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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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- Susie (23rd Jan 2011 08:43:15)

I'm very interested in the spookier side Liphook and wondered if anyone here has any interesting ghost stories (my mum will be reading this and laughing at me, she thinks I'm mad!).

Traditional local tales as well as experiences are all of interest.

See this thread from 2007 Blimey!!

Re: Spooky
- sylvial (23rd Jan 2011 16:25:12)

hi susie
The Royal Anchor is said to be haunted by a Captain Jacgues.
H e was a smuggler and was shot by the Excisemen as he tried to hide himself away in a secret passage behind the fireplace in room six. One Australian visitor occupying room six told the landlord she seen a man in along coat and three cornered hat come out of the fireplace walk across the room and through the closed door. On the third time she followed him and she said he vanished in the passage at the top of the stairs.
Also Bramshott is said to be the most haunted village in Hampshire. The Old Manor has A White Lady said to be Lady Hole a former owner.There are loads more like Mistress Butler who is said to have been so unhappy she drowned herself in 1745 and her ghost walks beside the river. A Grey Lady who lingers beside a well where is supposed to have plunged to her death a long time ago. The village also has the ghost of a pot boy who used to serve ale to the coaches that to stop there on there way to London.
Boris Karloff used to live in Bramshott and his house was said to be haunted by a tall dark figure and stories of unexplained noises in the middle of the night
Well thats just a few stories to keep you going but i am sure you will hear lots more.

Re: Spooky
- Bill Ratcliffe (23rd Jan 2011 22:18:07)


The old landfill site between Longmoor Road and the Shell garage is a very spooky and atmospheric location. Not sure if there are any direct stories, but I have heard other say about the eeriness of the location.

Re: Spooky
- neil (24th Jan 2011 11:30:03)

Having lived in Bramshott, within our old house i would hear someone walking up the stairs, your best bet is to read up on Bramshott there are many houses that are suppose to be haunted.

Re: Spooky
- Susie (24th Jan 2011 21:27:53)

Thanks everyone, very interesting. I have read a lot of the stories and there do seem to be a lot of them around here, I wanted to know if anyone has had any recent experiences too though and preferably first hand.

Old stuff still appreciated.
Looking back at the 2007 stuff, did anyone organise anything? Maybe we can try again this year?

Re: Spooky
- Sue Hodgkinson (27th Jan 2011 19:11:31)

The Links Hotel - Some years ago, must be about 1980, my daughter and I were sharing a twin room at The Links Hotel in Liphook. It was the room over the bar at the front of the building. During the night my daughter told me she woke up and said I was holding her hand. She had seen me come back into the room, she assumed from the bathroom, and stand by her bed and hold her hand. It was not me! The next morning she told me what had happened and a pair of ear rings I had previously bought and were in a bag on the dressing table, disappeared. I never found the ear rings.

Re: Spooky
- Ian Brice (29th Jan 2011 14:01:58)

Before the new A3 was constructed I used to walk my dogs, sometimes at night, from the old Longmoor Road area between Queens Road and Birchholt Road, from there walk due north on to the common. One night I was all most home and was walking near the road but down the fire breaks for the electricity lines, I saw a man in what looked like a world war 1 trench coat, I could not see his face as he appeared to have a blanket over his head and covering his face, as I walked past him,(3 feet) I said, good evening, he did not answer, when I was a few yards further on, I got a tingle up the back and hair, so I looked round and he had gone, I had a powerful tourch with me and I shone it all around, he was no where to be seen. A few weeks later I was talking to my next door neighbough who was about 85 years and he said "Oh you have seen the Longmoor ghost, several people have seen him". He then told me that he was a soldier in the war and was shooting on the ranges, there was an accident and he was shot dead, he is supposed to still walk around the range area. I have never seen him since, it does not really make sense but I know what I saw, incidently my dogs paid no attention to him at all which you would not expect.

Re: Spooky
- Susie (29th Jan 2011 16:08:59)

Thanks. I off to the pub... to see if I can see any spirits now!

Besides the ones in the optics (they will probably be the only ones I do see!)

Re: Spooky
- Jenny (2nd Feb 2011 11:34:42)

If you want to read up about the Ghosts of Bramshott, there is a book "Ghosts of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight" by Peter Underwood. It has quite a bit of information, including the ghostly coach and horses seen through Bramshott.

