse. It is very weak management somewhere down the line, letting down the excellent customer facing staff.

Re: Sainsburys
- Seriously (31st Aug 2018 @ 14:30:36)

"The Realist" you're an a**e. You clearly don't shop in Sainsbury's that often with your comments. If you did you'd know just how poor the stock levels are.

Far from satisfactory for a growing community with only one outlet to shop in unless you travel, which costs extra on fuel, which is not helped by Sainsburys fuel prices - but that's another issue that has often been spoken of. It's quite clear that Sainsburys know they are in an area of no competition so don't have to try too hard. It's time we all shopped with out feet/cars and used other areas until they sit up and take notice.

Re: Sainsburys
- Peter Shepherd (31st Aug 2018 @ 16:03:22)

I enjoy shopping at Sainsbury’s, the staff are friendly and very helpful.

Re: Sainsburys
- Peter (31st Aug 2018 @ 16:16:25)

Clearly no competition:

Sainsbury's Liphook petrol 131.9

Tesco Havant petrol 123.9

Re: Sainsburys
- H (31st Aug 2018 @ 16:54:25)

Re empty shelves.

As the realist says 1 Shop.
The village grows with more housing,who many shop in the 1 shop. What do you expect???

Having worked in retail before some times it can take time for orders to adjust and re order stock to come in.

Staff do work through the night to try and fill up. Try and think about them trying to do their job instead of moaning when you are tucked up in your cosy beds.

And yes i also get frustrated by the shelves!!!!

Re: Sainsburys
- A.R (31st Aug 2018 @ 19:31:40)

I go in Sainsburys regularly, and went in today and I can guarantee nobody is going to starve to death. I could get everything you could possibly need. Okay, a few less carbonated bottles of drink , well we all know why.
Maybe a few less veg, again, hot summer around the world causing problems.
Please let us know what you so sorely needed that they haven't got that could not be replaced with something else.
Also why is it that we need an " experience " while shopping in a supermarket these days.

Re: Sainsburys
- Mrsk (1st Sep 2018 @ 07:05:00)


What would you recommend as a substitute for potatoes, carrots, apples, tomatoes, grapes, strawberries ? Hot weather is no excuse for lack of fresh produce on shelves, it's bad management.

I don't want an experience, just to be able to do a complete shop once a week. Other supermarkets provide this service and I don't understand why Liphook Sainsburys are unable to do so.

Re: Sainsburys
- Tim (1st Sep 2018 @ 08:17:01)

All these people moaning about not getting what they need! For gods sake think about the people in the world who don’t have the luxury of going to a shop. GROW UP!

Re: Sainsburys
- Rip off (1st Sep 2018 @ 16:26:54)

Just been in Waterlooville - Sainsburys petrol 123.9.

It's cheaper at Chichester Sainsburys and last weekend was in Surrey near London and it was still cheaper in Sainsburys there.

Not to mention other brands.

Liphook really does take the p.

I don't buy fuel in Liphook now if I can get it whilst I'm elsewhere - I find Jet at Bordon gives me more mileage for some reason.

And before you all start, no, it's not practical to go to Waterlooville for fuel but whilst you're there.....

Re: Sainsburys
- B (1st Sep 2018 @ 19:21:57)

For goodness sake. This is NOT unique to Sainsbury’s Liphook but across the whole estate.

Sainsbury’s are desperate to compete with Aldi & Lidl. To do this they need to lower prices, for this to happen they have to cut costs. To cut costs they have to reduce their biggest overheads. These are staff.

It’s not the people on the shop floor to blame for the state of the store but the people in the head office who have no idea how a supermarket like Sainsbury’s in run. They think that 1 person can do the job of 3. But don’t realise that Aldi & Lidl are smaller stores stocking half the choice. So they need less staff.

As for petrol prices. See above. HOW MANY TIMES. The prices are driven by competition. There is no competition within 5 miles of the store. If you don’t like it go elsewhere.

Re: Sainsburys
- Paul (3rd Sep 2018 @ 14:35:42)

Perhaps if we had an Aldi or Lidl in the village then we would see Sainsburys smarten their store up somewhat. Until that happens there won't be much change. I for one like the deli counter though, staff there are always pleasant and help you out if you are looking for something which you haven't tried before.

Re: Sainsburys
- Peter (10th Sep 2018 @ 17:38:25)

Ok last post for this but hopefully one that will make you laugh:-

Justin King, CEO of Sainsbury's has recently been interviewed in an IT Business Magazine, Computing, on his thoughts on IT Transformation and Transfroming the business. There are 2 classic quotes from him,

"The problem was that everyone blamed it on IT. But you need to have control over your stock before you implement IT on top. IT can't solve fundamental operational failure."

and that was in response to his own personal conversation with his Mum:

"I told my mum I was going to run Sainsbury's, and she said; 'Are you sure darling, I go there every week and it's crap!'" he began.

What can you say.

Re: Sainsburys
- Mr Paddy's Daddy (11th Sep 2018 @ 08:23:31)

That Ratner moment ??

One can only hope !

Re: Sainsburys
- A (11th Sep 2018 @ 09:29:26)

I've been to the Godalming and Havant branches as well as Liphook in the past week. They're no better stock / shelf wise but the petrol was cheaper...

Re: Sainsburys
- Mandi (12th Sep 2018 @ 06:20:21)

Yes another shop in liphook is so needed and a petrol station that sells cheaper petrol!!

Re: Sainsburys
- Jools (24th Sep 2018 @ 23:12:54)

What they need is to sack the Manager as it is apparent the store is not being managed properly. They also need more competition such as Lidl or Aldi it would certainly concentrate their minds, the store in Liphook serving so many is a disgrace. It is dirty, not stocked properly with fresh produce and never enough tills open. Wake up Sainsburys I certainly have no desire to shop in your local store it raises my blood pressure! and is NOT a pleasant experience

Re: Sainsburys
- Jim (1st Oct 2018 @ 14:37:33)

I live locally but tend to do my main shop at Tesco's and Waitrose because of the state of the Sainsburys store, the only things I get from the Liphook store are from the deli counter as the delightful foreign lady knows everything there is to know about cheese and hams, probably more than the rest of the store put together!. The last time I shopped there for my main shop was two months ago, I am elderly and nearly fell over from one of the various deviations on the floor, I approached an assistant to ask them is the floor going to be repaired at any time and I was met with a vacant look and directed towards a manager who couldn't answer my question completely. I also have asked for items which were not on the shelf and have been told that they are in the warehouse but would be on the shelf when the night staff come in, not very helpful as they were personal items which I needed immediately! I assume as Sainsburys have no close competition that they just do not care. I ask people to compare the politeness and willingness of other stores and you will see the difference. One last point is the awful uniform, does nothing to help the look of Sainsburys,whoever chose the terrible colour must have come home after a night drinking and thought about it for five seconds!. C'mon sainsburys smarten up your act in Liphook and I'm sure local people like myself wouldn't have to complain all the time

Re: Sainsburys
- Mr Paddy's Daddy (1st Oct 2018 @ 17:03:28)

Gosh Jim - watch out - you might come in for a blasting from John - see Mike Coupe CEO posting - get out your tin hat mate !!!

