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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Sainsburys Circus
- Juan Pablo (10th Feb 2018  12:26:09)

Does anyone else have the same feelings as myself that I'd prefer to be shot at then having to shop in Sainsburys.
The delightful experience begins with the traffic jam to gain access to the car park, followed by a the "dodge em" car park where a high percentage of other shoppers are clearly too old to be driving, nearly crashing or not being able to park correctly.
After finally parking there's usually a crowd of those shoppers chatting in the shop entrance who scrum as well as the All Blacks!!
Now the fun begins!!
Over crowded aisles
Bare shelves
Ques to the horizon
Cages,boxes all over the place
and the "Zombies" who have the pace of the dead.
Unfortunately for us all it will only get worse with with the number of new houses being built.
I love the Sainsburys Circus

Re: Sainsburys Circus
- Ian (10th Feb 2018  16:18:46)

Don’t shop there then, simple!

Re: Sainsburys Circus
- A (10th Feb 2018  16:27:50)

Shop elsewhere or have a delivery.

Re: Sainsburys Circus
- Jack (10th Feb 2018  17:22:28)

Maybe the boxes and cages are there so empty shelves can be re-stocked? Just a thought.

Re: Sainsburys Circus
- Sarah (10th Feb 2018  19:14:12)

There's a very simple solution for you here (and pattern of thought) - don't shop there!

Re: Sainsburys Circus
- Helen (10th Feb 2018  19:23:07)

You could always drive to Haslemere to shop at Waitrose or M and S or Tesco or the Co op in liphook

Re: Sainsburys Circus
- J (10th Feb 2018  20:00:18)

Aside from the car park (and I usually walk anyway) I use the SmartShop system which, apart from a couple of occasions when it hasn't been working, is generally like having a private priority checkout. Brilliant! :)

Re: Sainsburys Circus
- Lizzy (10th Feb 2018  20:37:45)

Hello Juan Pablo

I am really sorry to read all the crass comments you’ve received in response to your posting. I think, maybe, you have exaggerated the Sainsbury’s dilemma. However, I agree in general with what you say.

One supermarket is not enough for the rapidly increasing population of the “village” of Liphook.

Yes, the car park is pretty dodgy, yoiu can’t just blame the elderly. The parking spaces are too small.

My solution to the problem of shopping in Sainsbury’s is to buy a delivery pass, approx. £40?, and have home deliveries for my non-perishables. Then, probably every other day I attempt to buy, say, fruit and veg. Yes, that’s when I sometimes find empty shelves or have to dig around into the lower boxes.

I live in the Haslemere Road. You would think I could travel to Sainsbury’s in 5 or 10 minutes, but no, if it’s between approx 3.30pm and 4.30 it can take me 20/25 mins. At around 5.00 pm it can take much longer.

Even if the Council had encouraged another supermarket into one of the new buildings on the Midhurst road it wouldn’t help the traffic congestion.

I go to Mill Chase Gym most days and have to risk my life going through the 3 ridiculous roundabouts in Liphook Square, which for some reason is a conservation area. Sometimes it’s fine, other times I just hold my breath and hope that other drivers realise which way they are indicating.

Why can’t the council sort out the roundabouts and crossings, especially the “courtesy crossings”! (This century)!

I can already imagine the responses I’m going to get to my posting, bring it on!

Please note, I am looking to move. (Written in haste, ignore any spelling errors).

Re: Sainsburys Circus
- Ian (10th Feb 2018  21:07:33)

Lizzy - best we close the schools then so you are not inconvenienced between 3.30 and 4.30

Luckily some of us remember the village when the A3 thundered through the square and before Sainsburys we remember we were at the mercy of erratic supply, availability and pricing at the local stores!

Easy in these current changeable and pessimistic times to be all doom and gloom about our great village but change is inevitable and if you take a slightly less selfish and introspective view on things you will see it’s not always for the bad.

Re: Sainsburys Circus
- Dawn Hoskins (11th Feb 2018  09:48:58)

I love the way the term 'Council' has been thrown into that post. You could substitute with 'Big Brother' and have the same effect!

