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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Push bikes and motor bikes
- Carole west (11th Feb 2018 †13:58:43)

So annoying , bikers are riding on private land . High field school land known locally as the bomb pits and opposite in shufflesheep plantation. They were there again today, seems to be a regular haunt on sundays at the moment. The other week there was 2 adults and a young boy about 7 years old on motor bikes riding on the sussex border path, shufflesheep and the farm lane. This of course is illegal as these are private roads and lands and the young boy should not have been there.

Re: Push bikes and motor bikes
- Ann (11th Feb 2018 †17:41:02)

The bombpits are no where near high field school, they are half way between Midhurst Road and the golf club on north lodge road.

Re: Push bikes and motor bikes
- Unknown (11th Feb 2018 †18:32:32)

I donít think itís to bad as I was up there today and they had there own part in the track which the stayed near and are just trying to have fun

Re: Push bikes and motor bikes
- Dave W (11th Feb 2018 †19:33:18)

Hi Carole, Sorry to hear, not much point in reporting to the Police, the current lot wouldn't be able to find your place in a million years. The good days have gone for ever. David W.

Re: Push bikes and motor bikes
- local (12th Feb 2018 †11:33:50)

I live near the bombpit and personally don't see it a problem . if it's private land why are you walking on there???bikers have been up there for years now, even since I was younger...the farmer never have complained about it so i cant see what the issue is....

Re: Push bikes and motor bikes
- David50+ (12th Feb 2018 †11:57:29)

Hi Carole I Remember riding motor bikes and bikes at the bomb pits in the late 70s and 80s with your son mark and your husband Roy on his trials motor bike they are old bomb pits and all the kids from guns farm had loads of fun up there as did the kids from the rest of village only a few kids had motor bikes mark used fly around the tracks around there on his motor bike he was good on it too as was his dad good memory's for me.short memory for you Carole sorry if your not the Carole west from midhurst road . I am sure loads more people remember this time

Re: Push bikes and motor bikes
- Carole west (12th Feb 2018 †19:22:04)

To the person who says bomb pits nowhere near high field school, I know that but land belongs to the school. The pits are not so much of a problem and yes my son and husband rode in there many moons ago.At one stage this was stopped by the school as the 4x4s were getting in there. My issue is a young child riding a motor bike on a public right of way, its illegal. The main issue is they are riding into shufflesheep plantation which has no rights of way across it( I actually have permission ,the gamekeeper knows I use it) The gamekeeper of hollycombe estate has his pheasant pens in shufflesheep, and they are part of the estates shoot.
Generally speaking motor bikes , push bikes passing through on the sussex border path are polite and will stop for walkers and horse riders.

Re: Push bikes and motor bikes
- local (12th Feb 2018 †20:32:34)

hypocrite springs to mind here don't you think....... it's also illegal to ride a push bike on the pavement maybe you should moan about all the kids that do that....I walk my dogs to the bomb pits daily and have come across this little lad many times at the bombs pits with his d sd..(never at the plantation maybe you should get you fact right first before writing on here!) he always turns his bike off and waits patiently for me to walk past he is also polite and respectful. it's nice to see parents spending time with their children and not dumping them infont of a tv or interested to know if your sons bike Carole had mot and tax and insurance to ride to the bomb pits of if he had a bike licence to ride it there many moons ago..


Re: Push bikes and motor bikes
- Carole west (12th Feb 2018 †22:42:25)

I actually saw the boy in the plantation riding his bike and then passed same boy and 2 adults on the farm lane to hatch farm. .if highfield school do not have an issue with the motor and push bikes in the bomb pits thatís fine . My issue is with the use of shufflesheep plantation belonging to hollycombe estate, and children riding motor bikes on hatch farm lane, and the sussex border path .

Re: Push bikes and motor bikes
- Anon (13th Feb 2018 †08:22:29)

Avoiding the question carole ?.

Re: Push bikes and motor bikes
- Jim (13th Feb 2018 †10:53:21)

I think you have shot yourself in the foot here Carol!

Re: Push bikes and motor bikes
- Carol (13th Feb 2018 †12:59:00)

Sons bike was as legal as it needed to be to ride schoolboy motor trials with insurance.

Re: Push bikes and motor bikes
- (13th Feb 2018 †15:15:30)

Was just wondering if you saw this boy riding alone in plantation?

Re: Push bikes and motor bikes
- (13th Feb 2018 †16:32:53)

No with 2 adults as stated before . Using it as a circuit, in one gate round and out the other

Re: Push bikes and maotor bikes
- Nostalgia man (13th Feb 2018 †18:00:21)

I can with such fond memories remember Roy and indeed Bob West too doing such great trial stunts up and around bomb pits when I was younger many of us would sit and watch wishing we could replicate this on our made up bikes. My point is no one complained or questioned the legality of this etc. As long as it didn't turn in to a full blown motor bike meeting who cared as far as legality of it maybe we can question that, but please let's not get in too deep over this. More importantly don't burst my happy memories lol

Re: Push bikes and motor bikes
- Trials rider (13th Feb 2018 †18:32:48)

Carol. I think you will find this little lad belongs to a trials club, so does his mum and his dad.
About your sons insurance. You are talking nonsense. You are only insured to ride at club events. The club will not insure you for so-called freeriding
I know this as Iím a secretary of a trials club and I hold a clerk of the course license

Re: Push bikes and motor bikes
- The Dad (13th Feb 2018 †19:17:40)

I'm sorry if we have upset you Carol.
We have only been on the plantation once when we were getting our bearings and I needed to find somewhere flat for the boy to get the basics.
I sure he will not be too upset when I tell him he can't ride the bike he loves so much.
Can and one part exchange a kids motorbike for a PlayStation.