Re: Sainsburys
- AJ (1st Oct 2018 @ 18:10:44)

Two day running I got everything I want in sainsburys

Re: Sainsburys
- Debbie (2nd Oct 2018 @ 09:21:17)

I’ve had an email from Sainsbury’s about the empty shelves and had the following reply. I also gave positive feedback on the staff because I’ve always found them to be friendly and positive.

Thanks for getting in touch about your recent visits to our Liphook branch and I'm sorry you weren't able to pick up the items you needed.

We know how important it is to have products available that customers want to buy. We work hard to have shelves fully stocked by performing regular checks and replenishing when required. I'm aware that this hasn't been reflected in your shopping experience and I’ve made the store aware of your comments so that the necessary action can be taken to improve product availability on the shop floor. We'll work with the store management team to ensure enough products are being delivered.

If you have any trouble finding items in future, please speak to one of my colleagues in store and they'll be happy to check whether the products you need are available, or suggest alternatives for you to try.

Thanks again for contacting us.

Kind regards
Gerard Kearney | Sainsbury's Careline

Re: Sainsburys
- km (2nd Oct 2018 @ 09:40:56)

Obviously their standard response - I got the same by mail after writing 3 times in total for a reply - personally don't hold out much hope!

Starting to look elsewhere after being a loyal customer since they opened - but sadly reached the end of my tether for my main shop - just too painful - especially after work when I am able to shop.

Re: Sainsburys
- Paul (5th Oct 2018 @ 09:00:28)

Rumour going round that Aldi have taken another look at the closed Countrywide shop in station road.....that should make Sainsburys sit up a bit if it happens!

Re: Sainsburys
- oldie (5th Oct 2018 @ 11:02:43)

Paul, I agree it would be nice to have an Aldi in Liphook, but surely the likes of Aldi and Lidl are about selling cheap, no frills, a more limited selection.

Most people complaining about Sainsburys are moaning that it's selection is decreasing along with customer service etc. Sainsburys would probably argue they can no longer provide these things with all the cut price competition.

I don't know if those people will consider shopping at Aldi or Lidl an improvement, in my experience there are only usually 2 or 3 tills open and half a dozen people in each queue, the food selection is limited, often written in a foreign language and whilst I think they do what they do very well and I like popping in there from time to time to pick up some bargains, I don't want to see a race to the bottom, because you can't demand a Rolls Royce service from Sainsburys when espousing Aldi and Lidl as competition. It must be a very confusing time for the big supermarkets, do they go cheap, no frills (which people are complaining about) or up their range and service and remain the 'upmarket' brands. And how will customers vote when it comes to their wallets, not just their words?.

Re: Sainsburys
- Ali (5th Oct 2018 @ 12:49:31)

Aldi is very popular when i go its always packed and its lovely food

Re: Sainsburys
- Karen (5th Oct 2018 @ 12:52:57)

Dont believe rumours and gossip

Re: Sainsburys
- Paul (8th Oct 2018 @ 16:23:21)

Not a rumour now, Aldi are definitely looking at it, they were seen by a few people!

Re: Sainsburys
- Rosemary hipps (8th Oct 2018 @ 19:54:52)

I heard a feesability study was in progress for a drug and alcohol rehab drop in centre.

Re: Sainsburys
- Becci (9th Oct 2018 @ 08:47:09)

To be fair, shopping at any supermarket seems dreary to most because NO ONE actually likes having to do their weekly/daily shop. It's not bloody Harrods so what do you expect?

Plus, I think you'll find the shelves are often empty becasue when we have one storm, heavily rainy day or slight warning about potential high winds and people flock from all over to panic buy anything they can, just in case the shop ends up closing for ONE DAY.
It's the whole "Help, my 4×4 might get muddy if I take it out in this weather and I may run out of artisan bread and quinoa.....I must now head forth and buy out the whole shop" attitude that so many have these days..........

Re: Sainsburys
- Interested (9th Oct 2018 @ 14:52:55)

Becci ~

Assuming you possess a driving licence - what kind of vehicle do you drive ??

Think on .....

Re: Sainsburys
- Helen (9th Oct 2018 @ 15:12:24)

I have never seen any artisan bread in Sainsbury? If I want that I would shop in
Haslemere. Sainsbury just has basic food usually.

Re: Sainsburys
- Lorac (11th Oct 2018 @ 10:12:21)

Oh YES!! Aldi or Lidl or any other supermarket would be welcome in Liphook, especially as we are getting more and more housing here, much to the detriment of our road system through the Square. Like several people, we have stopped doing our main weekly shop in Liphook and go to Tesco in Bordon or Lidl. The Liphook branch of Sainsbury seems to have come to a stand-still regarding customer relations, appearance and all the other complaints raised by others. As for petrol- well enough said when we see cheaper prices elsewhere in the same chain. Opportunism reigns supreme here.

Re: Sainsburys
- Rölli (11th Oct 2018 @ 11:13:27)

As a regular of Sainsburys and also someone who used to work in the industry it appears to me as if the problems are with the local senior management.

The stock ordering system seems to be extremely disorganised and the shelf stacking process is obviously dysfunctional and this is clearly the responsibility of the general manager.

It appears he/she is not up to the job as staff moral seems poor, there is a lack of motivation and organisation, it must be hell for those working on the shop floor.

Head office needs to put some performance management of the local management team in place PDQ to turn things around before Christmas

Re: Sainsburys
- liz (11th Oct 2018 @ 14:54:15)

I went into Sainsbury's last Saturday evening and it was chaos. Half empty shelves (I'm talking about basics) in many areas. Restocking certainly was disfunctional with empty boxes and wrapping strewn across the floor.

I was tempted to take a photo to send to head office but thought that probably would not be fair on the people working there at the time as I agree with the previous poster that it appears to be more of local management issue, or rather lack of management.