All the various issues mentioned in that ie: road layout and conservation areas and infrastructure are sorted out by Central Government, or the Highways Department - but even they are not all-powerful Gods or Wizards that can pick up roads and houses that have evolved over many hundreds of years and simply plonk them somewhere else. Also this mysterious organisation you have called 'council' can not, in a free market, dictate which shops or companies take up positions in which areas.

The Sainsburys estate is a case in point - it was Sainsburys that wanted that site and the houses were allowed only if they built the shop and the Millennium Centre and provided the Millennium green.

Re: Sainsburys Circus
- Mr Paddy's Daddy (11th Feb 2018  10:54:23)

Here is a small game you can play next time you visit Sainsbury's -

Count how many different ways you can buy carrots and do include soup packs, stir fry, and mixed salads - then to this add canned and frozen.....

And yet not a solitary turnip in sight

Apparently there is no demand

Happy Days

Re: Sainsburys Circus
- Christine (11th Feb 2018  15:44:38)

I hear on the grapevine that Countrywide will be leaving Liphook - there has been so little stock in the shop since before Christmas & it would appear that they are on their last legs - does anyone know what will be taking its place? Anything that could actually be useful?

Re: Sainsburys Circus
- Rachael (11th Feb 2018  16:23:50)

Hello Lizzy, I'm sorry but if anyone is being crass it is yourself. Your post is bizarre at best although being less kind it is childish and naive.

Re: Sainsburys Circus
- Lizzy (11th Feb 2018  19:25:15)


I really don’t think we should close schools in Liphook, in fact I imagine we may need another to accommodate the increasing population.

I, also remember the village prior to the by-pass, as I, some 30 years ago, for several years, brought my children to Liphook Junior and then Bohunt from our home in Hammer. I remember shopping in a supermarket, a newsagents and a greengrocers in Station Road, Also a fish and meat shop ( The Meat Market) in the Midhurst Road?

I do believe the volume of traffic, during the week, has increased over the last couple of years, lorries thundering down Haslemere Road and normal traffic increased and often not complying to the 30 mph speed limit.

I don’t understand why you find my view selfish. I just want to improve things, e.g. pedestrian crossings, courtesy crossing e.g. at the village end of Haslemere Road by the hairdressers, the one by Ship House, and I’d like it to be somehow clearly marked that they are courtesy crossings. We could do with one in Headley Road too. I also get really worried about Mums with pushchairs, the elderly with waking frames and school children messing about and generally enjoying their lives when walking on the ridiculously narrow pavements at the village end of Haslemere Road. I won’t mention roundabouts now, I’m worried about any more horrid comments. (Selfish, bizarre, introspective, naive, crass ......)

Ian, I actually looked up the meaning of introspective, “someone who looks inwards or focuses on their own internal thoughts, feelings, beliefs and motivations”. Well, I guess that could go along with selfish, however, I thought Talkback may be the place to share these thoughts. Was I wrong? Probably.


Re: Sainsburys Circus
- sarah (11th Feb 2018  20:28:46)

Hi Christine, I have been told Countrywide is being taken over by Mole Country stores

Re: Sainsburys Circus
- Barbara (11th Feb 2018  20:29:23)

Well there you have it then I have some turnips I bought from
Waitrose haslemere which is tiny compared to Scaimsburys

Re: Sainsburys Circus
- Helen (12th Feb 2018  08:38:46)

I may misunderstand your posting lizzie but Hammer is in West Sussex /lynchmere parish coming under Haslemere, far closer to Haslemere for shops and schools.

Re: Sainsburys Circus
- joc (12th Feb 2018  14:27:31)

Actually Juan does make a couple of valid points.
Some of the parking is horrendous, but it's not only older people who are guilty. However the parking spaces are rather narrow, if they have to be so, then they would be better angled at 45 degrees not 90.
And yes there is a tendancy for some people to have a get together for a chin wag at the entry/exit. It's a bit thoughtless as this is main exit in case of emergency.
Anyway all this pales when you consider the amount of customers who do not indicate left when turning into Sainsbury's from the Midhurst road.

