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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- None (3rd Mar 2018  07:40:07)

In the early hours of the morning a crooked crime took place. Lloyd's bank cash machine has been taken and with Sainsbury's cash machine out of service I had no way of getting money. I feel that Sainsbury's is allways out of service and something needs to be done.

Re: Thieves
- Claudia (3rd Mar 2018  10:56:50)

There is a cash point at Co Op.

Re: Thieves
- Peter (3rd Mar 2018  11:12:17)

A Landrover Defender was stolen in Grayshott last night, so most probably used for this theft - Defenders are now prime vehicle for ram raids etc

Re: Thieves
- Alan (3rd Mar 2018  11:22:19)

2018-03-03 10.53.33

2018-03-03 10.53.28

2018-03-03 10.53.10

2018-03-03 11.02.00

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- James (3rd Mar 2018  11:51:39)

When I passed this morning there was what appeared to be a large forklift machine in the road. Presumably this was stolen for the purpose of extracting the cash dispenser.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Paul (3rd Mar 2018  13:22:32)

Looks like the forklift had been stolen from the building site over at Maple Park - police have returned it there.

Some odd high speed driving in the village last night - might be connected.

And the police are quite literally “looking into it” in terms of the hole in the wall ....

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- oldie (3rd Mar 2018  13:40:59)

Well I suppose it gives new meaning to the slang term for cash machines 'hole in the wall' and the signs 'free cash withdrawal here'

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Peter (3rd Mar 2018  15:20:57)

The police were still looking into the hole at 3pm, not sure why?

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Paul (3rd Mar 2018  17:14:11)

Hi, The bank unfortunatly has been "raided" a few times over many years. Strange how a "new" cash machine was only installed a couple of weeks ago. Did someone know something?

The problem with a cash machine raid you dont know how much cash might be there? At the end of a working week might not be alot!

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Alan (3rd Mar 2018  17:28:50)

Paul, I believe it had just be filled up, unfortunately.

Maybe the thieves knew that.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Helen (3rd Mar 2018  18:03:26)

They do watch for the deliveries of cash
The original poster put "crooked thieves" surely all thieves are by definition!

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Wendy (3rd Mar 2018  19:23:47)

Scaffolding is now being put up at the bank. Road is still closed.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Diane (3rd Mar 2018  19:27:39)

Makes sense to do it on a Friday night machine filled up for the weekend.
I wonder if all the other local ones were on a Friday.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Carole (4th Mar 2018  09:02:12)

Is Lloyd’s bank a listed building.? It’s such a mess could take a long time to repair.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- is (4th Mar 2018  10:11:14)

Just read online that although an ATM can hold up to £120,000 they very rarely carry more than £5,000 to £10,000, hardly seems worth the effort!

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Jay W (4th Mar 2018  10:49:58)

Yes Grade II listed. See quite interesting what other things have been listed around the village - phone box, milestone, tombstones.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Bored (4th Mar 2018  12:10:23)

Any chance the road will be open before Christmas?

Does it REALLY need to be closed?

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Julian (4th Mar 2018  12:13:14)

Seems that ATMs carry the most cash over a weekend. Nicely stocked up.

Not to mention the adverse weather an poor road conditions to deter any police response.

Surely there must be some form of CCTV on all routes in and out of Liphook that night? Roads would be at their quietest and easy to pick out any activity.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Paul Robinson (4th Mar 2018  14:00:23)

I understand that when large quantities of bank notes are transported by couriers they are carried in secure containers often fastened to the wrist of the courier.

When these are stolen or interfered with a quantity of permanent dye is dumped on the notes making them non negotiable.

Surely this precaution could be operated by ATM machines when they are wrenched out of the wall.