Re: Sainsburys
- AJ (11th Oct 2018 @ 18:18:57)

Trust me when I say it nothing to do with liphook staff/manager their doing the best they can the blame lay at head office and Justin King

Re: Sainsburys
- Russel Leaves (11th Oct 2018 @ 21:55:04)

Are they planning to relocate to a larger future proof site at the new Bordon shopping centre? Is the Liphook site being run down as it can’t be expanded due to lack of land ?

Re: Sainsburys
- Gr (12th Oct 2018 @ 05:01:59)

Artisan bread???

Why not use the bakery in station road support the smaller shops

Re: Sainsburys
- Paul (17th Oct 2018 @ 10:10:40)

I tend to buy a lot of pet food usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning because whoever fills the shelves on the previous nights fills so I can see everything clearly. I have been in the store on other days and it is disaster!..shelves stacked to look full but as soon as you take the front cases there inevitably is nothing behind! A lack of stock?....makes me wonder, same with a lot of other stock in the store, especially in bread and cake!

Re: Sainsburys
- Gr (17th Oct 2018 @ 11:47:14)

Pet food why not support Hiscocks one of the ling time village shops ??

Re: Sainsburys
- B (30th Oct 2018 @ 16:33:28)

So. I visited the store at 6:45 yesterday evening and I’ve never been more shocked to see the state of the store. The shelves were virtually empty 3 hours before closing.

No milk, and when I say no milk there was no milk, half the butter stock gone, Virtually all the cheese had gone, the freezers were empty of oven chips and virtually all the frozen veg had sold out too. Then when I took a trip down to fruit and veg I was greeted by empty shelves. All the basics (onions, spuds salad stuff etc) Sold out. Then I move on to the meat isle and that was in a very sorry state indeed. So. I abandoned my shop and went to the CO-OP instead.

Since the last store manager Stu left 6 months ago this branch has gone down hill faster than a car with no brakes.

Re: Sainsburys
- Dawn Hoskins (30th Oct 2018 @ 17:48:55)

I went in on Sunday and it was chaos.
Queues 4 trolleys deep at every check out. It took me over 40 minutes of queuing before I even put my basket of stuff on the belt.
It seems they have taken quite a few tills out in order to install the self-service checkout and the self-scanning checkout. No one was using the self-scanners and it was actually impossible to push your trolly along the aisle in from of the checkouts and it was so full of agitated people all waiting to pay. I only had a basket but the basket only till has also vanished.

Re: Sainsburys
- Adrian (30th Oct 2018 @ 18:07:34)

I bet they had green bananas.

Re: Sainsburys
- Ben Dovers (31st Oct 2018 @ 10:33:08)

Gosh 40 minute queues! On the plus side it gives those green bananas more time to ripen 😀 :)

Re: Sainsburys
- oldie (31st Oct 2018 @ 12:19:54)

I've never experienced this Dawn, 40 minute queues but when this many people are reporting problems it looks more and more like something is going seriously wrong.

Just a question, is Liphook growing so fast that we are outgrowing Sainsburys?

Do we need a bigger site for a bigger store, easier lorry access off the A3, 24 hours access? (it must be hard to restock during the day)

Personally always found Sainsburys staff really nice, recently I lost my card and they couldn't have been nicer going the extra mile to help me out.

Mind you I tend to avoid busy periods.

Re: Sainsburys
- M (31st Oct 2018 @ 12:43:38)

Went through a bout of buying milk recently that had the protective seals below the plastic cap broken and the milk being off. Had to dispose of three on three different occassions (yes, it took me that long to learn to check them first!). After the third purchase I phoned the store to complain, only to have a very young and disinterested person dish out a scripted apology. I suggested they should check their stocks, but doubt they did anything.

Re: Sainsburys
- Simon (31st Oct 2018 @ 13:06:32)

Just been in there at noon today, long queues again, only about 5 tills open. They put out four calls on the tannoy for 'all till trained staff' to jump on a till in the space of 20 mins.

Re: Sainsburys
- Jo (31st Oct 2018 @ 13:47:14)

Just come back from Sainsburys, the self scanners are still not working. It was a nightmare to pay for a few items. Only a few tills open. Apparently staff are off sick. I have always found staff to be friendly and helpful. A man in a suit was on the till today as not enough staff.

Re: Sainsburys
- A (31st Oct 2018 @ 14:29:46)

Totally agree with Oldie!!!

Re: Sainsburys
- liz (31st Oct 2018 @ 16:29:51)

I haven't checked through this thread but I'm pretty sure nobody is complaining about the Sainsbury's local staff who serve the customers. The problem, and it appears to be a big one, is at a higher level.

There is no excuse for empty shelves in these days of advanced logistics or for having so few tills open in periods when it is obvious the store will be busy.

Re: Sainsburys
- Paul (5th Nov 2018 @ 14:05:24)

A man in a suit was on the till?......are they hiring Santa now as well? Surely he has too much other work already!..😂

Re: Sainsburys
- Mrs K (5th Nov 2018 @ 17:12:11)

Whilst I accept that frozen chips and fruit are not essentials and people elsewhere in the world are starving, I cannot understand why if you have product in your warehouse it is not on the shelf/freezer for your customers to purchase.

As head office have been trying their very best to entice me back (offering Ł90 off my shop over six weeks) I decided to try week two and claim the offered Ł15 off my weekly shop.

Most of the shop went well, adequate staff on tills, apart from kiosk, limited on fresh fruit and veg but ok. Frozen foods empty in places.

I approached the three staff chating at the customer service point and asked about the lack of frozen chips and fruit; they called the manager who informed them that the freezers had broken down the previous day and someone was working on it.

Why did staff not know this? Why was no offer made to find the items I requested?

I enquired if they had the product in the warehouse and asked to speak the manager; the manager promplty (if grumpily) came out to see me and did offer to see if he could locate the items.

After approxiately 15 minutes the manager appeared with all the missing items!!

Great Stuff, but why was it not in the freezer ready to buy? This and kiosk having no staff until 8.10am added 25 - 30mins to my shopping experience.

I wont be in a hurry to return, even to save Ł15.

Re: Sainsburys
- Ginny Stacpoole (5th Nov 2018 @ 17:56:05)

Perhaps head office has taken notice?

Re: Sainsburys
- Sally (5th Nov 2018 @ 18:44:47)

I went to aldi in alton and casually asked a staff member if aldi were coming to liphook,and she said yes in a former old we will see

Re: Sainsburys
- liz (6th Nov 2018 @ 09:08:34)

While Sainsbury's does have the air of being run down I should think the 'former old supermarket' probably refers to the former Countrywide building. If true if might get Sainsbury's to pull their socks up a bit!

