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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Pot hole
- Mark (17th May 2017  21:52:44)

Just to warn everyone. I have just hit the biggest pothole on the brow of the hill from Haslemere to Liphook. I was on a motor scooter and as it was in the centre of the road it nearly threw me off. Has buckled and flattened my rear wheel and tyre and damaged the suspension.

So please be careful and does anyone know what I can do? My insurance say they will let me know about my excess and it may be cheaper to pay for it myself. They said proving liability with council and/or roads people is impossible. I didn't fancy going back to photograph it as in this weather I could get mown down.

Re: Pot hole
- Paul Robinson (18th May 2017  05:59:03)

The first thing you need to do is establish which authority the pot hole is in. The Haslemere Road is in Hampshire until just after the railway bridge and then goes into West Sussex before entering Surrey.

If you report it to the Bramshott & Liphook Parish Office

01428 722988 10.00am - 1.00pm Mon to Fri

They will help you and give you the correct contact details for the authority responsible. I believe that if the pot hole has been reported to them and they have yet to repair it they are liable for the damage to your vehicle.

Paul Robinson

Re: Pot hole
- Richard (18th May 2017  07:14:23)

Check the website "FixMyStreet" too. If the hole has previously been reported, the relevant council cannot deny knowledge, their only defence is they "haven't exceeded repair timescales for the severity of the pothole"

Re: Pot hole
- Mark (18th May 2017  08:26:28)

Many thanks to you both. Very kind. Will do. Am going back this morning to get lots of photos.

Re: Pot hole
- Jane (18th May 2017  08:26:57)

Mark, I don't know if you follow Liphook Rants on Facebook but a lady posted there yesterday about a large pothole damaging her vehicle. She described it as the Hammer road so could be the same.

Maybe two voices will be heard better than one!

Re: Pot hole
- Julian (18th May 2017  09:48:19)


Just out of interest I had a look at FixMyStreet and see that some potholes were reported on 14th March 2017.


Potholes, basically the whole stretch from hammer hill to the railway bridge.

Reported in the Potholes category anonymously at 22:55, Tuesday 14 March 2017

Sent to West Sussex County Council 5 minutes later


The web page link is here:

Good luck.

Re: Pot hole
- Mark (18th May 2017  10:07:00)

Thanks all. It's just near the Linchmere turn before Hammer and I noticed a hub cap there and another car stopping to photograph it so I fear it has affected a few people. It's quite long as well as deep. Will contact all the relevant people.

Re: Pot hole
- Debbie (18th May 2017  12:23:31)

Be prepared for a battle.......

I recently hit a pot hot on Hollist Road, near Woolbeding, which punctured my tyre. I wrote to West Sussex County Council who sent me a huge form to fill in, they wanted copies of my MOT, insurance, vehicle registration, receipts for the tyre - you name it, they wanted a copy.

They sent me a letter, which I felt was slightly threatening, stating they rarely paid out for such claims.

However, don't be disheartened, about 10 weeks later, a cheque for the full amount arrived.

Take lots of photos, if you can, with a tape measure and don't let them get away with it!!!

Good luck

Re: Pot hole
- Zoe (18th May 2017  15:46:31)

I hit the same pot hole yesterday, lucky no damage. This road has been like it since before Christmas, and still nothing done about it, accident waiting to happen. Glad you were ok and only damaged your bike, next time could be a cyclist vs car coming other way!

Re: Pot hole
- A (18th May 2017  22:17:59)

I have reported this pothole a few times. It is now due to be repaired, hopefully with the other ones, on Monday 22nd May. There will be three way traffic lights, so be prepared for journeys taking a bit longer.

Re: Pot hole
- LC (19th May 2017  22:07:41)

These potholes have been getting worse by the week. I too reported to West Sussex council website a few weeks ago after a near miss, once found out which authority is responsible as it's on boundary. Taken ages for any action. Hope that they do a proper job in fixing them & not just patch it up hastily.

Re: Pot hole
- Heather L (24th May 2017  23:45:02)

It was still there today. We've hit it a couple of times and worked out its by the triangular sign with the horse on it and number of yards underneath, it's to the right of the lane. Then shortly after is another, more to the left. I worry for cyclists particularly.

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