Paul Robinson

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Helen (4th Mar 2018  19:39:35)

I presume that the cash points themselves are not sophisticated enough to self inject the dye when sensing they are about to be ripped out of the wall. I worked in this area 25 years ago and even then a fully stocked machine could contain 30k even when dispensing fivers and now the
notes are smaller cashpoints could hold even more money. New notes are compressed into air free vacuum bags, so they have less bulk to them than old notes. The smell of 100ks worth of new notes all together in a pile, was quite intoxicating, always reminded me of the perfume "white linen"

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- david (4th Mar 2018  20:25:30)

hi board

The reason the road was shut off is for your safety. the building is structurally unsafe and can fall out the same distance as height of the building. now the building has been shored up to a certain degree the road has now been able to open. its nice to see this is the only think you have to worry about in life.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Simon (4th Mar 2018  20:59:52)

I worked for a 'well known' security organisation in the mid-90's, we had responsibility for filling and delivering cash machine cartridges. The ink-based deterrent was supposed to be installed but it hardly worked, I'd say 8 out of 10 cartridges were broken, never repaired but continued to be used.

Generally the machines were filled up Friday night for the weekend, we averaged between £10k and £40k per machine with larger amounts for city-centre based locations. And that was a good 20 years ago.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- mark (4th Mar 2018  22:59:34)

Used to work for TSB/Lloyds many years ago. Was in charge of stocking cash machine on Friday nights. This busy high street machine held 100k that was 25 plus yrs ago.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- David50+ (5th Mar 2018  15:16:42)

Mark not a good idea to put the amount of cash they hold this could in courage more people to have ago very stupid thing to say as you have worked for Lloyds I would never thought that there would have been that much in there but you have reinforced you should know better than put this out there you cold put lives at risk editor should not have printed the amount. The banks and the police will not like comments like this.

It is common knowledge - see for instance. One can assume that any potential thieves would already have worked out that they are worth a bit.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Mandi (5th Mar 2018  16:38:10)

Thieves have been caught

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- DM (5th Mar 2018  17:55:42)

Police will happily send a police officer with a speed gun but not to investigate a stolen forklift. Crime doesn't pay.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Anon (5th Mar 2018  23:11:24)

How do you know they have been caught, not seen anything relating to that on the news

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Diane (6th Mar 2018  10:06:21)

Is the bank closed?

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Mr Mason (6th Mar 2018  12:29:59)

The only police I ever see within a 10 mile radius of Liphook are those waving speed guns collecting money for the police force coffers.

It will obviously be a trend that with less law enforcers on the streets crime / serious crime will increase. If you see the footage from the Lindford Spa raid you will see that they were not concerned about CCTV and they were in no rush, almost had time for a brew actually.....because there isn't anyone to enforce the law.

No doubt as more and more of this start happening, we will all have to absorb the cost of these incident as bank account customers, higher account fees and borrowing rates. Banks will continue to close and cashpoints will be removed.

I bank with an online bank now, much easier.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Jc (6th Mar 2018  12:33:17)

Yes bank is closed, will be for a while its structurally unsafe and in reply to mandi how do you know thieves have been caught. No information has been released.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Bored (6th Mar 2018  13:52:20)

Ahh Dayvid (see what I did there)

What a passé and unoriginal conclusion to your post.

Funny how some people (quite a few in fact) feel the need to add the 'glad that's all you've got to worry about' comment to their responses, basking in their personal and vastly over estimated belief that their opinion is right, definitive and the final word on the matter - gloriously unaware of their own hypocrisy which lies in the fact that no-one at the time they are posting on this site has anything more important to do or they'd be doing it!

Including you! (Although most do spare a thought for spelling).

It could apply to the vast majority of posts on this site.

Not to mention the fact that some people are capable of multi tasking and of thinking about more than one thing in a day.

This forum is for people to post their little rants, raise their queries, share information etc. It is hardly a place for Earth shattering revelations nor a place likely to solve the ills of the world.

Facebook and Twitter must drive you nuts.

If I were to jump aboard your judgement train for a moment though, I might assert that the question posed was a legitimate one - possibly of more value than endless ponderings as to how much money may or may not be in a cash machine on a Friday night.

The traffic disruption and inconvenience caused by a road closure for some amount of time is of course accepted as necessary for safety reasons. However after a certain amount of time it is fair to check that the situation is being dealt with efficiently.

Can you imagine what would happen if no-one ever questioned those in authority or if that very act was not permitted?