We used to live next to Bramshott graveyard and our dog and horses definitely "saw" things; our dog would not under any circumstances walk past the memorial to the sailors from the King George Hospital. My youngest son reported seeing a "lady without feet and sticky out dress" when we first moved into our (brand new) house. However, the land belonged to Bramshott Manor originally, so we assume he either saw the lady who haunts the Manor House or the Grey Lady. He only saw her three times at the age of 8, so she was obviously checking us out! Children are of course more open to such things.

A member of Liphook community since childhood, now died sadly, told me that she saw the "Headless Horseman" along the hanger (believed to have been a past occupant of Bramshott Manor) and my daughter at about 15 "felt" a horse beside her in the Hanger.

My son worked at The Links during his Gap year and has mentioned that he was aware of "a presence" several times and witnessed glasses toppling and breaking behind the bar. Happy Ghosthunting!

Re: Spooky
- P Weyland (2nd Feb 2011 13:51:54)

I remember waking up in the early hours one morning when I was about 8. I could hear a woodwind instrument like a pipe being played. No real music, just odd notes. Obviously I was scared and called out to my Mum. She said she'd heard the same thing years earlier when we first moved to Liphook.

I heard it a few times after that up to about the age of 15.

I got a book out from Liphook library about local ghosts (pretty sure it was the above mentioned one) and tells the story of a piper boy that haunts the lanes of Bramshott. Quite possible that the wind wouldve carried the music as I lived in Liphook on the Bramshott side.

Re: Spooky
- Andy (10th Feb 2011 12:22:42)

Ian's story about the soldier was very interesting. I don't know if he already knows this but in October 1956 there was an accident on the Military railway which resulted in the death of six Royal Engineers when two trains collided. It would have been chilly as it happened at just after 8.30 am so they may have been wearing the standard issue army great coat (trench coat) at the time. Was the ghost one of these young soldiers still trying to find his way back to the camp he had just left by following the line. Now that would be spooky !!!

Re: Spooky
- Lucy Rowan (12th Feb 2011 08:32:32)

Hi Susie,

I worked at the Royal Anchor in the early 1980's when it was a Berni Inn - the upper rooms were used as staff changing rooms. I don't recall if the female changing room was No. 6 (referring to the information Sylvia has sent to you), but it did have a very strange atmosphere and was often freezing cold - even on a hot sunny day. I know the building is very old but the floorboards creaked with an intensity that one would only expect if someone was walking on them, doors would swing open for no reason and some of the more superstitious staff simply wouldn't go upstairs. I have no doubt whatsoever that there was, and no doubt still is, a restless soul in residence.

Re: Spooky
- suzanne titcomb (12th Feb 2011 18:38:29)

I remember when I was young I was leaving the churchyard to pass the hangar and someone pushed me over the small turnstile gate no one in sight I felt a hand on my back I was with my mum and she said someone brushed by her as if someone was dressed in white and ran into the fields, I even thought I saw someone in the church near the gravestones dressed in white Was it a ghost?

Re: Spooky
- Jan J (14th Feb 2011 14:57:23)

When i used to live in a flat in Malthouse Meadows, in the 1980s a young man died in a fire there a few years before i moved into the property, at times i could smell aftershave or cigarette smoke in the hall way, even though i did not smoke, or my son wore aftershave at that time, as you say, SPOOKY!!!!

Re: Spooky
- Allen Moss (21st Dec 2014 21:25:22)

Does anyone know the history of Kingston Ley (Victoria Way) before houses were built as recently some eerie happenings have started occuring

Re: Spooky
- SS (22nd Dec 2014 19:39:10)

Oooh, I live on Vic Way......what, may I ask has been happening there?

Re: Spooky
- freya (22nd Dec 2014 22:22:12)

There's a grey lady with a white dog that walks the bridge at Milland.
A young girl runs up the road past the black Fox pub. Every time I drive along this road I get goosebumps.
As you say Bramshot is very haunted it dates back to the Dooms Day book.
The big tree by the church in the middle of the roads .my grandmother used to say she saw people hanging from it. Her sister had to calm her down as a child as she stood screaming at the tree and refused to move.

