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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Train timetable changes - consultation now
- Bob (2nd Oct 2017 22:36:27)

From the SWR website, search for Timetable Consultation (consultation closes 22nd December 2017):
South Western Railway will be making some major changes to train services in the December 2018 timetable.

A quick look suggests fewer services calling at Liphook in the morning rush hour times, and taking a few minutes longer also. For anyone who relies on the train I suggest you have a look and make your views known through the consultation.

(and a request to please not turn this thread into yet another about parking or how the village/population has changed!)

Re: Train timetable changes - consultation now
- Paul (3rd Oct 2017 09:19:12)

Here's the link:

Re: Train timetable changes - consultation now
- Paul (3rd Oct 2017 09:25:26)

Outbound LIPHOOK to WATERLOO in the mornings would be as follows:


(If I am reading the consultation correctly - Table 156)

Re: Train timetable changes - consultation now
- Alan (3rd Oct 2017 09:46:57)

I think this is right

06:09 (arrive 07:25 - change at Haslemere for 07:12 arrival)
06:27 (arrive 07:35)
06:39 (arrive 07:56 - change at Haslemere for 07:41 arrival)
06:55 (arrive 08:05)
07:28 (arrive 08:35)
07:39 (arrive 08:57 - change at Haslemere for 08:39 arrival)
07:55 (arrive 09:06)

Re: Train timetable changes - consultation now
- Debbie (3rd Oct 2017 10:56:58)

Ah....... all my commuting life, I dreamt of a train which left around 7am. Now I am not catching the train, they fulfil my wishes......

Re: Train timetable changes - consultation now
- JBS (4th Oct 2017 10:54:28)

From the published information for the consultation, it seems that there will now be a half-hourly service calling at Liphook throughout most of the day.
Up trains will generally be at 22 and 53 past the hour, Down trains will be at 24 and 55 minutes past the hour.

Although these extra trains will not run at any more convenient times, than the current service. From the times given these trains will not connect with the current bus services from any local stations for onward travel!

Re: Train timetable changes - consultation now
- Adrian (5th Oct 2017 22:26:09)

Don't forget the 0515 train to London.

Re: Train timetable changes - consultation now
- James (6th Oct 2017 16:27:03)

A large number of people get the current 07:19 in the morning which gets in around 08:24 and doesn't stop all stations to Guildford like they are going to do for the "new" 07:28. To get anywhere in central London by 09:00 you really need to be getting a train that arrives before 08:30 at Waterloo.

Re: Train timetable changes - consultation now
- Jayne (6th Oct 2017 19:04:29)

Great. The new rail franchise has made living in Liphook a less popular option to commuters and that may well dent the value of its houses. Oh and a less convenient train service.

Unimpressed and will add my voice to so called consultation process aka it's a done deal.

Re: Train timetable changes - consultation now
- Michelle (6th Oct 2017 20:35:19)

Thanks for alerting us all to this consultation.

I attach the response that I have sent.
Thank you for requesting our feedback on the timetable. These comments are about the Portsmouth Direct line and are in respect of the Liphook stop.

The rush hour train that stops at Guildford Haslemere Liphook (1815) has been removed. This train travels on the slower Cobham branch line that does not add to the Woking congestion. By cancelling this train, there will be significant overcrowding on the 1810 train, which will have the current commuters from the 1800 and 1815 train, which are both extremely busy.
The 0515 train has been replaced by the 0520 train. You should reconsider this change as it is a train that is used by a significant number of Met Policeman who need to be at their station by 0700 for the start of the shift. It will be better to move this train to 0510.

Overall, it seems too early for SWR to be changing the timetable without collecting the management information that must now be available from the Smart Cards.

I would be very grateful if you would consider the suggestions made above i.e.
reinstate the 1815 that is 3 stops to Liphook; and
having 0510 first train from Liphook.