The situation was that there was only one route from one side of the village to the other which was causing delays and this could have caused problems ranging from missing a train or being late somewhere, to not being able to get quickly to an elderly or vulnerable family member or friend who suddenly needs you to get to them, to slowing down the response of an emergency call to the Fire Brigade who need to be able to get to the call without delay as minutes and even seconds can be critical (that's why they give them flashing blue lights and sirens).

In addition, notwithstanding the fact that the hole in the wall (no pun intended) was on the side of the bank nearest to the closed section of road, I assume that it was only this portion of the building that was unsafe as the pavement in front of and to the Portsmouth Road side of the bank, the roundabout in front of it and the Portsmouth Road itself are all of a similar distance from the structure if not nearer and yet it was safe to use these. Although who decided that in the first instance before any professionals had arrived to survey it?

One would also hope that given the fact that a cash machine is obviously a target that proper reinforcing to the surrounding structure was already in place.

Funny how two similar incidents - Co-op raid and this one - can produce such varying outcomes.

Please don't explain why.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Anne (6th Mar 2018  15:21:55)

Bored, you do go on - you need to get a life.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Wendy (6th Mar 2018  16:00:04)

A 23 year old male from Bordon has been arrested in connection with the ram raid.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Mr Mason (6th Mar 2018  16:23:50)

"The man was arrested on suspicion of conspiring to commit burglary and has been released from custody but remains under investigation."

Hardly sounds bang to rights unfortunately

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Jane (6th Mar 2018  17:47:50)

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Mandi (6th Mar 2018  17:52:54)

Thankyou wendy theres always one isnt there haha,in this case three

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Lips (6th Mar 2018  20:20:04)

Concurring with Mr Mason, a rise in crime and general asbo does appear to be the future; and the future had arrived.
Crime and asbo seem to increase with the size and density of population. No longer a small country village, Liphook will see more and more of what is usually attributed to Inner City and urban-life (only without the police/security force to respond).

In general nationally (and in other similar countries), criminals find less resistance from the law as the years go by. Cuts to police, prison crowding and politically-correct legal support/defence to perpetrators: all mean less justice and lower quality of life to us all.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Sdr (6th Mar 2018  22:46:08)


I really think you need reality check as there is no way liphook will develop into a lawless ghetto type area.

This particular crime was organised and well planned. The cash machine theft is organised crime on a much higher level this is not something some street level petty criminals could manage. I suggest you open your eyes more and if you honestly believe liphook is going down the path of run down inner city area due to this crime you have lived a very sheltered life.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Dawn Hoskins (7th Mar 2018  10:59:02)

Off topic - but I'm replying to the other 'off-topic' remark that the police are only interesting in speeding and/or collecting money from speed cameras.

In Passfleld there have been about 4 deaths, plus, and a huge number of non-fatal (but still painful and distressing) incidents involving motorbikes, pushbikes, pedestrians, dog walkers crossing the road - pretty much all of them involving speed.

If the police are interested enough to want to put speed cameras up on Hollywater Road and the B3004 it will save lives and I would fully support it. WHOEVER GETS THE MONEY The two most recent deaths were of teenagers (both doing nothing wrong) - I imagine their families would support it as well.

If you are not speeding - you don't have to worry about speed cameras. Simple.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Mr Mason (7th Mar 2018  12:39:08)

Dawn, you are spot on however the issue in passfield regarding the layout of the road is probably not an issue for the police to deal with, they just have to clear up the pieces.

I think your comment re if you don't speed you don't get done is valid but why do the police seem so intent on placing speed traps in low risk areas that are significant distances from schools, crossings and residential roads. It's because they know that the likelihood of you braking on approach to a 30 zone from a 60 and still being slightly over the limit is going to rake in the money (down by radford park)

I would think there are bigger issues than hiding out in these relatively safe locations, but I guess with budget cuts......needs must.

Regarding Lloyds bank robbery, what local bobby in the new era snowflake age is going to risk his life by waving his truncheon and blowing his whistle at a group of organised and probably highly dangerous criminals.