Re: Sainsburys
- d (6th Nov 2018 @ 09:55:46)

Countrywide is still displaying an estate agent's "to rent" board.

Re: Sainsburys
- Mrs (6th Nov 2018 @ 11:27:21)

I do hope ALDI are coming to Liphook

Re: Sainsburys
- K (6th Nov 2018 @ 13:11:21)

Our household has given up on Sainsburys completely!

We went in there to do a weekly shop a couple of Saturdays ago and there was no bread rolls or fresh veg - no broccoli, no cauli, no onions, 3 dodgy looking carrots rolling around at the bottom of the crate, no spuds, no salad leaves/lettuce. I wasn't looking for anything exotic, just normal veg!

There's hardly ever any Lactose Free milk on the shelves anymore (not being fussy, I can't drink the normal stuff and cannot stand the taste of Soya or almond milk etc).

Abandoned ship and went to Tesco in Haslemere, and although the queues at the tills were pretty long, our normal shop turned out to be several Ł cheaper than our normal Sainsburys equivalent, and they had plenty of everything we needed.

It's a little more fiddly heading to Haslemere for a shop and using a store you're not familiar with the layout of, but we will be heading there again this weekend for another big shop.

Re: Sainsburys
- Dawn (6th Nov 2018 @ 13:15:54)

If they are coming to the Countrywide site, it would bring a burst of life into the other Station shops too.

fingers crossed

Re: Sainsburys
- Just another member of society (6th Nov 2018 @ 18:52:07)

Could people give the staff in Sainsbury's a bit of a break please.

As a customer and a resident of Liphook for many years I have seen the village and supermarket change. The village and surrounding areas have grown quite dramatically, with no extra or real expansion of the shops. Our Sainsbury's is the only Sainsbury's and local supermarket of it size for quite a few miles. Thousands must go through those doors every week, thousands more than 20 years ago when the shop was built.

I talk to many of the staff members, who are very pleasant, and willing to help if they are asked. But it's no surprise if they look miserable or grumpy if they're constantly moaned at when they are doing all they can do. They're there to help and will endeavour to find what your looking for or give you the best advice.

I've also been told that a lot of management had been cut earlier this year, which is of no fault to the store or it's staff, that's a complaint to take up with the big wigs and Sainsbury's as a company. I'm certain the management losses has had a part to play in some of the complaints the customers have, but as I said it's of no fault to any of the stores staff members, all of them are doing the best they can with the situation they have been put in.

I'm also sure that if they could they would employ more staff but as a business they obviously put a limit on outgoings like employment. If it means having a few longer queues at busy periods that's a negative they'll live with because in their eyes it's still better for them then having to fork out and pay someone. Whether we like it or not, that's business.

The staff know how trying that store can be and how empty the shelves are sometimes, I'm sure they're doing all they can do to get things sorted. I've seen how some of the staff have been treated by it's customers and it's disheartening and upsetting and sometimes disgusting. These are people too, who also have to do their shopping, they are just like you. Christmas is fast approaching and I feel so much for them and what they are going to have to face.

At the end of this all it's just a supermarket, we are so lucky as human beings to have what we have. Please don't take it out on the staff or the store because you couldn't get your organic mince or broccoli. Just think before you complain on here, behind your computer screen or up in a member of staffs face, it's not their fault and they want to help you. They are your neighbours and fellow humans. Treat them with respect as you would want to be treated. And if you can't get what you want, just accept it.

Thank you to all the members of staff in Sainsbury's Liphook, you all work so hard and put up with so much. I hope that the Christmas period doesn't grind you down too much. And please don't take the abuse and complaints to heart. You're all wonderful!

Re: Sainsburys
- (6th Nov 2018 @ 21:16:24)

Just another member of the society.

As a member of staff at Sainsbury’s may I say how lovely your words are. You have hit the nail right on the head.

We really do try do our best, but to some it is obviously not enough.
Many Thanks to you !!!

Re: Sainsburys
- EW (6th Nov 2018 @ 22:16:14)

I find most of the staff friendly and helpful. Yes, sometimes they have run out of things, but there is a co-op just down the road..

I worked in both Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s as a student and some customers were incredibly rude, as they can be now in the job that I do. It makes my blood boil when people are rude and aggressive to those in public services, there is no excuse.

People are very quick to complain and not to praise.

Thank you

The most annoying thing about Sainsbury’s- are the idiots with no children who park their big cars in the parent and child bays with no children in the car, or the partner gets out and the other sits in the car!!

Re: Sainsburys
- liz (7th Nov 2018 @ 09:21:38)

Just another member of society

I, like you, claim to be just another member of society. I have also lived in Liphook a long time- well before Sainsburys was built. If you actually read this thread you will see that only ONE person has been negative about the local staff, some have not commented but most have been complimentary.

It almost seems as if someone is trying to stop people complaining on this website by making it appear as though it is an attack on local customer facing staff which it most definitely is not.

The problem is with the management as many have said, either locally or regionally.

There is no excuse for a major supermarket regularly running out of a large range of basic in these days of advanced logistics. There is also no excuse for having just a couple of tills open in very busy times.

Re: Sainsburys
- Rölli (7th Nov 2018 @ 10:04:45)

Way too many people nowadays complain they are being bullied or people are being rude to them when simply they are inept or incapable of doing their jobs properly and are held to account.

Collectively Sainsburys is failing the village, ultimately management are likely to be responsible and inevitably will be accountable but staff calling in sick, on go slows, etc and claiming they are "stressed and upset" doesn't wash.

Re: Sainsburys
- km (7th Nov 2018 @ 11:19:51)

Rolli - I m sorry I also work in a customer focus role with over 40 years experience - I am sorry the general public are getting increasingly aggressive, rude & abusive no matter how professional and competent staff are.

However Sainsbury's are letting down the residents of Liphook badly, letters to head office have had no effect - they seem to disregard the impact the lack of stock is having on the community - frankly it comes across as they don't care.

Personally I now do my major shop elsewhere - I can buy a weeks shopping with plenty of choice & in some cases a better product quality than Sainsbury's at a lower price. Yes there are some products I prefer to buy at Sainsburys but I use it more now like the corner shop. Very sad I have always tried to support local business but in the end of the day if they can't provide what you want - you have to look elsewhere.

As to the tills Liphook store has never to my knowledge had all till points open - I am told by staff that the tills have actually being slowed down? this is certainly the case with the self check out - which I have always hated - it takes away jobs in my opinion. I have no problems with the staff they do their best.

