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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Door sales 7pm
- Alison (12th Mar 2018 †19:10:20)

Just a heads up, I had an ex offender knock on the door at 7pm tonight in London Road trying to sell me something. People knocking on my door at this time of night isn't appreciated and gave me a scare.

I explained that I don't buy anything on the door and I had kids to sort out and he was polite and went on his way, but why on earth do these people knock on doors in the dark?!

Re: Door sales 7pm
- Andy (12th Mar 2018 †19:40:26)

We have just had the same on Headley Road however when told that we donít buy anything on the door he became rude and offensive
How do we find out who arranges/ authorises these people?

Re: Door sales 7pm
- Shirley (12th Mar 2018 †19:45:06)

Just called in Wey Lodge Close

Re: Door sales 7pm
- J (12th Mar 2018 †20:07:23)

Same on Maple Park. I just stopped him when he paused the intro, said we didnít do anything on the doorstep and shut the door before he had a chance to argue. Seemed reasonably polite this time.

Look up Nottingham Knockers though.

Re: Door sales 7pm
- David (12th Mar 2018 †20:19:11)

Same here, Chiltley Way, Broad North East accent, card said he was from Hartlepool.

Re: Door sales 7pm
- LH (12th Mar 2018 †22:39:43)

Two police officers were detaining a man with a large black bag on the Portsmouth road at the junction into the church centre this evening at around 8pm. They were standing outside for at least 30mins.
I didn't look to see what it was about but may have been related.

Re: Door sales 7pm
- Brian (12th Mar 2018 †22:43:12)

This guy was knocking in Paddock Way earlier. He was checking out cars and properties Beware!

Re: Door sales 7pm
- Jools (13th Mar 2018 †00:16:03)

I rang 101 and gave details of a man knocking in the dark. This is so out of order as there are many older neighbours that would be frightened by this.

Re: Door sales 7pm
- liz (13th Mar 2018 †10:58:06)

One was in Bramshott too. Offered a passport as ID! Again, rude and offensive when we said we weren't interested. Also told him they shouldn't be going door to door after dark. The excuse was that "I have to work until 8.30". Oh well.

Re: Door sales 7pm
- Geoff (13th Mar 2018 †12:51:39)

I'm sure I'm a lone voice but I feel quite sorry for these blokes. They're not all rude. In the main they are ex-offenders but they're trying to get going again in life. The problem seems to be the people that 'employ' them. If you engage them in conversation you will find that they are dumped in localities like ours, many miles from their own homes, and have to sell a minimum amount of tat from their bags everyday or they have to pay their own overnight accommodation. If they can't afford it they have to sleep rough.

Maybe give them a chance and don't automatically assume they are up to no good

Re: Door sales 7pm
- Penny (13th Mar 2018 †13:12:03)

While I understand your compassionate post, Geoff I do not think that door to door salesmen should knock on doors after dark. During the day is annoying enough, but there are many elderly and vulnerable people living on their own in all areas and they do feel threatened by strangers knocking on their doors, particularly after dark. No one likes cold calling on the telephone, but this is worse. I personally think that it should be illegal.

Re: Door sales 7pm
- Geoff (13th Mar 2018 †14:31:42)

I agree totally that all door to door sales should stop by 6pm at the latest. Annoyingly, it is not illegal yet, but you can put a sticker on your door stating no cold callers

Re: Door sales 7pm
- Ian (13th Mar 2018 †14:56:06)

What about those that do not object to these callers and may have a need for their products and are out at work themselves during the day

A more measured approach would be legally binding council issue door stickers that state 'no cold callers' with financial penalties for those individuals that ignore

Re: Door sales 7pm
- liz (13th Mar 2018 †14:58:46)


It is very unlikely that these guys are genuine. (See Nottingham Knockers). As I mentioned the one who called on us had a passport as ID - surely he should have had some info on exactly what organisation he was representing.

We quite politely told him we were not interested and the response was a succession of 'f' words as he stormed off and slammed the gate.

Re: Door sales 7pm
- Mavis Barlow (13th Mar 2018 †19:58:04)

I have seen the old tat like dusters, tea towels and cleaning products these organised gang roughnecks sell. Everything seems to be £5 in their kit bag. Everything is rip off expensive. I suggest you go up to Sainsburyís where you can buy the same old tat far cheaper. Working or not they shut at 10pm if you require a late night pink duster.
Hint. Think carefully. These people likely criminals or work for criminals. They maybe selling the old tat just as a front. The real reason they are walking the streets is likely to gather information on your property, cars etc which they may pass on to the criminal gang they work for.

Re: Door sales 7pm
- Hilda (13th Mar 2018 †20:24:38)

My Stan is a window cleaner and he says he saw a pair of knockers out on the Portsmouth Rd last week. There maybe an organised gang working the area.

Re: Door sales 7pm
- Concerned Liphook resident (13th Mar 2018 †21:38:08)

Liz, I think you'll find you are wrong. After buying a duster off of one of these guys last night, I then saw messages on here & Liphook rants about the Nottingham Knockers. I was really concerned so I rang the police. I was told first hand, that there are programs for ex convicts who sell door to door as rehabilitation schemes & that they believed this group were geniune.
I wouldn't want to be going door to door trying to sell stuff, night or day. Imagine the amount of rejection they face on a regular basis. Good luck to them trying to better themselves. Shame a few bad apples e.g Nottingham Knockers are ruining it for the geniune guys just trying to make a living.

Re: Door sales 7pm
- Caroline (14th Mar 2018 †08:27:16)

Anyone selling door to door must have a Pedlar's Certificate which is issued by the police in their home area . It is illegal for them to sell without this, so if they cannot produce it, do not buy and call 101.

Re: Door sales 7pm
- MB (14th Mar 2018 †21:23:52)

A card containing money for my daughters birthday went missing from a present bag on our doorstep at this time. We were out for her Birthday Dinner.

What a coincidence! Only someone knocking on the door would be able to have seen it.

I hope I am in for their next visit. Scum.

Re: Door sales 7pm
- Julie (16th Mar 2018 †07:31:43)

He came to us about 7.30. I did feel bad for him but said we had an unexpected expense so didn't have the money unfortunately. He seemed polite enough

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