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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Hermes Deliveries
- Julian (28th Jun 2017  09:36:13)

Anyone experiencing issues with Hermes lately?

I was expecting a parcel last Thursday. Hermes tracking says "delivered", then shortly afterwards "out for delivery again". Same Monday and same Tuesday.

Problem is that I am not covered as the item is showing as delivered. I think the drivers just sign for the package themselves and throw it in a bin!

Their customer service is useless.

Very frustrating.

Re: Hermes Deliveries
- Paul Robinson (28th Jun 2017  10:41:34)

In the event of non-delivery of your item where Hermes cannot help then you should refer to the company you have ordered from, such as Asos or Boden for example.

Hermes are their contracted carrier, their sloppy service will be of great interest to the supplier who will insist on a prompt, recorded delivery.

Paul Robinson

Re: Hermes Deliveries
- Nicola (28th Jun 2017  11:02:14)

I recently used parcels2go and had the same problem on 3 occasions, each time saying it was a failed pick up and on each occasion i was home. Parcels2go use yodel Hermes and parcelforce. It was Hermes who failed to pick up. I would never use parcel2go again, useless customer service, unable to get through on phone. I eventually emailed and made a formal complaint and the parcel was picked up the following day over a week late!!!!

Re: Hermes Deliveries
- Julian (28th Jun 2017  16:33:41)

Hi Paul,

Yes, I have been in touch with the supplier since Friday.

They talk with Hermes who say "its out for delivery today". Nothing ever turns up.

Last night Hermes advised it could take up to 8pm. I waited at work until 8pm. Nothing.

Today Hermes promised it would be here between 1 and 3pm. Nothing.

Disgraceful, but suppliers use them because they are cheap!

Re: Hermes Deliveries
- Passfield Gal (28th Jun 2017  19:01:30)

I have sometimes found it necessary to give specific directions to my house to delivery companies. Some drivers seem to have inadequate sat nav and can't find us.

Unless your house is something like number 32 Gasworks Terrace, Julian, they may have trouble locating it. Ours, for example, has no number, only a name - and it's not on a named road. That confuses some drivers.

Re: Hermes Deliveries
- Wendy (28th Jun 2017  19:58:40)

I've had no problems with Hermes deliveries. To day I had an email at lunchtime saying sorry they couldn't deliver my parcel today but then it was delivered at 3 o.clock!! My parcels are left in the porch if I'm not in. Good service from them, lovely lady who does the deliveries.

Re: Hermes Deliveries
- Tracey (28th Jun 2017  22:46:59)

I had an email from amazon saying my parcel had been delivered and handed to me! The parcel was not handed to me or my neighbours so I contacted amazon and they are refunding me.

Re: Hermes Deliveries
- oldie (28th Jun 2017  22:59:05)

Passfield Gal

Years ago I worked as a delivery driver for a bit and my pet hate was big posh houses set back down hidden driveways who chose not to put a number up outside, just use a silly name, like "Tudor Towers". Except they didn't tell me if it was number 1 or number 100 on the road!

I used to want to throw their parcel out in the middle of the roads, if you can't be bothered to put a house number up, how was I supposed to guess which drive you were hidden down???

Anyway, with modern sat nav I guess there's less of a problem!

Re: Hermes Deliveries
- dave (29th Jun 2017  00:11:21)

My house doesn't have a number and nor to any of the houses near me. What number do you suggest I should put up ?

Re: Hermes Deliveries
- Ian (29th Jun 2017  07:52:39)

Oldie, what a stupid attitude, thank goodness you are no longer a delivery driver. Sounds like you have a bit of a chip on your shoulder!

Re: Hermes Deliveries
- liz (29th Jun 2017  08:17:41)


My house also does not have a number - not unusual round here. Are you from suburbia?

Re: Hermes Deliveries
- Iwik61 (29th Jun 2017  08:34:49)

I agree with oldies a lot of houses have undergrowth covering there signs or the other one is the sign blew down in the '87 hurricane haven't had time to replace yet.

If we can't find what on earth do 999 services do

Re: Hermes Deliveries
- Cherry (9th Jul 2017  15:06:41)

Hermes and Yodal charge the supplier peanuts and what do you get if you pay peanuts? Walk away from any company using these delivery companies. The only really reliable one is Royal Mail, or what ever it is called nowadays.

Re: Yodel delivery
- EB (10th Aug 2017  19:12:11)


I don't suppose anyone has had a yodel delivery from Laura Ashley that they werent expecting.

Apparently mine has been delivered and signed for! Interesting as I was out all day. No card in box, it's not hidden and the neighbour hasn't received it. YODEL are looking into it! Useless.

Re: Hermes Deliveries
- A knowles (10th Aug 2017  19:29:52)

Have to say we have had no problems with deliveries along Headley Road

Re: Hermes Deliveries
- Neil (11th Aug 2017  07:50:22)

Yodel and Hermes are utterly useless I actively try and avoid companies using them or upgrade to a better service.

I and several people I know have had things misplaced (aka stolen) sent by Yodel.

DPD are by far the best courier these days and usually the same driver, Mark who does liphook and is a top bloke.

Re: Hermes Deliveries
- EB (11th Aug 2017  10:28:50)

Frustratingly, the delivery drivers' GPS shows them at our address. The person who signed for the parcel is called KAMI. I don't even know if a Kami leaves on our road. The mystery deepens!! Yodel have told me to wait another 4 hours....

Re: Hermes Deliveries
- R (11th Aug 2017  12:12:24)

I have never had a problem with Hermes however yodel have signed for parcels themselves, which I never received, once a driver came back claiming a young girl was in my garden and signed for it but I know for a fact this wasn't the case as I had been in all day.

Re: Hermes Deliveries
- RH (11th Aug 2017  21:17:34)

Please remember that your contract is with the company that you ordered the goods from. In the event of non delivery in a reasonable time chase them not their contractors.
You do not have a contract with whoever it is that is not delivering the goods.

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