I wonder if Sainsburys are trying to look not so competitive with the possible merger with ASDA? Well they are overdoing it if that is the case - once customers leave - it is more difficult to get them back.

Re: Sainsburys
- Penny (7th Nov 2018 @ 16:39:39)

I entirely agree with Just another Member of Society’s post. The general public are becoming increasingly rude and aggressive – I have witnessed this myself.
@ Liz I list below the number of times on this post where staff have been criticised albeit sometimes obliquely including the manager and the buck doesn’t really stop with him – it is the hierarchy that are at fault:
1) Anon said “what staff there are look totally disinterested.”
2) Rolli accusing staff of ringing in sick and not doing their job – how does he know that? I note that he also worked for Sainsbury’s – do I smell a whiff of a grudge or perhaps that is what he used to do.
3) Jim said “I ask people to compare the politeness and willingness of other stores and you will see the difference.” Dig.
4) Oldie “Most people complaining about Sainsburys are moaning that it's selection is decreasing along with customer service etc” – again a dig at the Staff in Customer Service.
5) M “After the third purchase I phoned the store to complain, only to have a very young and disinterested person dish out a scripted apology.” Dig, dig. The person in question may have been shy and inexperienced which was interpreted by M as disinterested. Having been in the front line myself, if I complain particularly over the phone I always pre-empt the call by saying that I am not blaming the recipient of that call directly. It works wonders.
6) Simon “ they put out four calls on the tannoy for all “till trained staff” to jump on a till in the space of 20 mins.” That might or might not have been a dig but I read that as meaning the “till trained” staff were all out the back having a cuppa, but I could be wrong.
7) Mrs “ three staff chatting at the customer service point (a dig?)and asked about the lack of frozen chips and fruit; they called the manager who informed them that the freezers had broken down the previous day and someone was working on it. Why did staff not know this? (dig) Why was no offer made to find the items I requested? (another dig) the manager promptly (if grumpily) (dig) came out to see me and did offer to see if he could locate the items. After approximately 15 minutes the manager appeared with all the missing items!! Great Stuff, but why was it not in the freezer ready to buy? This and kiosk having no staff until 8.10am added 25 - 30mins to my shopping experience.” Is it possible that Mrs’ attitude may well have been at fault. A very wise man said to me years ago that “many more flies were caught with sugar than with vinegar” The public have to take some responsibility for how staff respond.
I totally agree with EW’s post when she says: “The most annoying thing about Sainsbury’s- are the idiots with no children who park their big cars in the parent and child bays with no children in the car, or the partner gets out and the other sits in the car!!” My daughter when she was pregnant and even when she was very large never used the parent and child bays. However once she had the baby she tried on several occasions to find a parent and child bay without success. People without children had used them and there were plenty of spaces in the other car park. How selfish is that.
Some people need to change their attitude and stop being rude, selfish and aggressive.
I will end by saying that over the many years I have shopped at Sainsbury there have been one or two occasions when some item I needed has not been available. I have always found the staff without exception to be extremely helpful and polite. My advice to those complainers is to yes contact Head office and if that does not work vote with your feet and shop elsewhere.

Re: Sainsburys
- Dawn (7th Nov 2018 @ 17:23:35)

Since when has discussing a major corporation equalled discussing individual staff members?
Sainsbury’s are a major corporation and this is a talk forum for people to discuss being disappointed.
If you don’t like reading people’s opinions you shouldn’t be reading talkback- that’s the whole point of it.
If I moan about something the government are doing, I’m not having a go at an individual, but the whole machine. If I moan about service received from my online banking because it has been outsourced to India I’m not having a go at individuals in Lloyd’s bank.
We should be able to speak freely about the corporate mismanagement of our only supermarket. No one is blaming individual staff members at all. It is bloody annoying to do your weekly shop and then have to drive to Bordon to finish getting what Sainsbury’s didn’t have. We should be able to talk about it without being made to feel guilty.
Staff reading this should print it out and send it to their store managers

Re: Sainsburys
- liz (8th Nov 2018 @ 12:30:11)

Well said Dawn.

Penny - you can read negativity into everything if you want to - particularly if you put "dig?" after every sentence!

There are serious issues at our local Sainsburys and it has nothing to do with the car parking. Good try at trying to change the subject though!

Re: Sainsburys
- Penny (8th Nov 2018 @ 13:56:56)

Dawn In this Thread there have been criticisms of the staff in Sainsburys – I myself have witnessed on more than one occasion members of the public being incredibly rude and aggressive to staff which is completely unacceptable. You might have been directing your remarks to the corporation that runs Sainsburys (however I doubt that they read Liphook Talkback) but I was just pointing out that some posts on this Thread were actually having a “go” at staff. I never said that I did not like reading people’s opinions, but I reserve the right to challenge those opinions. If you are not happy with Sainsburys contact Head Office and don’t take “no” for an answer – if one is determined enough change can happen. It is quite obvious that the 72 posts on this site have changed nothing.

Liz, I was not being negative merely challenging your statement and I quote “if you actually read this thread you will see that only ONE person has been negative about the local staff” because it was inaccurate. I was not trying to change the subject re: inconsiderate car parking – merely pointing out that there are some very rude and selfish people about – probably the same people who are rude to staff in Sainsburys. No thought for others at all.

Re: Sainsburys
- Dawn (8th Nov 2018 @ 14:42:32)

Hi Penny
I hear what you're saying but sometimes you just want to speak to local people along the lines of this is horrible are you also feeling the same -without feeling the need to take on the CEO's of the company. That's what this board is ultimately about.

People shouldn't be made to feel bad because they're basically saying well...this is shite...who's had the same experience or is it only me?

The staff at Sainsbury's can, no doubt, see the whole place going downhill at high speed just as we can, no one is saying it's their fault in particular. They should be pleased that the public is aware that the shop is short-staffed and the food is not getting on to the shelves.

I can't imagine that they haven't passed on customer complaints about a lack of goods on the shelves - at least they can direct their managers to this thread to back up their sentiments.

Running a store at such short staffing levels that it continually has empty shelves is a diabolical management system. It has happened quite suddenly but has not improved over the last month. It is shocking mismanagement.

Re: Sainsburys
- liz (8th Nov 2018 @ 14:50:42)


I don't think complaining about poor customer service ( if that is what people have found) is comparable to being rude to staff.

I was hoping some of the local management would take notice if I (and others) pointed out the state of the store on the local website. It's obviously not working so I will contact head office as you suggest.

Re: Sainsburys
- Penny (8th Nov 2018 @ 17:14:04)

Dawn I am not trying to make people feel bad about complaining on this site – I was only pointing out that these complaining posts are having very little effect. However if by posting complaints is making people feel better then they must continue to do so, but the posts I do not like are the ones targetting the staff either directly or obliquely.