Re: Push bikes and motor bikes
- The Mother (13th Feb 2018 †21:01:16)

As the mother of the child in question I am deeply upset by this post. Why is it out of all the people ,adults , teenagers and children that use the bomb pits you have singled out my child as centre of your grievance? I am proud of my son and what he has achieved since December 2017 riding his bike.It has taught him discipline and given him confidence. I am sorry if they have caused you upset and I know that was not intended.My son and husband are both kind respected people and should you have spoken with them they would have gone out of their way to resolve the situation rather than it be posted the internet.

Re: Push bikes and motor bikes
- Nostalgia man (14th Feb 2018 †09:37:48)

This message goes to all involved.

I am sure as a person who knew and has known Carol's family many years that she would not have wanted in any way to stop the persons enjoying bike fun, as it is clear bikes and trials are a part of her family life. I think that upsetting anyone was not her intention also how lovely of parent to openly apologise to her well done to you although no one is in the wrong.

Long may your son enjoy what is a great sport who knows he could be a future champ lol

Re: Push bikes and motor bikes
- Trials mum (14th Feb 2018 †18:26:10)

If she didn't want to upset anyone then maybe she shouldn't have said anything. If her only complaint was riding on the plantation a polite excuse me but that is private land and you not allowed there would have been better. As a mother of two young boys who have been riding motorbikes from the age of 3 I can't imagine a better sport for your children it teaches them discipline, focus and good manners as it takes a lot for these kids to to learn how to control and manoeuvre the bikes in sections and any parent that has been to a trial event will always hear the riders thanking the observers at the end of each section. As far as the legality of riding in the bomb pits people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Re: Push bikes and motor bikes
- Carole (14th Feb 2018 †19:37:00)

Thank you mum and dad for the apology ,accepted. I have no intention of wanting to stop your son riding his motor bike, just trying to point out that some estate lands in area do not have rights of way on them.
Kids need to be out in fresh air burning off energy and I agree schoolboy trialling teaches co-ordination and hopefully respect. Best keep to the area that other bikers use. The track known as sussex border path ie the one from hollycombe past north lodge to Milland road has been downgraded to restricted byway and the one heading to hatch farms is a footpath/private lane to the farms.
Hopefully your son will compete and enjoy his schoolboy trailing.

Re: Push bikes and motor bikes
- David50+ (14th Feb 2018 †19:43:28)

Carole I am very shocked by your reaction to this Young lad who by all accounts is a very polite young rider who may have strayed in to the wrong area once or twice being supervised by responsible parents who would not have damaged this or any other land with his little motor bike horses and dogs can cause more damage to land and wild life I rember when me and mark would ride are bikes on the same tracks and lanes that you have talked about and many more including paths and crossing main roads most of the time at top speed not much older than this young rider and some times with john Dixon on are case who we had great respect for please live and let live it would a much better place to live lovely memories let this young man build his .

Re: Push bikes and motor bikes
- The Dad (14th Feb 2018 †21:46:16)

I would like to thank everyone including Carole for there support and encouragement. My boy loves this sport and it would be a shame to neglect such a well suited natural feature. Motorcycle gets a bad press and often it is deserved. Irresponsible riders who churn up the countryside and frighten horses have got a lot to answer for but it's nice to see that despite this, there is such good feeling out there for the rest of us.
Many thanks

Re: Push bikes and motor bikes
- Carole (15th Feb 2018 †13:33:58)

David, have you forgotten the Tellingís off you and mark got from John Dixon the village bobby and both families but thatís another story.

Re: Push bikes and motor bikes
- MH (20th Feb 2018 †10:43:24)

Never having been a biker, I think I can understand what fun youngsters - and not so young - must have on the circuit they have made in the bracken down here and up and down the bomb pits. My sadness is the accompanying litter! Now, I'm not saying this is anything to do with the bikers nor that those that leave it are necessarily locals, but the rubbish is all around both sites. I picked up 3 bags full one morning last week while negotiating Muddy Lane. Clearly a picnic/bbq happened down in the middle of the bracken track, but I didn't have a spare bag this morning. I will go back and pick it all up to save anyone cutting themselves if they should fall from their bikes, but it would be refreshing if those that use the area would clean up after themselves. Why should it be someone else to clean up after them? I'd like to think they don't chuck litter in their own properties like that so why do it to wreck a recreation area for everyone else? Selfish whatnots.

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