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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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- LC (19th May 2017  22:41:48)

As a reminder to the lady driving a BIG Land Rover who ignored the traffic lights whilst they were on red as we were just about to cross:
Simple enough for you?

Hopefully you will take better notice of people & children waiting at traffic lights next time (not to mention the speed that you were doing). Speed kills & stopping at red lights isn't optional, it applies to Land Rover drivers too believe it or not.

- Mrs (20th May 2017  09:11:32)

Yesterday I saw a lady in a Land Rover on her phone drinking her coffee/tea, I hope she spilt her drink after I had put my hand on my horn and kept it there.

- Jayne (20th May 2017  09:52:17)

Now come on LC, you should know that the Highway Code doesn't apply to owners of Landrovers.

They abide by their own code of smug entitlement which prevents them from having to show any regard for other road users, pedestrians, white lines, red lights, junctions.....

Or perhaps it's a simple case that they are too dim to buy a car that they are able to control. Being able to see over the steering wheel is a good starting point.

- Amy (20th May 2017  11:11:42)

Wondering if this is the same lady in a Land Rover that refused to stop when I was crossing with my baby in a pram on the zebra crossing at Sainsbury's. I was already on the crossing when she sped towards me and weaved behind me while I was still in the road. Pretty scary as the road isn't very wide!

- No surprised (21st May 2017  13:24:13)

Get her number plate and if you are in a vehicle and have a dash cam get footage.

Repeated complaints about an individual's appalling driving passed to the police can (eventually) result in them taking action. (I know this has happened in West Sussex at least).

On the other hand this is Hampshire, land of the useless constabulary who are known for taking no action against even the worst (accident causing) drivers so perhaps don't hold your breath.

- Lucy (22nd May 2017  06:57:52)

I too saw a lady in a black landrover drinking a cup of tea/coffee with her kid in the car on Thursday on the longmoor road going towards the square. I wonder if it's the same woman. I couldn't believe it! How dangerous!

- Hev (22nd May 2017  13:19:26)

Doesn't have to be a Land Rover - I saw an oldish woman in a Smart car texting whils pulling onto the A3 from the Bordon sliproad the other day.

Disagree about the coffee - you can hold a coffee cup to your mouth and drive an automatic car with one hand whilst at least looking where you're going. You can't do that if you're on your mobile or lighting a fag...

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