It is not fair to criticise the staff or the manager – you have to go much higher than that.

Liz Nothing wrong about complaining about poor Customer Service on this site if it is justified. I personally have found the Customer Service excellent. On one or two occasions I have had to wait but so what. Nothing justifies rudeness to staff under any circumstances.

Some places such as chemists, hospitals and doctors’ surgeries are posting notices to that effect. What a terrible indictment of the society in which we live that it is deemed necessary to display such notices.

Sainsburys might be putting up such notices soon!! I am glad that you will be contacting Head Office. Seems to only way forward.

Re: Sainsburys
- Diane (8th Nov 2018 @ 18:35:42)

Write to Head office I have just sent an Email if we all do it something might get done.

Re: Sainsburys
- helen (8th Nov 2018 @ 18:48:58)

I think the impending merger I believe it is with Asda may have a bearing
on this as they are not going to invest in anything while they have that in the offing and are maybe trying to cut costs to merge the two systems eventually.

Re: Sainsburys
- Sarah (8th Nov 2018 @ 19:09:36)

Diane, please could you tell me the email address to complain to?

Many thanks

Re: Sainsburys
- Mrs K (8th Nov 2018 @ 19:18:06)


What makes you think I was rude or that I have not been in touch with head office?

I believe I was polite in my dealings with the manager and staff and the manager only became "grumpy" when I asked what was the point in head office trying to entice me back if he could not provide the goods; a perfectly valid question. At no time was I rude or offensive to anyone, I believe in treating everyone the way I would like to be treated.

My post is factual, the freezers were emply despite three staff standing having a chat - in my opion their skills were needed elswhere.

Re: Sainsburys
- Sarah (9th Nov 2018 @ 07:40:15)

I think the posters suggesting there is a lack of investment may be correct, I have contact with several Sainsbury stores recently for my work trying to make work experience placements and all have told me they cannot help because they are short of managers to help supervise, so this seems to be an ongoing problem across Sainsburys.

Re: Sainsburys
- Diane (9th Nov 2018 @ 16:00:06)

My Email to Mike at headquarters has had a response. He phoned me today and was very concerned with my very polite email. He was unaware of what was going on, did not give any excuses listened to what I had to say said he will be in touch with those in charge and see what the difficulties are and what can be done to put it right.

I did stress there were no problems with shop floor staff.

So fingers crossed maybe just maybe we will see an improvement.

Re: Sainsburys
- Diane (9th Nov 2018 @ 16:15:07)

Sarah the email address is

Re: Sainsburys
- Juan (10th Nov 2018 @ 17:01:09)

Sainsburys was busy today and i think i saw Noah floating by as I entered, serious though staff was lovely, smiling and helpful which made my shop stress free!!!

Re: Sainsburys
- Paul (21st Nov 2018 @ 07:58:13)

Well well seems Sainsburys are starting to go a bit risque dare I say. I needed some pain pills and much to my surprise in the same isle, on the top shelf, what did I espy...... a selection of vibrators!!!! It is coming to something when your local supermarket has to stock this product. Seems like Mike Coupe has been colluding with Ann Summers. What ever next, blow up dolls?

Re: Sainsburys
- Simon (21st Nov 2018 @ 08:38:31)

Paul, are you sure they weren't the elusive yellow bananas everyone's been looking for?!

Re: Sainsburys
- Brian (21st Nov 2018 @ 10:30:57)

I bet their battery sales will rocket 🚀

Re: Sainsburys
- Paul Robinson (21st Nov 2018 @ 10:47:56)

I'll bet Finchie will have something to say about this!

Incidentally, while I am on, I read last week that Sainsburys were going to stock edible crickets.

They did not specify if these would be 'live' stock in which case we will never find them!

Paul Robinson

Re: Sainsburys
- oldie (21st Nov 2018 @ 11:19:23)

Apparently shortly after the post appeared, they all sold out! I'm not pointing the finger at Talkback regulars, but according to one witness there was much pushing as the last few were grabbed by the scrum and one was heard to shout "ooh people don't have manners anymore" another replied "dog poo, I don't believe it!" whilst a third was said to be shouting "can't they park on their own streets, how inconsiderate"

Re: Sainsburys
- Benny (21st Nov 2018 @ 12:25:16)

The TV reception is going to get worse!
Breaking News ...Cucumber sales in small village take a dive 📉

Re: Sainsburys
- Paul (6th Dec 2018 @ 08:46:38)

Yesterday was a nightmare shopping, I had to shop in my lunch hour and there were hardly any staff and noanagers. One of the few staff I asked said most of the other staff were having their Xmas party upstairs. Beggers belief when the store is so busy!

Re: Sainsburys
- Anon (6th Dec 2018 @ 09:18:06)


Actually Paul it wasn’t a party it was Christmas Lunch. Done in sittings so all staff could enjoy. One day a year!!
We are all entitled to a lunch break.

Re: Sainsburys
- Nicola (6th Dec 2018 @ 09:30:32)

Can you imagine the uproar if they shut the store of an evening so they could enjoy a Christmas do ? Let them enjoy their bloody lunch and stop moaning ! They get at most 2 days off over Christmas (Not sure if they're open boxing day)
Merry Christmas!!

Re: Sainsburys
- liz (6th Dec 2018 @ 11:20:29)

Once again this is indicative of poor management at a local level. Everyone is entitled to a lunch break - perhaps an extended one for a Christmas lunch but it should be managed to ensure sufficient coverage at this busy time (as in any other business). As for "only get 2 days at Christmas"- that is irrelevant, store closing days are not jndicative of staff holidays!

Re: Sainsburys
- NICK (6th Dec 2018 @ 14:30:11)

Good for them next year shut the sop for the afternoon ,and have some fun ,

Re: Sainsburys
- Nicola (6th Dec 2018 @ 15:58:11)

Liz , when would you suggest the staff have their staff Christmas do ? In July ?!
Shut the store next year. Everyone moans about it anyway !

Re: Sainsburys
- Rölli (6th Dec 2018 @ 16:54:47)

As Liz says, poor managing of the business. Whoever is running this store is just incompetent at many levels. The business is primarily there to serve its customers and it is FAILING big time

Re: Sainsburys
- Steve Blight (6th Dec 2018 @ 18:41:41)

Adrian won’t be happy if they pinched all the yellow bananas for the banana custard.

Re: Sainsburys
- d (6th Dec 2018 @ 18:58:03)

Is there any wonder the staff at Sainsburys are at times appearing miserable and stressed.