Re: Sainsburys Circus
- Penny (12th Feb 2018  14:55:20)

I echo the posters who say “if you don’t like Sainsburys, don’t shop there”. I personally have no issues with Sainsburys. I almost always find the products that I went in to purchase and the staff are always friendly and helpful. With regard to the parking spaces, yes they are too small for the huge, gas guzzling vehicles now on the road and sometimes I have had to wait a few minutes, but really is that such a big issue. “First World Problems” spring to mind.

Re: Sainsburys Circus
- Happyfeet (12th Feb 2018  17:00:43)

I for one have never had an issue with Sainsbury’s .
It’s rare they don’t have the bits I go in for . I don’t do my weekly shop there as I have a very strong love affair with (the cheaper than Sainsbury’s ) Ocado for 8 years and would never part from them . However Liphook Sainsbury’s have an Excellent choice of fresh and no. Perishable groceries, a superb adult beverage department , and the staff are fabulous .

Yes the car park tends to be overcrowded , but we should be grateful that we have such a great supermarket so local . I would suggest you take any issues up with Sainsbury’s management in store rather than complain on here . They are great listeners and am sure will endeavour to put right any wrongs !

Re: Sainsburys Circus
- Lizzy (12th Feb 2018  20:27:27)

Hello Rachel
I would really like to know, so please let me know, how my post was “crass”, “bizarre” or childish.

Having read Dawn’s post, I understand that I may be a little naive thinking the “council” could do anything about the dangerous narrow pavements at the end of Haslemere Road or the chaotic roundabouts.

So, naive, yes, but crass, bizarre childish, please explain.

Good geography. Just so you know, my house was postally in Hampshire, but actually on the border of 3 counties. Funnily, when I once called the fire brigade, 3 engines turned up!

I chose Liphook schools for my children for their merit.

Re: Sainsburys Circus
- Lizzy (12th Feb 2018  22:29:54)

Hello Dawn Haskins

I always value your comments on Liphook Talkback. I am sorry I used the term “council” in my post. Maybe I was thinking of the EHDC.

I suppose you were being funny when you suggested wizards could pick up houses that have evolved over hundreds of years and plonk them somewhere else. That’s silly. What about all the historic buildings and houses in Liphook. What would Liphook do without the ROYAL ANCHOR.

Doesn’t the local council have any authority to, for example, do something about the very dangerous pavements at the village end of the Haslemere Road, make it clear where the courtesy crossings are, for example opposite the hairdressers, next to the chemist which links to the footpath throug to the car park, which loads of Bohunt students wander across. Maybe it’s all down to the EHDC.

I will talk to the highways dept., I have before about speeding in Haslemere Road. Lovely guy, only suggestion was a model of a large gnome holding a hairdryer!

Anyway thank for not calling me any names. Will always appreciate your advice. So thank you.

Re: Sainsburys Circus
- Helen (13th Feb 2018  09:50:14)

Hi lizzie the liphook end of the Haslemere road has a narrow stretch yes. If pavements were widened along that stretch there would be even less space for lorries around the mini roundabouts! You would have to spend a lot of money on a one way system. Funily enough this week no school no traffic!

Re: Sainsburys Circus
- Dawn Hoskins (13th Feb 2018  11:28:07)

Hi Lizzy

You might find this site helpful

Re: Sainsburys Circus
- concerned (13th Feb 2018  15:31:11)

Looks like once again thread hi- jacked by politics - Juan You forgot to mention the little dears & even worse the parents that don't seem to think there is anything wrong with using scooters - small bikes & roller skates IN the STORE - especially at the weekend - I have checked with staff - THIS IS NOT ALLOWED - but I have to say I have never seen any member of staff addressing this issue - but it is DANGEROUS next time I see it I will try & find the Manager but it's too late by the time you get a response - it's a crazy practice!!

Re: Sainsburys Circus
- TWWOTN (14th Feb 2018  08:22:27)

Wish Lidl or Aldi would open a store here.

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