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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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No Parking by Cricket Club
- Carolyn (16th Apr 2018 @ 09:50:53)

Anyone know what the 'No Parking' signs in the lane down to the Cricket Club is all about? Not sure it is enforceable anyway, but walkers have been parking there for many years without obstructing access to the club, so why the anti-social signs now? To park in the small layby nearby and walk to the gate is dangerous because of the speed of the traffic.

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- Debbie (16th Apr 2018 @ 13:02:56)

Hi Carolyn,
This is from Liphook Rants.
"Laurence Fiddler I am replying on behalf of Liphook and Ripsley Cricket Club to confirm that the track does belong to us and we put up the no parking signs. There have been no parking signs at the top of the track since it was constructed but they are quite small and tended to be ignored. The number of cars using the track has increased steadily over the years, which has caused a lot of wear. The drop down from the road has become steep enough to potentially cause damage to the underside of cars turning off the road onto the track. We repaired some of worst problems last weekend and we had to pay for the materials. Also, because of the increased usage, cars have increasingly been parked in such a way to make access to our ground more difficult. This is particularly true for bigger vehicles that need to gain access, such as delivery lorries and those carrying equipment to work on our ground. I hope this explains why we put up the signs. Thanks"

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- Carolyn (17th Apr 2018 @ 10:05:07)

Thank you. I thought that might be the case, but it now puts a lot of dog walkers in a very difficult position, as you are denying safe access to the gate into that end of Chapel Common. I don't like walking the other end when the cows are back as I don't trust them. Might we be able to do a bit of crowd funding to pay for the lane to be properly repaired? I would be prepared to contribute.

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- Gail (17th Apr 2018 @ 14:56:55)

I agree with Carolyn's comments and observations. The signs are preventing easy, SAFE, access to Chapel Common and I too avoid the "cow" area during the warmer months.
I have used this parking area in a responsible way for almost 5 years and now feel slightly cheated, out of, as mentioned above, a safe access.
How about the club introducing Parking permits? A sign could then be put up indicating this is a private road and only permit holders are allowed to park responsibly in say 4/5 parking spots. A monthly fee could be charged of say £10 per month? Over a year this could generate an income towards maintenance.

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- Penny (17th Apr 2018 @ 17:07:46)

Debbie stated in her very polite post that there have been No Parking Signs albeit small since the track was constructed. However small I find it hard to believe that no one had seen them. It always amazes me why people think they have the right to park on privately owned land and then feel cheated when the landowner takes action – in this case erecting larger signs. To call this anti social is completely out of order – I wonder how many of the complainants would feel if they owned land and people parked on it illegally for whatever reason. In addition Debbie states that because of increased usage the track is being damaged and the increased number of cars are making access to the cricket ground difficult. I completely understand and agree with the cricket club’s actions and I don’t think permits would work. Who would monitor them and would fines be issued for transgressors? – I don’t think so - and why would the Cricket Club want the hassle?

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- Debbie (17th Apr 2018 @ 20:19:09)

Hi Penny,
I just copy and pasted the reply left by Laurence Fiddler on the Liphook rants website so I can’t take the credit for a “very polite post”

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- Gail (18th Apr 2018 @ 16:03:33)

I find it hard to believe and it amazes me that there is always someone out there waiting to stick their oar in about something that does not touch their lives.
The original person who initiated this thread pointed out the inconveniences and the very real aspect of SAFETY. She did it in a nice reasonable way and even offered to make a donation.
But nooooo this goes over the heads of some readers and her use of words is nit picked ! Such a pity.
And the problem still exists.

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- Sarah (18th Apr 2018 @ 18:26:15)

I have parked at this end of Chapel Common and did not realise it was part of a private drive. While it may be dangerous to park in the layby; us walkers do not have to access Chapel common here, we do have the option of parking at the main entrance. I think it is perfectly reasonable for the owners of this land to object to people parking on their land and obstructing their access. Imagine if it was your drive someone parked across to enable access to go for a nice walk?!!

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- Mary W (21st Apr 2018 @ 14:55:55)

Thanks to the editor for redirecting my submission to the correct post.

The area is not really quite the same as the entry to a private house, none of those dog walkers would park in someone’s drive. That is a ridiculous argument.

I wouldn’t have thought that parking at that entrance was doing much harm, we usually live and let live in the country. I wonder why the gate to the drive was originally set so far down the track? The original owner of the land must have realised that the public would pull off there. Maybe he was quite happy for us to stop for short periods, nobody is there for long.

It’s all a great shame, not being quite as mobile as I was, I really enjoyed a short stroll in a quiet area which was easily accessible.