Dealing with customers like Liz and Rolli would make me suicidal!

Re: Sainsburys
- liz (7th Dec 2018 @ 07:27:37)


Staff parties could be outside working hours if cover cannot be arranged as it would be in any other business. As for me making Sainsbury's staff stressed and miserable that is totally unfounded. Personally I find them neither stressed nor miserable - perhaps it is the way you treat them!

Re: Sainsburys
- k (7th Dec 2018 @ 09:32:06)

Liz what time would you suggest they have christmas lunch 11pm at night - opening hours Sainsbury 8am -10pm - Then of course you would have morning staff jaded next day - really it's one day a year - surely having to wait a little longer at the checkout so staff can have a bit of cheer - isn't too much to ask!
Can we all please have a little GOODWILL at this time of Year

Re: Sainsburys
- liz (7th Dec 2018 @ 09:47:12)


Don't be silly I'm not suggesting everyone goes together! (That's obviously not happening anyway).

Re: Sainsburys
- oldie (7th Dec 2018 @ 12:32:06)

We used to just take the phones off the hook, lock the office, put up notices and a recorded message saying we're having our Christmas lunch, expect a few hung over staff to be available tomorrow to help you, Happy Christmas.

Re: Sainsburys
- Helen (7th Dec 2018 @ 15:49:44)

Do not think they are allowed to close Sainsburys it is probably a lunch in the staff
Canteen if it is not that then yes it should be a celebration elsewhere after their shift has finished

Re: Sainsburys
- K (7th Dec 2018 @ 18:55:33)

I once worked for a company where Christmas was one of our busiest times of the year.
We didn't have a Christmas party until January, which they admittedly paid for. No one complained as we all appreciated the reason why. Cheaper in January too!

Re: Sainsburys
- Paul (21st Dec 2018 @ 14:13:19)

The whisky range at Tesco far exceeds Sainsburys. On viewing in Liphook what is on offer this morning, shelves were half empty! The prices on a lot of bottles were as much as ÂŁ12 difference per 70cl compared to Tesco, outrageous! For any of you avid whisky drinkers I suggest you try Tesco to see for yourself.

Re: Sainsburys
- Adrian Skinner (21st Dec 2018 @ 16:16:01)

Bananas are also nice and yellow at Tesco . Not Sainsbury’s belly ache green! Thank you Tesco! 🍌🍌🍌

Re: Sainsburys
- Paul (18th Jul 2019 @ 16:58:13)

Recently noticed the TU range has been greatly expanded, only problem bring no mens range!! On the plus side though there are a lot more nice yellow bananas in store!

Re: Sainsburys
- Gr (18th Jul 2019 @ 18:12:25)

More tills and better range if food would be better not ruddy cloths
Stick to selling food stop trying to sell everything

Re: Sainsburys
- jaybee (18th Jul 2019 @ 18:47:54)

There has been a lot of comment on this site about Sainsbury's bananas, so I went along to find out for myself As other people have mention there is a display of bananas most of which are green so I selected a large bunch'
Further along the aisle there was a display of blueberries with a sign saying 50% off so I succumbed, and then proceeded to check out.
As is customary there were queues and so I waited patiently. Once I had paid I went to my car to examine my purchases and found to my surprise that the green bananas were now yellow. The blueberries were as the sign had said 50% were off, but the remainder were fine.
Another satisfied customer

Re: Sainsburys
- Paul (18th Jul 2019 @ 19:44:14)

In reply to you Gr, I presume you meant clothes and not cloths. The TU men's range in the Godalming store is excellent and pretty good quality. Why you have to be so blatantly against Sainsburys selling clothes I don't know, a lot of people like the range and for elderly and young alike people it is good value! Not everyone can shop these days at expensive high brow boutiques!!

Re: Sainsburys
- Gr (19th Jul 2019 @ 12:01:52)

Primark for me and maybe a dickshonnerry

Re: Sainsburys
- Paul (10th Oct 2019 @ 18:37:26)

Does anybody know what has happened to the nice French lady who works on the deli? Haven't seen her for a month or so and the counter looks the worse for it, has she left? I sincerely hope not!

Re: Sainsburys
- Kathy (10th Oct 2019 @ 20:54:53)

She was injured in petrol station and has been told to take time off work..

Re: Sainsburys
- D (11th Oct 2019 @ 09:48:05)

I stopped shopping at the aforementioned store when I discovered the loaf I was paying ÂŁ1.40 for was 70p in Aldi. Not a special offer, their normal price. I shop at Lidl in Bordon, cheaper, quality just as good and the staff are more helpful. It's as if the staff at the Liphook supermarket don't really want to be there. God knows why people pay through the nose for their shopping there.

Re: Sainsburys
- D (11th Oct 2019 @ 10:45:23)

What have people got against green bananas? They ripen in no time. The green bananas you buy today will be perfect in a week when you buy your next bunch of green bananas for the following week. Surely people realize that? Going back to supermarket staff I have found foreign shop workers far more helpful and polite than English ones. There is a thread elsewhere on this website about an apparent foreign gentleman's bad experience in the supermarket in Liphook, I've seen similar things in Lidl and the foreign staff didn't hesitate to help. I'm bound to be criticised for my use of the word foreign, what other word is there? Can't use the term fellow Europeans no more.

Re: Sainsburys
- Yellow Bannanna Adrian (12th Oct 2019 @ 23:05:30)

D - I realise that green bannannas ripen in time but what if i want a bannanna to eat now. Why can't we just be sold ripe ready to eat bannannas.
As to the issue of foreign people i agree fellow Europeans cannot be used (in my opinion should never have ever been used), but you can just call them Europeans.

Re: Sainsburys
- D (13th Oct 2019 @ 08:32:12)

Your last sentence, I think, is treading a very fine line.

Re: Sainsburys
- Mandi (13th Oct 2019 @ 17:25:38)

D same as me lidl and aldi all the way

Re: Sainsburys
- Paul (16th Oct 2019 @ 15:44:06)

Lidl and Aldi?....well unless you haven't noticed their prices have been creeping up gradually and silently. I like shopping at Sainsburys because generally the food is a reasonable quality and the assistants are on hand if you have a query, not so in the budget supermarkets. The counters are also quite good, no fresh counters in Lidl or Aldi. Ok some prices may be a little more at Sainsburys but I just like the shopping experience plus you can always get good French cheese!