Regarding the comment saying Liphook will never be a ghetto, this is a ridiculous and childish comparison to make.

If you want to sugarcoat what is going on in front of you then you are the one living with your eyes closed, There will clearly be an increase in anti social activity and crime with new age technology, less law enforcement and an alternate attitude re values and morals surrounding most aspects of life compared to when I was raised.

I am 32 by the way, with kids of my own and far from old school.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- S (7th Mar 2018  18:20:04)

Sdr & others re: petty crime in Liphook

Burglaries have always been commonplace in occasional spates in Liphook, but a huge number of car thefts have happened locally in the past few months - and the police are not interested. You get a crime reference number and are told they won't be looking into it further!

It's appalling! These thefts are probably related and are given free reign to come back and do it again - locals have been left to find the stolen cars themselves via social media and still the police don't investigate.

They don't seem to care unless its a commercial theft.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Ian (7th Mar 2018  19:23:42)

I’ve been a lifelong conservative but I hold Teresa May and this inept government personally responsible for the crisis in the police force. I feel communities such as ours have been cut adrift with a totally inadequate policing policy for the area. On top of other balls ups by this government I’m tempted to protest vote at the next election although I struggle with the thought of Corbyn. Almost tempted to wish for A New Labour return (albeit without their foreign policy and lies)

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Batgirl (8th Mar 2018  22:40:36)

Have to say I agree with Lips and Mr Mason. Perhaps we could start up a vigilante group and patrol the village ourselves. We could call it The Equalisers. Or maybe leave it to the the "police"!

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Sting (9th Mar 2018  08:10:59)

Sorry but you wont see The Police in Liphook - we haven't toured for years.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Helen (9th Mar 2018  09:37:25)

Does anyone think the lloyds bank will use this as an excuse
to close the branch? after all Nat west in Haslemere has recently closed.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Diane (9th Mar 2018  10:09:23)

I hope they don't close the bank but there was a rumor quite a long time ago that they were closing but it didn't. We all need to write to Lloyds asking when it will reopen so they know how much it is needed. If it's closed too long they may say people have found other methods of banking and it is no longer needed

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- A.R (9th Mar 2018  10:40:10)

Lloyds is NOT going to close. Saw the Liphook team in the Haslemere branch yesterday. They were there to inform what has been happening. They are hoping for it to up and running within a few weeks, so please stop with the rumours. Will be nice to have them back in their own bank.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Mr Mason (9th Mar 2018  11:18:53)

A.R. I think it's highly unlikely that the staff at Lloyds Liphook would have advanced warning of any scheduled closure. Even if they were informed of a closure by the bank this would be strictly confidential until a formal announcement had been made.

You would find out the same as everyone else.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Pete (10th Mar 2018  08:02:32)

Interesting how many people decry the lack of police in Liphook and yet we consistently vote for a party whose ethos is survival of the fittest and in an ideal world no state support at all. If you believe in this mantra then great but don't blame the police for the dismantling of the state whilst all the time supporting the very people that are responsible for this.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- I (10th Mar 2018  09:30:00)

Absolutly blame May for current police situation firstly as home secretary and now as PM!

However absolutely don't trust Corbyn who has spent his whole political life seeking to undermine the police force and general security of this nation except at the last election when he rather cynically (and I suspect lied as blatantly as Blair did over Iraq) pretended to be the friend of the police.

Politically we are absolutely stuck between a rock and a hard place

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Lips (10th Mar 2018  09:59:10)

I concur with "I": Very much stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Tories cut police funds except when there's a chance for anti-Russian media noise, Labour cut police powers but will probably sponsor transgender toilets and a mini mosque at the HQ...

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Penny (11th Mar 2018  10:36:28)

Why does politics always have to be dragged into so many Threads? It is very unlikely that even if we had a police patrol car driving round the area every night this raid would have been prevented. These people are experienced and very quick. Even with more funds there wouldn't be enough police to stake out all the banks/cash points etc, etc. every night.

All these people who moan about the MP's and the Government are usually the ones least likely to try and change things. They just sit behind their keyboards and vent their angst. Anyone can do that.