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- A.R (21st Apr 2018 @ 17:49:03)

I went up to the Chapel common today. I dutifully parked in the layby and found it quite dangerous as the speed of traffic is off putting if you have more than one dog. Having children too would be a nightmare.
Surely the cricket ground gate was set further down to allow access to the common. There is an access gate for vehicles and a gate for pedestrians so access must have been agreed at some time as why would they be there ? If there was a fire this end they would clearly have to get to it from this side.
I have been going to this common for at least six years and walk from this side. How on earth do you expect older people or those with young children to get to this part without quite a long walk from the field end?
I can see there will be accidents here without the parking facility.
As it turns out I had no option but to use this area to turn round as I was not going all the way down the dual carriageway to turn round.
So it slightly defeated the object.
My father played cricket for Liphook in the 60's so I do like cricket but it seems slightly unfair that an area used mostly for two days a week can not share this piece of land for the safety of dogs and walkers.

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- lac (21st Apr 2018 @ 19:57:27)

I think its a shame the landowners have taken this step. They do, of course, have every right to do this but Liphook Cricket Club is a community based club and enjoy the good will of people in the local area. I can't see how taking this action does anything but reduce the good will of locals. Perhaps I'm missing something but the reasons given for restricting parking seem petty. I'm sure other solutions could have been found. I guess the management are not dog owners!

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- oldie (21st Apr 2018 @ 21:06:14)

Hi, to those scared to use the laybys on Portsmouth Road (which I can understand) there are quite a few laybys on the very quiet lane (sorry, don't know its name) to the west side of Chapel Common, it's a nicer spot to stop and it may work for you if the cricket club don't relent and let us ditch our wheels by their entrance again!

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- Jayfin (22nd Apr 2018 @ 11:01:59)

Making short stops for a stroll here, I always respected the notice requesting that we don’t block the gates.

This notice implies that parking in this area is accepted. The owners have not closed the area to traffic once a year which they should have done if they wish to prevent the public from gaining a statutory right to use it.

Any retired solicitors out there prepared to test it in the courts if we are clamped?

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- Annie (24th Apr 2018 @ 12:55:32)

People seem to be parking here again.....??!!

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- Dawn Hoskins (25th Apr 2018 @ 22:14:00)

Can’t you just drive on a few metres more?

At the end of the dual carriageway you can turn right quite safely and park right next to the common without obstructing anyone or trespassing on anyones land.

Why can't you just respect the landowner's decision?

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- Mary W (25th Apr 2018 @ 23:35:53)

Dawn - I am not very mobile and can just about manage to get down to the bottom entry gate and walk for half an hour slowly along that quiet flattish track through the wood.

I have never blocked an entrance and am never there for more than an hour. I don’t do any harm to anyone and have been going there for years.

I think the eyesore ‘no parking’ banners a disgraceful blot on the countryside and the cricket club should be ashamed of themselves.

After all these years I think there must be some right in law, just like walkers have the right to walk across private land when the have established long usage.

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- Ian (26th Apr 2018 @ 07:58:26)

Yet another example of local motorists showing utter selfishness and a sense of entitlement! No doubt the landowners have been forced into this decision because increasingly their goodwill has been abused by some (not all) who have parked irresponsibly and ultimately have ruined it for all. That's life, get over it

Likewise and elsewhere, selfish, inconsiderate school run drop off and commuter parking will inevitably lead to more double yellow lines, ultimately making unrestricted parking less available for thoughtful parkers

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- Igs (26th Apr 2018 @ 08:05:04)

You have no legal rights to park unless you can individually prove you have been using the land for this purpose for a number of years. The burden on PROOF is on you. The emphasis is on proof

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- N (26th Apr 2018 @ 08:42:46)

Plenty of other places to walk in the area .
Mary W - I too have mobility issues and we've found a lovely walk on Broxhead Common. Flat terrain , lots of wildlife to see & you can park in the layby opposite

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- A.R (26th Apr 2018 @ 10:13:43)

Yes there are other nice walks around the area, but this land is beautiful and fenced off which makes walking your dogs off the lead safer.
To Dawn I would hardly call it a few metres to the lane to west of the common. It is at the other end of the dual carriageway. Have you driven down there? You would be lucky to get up from there without damage to your suspension, the potholes are appalling. The lane to the East is far better.
Also from the west side you have a large field to walk through before you get to the common, alot of people would find that enough of a walk in itself.
If you google this lane it goes through the common land and was obviously used by walkers long before the cricket ground acquired it.
One would therefore think that access to the common has been many years, certainly longer than any of us walking there now.
Incidentally I have been using it for over six years.

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- Mrs (26th Apr 2018 @ 11:15:51)

Can I ask the people moaning about not being able to park there anymore.