Re: Sainsburys
- Pete (16th Oct 2019 @ 15:53:38)

Twice last week, different days, purchased bread from the bakery section cut into the loaves, not cooked. Ended up buying a sliced white from co-op

Re: Sainsburys
- nick (16th Oct 2019 @ 16:18:50)

so why complain on here assume you took the item back and complained at the customer services desk

Re: Sainsburys
- M (16th Oct 2019 @ 17:16:34)

Who wants french cheese English cheese is just the best.

Re: Sainsburys
- S.Bury (16th Oct 2019 @ 18:11:31)

Yes Pete if you ask for the bakery manager and let them know then they can look into it for you. Customer services is not always the correct place to let people know of any issues. I know they had issues with a piece of machinery maybe this was the reason?

Re: Sainsburys
- Paul (16th Oct 2019 @ 18:26:50)

Have just heard the French lady on the deli counter won't be back until after Christmas at the earliest, looks like I'll be going to Waitrose to buy my cheese now for the foreseeable future, hmm not good.

Re: Sainsburys
- ian (16th Oct 2019 @ 20:35:48)

you very sad ******! I bet the editor doesn't post this!

Re: Sainsburys
- Paul (17th Oct 2019 @ 07:58:57)

Sad?... I posted because there are many helpful staff in Liphook Sainsburys of which the French lady is just one. Perhaps you do not care for your fellow human being when shopping but I do. The shopping experience at Sainsburys is superior to many supermarkets where staff are few and far between and not very helpful. I am elderly and have trouble with my sight so find it helpful to ask sometimes where to find stuff. The point I am trying to make is plainly obvious to most people.

Re: Sainsburys
- D (17th Oct 2019 @ 11:19:32)

I think Ian's point was that you can still buy your French cheese in Sainsbury's even though the French lady isn't there to serve you. To be fair that was the implication in your message before Ian's.

Re: Sainsburys
- Pete (17th Oct 2019 @ 12:42:51)

Nick- Because this is a local sounding board and it seems to me (as a user of other Sainsburys branches) that it is only our local branch that has empty shelves, rotten veg and now unbaked bread. Yes have complained and in the past but nothing seems to improve.

Re: Sainsburys
- D (17th Oct 2019 @ 14:07:27)

The last thing I want to do is argue a toss as to the best place to do one's weekly shop but I feel I must challenge Paul's comments regarding the "budget supermarkets" as he calls them.

Yes, Lidl's prices are creeping up, aren't everyone's? Sainsbury don't do bread rolls for 19p a bag no more for example. Asda don't do a pair of jeans for ÂŁ3 no more.

As to his comments about budget supermarkets lacking in staff assistance, I don't recognize that at all. If he has experienced this in Lidl then it's because they have fewer staff working their socks off, not more staff huddled round in groups discussing their social lives as staff in other supermarkets tend to do.

As for customer experience, I'm there to do my shopping not have experiences with the staff.

Re: Sainsburys
- Gill (17th Oct 2019 @ 16:47:39)

Paul - your lady was back behind the deli this morning.

D - never stop posting here. I love your comments

Re: Sainsburys
- D (17th Oct 2019 @ 17:07:28)

Thankyou Gill, how kind.

Re: Sainsburys
- John (17th Oct 2019 @ 17:29:20)

I was a bit concerned with Pauls' comment regarding
having poor eyesight. I am hoping that someone else is
driving him to Waitrose for his cheese.

Re: Sainsburys
- S.Bury (18th Oct 2019 @ 17:55:09)

Gill - I'm not sure how you managed to see Paul's lovely lady behind the deli counter recently, as she is on long term sick leave!? Maybe you saw the other lovely lady who works regularly on the meat and fish counter, a lady who has as much experience and knowledge on her area as the French lady on deli does.

Re: Sainsburys
- Mary W (18th Oct 2019 @ 19:18:59)

I'm old and gave up trying to find things at Sainsbury's months ago.

I now get most of my shopping delivered from Waitrose, and when I have to get extra items I order click and collect from Tescos in Guildford and combine it for when I drive people to the hospital. There is a dedicated collection area under cover on the far left of the store, I have a two hour slot to pick it up and it takes me five minutes to drive in, load it in the boot and return to the hospital.

In both cases I avoid all the tiresome hunting for difficult to find items, and probably get to try masses of new things that are reviewed by other purchasers.

The shortage of stock on the shelves at Sainsbury's just raises my blood pressure, I keep much healthier keeping away.

Re: Sainsburys
- Adrian (18th Oct 2019 @ 21:28:01)

I see the bananas are still nice and yellow. Hope they still are after Brexit

Re: Sainsburys
- dave (18th Oct 2019 @ 22:51:26)

Apart from all the things written here I see that they will not be selling fireworks this year to protect pets and the elderly,well I have pets and am getting on a bit but still like fireworks as do I belive most people. Also can you believe it tonight they had no carrier bags to carrry the goods away. Something is wrong somewhere

Re: Sainsburys
- Tutu (19th Oct 2019 @ 08:18:22)

Why don't you bring your own bags to the store and go to an organised fire work display . Problem solved.

Re: Sainsburys
- Penny Williamson (21st Oct 2019 @ 14:30:03)

Agree with Tutu, Dave - bring your own bags and be environmentally friendly. I am very relieved that Sainsburys are not selling fireworks in view of the behaviour of some of Liphook's youth recently - and I emphasise the word "some".

Re: Sainsburys
- dave (21st Oct 2019 @ 20:29:57)

To the persons that have commented on the bag situation I never said that i didnt take my own bags but that the shop had run out.Further to the fireworks not being sold surely as a large store they should stock all type of items, as I understand they are selling halloween items for which some are opposed

Re: Sainsburys
- Penny Williamson (22nd Oct 2019 @ 09:20:59)

Dave if you had your own bags how did you know they had run out. You must either have asked for a bag/bags though why I do not know if you had some or heard someone else asking. Personally I think if Sainsburys have to provide bags the plastic ones, not the bags for life, they should charge 20p per bag. Perhaps you are unaware of climate change. With regard to Sainsburys not selling fireworks but selling items for Halloween, Halloween products don’t cause injuries or frighten animals

Re: Sainsburys
- Simon (22nd Oct 2019 @ 11:03:07)

I saw an article about Sainsburys no longer selling fireworks - it's more down to fireworks being increasingly expensive and risky to store (and rising insurance), plus needing dedicated resource on the shop floor to sell. The costs outweigh the income. Definitely not down to any sense of responding to what the community asks.

Re: Sainsburys
- Dave McNeil (24th Oct 2019 @ 10:21:41)

forgive me if this insults your knowledge about liphook, but isn't there a place called the co-op?

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