Many thanks

Hope this encourages others to reply

Re: Train timetable changes - consultation now
- Jane (6th Oct 2017 23:21:18)

The loss of the 0719 semi fast to Guildford could make a lot of school children late if they then have to get the slow 728 train which will arrive at Guildford at 757 (rather than 743) to then change for the London Road connection and then a 10-15 min walk to school to start lessons.

I agree how can they look at making changes so soon and if they analysed how busy those 2 trains were and people's onward travel they might realise how many problems they are going to cause. They should also evaluate the reliability of those 2 trains as currently one serves as backup for the other's regular failure/delay.

It appears we have been devalued to Witley and Liss standard of service now and if we accept that we won't get a semi-fast service back.

I will be giving feedback.

Re: Train timetable changes - consultation now
- Robert (7th Oct 2017 10:52:21)

It's mostly the same people running the thing as SWT.

Re: Train timetable changes - consultation now
- petercf (11th Oct 2017 19:01:53)

A couple of thoughts,

- 0719, today only has 5 coaches, needs 10 or 12 based on numbers joining at Guildford and Woking

- 1815 needs to stay and be 12 coaches and how about a 1915 to Liphook

- Whitehill & Bordon town regeneration relies on Liphook as the prime station

- has 0909 now been replaced by the 0922, if yes that's a shame as it is off peak and means you can get to central London for 10.30am

Re: Train timetable changes - consultation now
- Adrian (12th Oct 2017 15:07:53)

Michelle - Your comment about the 0515 train, it is used by lots of Met Police but it was always the 0520 it only became the 0515 last year to so it could slow down going through the crossings at Liss which the first train has to do and when if it got to Liphook at 0515 it always stood at Haslemere for 5 mins to match the timetable. Therefore if it's on time the arrival time in London will be the same as now.

Re: Train timetable changes - consultation now
- Michelle (14th Oct 2017 15:20:16)

The 0515 is almost always 5-10 minutes late. If it is put back to 0525, it will probably be late and therefore only get to London for 0640 at the earliest.

Re: Train timetable changes - consultation now
- villager (14th Oct 2017 20:54:49)

My how the population of the village has changed and affected the parking.... lol . Sorry couldn't resist a light-hearterd laugh.

Re: Train timetable changes - consultation now
- Finchie (14th Oct 2017 23:51:08)

Right ! Thats it. 6.15pm gone. There is going to be hell to pay.

I like the 6.55am though.

Not amused, Finchie

Re: Train timetable changes - consultation now
- Adrian (15th Oct 2017 04:26:25)

I think that before any changes are made SWR need to sort out the current table so far this week i have caught 7 trains in both directions between London and Liphook. EVERY train had been delayed. Perhaps someone needs to explain to SWR the concept of running trains on time and that late trains all the time are really annoying.

Re: Train timetable changes - consultation now
- A (15th Oct 2017 11:34:09)

I tend to go from Haslemere as there's a more regular service. I usually get the 7.10am from Haslemere as the 7.02am is always fully and I resent having to stand for 55 minutes or so first thing in the morning - very few seats become available at Guildford. As the 7.10 starts at Haslemere you always get a seat. Well, it looks like they're doing away with this and other trains to Waterloo starting at Haslemere so the chances are standing all the way to Waterloo will become increasingly common.

Anyone notice the new tactic of stopping trains at Woking and chucking everyone off if there's any kind of issue on the line? It's happened to me twice already since the franchise change.

Sadly, it's never going to get any better.

I have responded to the consultation but have very little faith that any notice will be taken of those who pay for the trains in the first place...