I am not saying politicians are perfect, far from it, they are human beings with all the frailties that humans have. I for one feel very sorry for Theresa May. The media are relentless in their criticisms and reporting and never once report of what she is trying to achieve and achieving and this diet of negative reporting is fed constantly to the gullible public.

We must face the fact that there just isn't enough money to go round. We have a rapidly increasing population and an ageing one. As Mr Micawber said "Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen and six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery." - (Chapter 12).

So to all you negative moaners, if you think things are so bad, get off your backsides and do something about it. You are lucky we live in a democracy where we do have a choice and can make a change - would you rather live in North Korea or even China which has now become far from a democracy?

Now I am off this Thread so perhaps it has run its course.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Lips (11th Mar 2018  12:01:31)

I generally agree with you, but:

1) It's democracy, not autocracy that brought us to the sad state of affairs we are now faced with: money run out, crime and vandalism on the up.

2) You've dropped your protest onto this thread and now you're saying that you're out. This behaviour isn't much more constructive than that of people moaning from behind keyboards.

3) True, maybe such a bank raid is almost impossible to prevent. However, any increase in local policing (police officers, increased punishment, vigilante, security officers, etc.) WILL help to slow down the proliferation in crime and vandalism.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Penny (11th Mar 2018  13:43:38)

Lips I give below the meaning of autocracy:

"Autocracy is a form of government. In an autocracy, a single person has all legal and political power, and makes all decisions by himself or herself. The person who holds the power is called an autocrat. When there is a monarch ruling a country as an absolute monarchy, this is also called an autocracy."

We do not have an absolute Monarch - we have a Constitutional Monarch and the word Autocracy can hardly be applied to our present Government who have the slenderest of majorities and no one person has complete power.

I but repeat what I said before there is not enough money to go round to satisfy everyone and their demands. If the police get more someone gets less. Of course we could all agree to pay more tax! Have you got a better idea?

I did not say I was out of this Thread. I said that I too had deviated from it and perhaps it was time to agree that the subject had run its course. Note the word perhaps,

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Ginny Stacpoole (11th Mar 2018  22:21:02)

Penny, you are absolutely spot on. Oh, that I could have been so succinct.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Helen (11th Mar 2018  23:24:28)

Whoever is in government would have to balance the budget
You cannot just make a country economically viable by throwing money at the causes you think need it the most. Our social services are the biggest pot to find money for. I know personally of families who bleed the local authorities dry. We need to reverse the thinking that the nanny state will

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Mrs (12th Mar 2018  12:13:44)

Blimey:- how can a thread about the robbery be taken over by such small minded people ?

I do hope the small mined people, never have to rely on the state.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Jack (12th Mar 2018  12:15:08)

Helen, do you really think that providing more funds for policing would be symptomatic of a "nanny state"?!

Yes, we have to balance the funds. It's what we spend them on that is the issue. Theresa May is criticised because she seems to find the (public) money for the DUP (to prop-up the Conservative Party), a wasted election (to advance the Conservative Party) and Brexit (to mainly assuage the 'swivel-eyed' elements of the Conservative Party), but maintaining policing levels, improved defence, NHS pay etc. is unaffordable.

BTW Penny, I don't think the mostly right-wing press give her a particularly hard time, I see leaders of other parties get a much rougher ride. I think it is the public (slowly) starting to get fed-up with the self-interested politics of the Conservatives.

I'm no socialist, but I would happily pay a bit more tax to improve services. Helen, if you know "personally of families who bleed the local authorities dry", how much are they taking? Are they claiming legitimately? If not, have you reported them? How do you know they are 'bleeding' us? If this is happening after eight years of Conservative-led rule then what does that tell you about policy-making under this government?

I'm not Labour, but Lips: Labour will "probably sponsor transgender toilets and a mini mosque at the HQ..." ! I have no words for this.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- James (12th Mar 2018  12:57:30)

Due to our First Past the Post voting system, doesn't matter what we vote in this constituency we will always get the same MP. This means the real power to choose the government is held by a small number of areas with small vote margins. FPTP also favours a two party system, which means many are left with voting for the least worse option rather than a party we truly believe in.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves st
- Helen (12th Mar 2018  13:23:13)

I do not want to go into personal details as it could identify the family concerned but yes the money has to be found by our local authority and that all contributes to the amount of council tax I personally am paying.

