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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Estate Agent in Liphook
- Penny (10th Apr 2018 @ 15:43:08)

Does anyone know if Keats Estate Agent in Liphook has closed for good. Sign is ambiguous as it says office is closed due to unforseen circumstances from 4 April for the rest of the week. However it is still closed as of today.

Re: Estate Agent in Liphook
- Paul Briggs (10th Apr 2018 @ 18:03:20)

They are still "open" but are operating out of Haslemere office for time being. If you ring the Liphook phone number you will automatically be put through to Haslemere Office.

Re: Estate Agent in Liphook
- Rachael (10th Apr 2018 @ 20:40:58)

My understanding is Keats are still trading but no longer in Liphook.

Re: Estate Agent in Liphook
- Susie (10th Apr 2018 @ 21:10:48)

New one opening shortly, we will still have plenty to choose from!

Re: Estate Agent in Liphook
- Slimetime (11th Apr 2018 @ 14:01:43)

Keats have re-uploaded all their Liphook properties onto Rightmove with the contact address, Keats, 26 High Street, Haslemere, Surrey, GU27 2HW.

Re: Estate Agent in Liphook
- Penny (11th Apr 2018 @ 16:47:33)

How very odd. If you have a company which has a perfectly good leased, and I assume it is leased, office in the area in which you are trying to sell houses, namely Liphook, why re-locate to Haslemere and leave the Liphook Office empty. Perhaps the lease has run out, but if that was the case why not say that the office is now closed but business will be operated from our Haslemere Office, instead of the " closed for the rest of the week." As far as I remember Keats did the same thing to their Grayshott Office which remained empty still having the Keats sign for months. A friend of mine who is looking to buy in Liphook telephoned the Liphook telephone number and presumably was put through to the Haslemere Office, but the person she spoke to was very secretive about the whole thing. Curiouser and curiouser!

Re: Estate Agent in Liphook
- Susie (11th Apr 2018 @ 17:12:59)


how very odd indeed, that you are 'curiouser & curiouser' or put simply nosy...!!..

accept it rather than play secret shopper games, its not unusual especially when a new agent is moving in......
these things do happen.

Re: Estate Agent in Liphook
- oldie (11th Apr 2018 @ 17:20:02)

Keats Letting in Liphook has been out of the Haslemere office for a while, maybe consolidating and reducing overheads.

Re: Estate Agent in Liphook
- Bush (7th Jul 2018 @ 07:44:07)

Is Keats Sales Liphook branch open normal office hours? Are they planning to move out or cut opening hours?

Re: Estate Agent in Liphook
- Rachael (7th Jul 2018 @ 08:45:55)

They have closed the office in Liphook. The official line is that they have mothballed the branch but that was also their line in grayshott when they closed that office as well.

Re: Estate Agent in Liphook
- Jack (7th Jul 2018 @ 23:56:02)

Hopefully more of them close, it seems Liphooks retail specialization is dominated by;

A. Estate agents.
B. Sub par take aways that have not even repainted since the 70's

The good news is Brexit and online agents is hitting them hard so natural selection will take its course, next time my house is for sale am going to Haslemere, Peterfield or indeed online to get it sorted.

Re: Estate Agent in Liphook
- Mr Mason (9th Jul 2018 @ 13:12:57)

It's probably because the housing market is dead and they are paying 3 or 4 people to do very little in an office that costs a lot in rent and rates.....

But in all honestly, who really cares what the sign says, I'm over it.

Re: Estate Agent in Liphook
- Rölli (9th Jul 2018 @ 13:28:16)

Mr Mason, what a pointless contribution! if you are "over it" why post? Odd

Re: Estate Agent in Liphook
- Mr Mason (10th Jul 2018 @ 11:24:53)

Penny, You seem to have a personal vendetta against me based our differing opinions on an alternate thread?

How very odd indeed!

Re: Estate Agent in Liphook
- Penny (10th Jul 2018 @ 17:43:27)

Mr Mason I am mystified by your post. I didn't respond to you at all on this post, Rolli did, so what was the point of your remark re: personal vendetta?

Re: Estate Agent in Liphook
- Susie (12th Jul 2018 @ 11:41:55)


why are you so against Liphook estate agents ?

can't believe that Petersfield, & Haslemere are better ??

and if so how are they better ?

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