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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Loose lurcher
- Kerry (4th Jan 2018 †13:55:35)

Hi. There has been a lurcher loose for a few days. Last spotted making his way towards Passfield on the main road about an hour ago. If anyone spots him, please comment as some of us are trying to help catch him. He is very frightened.

Re: Loose lurcher
- MAK (4th Jan 2018 †14:11:06)


Lurcher was on way back from Passfield on the main road about 10 minutes ago.

Various people including me, tried to catch it without success.

Re: Loose lurcher
- Dawn Hoskins (4th Jan 2018 †15:07:26)

I'm going to go out now with spare lead and treats to see I can spot him.

Please update

Re: Loose lurcher
- cg (4th Jan 2018 †15:57:39)

Dog warden out trying to catch it - our vet also - now headed back towards liphook station 16.00 hrs

Re: Loose lurcher
- Christine (4th Jan 2018 †16:02:32)

Seen today at 12.15pm running in the middle of road heading for Passfield - then cornered in someone's garden.
Can anyone confirm if he / she has now been caught please.
Many thanks.

Re: Loose lurcher
- c.g. (4th Jan 2018 †16:41:47)


Re: Loose lurcher
- Tamsin Norris (4th Jan 2018 †16:49:12)

Your cream Lurcher was in my garden at 1.20 today (4th).
Five of us tried to catch her but she was terrified and jumped our front fence and ran towards Passfield.
My son saw her later up at the Millennium hall at around 2.30.

Re: Loose lurcher
- Anon (4th Jan 2018 †17:07:23)

Can someone take a photo of it. May I suggest this dog is not taken back from where it came.

Re: Loose lurcher
- Christine (4th Jan 2018 †18:46:34)

Please see above for latest sightings.

Re: Loose lurcher
- Dawn Hoskins (4th Jan 2018 †22:53:46)

I wandered about between Passfield and Conford this evening and this afternoon - didn't catch sight. I had a big pocket full of smelly treats and a long lead - but no luck.

I hope it gets taken in soon, poor thing. it makes me very upset to think of it out in such cold weather

Re: Loose lurcher
- Dawn Hoskins (4th Jan 2018 †22:59:09)

It would be helpful if we had a photo of the dog.
Tan lurcher is a very broad description.

I will go out again tomorrow afternoon between Passfield and Conford - do keep updated here if caught.

Re: Loose lurcher
- gareth rees (5th Jan 2018 †01:21:36)

this dog caused an accident on headley road yesterday after school pick up

i slowed down to avoid it and the car behind me was driven up the back of

there were 4 liphook junior and infant kids involved in the crash

all fine, but shaken up

this dog needs to be caught

Re: Loose lurcher
- Richard (5th Jan 2018 †08:51:49)

Gareth, not wishing to ignite the normal online trolls,, but you can hardly blame a dog for causing a driver not to be paying attention a number of cars behind you and going into someone, as clearly you saw it, and compensated accordingly.

The drivers behind should have also reacted.

Trust the kids were OK though?

Re: Loose lurcher
- helen (5th Jan 2018 †09:59:36)

Lurchers are extremely nervous anyway so the most difficult and speedy dog to make their escape. They have a hunting instinct though so could survive on rabbits and squirrels. I hope it can find a way home without being killed on the A3

Re: Loose lurcher
- N (5th Jan 2018 †11:23:38)

We drove past the accident and saw the aftermath. Emergency services on scene, if an animal shoots out on front of you there's little you can do !
Everyone looked so shaKen up and the car was a mess . Just before a sharp bend heading towards hill house hill. I hope you are all ok x

Re: Loose lurcher
- d (5th Jan 2018 †11:37:20)

Gareth said he slowed down. No mention of an "emergency stop"
and so it would appear the car following was too close to take evasive action or the driver was not paying sufficient attention to other traffic

Re: Loose lurcher
- Jill (5th Jan 2018 †13:55:22)

Please do we know whether this poor dog has been found?

Re: Loose lurcher
- Bill Mouland (5th Jan 2018 †16:35:47)

See this afternoon's post below from: Help Home East Hampshire Hounds

"Hi all, please be aware we are dealing with this dog and have set out a trap in an area we know he is frequenting, please STOP putting out food stations as we want to minimise the radius the dog is travelling. We have some high value food in the trap and so want to encourage the dog there, please donít approach the dog if seen, or send out search parties as all this is doing it scaring the dog and sending it further away from people. Thank you for your help and we will keep you updated on the situation."


Re: Loose lurcher
- C.G (5th Jan 2018 †21:46:53)

Returning from haslemere appx 13.00 hrs Friday there was the dog just before the railway bridge turning into lake house
Someone in there told me it has been around there for about a week
but as we all know cannot get near it.