Re: Train timetable changes - consultation now
- liz (16th Oct 2017 11:05:37)

As far as I can see this amounts to a significantly downgraded service for Liphook at peak times. Fewer direct trains, longer journey times. This is astonishing bearing in mind the growth of the village. Although I will respond, I suspect the 'consultation' is just a window dressing exercise and we will just have to put up with the changes

Re: Train timetable changes - consultation now
- Ade (8th Nov 2017 18:43:47)

I am cautiously optimistic about the new proposed services. There are more trains in the peak hours (6am-8am up from 6 to 7, and 4pm-7pm up from 14 to 17 with less stops at Woking). However, there are less direct services in the morning. We will either have to change at Haslemere, or keep our seat and accept longer journey times caused by waiting at Haslemere.
The loss of the 1815 return is sad.

I've sent this feedback.

These are my comments/questions.

On balance, I like the proposals. I hope they achieve the desired result.

On the consultation tables, please indicate class of train (450 or 444) and number of carriages, and whether the trains will be routed via Woking or the more southerly Cobham line. Also indicate if there is any change to the Off-peak and Super off-peak times, and whether there will be any change to the cycle policy. We cannot provide informed comment on the proposals if we do not have all the information. For example, I may see more trains, but if I cant see the carriage formation, I do not know if this is an improvement. The ratio of 444 to 450 is a big factor in the quality of service (I know many who avoid the 450 because of its unsuitability for longer journeys).

I applaud the effort to provide more services during peak hours. If I have read it correctly there is now one extra London-bound train serving Liss/Liphook between 6am and 8am. However, commuters will now have to make a choice To maintain current journey times, we will need to change at Haslemere. Alternatively, we can choose to stay in a seat on the train we board but with longer times caused by waiting at Haslemere. Changing will mean joining a fight for seats and we will be unlikely to find two seats together if not travelling solo. Haslemere commuters will no doubt start arriving at the station earlier to make sure they are queuing ahead of the inbound Liss/Liphook commuters.

It will be even more difficult for cyclists to change in the morning. Theyll need to travel in the cycle storage area, then get off and hope to find another cycle space on the second train, and maybe still in wet gear if its been raining. There is also the possibility of being stranded at Haslemere if there is no room for a bicycle on that second service. They too can accept a wait at Haslemere to keep their cycle space, but then the bicycles will be on an all-stops services which get crowded from Godalming, and Ive seen too many arguments over cycle storage space on over-crowded 450 class. Hopefully these all-stop services will be 444 class.

I am pleased to see that the number of evening peak services to Haslemere has increased from 14 to 17 between 1600 and 1900. The average journey time is also down from 57 to 55 minutes. 9 of these include a stop at Woking, which is an improvement on the current 12. Much of the crowding on our trains occur when Woking commuters jump on the first available service just before it departs, so the more trains that skip Woking the better.

I am very disappointed to see the removal of the 18:15 service. This provided the only direct service for Liphook and Liss commuters in the evenings without having to endure the wait at Haslemere.

I was hoping that the opportunity could be taken to introduce a later last service home from London (circa 0030). The proposed 2349 is better that the current 2345, and the 0009 is a welcome addition for Haslemere or Petersfield, but does not serve Milford, Witley, Liphook or Liss. But Im sure this new service will keep the Godalming, Haslemere and Petersfield taxi drivers very happy 

Good luck with the consultation. If you can provide the extra information requested earlier, it would be much appreciated.

Re: Train timetable changes - consultation now
- Stuart (20th Dec 2017 09:25:25)

The consultation closes on Friday (22nd). If you haven't yet told SWT about your views on longer and less convenient journeys trains from Liphook, time's running out!

Re: Train timetable changes - consultation now
- liz (20th Dec 2017 10:52:19)

Just a reminder. Most peak trains to London will involve a change at Haslemere unless you want your journey to last well over an hour. You may or may not get a seat as most people will change to the faster train.

Also the 18.15 from London - one of the fastest trains from Waterloo is not on the new timetable.

Re: Train timetable changes - consultation now
- Fred (21st May 2018 08:52:11)

From the consultation outcome it looks like the 2 per hour are now stopping at Liss rather than Liphook from December? Is this a typo I wonder as it was always talked about Liphook getting 2 per hour.... hope we do get it!

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