I am suggesting we should look at the criteria again for what is or is not given to people by the current system not that they should not receive anything just review it.

Hampshire Social Care spending is upwards of 50 million pounds.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Jack (12th Mar 2018  14:19:54)

Hampshire County Council has seen huge cuts to its budget this year, affecting social care amongst many other valuable local services. In the meantime Theresa May has spent:

For the DUP: £1,000,000,000
2017 Election: £140,000,000

and OBR anticipated cost to our economy of Brexit: £72,000,000,000. And yes the OBR have been wrong in the past, often being over-optimistic. The true cost may well be much higher.

Of course we should audit welfare payments to minimise abuse, but we must not allow political expediency to divert funds from people who need it and our essential local services. including policing.

Nothing to do with the Lloyds Bank robbery, of course! More community police might not have helped in that case, but it would certainly help to discourage burglary and antisocial behaviour.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Lips (12th Mar 2018  16:47:21)

Well said Jack

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Penny (12th Mar 2018  17:24:45)

FYI No money has actually been paid to the DUP yet. This has to be approved by a vote in Parliament. I know that the vote probably will approve the payment because the Conservatives want to stay in power, but it has not as yet. The last election was a complete misjudgement as no one could forsee all those young people paying £3 to join the Labour Party and vote. So Momentum was born. I wonder now if any of those who voted Labour then would really like to see a Labour Government under Corbyn in power.

The most effective way of reducing (I don't think it will ever be completely eradicated) is for better parenting and this starts with children when they are toddlers. Much of the problem with some of the young lads of today who behave unsociably is that they have no responsible male role model in the family and consequently this pattern of unsocial behaviour is self perpetuating passed down from one generation to another. In addition the police are very restricted in these situations because if they lay a hand on these youngsters (and I don't mean hardened criminals) the word assault and compensation will be shouted loud and clear and probably by the parents.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- TB (12th Mar 2018  18:17:25)

Lloyds Bank was a soft target - no bollards protecting front of building in an area probably as far away from a police station in Hampshire as you can get, with equipment available near by that could do the damage - all at a time when these types of crimes are on the rise in the Hampshire area. Perhaps when the bank re-opens measures can be taken to make Liphook and other similar rural communities not such easy targets in the future. I'm assuming that Lloyds will be remaining in Liphook & will want to protect their assets in the future?

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Jack (12th Mar 2018  21:36:52)

Penny, "FYI" youngsters don't have to pay £3 to vote in a General Election. The £3 was the membership fee to join Labour and vote in their leadership election in 2015. Youngsters were always free to vote in the 2017 General Election however they wanted, irrespective of whether they were a member of a party. You say no-one could foresee that young people might want to vote. You seem to be suggesting that Theresa May very sensibly called an election in 2017 but the whole thing became a shambles because of those pesky kids.

Given that it is the young that will have to sort out the mess of this current political class, I really do think that they deserve their say. On this, Vince Cable is right.

While parents do have an important part to play in the behaviour of their children, it was, and always will be, the case that some families did not subscribe to this view and their kids would go off the rails. The local police always knew who they were and kept an eye out. Why wouldn't there be anti-social behaviour and drugs in Liphook when we have no police? In the past, the Conservatives were keen on law, order and policing. Still, I guess even they realise that you can't police communities, improve conditions for young doctors, give our armed forces the equipment they need etc. when there is a £72 billion hole in the economy.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- penny (13th Mar 2018  11:57:41)

