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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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- liz (17th Jul 2017 †09:24:29)

Has anyone found the mosquitoes particularly vicious this year or have I developed an allergy? They don't usually bother me too much but this year I have had some really nasty bites that have been so itchy they keep me awake at night.

Re: Mosquitoes
- KM (17th Jul 2017 †10:18:39)

Yes!!! - Killed one in the bathroom this weekend - big blighter

Re: Mosquitoes
- Dawn Hoskins (17th Jul 2017 †12:12:56)

Yes. Agree, I thought I'd been bitten by horseflies as the reaction was so huge.
I've now got some Avon spray, which although doesn't smell great, seems to keep the midges and mosquitos away.
It's called Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil Body Spray with Jojoba. I think it has some sort of citronella in it?
I'm allergic to the insect repellent that has chemicals in - so this is the first time I've ever sprayed anything on. I've also got some antihistamine tablets in my bag as the reaction to the last bite/sting was so massive it worried me a bit.

Re: Mosquitoes
- Debbie (17th Jul 2017 †12:38:33)

Agreed - they have been taking massive chunks out of me too!
Try taking anti-histamines, they will reduce the redness and should help relieve the itching

Re: Mosquitoes
- BT (17th Jul 2017 †16:58:41)

Think I was bitten by some about 3 weeks ago. Bites became infected and I had to have antibiotics in addition to the usual antihistamines which I need anyway. The bites also started up my eczema so do watch out for lethal bugs this year.

Insect bites
- Clare (19th Jul 2017 †20:49:39)

About two weeks ago I got a small insect bite on my ankle which I became aware of as I found it very itchy. It seemed to have a head on it which after a few days I scratched off, not deliberately but just because I found it so itchy. I didnít really think much about it until last weekend, maybe around 10 days later, when the area around the bite became very itchy again and developed what I now know to be a bulls eye rash which was probably caused by a tick bite.
I went to the GP and they are treating me for Lyme disease on account of the rash. I believe that I have been fortunate in getting the rash without which I would have had no idea about the tick bite. My bite looked nothing like any tick that I have seen on our dogs or cats over the years. A tick can be as small as a poppy seed and as I said I had no idea at the time that it was a tick.

I am urging everyone to carefully examine any Ďbitesí they may find. If you do think it is a tick it should be removed very carefully to avoid squashing the tick and potentially pushing any blood back into your body. A specialist tick remover is available from pharmacies or you can carefully use needle point tweezers. (Keep the tick to give to the GP). Please be aware that not all ticks carry disease so donít be too alarmed.
Obviously this is just my personal experience but if you want more information about Tick bites and Lyme disease please visit

Wishing you a wonderful bite free summer.

Re: Mosquitoes
- Helen (21st Jul 2017 †23:16:35)

I have been eaten alive the last few weeks.
Never experienced anything like this.
Spray, antihistamine, cream etc doesn't touch it.
Just glad to hear it's not just me

Re: Mosquitoes
- Dawn Hoskins (24th Jul 2017 †09:58:35)

Seriously, get some 'skin so soft' spray.
it really works.

Re: Mosquitoes
- liz (24th Jul 2017 †11:00:39)

Jungle Formula works but is a bit extreme. As 'Skin so soft' is cheaper and presumably smells a lot better I have ordered some!

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