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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Oak Park
- Bob (6th Dec 2017 †21:17:12)

Hi. Is anyone thinking of buying a house on the new Oak Park to actually live in...or will they all be bought by buy to let landlords?


Re: Oak Park
- I (6th Dec 2017 †22:40:26)

Keep up Bob, buy to let market been severely dampened by new(ish) stamp duty burden for second home owners and tax changes! Youíre a bit behind the times mate.

Re: Oak Park
- Rita Barlow (6th Dec 2017 †23:43:41)

If itís the place i am thinking of near the weird new roundabout on the Longmoor Rd. My first thoughts are it is a fair way outside the town and is near the very noisy A3 and Old Thorns. Late Saturday night wedding party musuc may drown out some of this noise. Houses should be good value given the location and currently cooling market. So possible more attractuve for Buy to Let if the lower prices mean a good rental yield. Personally I would buy a home closer to the village centre rather being stuck out on a rumbling limb.

Re: Oak Park
- A (7th Dec 2017 †16:07:41)


We live on Longmoor Road closer to Old Thorns than the new development and we can NEVER hear wedding music from there. You occasionally get fireworks and helicopters but that's about it. I just wondered why you might assume noise from the hotel, seems a bit of a wild assumption to me...

Re: Oak Park
- helen (7th Dec 2017 †17:50:16)

People like to buy new houses because there is no chain and also better
mortgage deals from the developer, there are no new houses for sale nearer to the centre of liphook, only pre loved houses. It is surely not that
far to walk! I would estimate about fifteen minutes walk from there if that?

Re: Oak Park
- I (7th Dec 2017 †18:34:56)

Plenty of new houses for sale closer to village centre. Silent Garden behind Bohunt School and St Lawrence Mews near the railway station.

Re: Oak Park
- Mavis Baldwin (7th Dec 2017 †21:54:43)

Is this new development near the allocated caravan / gypsy site at Griggs Green? I think property should be cheaper out there given the location. I expect investors will see the new homes in Bordon a better bet for rental with far better infrustructure once the new eco town is completed

Re: Oak Park
- helen (7th Dec 2017 †22:24:58)

Yes sorry forgot Silent Garden

Re: Oak Park
- Sam (7th Dec 2017 †22:32:02)

Rita Barlow & Mavis Barlow both shouldnt complain too much about noise as am sure Coronation Street was much noisier! Although am fairly sure Mavis wasnít a Barlow but both are names from the soap.

Your joker is probably a northerner post pint and having a giggle

Re: Oak Park
- Iwik61 (8th Dec 2017 †07:32:47)

I think you will find that the eco town was cancelled as they realized it was too expensive and now bordon and Whitehall is another development that will squeeze in as many houses as possible.More fake news

Re: Oak Park
- Dennis Wattman (8th Dec 2017 †15:09:57)

Well as long as the Southern neighbours donít have their Eastenders on too loud I think this new motorway park is well with a sniff. I donít fancy loosing my wheel hubs in the Bordone region and my smokey V8 gas guzzler is not very eco town friendly.

Re: Oak Park
- May Dupp (8th Dec 2017 †19:00:12)

Itís Waterman not Wattman, and itís Minder not Eastenders

Re: Oak Park
- P (8th Dec 2017 †19:28:58)

Is it correct that this new estate is not going to be in the Bohunt catchment area?

Re: Oak Park
- Ian (8th Dec 2017 †21:12:56)

L- no! Bohunt is an academy, it doesnít have a catchment

Re: Oak Park
- Dennis Wattman (9th Dec 2017 †00:18:24)

Was a word play on Eastenders Dennis Watts :)

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