I did not say that one needed to join the Labour Party in order to vote. In order to vote you have to be on the Electoral Roll. What the people who rushed to pay their £3 to join the Labour party achieved (I am sorry if I did not make myself clear) was to put in Corbyn as leader which has been disastrous for the Country and the Labour Party. So Momentum was born and voters were carried away by the euphoria. It is my guess many of those people are now regretting their choice. Worse still the fact that now the Government have to negotiate a good deal with the EU from a weakened position probably means that we will not get as good a deal as we hoped, bearing in mind that the EU will make it as difficult as they can. They don’t want any other EU member following the UK’s example.
As to anti social behaviour I think you had better move with the times Jack as you seem to think Liphook is a relatively small village where in the past I am sure people did look out for each other.
As to the 72 billion hole you say is in the economy – not sure where the figure came from however – have you any suggestions? Perhaps you should stand for Parliament.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Ian (13th Mar 2018  12:41:22)

The original issue is that with no local police stations or presence how can the Hampshire Police Force hope to deter crime and protect the local population. Government policy is to blame and all parties claim to have an answer, I don't believe them.

We need a fundamental shift in policy and attitudes in this country. I for one do not advocate a return to spend spend spend socialism but clearly the Conservatives are not working and Liberals are just hopeless. However are we the general public getting the politicians we deserve?

There is not enough money and the nations health service, public services and infrastructure are falling apart as a consequence. I for one would be happy to pay more taxes but only if I could see the politicians would spend where needed; but they wouldn't. Our whole funding/taxation system needs to be reviewed to ensure sufficient money is raised and used in the areas most needed. Massive task, sorry, I don't have the answers! Very depressing!

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Jack (13th Mar 2018  15:15:23)

I agree Ian.

Penny, you still seem to be suggesting that young people sabotaged the last election to frustrate Brexit. May took a big win for granted. Instead, many, many people didn't buy into her vision for the country and for Brexit negotiations. That is people's right. We are a divided country and she made a very bad call and failed to make a case.

As to the £72 billion, you ask if I have a suggestion as to where this figure might be found. Here it is: I admit it is a few months old (the last budget) and the OBR's forecasts have slightly changed with today's announcements. Whatever, it doesn't look good. This is from Business Insider and their reporting of non-partisan analysis by the Resolution Foundation. Unlikely to read about this in the Mail/Express/Telegraph however.

You may need to read my last post again Penny. I didn't say that people looked out for each other. I said that the local police knew who all the trouble makers were and kept an eye on things. That was true here and in all the larger towns nearby as I recall.

As for standing for Parliament, what would be the point? It wouldn't matter what amount of damage the Conservatives did, the majority of people of this constituency would vote for them whatever.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- nick (13th Mar 2018  19:38:39)

Not clear why the discussion on this matter has turned ugly
LLoyds bank is closed
LLoyds bank is being refurbished(rebuilt)
LLoyds bank will reopen as and when we are advised by Them
What has politics to do with all this?
Perhaps whoever it was who shot their mouth off saying no Police coverage should rethink what they said as this may caused this smash and grab
Think first then keep quite

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Mr Mason (14th Mar 2018  10:21:56)

I don't think so Nick, this is the latest of 6 or 7 ATM thefts over a two year period across the area.

I think you are missing the point people are trying to make re policing and public safety / crime.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Grenouf (14th Mar 2018  15:29:11)

Just had messege from lloyds hopefully open next week sometime

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Helen (15th Mar 2018  09:47:56)

When you say you had a message from lloyds was it an official letter from their head office?

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- g renouf (15th Mar 2018  10:14:30)

i contacted them via their twitter channel they where saying about customer care etc so I thought why not ask

and I actually got a reply within 2 days so fair play to them
their messege reads " Hi again , we've now been advised that they hope to reopen the branch for customers by next week.Unfortunately, we're unable to provide a specific date at this time .LB"

so this is not just waffle or rumour mongering

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Helen (15th Mar 2018  10:34:27)

Used Farnham branch today to do the banking and the staff there said that our Liphook branch is opening on Tuesday.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Diane (18th Mar 2018  17:48:58)

Saw on facebook that it is opening on Monday.

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Diane (20th Mar 2018  15:40:14)

Hi, has the bank opened?

Re: Lloyds Bank - Thieves
- Jim (20th Mar 2018  19:16:12)


I believe Lloyds reopened on Monday. A tremendous effort by their team to reopen a business in a building, massively damaged by the ATM thieves.

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