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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Chemists in the village
- Mari (11th Oct 2017 †09:43:17)

Has anyone else found the chemists to be rather inefficient lately?

My partner went there to collect his regular prescriptions, using the card they had given him on which the date for the next lot of meds would be ready. He waited for his turn, they eventually came out with his meds, and he walked away. He checked the package as it seemed too light, and saw they'd left some of the meds out so he went back inside. They checked and realised what they'd done, and asked him to wait another 5-10 minutes for them to complete the prescriptions required.

As for me - I went in to collect 2 prescriptions that had been sent over from the Village Surgery. They gave me one - said they knew nothing about the other prescription - then went to check and apologised, saying it had been stuck under the other one and they didn't see it - so would I wait another 5-10 minutes for them to prepare the other.

Re: Chemists in the village
- gr (11th Oct 2017 †10:14:18)

They are only human and we ALL make mistakes

and yes its very frustrating and could be dangerous but take a step back and look they are very busy they have to deal with all the prescriptions from the surgery's and all the auto prescriptions

I wonder how many a day they have to do ? and everyone wants theirs yesterday

They are at max capacity and with the village growing they are only going to get busier

Trouble is nobody today can accept errors or things taking more than a few minutes to do not everything can be done straight away.

So whats the answer a bigger chemist how much would that cost ?

Personally I have not had a problem with them when collecting prescriptions and they have been many of them.

Re: Chemists in the village
- Mark (11th Oct 2017 †11:49:34)

My answer is quite simple. Put in the prescription one week before you need the medication. Take a newspaper, and if you still have to wait sit down and do a Suudoku.

Re: Chemists in the village
- roo (11th Oct 2017 †12:22:29)

5-10 mins wait ur lucky my last 3 visits have totalled 1hr 40 mins in waiting time in lloyds chemist liphook. So complaining about a 5-10 minute wait is a bit of a laugh

Re: Chemists in the village
- B (11th Oct 2017 †12:58:39)

Iíve found the same problem but you canít blame the staff. Like everywhere in Liphook the village infrastructure is no longer fit for purpose due to the increased development taking place.

In short. Liphook is full up. I remember walking around Sainsburys at 10am on a Saturday morning and marvelling at how quiet it is. Now itís a bloody bun fight

Re: Chemists in the village
- Paul (11th Oct 2017 †14:22:48)

I'm putting in a +1 for supporting the local chemists. Never had a problem, like all places they have peak times when they get busy so I try and go when it's a little quieter.

A lot of the local shops and services provide an excellent service and don't get a mention here.

Re: Chemists in the village
- d (11th Oct 2017 †16:33:56)

I'm a very regular customer at Lloyds and although there is sometimes a bit of a wait the service is never anything other than helpful and friendly. I certainly wouldn't want to work there when I listen to the manner in which some customers speak to the staff. Little wonder there are so many staff changes.

With regards to the customer who waited an average of 30 minutes plus ~ pull the other one. If there was likely to be a delay I feel sure he would have been advised and could have called back later.

Keep up the good work girls (and boys?) you work remarkably well under the circumstances - And customers learn to be a little more tolerant.

Re: Chemists in the village
- Jo Herridge (11th Oct 2017 †21:03:44)

I too have sometimes had a bit of a wait in the chemist. However, they are all busy and when customers tut, huff and puff and complain about the time waiting it only increases staff anxiety about hurrying up. This in itself can causes errors to be made. I think considering the pressure they are under they do a good job.

Re: Chemists in the village
- Anne (27th Oct 2017 †10:45:04)

I've just read in the news today that Lloyd's are going to be closing about 200 of their pharmacies throughout the country. I sincerely hope Liphook isn't one of them. Then people will have something to moan about. The chemist is a valuable resource for our growing village so even though you may have to wait a while, let's get behind them and hope we don't lose the service.

Re: Chemists in the village
- Willo (27th Oct 2017 †16:10:18)

I can't see how they could justify closing it as it always seems so busy. I think it's a really good chemist and very personable.

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