If your from Liphook ,Have you heard of the story of Sweet Fanny Adams. That's a scary interesting tale that our Grandparents used to scare us With as children. Google her.

Re: Spooky
- AM (23rd Dec 2014 07:52:27)

(ss)With ref to Victoria depends what number you live at....

Re: Spooky
- MR CHIPS (23rd Dec 2014 13:38:39)

This is liphook alot of weird and wonderfull things go on after dark !!!!!

Re: Spooky
- Mr E (24th Dec 2014 10:43:41)

Does anyone know which room in the Royal Anchor was room 6?

Re: Spooky
- sylvia futcher (24th Dec 2014 16:35:18)

room 6 is located on the first floor in the front of the building overlooking the square.I used to work there and that room was used as the ladies cloakroom.No one liked to be up there on there own as it had a strange feeling about it and it always felt cold.

Re: Spooky
- Gh (24th Dec 2014 21:40:21)

Come on.... What's the story about Victoria way? Which numbers house the ghosts? Lol????

Re: Spooky
- rita (26th Dec 2014 10:47:18)

my ex husband heard the piper boy on Radford bridge when he was camping in his back garden with his friend.
when they were about 9 or 10. i think his mum heard it too.
its like someone playing an out of tune recorder.
bramshot is one of the most haunted places in England.

the royal anchor used to have prisoners kept in the cellar overnight before being taken to be sentenced. there is a secret passage from the anchor to Lloyds bank, probably used for smuggling purposes.

i have heard the story of the white calf if you see it it just vanishes in to thin air.

i love liphooks ghost stories. i brought haunted Hampshire book as a child and have been fascinated by the paranormal ever since.

Re: Spooky
- Allen (5th Jan 2015 14:14:37)

Ref (Gh), Victoria Way.........[numbers removed], It is assumed that a woman who passed away a few years ago did not believe she was going to die. She went into hospital believing she was going just for an operation to cure her stomach complaint, unfortunately it was cancer which was widespread. it came as a bit of a shock. some weeks afterwards things in the house started happening as well as next door, continuing to this day. On the road leading down, apparitions have been spotted.I have been trying to find out what Victoria Way was before housing and apparently it was allotments with one house, whether something happened there or before I do not know but would be interested to find out.

Re: Spooky
- P.Whitlock (6th Jan 2015 09:01:25)

Yes, there were allotments and one house before Victoria Rd was built.

The house was quite near the Longmoor Rd and was derelict from the late 70s onwards. Not sure when it was knocked down.

Re: Spooky
- Caroline (10th Jan 2015 16:26:22)

Hi Ian Brice
Me and my mum have seen exactly what you have seen at the bottom of bircholt road by the lamppost a dark man with a drench coat and a weird hat but could not see his legs.

Re: Spooky
- Ian Brice (10th Jan 2015 21:07:21)

Hi Caroline, I now live in Bircholt Road, could you tell me what date and time you saw him, I am not scared of ghosts and I would love to meet him, Ian

Re: Spooky
- w (10th Jan 2015 22:15:36)

Does anyone know what flat had the fire in Malthouse Meadows as I lived in a flat there?

Re: Spooky
- Caroline (12th Jan 2015 10:37:19)

Ian this was years ago when my mum came to collect me from my friends house at 1ish at night and this was 9 years ago. He was standing by the lamp post with his back towards and u could not see his legs. Even this day me and my mum still talk about it

Re: Spooky
- Jan J (12th Jan 2015 19:24:02)

Hi W, the flat that had the fire in Malthouse Meadows, is no 54, I was the lady who lived there after it happened.

Re: Spooky
- Anon (2nd Aug 2019 16:29:52)

Hi Everyone,

I lived in Bramshott in a cottage, for a year on my own.

And for first few weeks found difficult to fall asleep. [never had sleep issues and thought it is quite normal to acclimatise to new environment]. Until one night I literally felt someone grabbing my feet and trying to pull me off the bed.

That was the scariest night of my life.

However later on I made friends with the ghosts and felt home with them :) And even went for early morning winter walks in the dark. (with no street lights around Bramshott commons).

Re: Spooky
- Victoria (2nd Aug 2019 20:52:44)

Loving these ghost stories, I had no idea Liphook was such a supernatural hot-spot.