Re: Loose lurcher
- Jill (5th Jan 2018 †22:09:31)

We look forward to hearing you have been successful and that this frightened dog will soon be safe.

Re: Loose lurcher
- Ginny Stacpoole (5th Jan 2018 †23:03:42)

Yes! Leave it to the experts.
But please, Experts, tell us when he/she is safe.

I cannot believe this dog has not been reported missing. Poor darling.

Re: Loose lurcher
- Dawn Hoskins (6th Jan 2018 †17:23:10)

Just responding to Gareth.

The dog did not cause an accident.

If the traffic slowed down and then other drivers, who were not allowing enough distance, drove into the back of the slowed traffic - then that is entirely the fault of the bad drivers who were either not paying enough attention to the road, driving too close (not leaving the required stopping distance between vehicles) or, worse, driving too fast.

I hope that no one was injured of course, but smashing into the back of a car that has slowed down is nobodies fault except for the driver at the back. You might have slowed suddenly to avoid a child that had fallen into the road, or for any reason, you should expect other road users to take account of such things.

BTW no sighting of the dog (by me) in Passfield for 2 days

Re: Loose lurcher
- gareth rees (7th Jan 2018 †18:54:44)

hi dawn

the dog did cause the accident

i was there

and it did

it was on the bend, on the 40mph bit of headley road

if the lady who went up the car that was behind me reads your post i want her to know that it was unavoidable and i hope her kids are ok

Re: Loose lurcher
- Willo (7th Jan 2018 †19:05:03)

Has it been found? Only just seen this post or I would have happily given today to help look.

Re: Loose lurcher
- Richard (7th Jan 2018 †20:42:30)

From the Highway code:

Rule 126
Stopping Distances. Drive at a speed that will allow you to stop well within the distance you can see to be clear. You should
leave enough space between you and the vehicle in front so that you can pull up safely if it suddenly slows down or stops. The safe rule is never to get closer than the overall stopping distance (see Typical Stopping Distances diagram, shown below)
allow at least a two-second gap between you and the vehicle in front on roads carrying faster-moving traffic and in tunnels where visibility is reduced. The gap should be at least doubled on wet roads and increased still further on icy roads
remember, large vehicles and motorcycles need a greater distance to stop. If driving a large vehicle in a tunnel, you should allow a four-second gap between you and the vehicle in front.
If you have to stop in a tunnel, leave at least a 5-metre gap between you and the vehicle in front.

I bet the insurance companies will also take the view that the driver who went into the back of the car in front is at fault too!

But Gareth, as you are a witness to this accident, and you are of the belief that the fault lay elsewhere, have you given a witness statement to the insurance companies, as this is your civic duty as a witness to an incident?

Re: Loose lurcher
- Alex (8th Jan 2018 †10:26:15)

Does anyone know if the dog has been caught?

Re: Loose lurcher
- Debbie (8th Jan 2018 †10:57:17)

This is the place to keep track Alex, it's the dogs wardens page.

Re: Loose lurcher
- jill (8th Jan 2018 †14:02:19)

Not if you don't do Facebook it is!!

Re: Loose lurcher
- IT (8th Jan 2018 †16:39:07)

Cream Lurcher spotted on Devils Lane (Haslemere Rd end) headed towards Chiltley Lane.

Re: Loose lurcher
- Debbie (8th Jan 2018 †18:51:52)

Iím so sorry Jill Iíll bear that in mind next time I try and help!

Re: Loose lurcher
- Jill (9th Jan 2018 †13:39:19)

Is there any news please?

Re: Loose lurcher
- Hal (10th Jan 2018 †10:17:23)

Hi Jill,

Just a quick message to note that you don't have to "do facebook" to look at a facebook page and see the updates - if you have an internet connection (which you do as you use talkback) you can just view the latest updates. You only need a facebook account if you want to comment on the page (I don't do facebook either but I can still view the page..)

Re: Loose lurcher
- Jill (12th Jan 2018 †13:40:02)

Do we have any good news please?

Re: Loose lurcher
- A.R (12th Jan 2018 †16:22:20)

It had been staying around Devils Lane for days, but has not been seen now for three days. Not sure what has become of her.

Re: Loose lurcher
- Christine (23rd Jan 2018 †22:41:26)

Does anyone have an update on this poor dog please? It has gone ominously quiet on the subject which I suspect means that the outcome has not been a good one. Many thanks.

Re: Loose lurcher
- Jill (24th Jan 2018 †08:00:39)

Yes, I too would like to know this poor dog is now safe and being looked after?

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