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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Royal Anchor parking Charges
- Mrs D Rutter (30th Dec 2017  19:48:40)

Did you know that the Royal Anchor in Liphook has a company which now patrols the car park? My son and his friends spent the evening in the pub eating and drinking and when he came out he had a £60 parking fine for staying too long!!!!!
As the pub contracts the car parking patrol out they have no say in the matter.
Has anybody else been fined and if so did they pay?
I understand why this might be necessary during the day but surely at night, no shops open, the only people parking would be in the pub eating and drinking.
This needs to be sorted out.
Royal Anchor you don't have the best reviews do you really want your customers fined for spending money and staying a long time in the pub?

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- H (30th Dec 2017  23:51:36)

Not to mention getting fined for driving to the pub , having a drink then getting a cab home . Come back the next day to find a fine !
So much for discouraging drink driving !

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- R (31st Dec 2017  09:35:01)

All you have to do is register your car number at the bar, they have a book to record in. Hence. No fine!

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- Steve (31st Dec 2017  19:15:33)

It's time to fight back, stop using the pub. As it's been used for so long the way it was. They are taking the p*ss!!!!

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- Nelly (2nd Jan 2018  15:14:54)

We had a similar experience with the George Hotel in Haslemere. They were certain that there were signs stipulating that the car park was patrolled by a private company but we saw none, the signs were not obvious to any incomer, plus we were not told at reception that if we did not give our car registration we would be fined. We got the money back after 4 to 5 months of haggling and the Hotel management paid the fine and ended their contract with the parking company. {based in Liverpool!}t;I suggest that customers should check to see any signage with parking information and if it is not easily seen then the company have no leg to stand on. They {the company} should also inform customers of any time limit, if not, still no leg to stand on. I hope the Royal Anchor loses trade due to this new action of theirs.

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- Richard (2nd Jan 2018  18:06:28)

It's not difficult to inform the staff of your numberplate details and avoid a fine.

Why all this antagonism over a very simple to understand policy?

Far from as one poster said 'taking the p***' it's those that used to use the car park for means other than punters in the pub that were in fact doing that.

At the end of the day it's simple. Private land for customers only. Not difficult is it?

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- Jim (3rd Jan 2018  13:04:35)

I pop in to the Anchor for a quick drink on a regular basis. I'm put off using the pub, knowing will have to give my car number plate details to avoid a fine. Next time I intend visiting the pub will read the notice in the car park and if I am forced to provide my number plate details for quick drink will not be using the pub.

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- Penny (3rd Jan 2018  17:10:58)

On this particular issue I fully support the Anchor. How else are they going to stop commuters/shoppers or anyone else who is not using their facilities parking in their car park. I cannot see why people are making such a fuss. Even if I was only going to pop in for one drink I would have no objection to giving them a note of my car registration. I would be more annoyed if I wanted to use the pub and couldn't get a parking space due to the fact the people other than patrons were using the car park!!

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- Julian (3rd Jan 2018  17:26:05)

I got a ticket from a parking company for parking on private land. I ignored the notice and the seven reminders and in the end they went away. Be warned - if you contact or write to them they then have your details and will pursue you!!!

One thing to mention is that Private parking companies try to make their letters look like official penalty notices (PCN's) when they are really designed to intimidate you into paying. Don't be mislead by this.

Here is some info from the Internet ...

Parking tickets issued on private land (The Anchor, Sainsbury's, etc) are different to those issued in public places maintained by local authorities.

Parking Tickets for parking on private land are not backed up by law. Instead, they are invoices for a breach of contract.

While drivers have to obey the rules on parking, firms need to make sure parking restrictions are very clear, and people are treated fairly.

If the car park operator wants to force you to pay, they will need to take you to the civil court, which is costly and time-consuming for them. They can only do this if they have your details, or those of the driver so its best not to contact them even if you do receive an Invoice!

If the car park operator does take you to court and wins, you then have pay the costs in addition to the original charge.