Re: Spooky
- wolfie smith (2nd Aug 2019 21:45:07)

anon - you need to tell us more about being pulled out of bed

then making friends with the ghosts!!

Re: Spooky
- Adrian (3rd Aug 2019 00:31:42)

Sounds like someone has been on the sherry or very strong weed. Or gone bananas :)

Re: Spooky
- Alfredos Jones (3rd Aug 2019 11:16:43)

I live with a ghost, I have for many years now, it does absolutely nothing day and night.

How I wish it could clean the house, the car, go shopping, a home cooked meal would be nice every now and then.

It is a ghost that does what it wants when it wants and to be honest I really don't mind now.

Re: Spooky
- Blue Moon (4th Aug 2019 18:23:48)

Loving these spooky tales and to be able to add mine is great. Someone previously spoke of being grabbed by ankles in bed asleep. When looking after a home on outer boundary of Bramshott on my own I had the most weird occurrence the first night sleeping there three years ago. I was woken in middle of night by the weight of something on my legs I would have blamed a previous dog of mine but she had passed away the year before. I was very shaken and as it was pitch black dark and I was fearful of putting a light on lay frozen hoping it was just a dream but it was or felt so real and seeing that other post it’s obviously similar. 👻🥴

Re: Spooky
- Kenneth Phipps (4th Oct 2019 21:45:16)

It's a small thing really but two years or so ago I went for a late afternoon/early evening dinner at the Anchor with a couple of friends. I stood by myself immediately round the left hand corner of the bar from the front entrance waiting to give our order. I had a very firm double tap in the middle of my shoulders and spun around as you do. The nearest people to me were 10 feet away so definitely not one of them, didn't know them anyway. Nothing was thrown and it would've been heavyish and still lying around. My friend was in the middle of telling off her teenage son so not them. I just turned back around and shrugged it off, nothing else to do really is there? I didn't find it creepy but it still intrigues me at times.

Re: Spooky
- Caz (6th Oct 2019 18:15:06)

Ian Brice. Just red your comment about the longmoor ghost. I have seen it too many years ago. I saw him at the end of bircholt road by the woods is a lamppost he was standing their with a trench coat and over his face I couldn't see but didn't see no legs on him.. I was in an agreement with my mum at the time walking back from a friend's house but made us stop tho lol

Re: Spooky
- Debbie (7th Oct 2019 10:03:36)

Ian was my neighbour and sadly died a couple of years ago but I'm hoping that maybe by now he's had his wish and meet him.

Re: Spooky
- D (7th Oct 2019 13:01:55)

There was a theory on the radio not long ago suggesting ghost sightings are actually hallucinations caused by gases released from rotting plant matter and wood in old buildings. One sees masses of those fairytale red toadstools with white spots in the autumn around Longmoor and I believe they contain a hallucinogenic chemical which could maybe be released causing what we put down to ghost sightings. I have a photograph taken on the steps of Longleat House and there appears to be some sort of ghost looking out the window. When I was last there I noticed it was a reflection of a glass lamp at the bottom of the steps behind the camera.

Re: Spooky
- D (7th Oct 2019 18:28:37)

About the Anchor, how can you have a secret passage behind a fireplace? The fireplace is going to be against a wall, on the other side of that wall will be another fireplace in another room or if it's an outer wall then fresh air. Why would someone build a secret passage behind a fireplace anyway? It would have to be done while the building is being built, you couldn't put it in after. The Anchor was built after the religious persecutions in this country so it can't be a priesthole. I think we should question a lot of these generations old stories.

Re: Spooky
- S (10th Oct 2019 08:42:17)

Has anyone ever been followed by the ghost motorcyclist on the Longmoor Road before the bypass was built? Mid to late 80s it happened to me and a couple of my friends on different occasions and more than once. You could see the one light so close to the rear window almost touching and I even wound the window down and lent out the car when I was a passenger and there was no noise from the bike behind. Perhaps it was an early electric one LOL.

There was an old tale / rumour / whatever banding about around the same time that a soldier was killed on his motorbike during the war in an RTA on the Longmoor road and his ghost would often ride his motorbike very close to the rear of cars and motorbikes to try to overtake and run them and cause them to swerve off the road.

Never seen it since....

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