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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Bt internet
- G renouf (5th Oct 2017  10:36:43)

Any body having problems with internet today keep getting server not responding or connection dropped?
Working fine yesterday
Even phone not connecting at times
Reset mac and router still playing yp

Re: Bt internet
- Dawn Hoskins (5th Oct 2017  14:51:09)

The story of my life.
Passfield is particularly bad at the moment.

Re: Bt internet
- Katie (5th Oct 2017  22:23:02)


Re: Bt internet
- dave (6th Oct 2017  00:22:23)

It could be Windows using up all the upload bandwidth in the background sending updates or syncing with the cloud. Look in Task Manager to see what processes are using bandwidth and end them.

Re: Bt internet
- Amy (6th Oct 2017  10:18:26)

I'm switching to sky, I've heard from several people they are better than BT and they haven't had tons of issues like we do with BT

Re: Bt internet
- Jonathan (6th Oct 2017  11:05:57)

We switched to sky this year due to an excellent deal through MoneySavingExpert. Can't say that we'll stick with them - seems to be much more unreliable than Plusnet who we were with before. Hoping that fibre comes along before May/June next year when we'll definitely switch away from Sky.

Re: Bt internet
- Dawn Hoskins (6th Oct 2017  12:04:31)

We switched to BT from sky because Sky were useless! LOL

Basically, it doesn't matter what company you pick they can still only work with the crappy infrastructure.

Re: Bt internet
- nick (6th Oct 2017  15:29:47)

you can check both broadband and the phone line on the BT check your speed if there is a fault it will pick it up and a fault number is given.I did this and did have a fault on slow speed
It has now been resolved and am up to speedSuggest you check first before your moan.

Re: Bt internet
- paul (6th Oct 2017  18:49:30)

I believe BT fibre (Infinity) is coming soon.

Re: Bt internet
- Willo (6th Oct 2017  19:38:16)

Not sure if you know where the Passfield exchange is but it's a couple of doors down from Passfield stores. Not much bigger than a single garage and on old technology. Openreach are planning fibre for later part of next year. All providers Sky, BT, Plusnet etc use the openreach Passfield exchange. If anyone has a fault or slower than expected speed raise a fault as that may help add weight to the exchange being upgraded. Remember many problems can be wi-fi overload in the home or badly positioned hub, worth a try maybe.

Re: Bt internet
- Rh2 (13th Oct 2017  06:48:29)

We've noticed that BT internet has been slower and more erratic since mid September- I'm wondering if the new sixth form college makes a difference i.e. We have a lot more people using it or doesn't it work like that?

Re: Bt internet
- H (13th Oct 2017  07:44:24)

Been with Plusnet for 10 years in Passfield. Only had a problem once and that was due to a fault in the property. We are some distance away from the exchange.

Re: Bt internet
- Willo (13th Oct 2017  08:52:48)

No won't be the new sixth form, that won't be served from the Passfield exchange. Can be a number of reasons for slow speed, some can be in the home, some may be on the network. I am on the Passfield exchange and my speed is about 8 Meg which is faster than it used to be, 3 years ago I was only getting 5 Meg. 8 Meg is adequate for me, 2 people working from home on computers everyday. The industry has agreed that 10 Meg should be the minimum supply for all therefore all suppliers are working to provide that before the deadline (cant remember when that is). Passfiled is ADSL technology with copper wires coming out overhead on all the poles you can see along the roads. Replacing with fibre means digging up the roads and laying new fibre cables. Another option being explored by Openreach is running fibre cables overhead on the poles, not been done anywhere as far as I know so let's see. If you are with BT it is worth downloading the BT App and doing regular speed tests from it, if you are having problems you can also raise a fault or get lots of information to help figure out if your home set up is ok, for example where your Hub is placed. Lines are monitored continually, when speed drops the line resets itself, this can happen 10'times in a day before Openreach will proactively investigate, somraise a fault if you have problems. Plusnet are the value side of BT, service centre is in Sheffield. Plusnet, BT and all the others are at the mercy of Openreach and the old technology at Passfield exchange.

Re: Bt internet
- Willo (13th Oct 2017  09:20:42)

Actually just checked my speed on the My BT App and speed has gone up to 15.4 Mb/s so must have been some upgrade done recently. That's more than enough speed for me for now.

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