1. How would you feel if it was your property that people parked in front of?

2. If you put up signs asking politely not park there, but they still did?

People don’t have the automatic right to park there, we have so much lovely countryside round us so find somewhere else to walk.

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- P (26th Apr 2018 @ 14:58:35)

The more posts criticising the Cricket Club for putting up larger No Parking Signs (the smaller ones were being ignored) which they are perfectly legally entitled to do, the more astounded I become.

The arrogance of people who think it perfectly OK to park on land which does not belong to them without permission and then when the landowner takes active steps to stop this illegal parking they apparently feel cheated, call the actions of the Cricket Club petty and imply that they will lose the goodwill of the local populace.

I do not think that if there is an entrance to a private property and the entrance is owned by that property, it has to be fenced off to be private. Nearly all land is now registered with the Land Registry so boundaries and ownership are clear.

I think that oldie may be thinking of the rules that apply to a private road with no public access that must be gated to through traffic once a year to keep its private status.
Laurence Fiddler’s reply copied and posted on this Thread was quite clear. The number of cars using the track has increased, causing wear and repairs have been carried out at The Cricket Club’s expense and the increased parking has made access to the ground more difficult. Good enough reasons methinks.

With regard to the claim Right to Park going down the Adverse Possession route, I know that for land you need to prove you have been using it for 10 years. For right to park I am not sure, but either way it would be time consuming, expensive and not necessarily successful.

I suggest the complainers move on, find somewhere else to park or somewhere else to walk.

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- Dawn Hoskins (26th Apr 2018 @ 16:44:18)

Hi Mary W and AR

Mary, I understand that you have mobility issues, but I still don't understand how going in via another gate, where the walk is still flat and beautiful is a problem? I also find the signs ugly, but they were only put up as the less-ugly ones were totally ignored. Everyone thinks that they are 'only popping in' for a short time, but when you times that by the number of people, not all of whom were parking considerately, and all of them ignoring the 'No Parking' signs - I can quite understand why the ugly banners got put up.

AR - yes I drive down to the gates and enter via the road next to the dual crriageway quite regularly. I agree tha there are potholes, but that is the case on many rural unkept roads - I just go very slowly and avoid them the best I can. No damage to the car to date (3 years later)

It is a lovely enclosed common, which is accessible via this route and still as beatutiful when you enter from this route. Why continue to aggravate the land own when you have have been asked not to?

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- J (26th Apr 2018 @ 18:47:28)

To those walking their dogs on Chapel Common, or for that matter at Iron Hill, Ludshott Common or other areas of wild heathland, could I just give you a gentle reminder that it's bird breeding/nesting season from now until late August?

The commons are nesting grounds for rare ground-nesting birds and so if you're taking a dog there, please ensure that it is kept on a lead at all times.

The commons may well be "a good place to let a dog off the lead safely" - but that should ONLY be in the autumn and winter, never in the spring and summer!

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- Paul (27th Apr 2018 @ 09:45:55)

Leaving aside the one or two responders who are taking a sensible approach to this - shame on those people who are even daring to have a personal opinion about the private property of others!

Have a look on Google Streetview for this entrance. Even on that you can see (a) signs have been up for years saying it's private property, and (b) cars parked all over the place.

The sheer arrogance of those who are telling others what to do with their own private property appalls me. If you want to access common land obey the laws and regulations.

June 2009 ...

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- liz (27th Apr 2018 @ 13:06:15)

Parked all over the place? Hardly. I don't walk from there personally but from the photo I don't see what the problem is. Signs are an eyesore though when you drive past.

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- Nic (27th Apr 2018 @ 14:37:50)

Just want to point out that the Cricket Club isn't commenting on this thread and so voicing your displeasure in here is probably redundant. If you are really concerned, why not arrange a meeting with them to discuss the issue - I'm sure that a face to face discussion will be more effective than simply posting complaints in a thread that they are not reading.

And no, I'm not trolling - just trying to help get a resolution rather than reading arguments that go round in circles.

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- A (27th Apr 2018 @ 14:47:35)

Makes me laugh. Some of the same people ranting and raving about the moto riders trespassing and yet these people feel it perfectly ok to park their vehicles on private property then moan about the unsightly signs !

There'd be CCTV, fines & even bigger signs if this was my property.

And yes as a frequent dog walker myself (not here) I too have noticed the blatant disrespect for ground nesting birds . Dogs off leads, rubbish and then the dog sh!t swinging from trees in plastic bags

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- A.R (27th Apr 2018 @ 16:41:59)

As a matter of interest, who if anyone owns the road to the west of the common. There are properties down there ?

Re: No Parking by Cricket Club
- Richard (27th Apr 2018 @ 17:34:36)

Talking of dog mess hanging from trees in plastic bags (to digress)...why do people do that? (it seems very bizarre)

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