If you do get a ticket, I am unsure if its the vehicle or the driver that's responsible? Either way I would ignore it and any reminders that follow.

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- penny (4th Jan 2018  17:17:42)

Perhaps Julian you should not park on private land. You must have known it was private as you state that it was in your post. How would you like it if people parked on your private land?

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- h (5th Jan 2018  10:04:20)

The previous poster has overlooked the fact that the private companies do have access to car registration details, they ask the DVLA who do give out the info to them. So long as the signs are clear they do have the right to take action. I can sympathise with the pub. Is it really worth getting the car out for one drink?

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- sdr (5th Jan 2018  12:46:59)

It should be pointed out Julian is not factually correct. Back in 2013 or somewhere around then when clamping was still legal on private land you could ignore there invoices as there was no legal comeback (I should know I had around 8-9 tickets from parking eye but nothing happened).

Now since clamping has been outlawed it is written into law that companies can seek redress from the legal owner of the car (even if there legal owner was not the driving at the time) Now if these companies take the owner to court your chance of losing is very high (if you were in the wrong) so for example a £60 invoice if it goes to court can turn into £2000-£3000 bill as you will pay their legal costs.

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- Vivian (5th Jan 2018  14:06:25)

There are 3 signs in the car park..which quite clearly state the rules on parking in the car park. All you have to do is give your car reg plate to the staff and the fine will be avoided. All the negativity on this thread is unnecessary..some people enjoy a drink and a meal..the whole point in the new rules is so that people who work long hours don't use the car park for free. The royal anchor own the whole car park and if you can't abide by their rules then don't go there..common sense really?

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- Dan (5th Jan 2018  15:23:59)

Anyone who doesn't want to park at the Royal Anchor could always join the commuters who regularly park outside my house to avoid paying for parking at the station

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- Iwik61 (5th Jan 2018  17:28:58)

This is also happening at the Alton house hotel stops people free parking as the station is so close

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- Liphook resident (6th Jan 2018  08:07:52)

Does this car park fill up? I've only lived in Liphook for 3 years but have never seen it more than half full. Maybe I'm missing something but all this argument about it being private land seems to be overlooking the fact that it's still a business and surely treating customers well is at the centre of that!? The Anchor is not a place I would personally visit as it's never looked overly welcoming from the outside, but surely those who do wish to visit shouldn't be penalised for doing so. With the current crack down on drink driving it seems odd that you discourage people from parking overnight at your premises. It's very obvious this is a money making scheme rather than anything else.

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- Russell Lewis (6th Jan 2018  09:42:07)

Hi There,

My name is Russell and I am the GM of the Royal Anchor. The parking restrictions have been in place for roughly 3 months now which is why some newer members of the village have not noticed the car park overly full. Those that have been here a while will know that before these measures were in place the car park would regularly be full before we even opened. We would never penalise our customers, quite to the contrary these measures have been put into place to ensure that our customers can park in our car park and adequate signage has been displayed to ensure that people are aware of the procedure for leaving your car overnight should you need to. If anybody who wants to use or has used the car park to visit the pub and is unclear or would like further information on the policy in place please feel free to contact me at the Royal Anchor 01428 722244.

Kind Regards

Russell Lewis

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- Penny (6th Jan 2018  10:35:12)

To Liphook Resident – I hope you have read Russell Lewis’s eminently sensible post. I think LR you are definitely missing something in fact quite a lot of things.
1 The Anchor is not penalising its customers. All it is doing is ensuring that its private car park is not being used by commuters, shoppers etc or people not using its facilities thereby ensuring people using the pub have somewhere to park.
2 All the Anchor is asking is that people using the pub give the staff behind the bar a note of their car registration number. Not difficult.
3 There is ample signage regarding parking.
4 The Anchor is more than happy for people who have been using the pub to leave their cars overnight, so LR why are you implying that the Anchor is encouraging people to drink and drive. I quote from your post “With the current crack down on drink driving it seems odd that you discourage people from parking overnight on your premises.”
5 How would you feel if you were running a business, not necessarily a pub and you provided private parking for your customers only to find that your car park was being used by people other than those using your facilities? In the worst case scenario people wanting to use your facilities and park were not able to because the parking spaces were filled with cars belonging to non-customers.
I don’t use the Anchor myself, but I feel very strongly and have every sympathy with them and any other business owner with private parking who endeavour to ensure that their parking facilities are used by their customers.

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- Ian (6th Jan 2018  10:50:12)

Likewise, I have lived in the village for 25 years and never seen the car park consistently full. Of course Green King are free to do whatever they want with their land but spare us the nonsense about commuters filling up the car park as justification for the new restrictions, that is bull!

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- Penny (6th Jan 2018  13:10:31)

Russell Lewis of The Anchor said nothing about commuters filling up the car park. He said that there had been occasions prior to the 3 month old parking restrictions when the car park had been full prior to the pub opening. It was I who suggested it might be commuters or shoppers and this might well have been the case. After all commuters park all along the Portsmouth Road on a regular basis. In any event the fact remains that people who are not using the pub facilities are using the parking facilities and not surprisingly The Anchor is taking these reasonable steps to stop this. I cannot see why anyone would object to this.

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- Claire (7th Jan 2018  12:16:23)

Unfortunately I have left my car overnight at the pub due to being well over the limit; occurred a fine, which thankfully the management validated that I had been a customer so the charge was revoked. I have added my number to the list to avoid future fines; one week before Christmas another fine !

Damned if you do and damned if you don't. I appreciate this policy has been put in place to discourage commuters and the like during the day, but surely common sense must prevail if a vehicle has been left overnight. Yet another appeal and asking the staff at the pub to validate again.

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- J (7th Jan 2018  17:46:07)

Claire, aren't you supposed to inform them on each visit of your registration number and they register that visit into the system. A similar system is in operation at Haslemere Leisure centre - if you're going to be over two hours then they have a tablet at reception to register on for that visit.

Other than for their own staff, these places won't permanently register your vehicle or otherwise you could visit once and then use the car park freely and be part of the problem.

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- Blue army (7th Jan 2018  21:01:39)

To the people who say they have never seen car park full during day I say get those eyes open to the truth I feel for pub I am sure they never took this decision lightly but they have to put customers first it ain't a problem to give reg surely and as for leaving over night again inform them No problem

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- Claire (7th Jan 2018  21:06:43)

J, yes you are right, my ignorance, I thought once registered that would be OK, the staff at the pub have been great though and very supportive, thanks to them I have been saved £180.....moral of the story leave the car at home !

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- helen (7th Jan 2018  23:46:05)

I have seen the car park very full up on numerous occasions, lots of pubs in Haslemere do the same, the Swan and the White Horse to name
but 2. It was the case that residents of nearby roads were parking there and leaving their cars and van there overnight because they did not have other parking facilities. Cannot blame the pub for the clampdown on the misuse.

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- Anon (8th Jan 2018  08:02:52)

Hi just to add to the full/not full argument, I used to work at one of the (many!!) estate agents and we all parked our cars in the car park, often all day.... so not just the commuters!

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- Hal (8th Jan 2018  09:21:08)

I really can't see what the fuss is about - you can park for 4 hours!! This isn't going to cause any issue for people popping in for a quick drink (or a even a drink all evening from 7pm until closing!). Surely the only people this will effect is people who leave their car there over night and if that's the case just let the pub know!!

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- ju (12th Jan 2018  05:58:22)

We went into the anchor when this first came in and as it was dark, we didn't see the signs. We stayed there for the evening with friends and got a ticket. Nowhere on the signs does it tell you to let staff know and as far as I can see, there's no signs inside either.

Re: Royal Anchor parking Charges
- ¿ (12th Jan 2018  07:45:01)

My friend left her car overnight, TOLD the manager it was there, and still got a ticket.

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