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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Headley Road Fish & chip shop
- Naomi (14th May 2017  09:35:40)

What a disappointment.
Haven't bought fish and chips from this place in years and won't be again, The chips had been cooked in old oil, no substance to them and the fish was as flat as a pancake again cooked in old oil.
Such a shame, I did wonder why the place was so empty.

Re: Headley Road Fish & chip shop
- Ian (14th May 2017  10:14:03)

Have you spoken to the owners about your issues?

Re: Headley Road Fish & chip shop
- paul (14th May 2017  15:23:51)

Hi, Go to Frankies in Grayshott for the best fish and chips in the area. You can also sit and eat at their tables.

Re: Headley Road Fish & chip shop
- Rob (14th May 2017  16:36:22)

Yes frankies at bordon or grayshott is a must. You won't find better quality that the food they supply. I Would not go anywhere else. And the staff are always so helpful

Re: Headley Road Fish & chip shop
- Tracy (14th May 2017  21:03:26)

I too am very disappointed with the Fish & Chips from Headley Road. I thought it was just me being too fussy, we had some from there Friday evening and they really were not very nice. I agree that the oil they were cooked in must be very old, or a different type they usually use. Definitely won't be going back there in a hurry. I am going to give them a call to discuss this with them, so I will keep you all posted.

Re: Headley Road Fish & chip shop
- KM (15th May 2017  09:43:05)

I would recommend the fish & chip shop in Station Road if you want to stay local - always had good products from them.

Re: Headley Road Fish & chip shop
- dave (15th May 2017  10:06:42)

its been rubbish for years,,, never any good ...

we goto sea and spud in petersfield its fantastic

Re: Headley Road Fish & chip shop
- c (15th May 2017  11:08:27)

If we write enough bad reviews on here, they may end up closing as we drive even more business away from Liphook.

With any luck, we'll get another estate agents in the village!

Re: Headley Road Fish & chip shop
- Richard (15th May 2017  17:55:36)

No-ones saying lets all complain and dtive them out. Just saying get your fish and chips right.

Its idiotic comments like that that cause threads here to turn into slanging matches.

Re: Headley Road Fish & chip shop
- C (15th May 2017  19:53:43)

Richard, I would accept your sentiment if the posts contained recommendations for how to improve.

They're not.

They're sending people to Grayshott.

Re: Headley Road Fish & chip shop
- peter (15th May 2017  20:22:45)

i agree with richards comment as at the end of the day its your money your spending on fish and chips

i tried it today at dinner time it was bad so i ended up letting the fox in turbridge lane have a free dinner

[i took my litter home]

Re: Headley Road Fish & chip shop
- Daniel (15th May 2017  21:47:00)

We would like to appologise to anyone who experienced poor quality food over the weekend.

We take great pride in our quality oil and regularly change it to ensure quality.

Unfortunately our usual oil collection company had a new menber of staff who missed us off his list and would not come out again to collect our waste oil on Friday and they do not work over the weekend therefore we where unable to change our oil until Monday morning when more barrels could be acquired.

We always appreciate the good and bad feedback as we cannot improve if people do not tell us their issues and implore people not to use this site as a means of complaining as previous managers have been pushed to tears and left this job because of comments made on this site in the past.

If you would like to give us your feedback please feel free to pop in and see me or alternativly please call us on 01428722256 or email us at

Re: Headley Road Fish & chip shop
- G (15th May 2017  22:25:40)

I must be very lucky but every time I have bought fish and chips they have always been really tasty. The staff are very helpful and always cook it to my request.

Re: Headley Road Fish & chip shop
- don (16th May 2017  08:11:29)


Suggest you find a new supplier or carry stock to cover such an emergency

Simples !

Re: Headley Road Fish & chip shop
- Njt (16th May 2017  17:23:15)

Never had a problem , all the food we Have ever purchased has been good and freshly cooked .
Well done headley road chippy !!
We can smell it when you start frying from our house , so thanks for that when I'm hungry !!!!

Re: Headley Road Fish & chip shop
- Sally (16th May 2017  22:51:55)

If the oil was known to be past it's best surely it was not in the customers interests to carrying on using it and risk undermining the quality of the food being sold.

I am sure there would be recourse for the losses incurred from the company who were booked to and then failed to collect the oil.
It is better to disappoint customers unable to buy fish and chips than risk a backlash of criticism from those who had been sold food that was tainted by rancid oil.

I find the behaviour of the manager to be underhand and his decision to carry on selling makes me wonder what other quality control shortcuts are being taken.
.It also shows he has a complete lack of respect for his customers for allowing them to buy food that he knew was of an inferior standard.

I hate not being able to support local business but gave up spending my hard earned money there a long time ago not wishing to enter into a fish and chip lottery caused by inconsistent standards.
Frankie's fish and chips are delicious, cooked to order and certainly worth the wait.

Re: Headley Road Fish & chip shop
- Dave L (17th May 2017  09:14:17)

This thread typifies alll that is wrong with the 'on-line' world with live in, trial by faceless individuals who seem to relish causing pain to people trying to survive in a cutthroat environment. Even our holidays are spent being pushed to increase tripadvisor ratings or their efforts in trying their best will be in vain.

Whilst quality control has suffered from a poor supply chain the same could be said of all businesses within walking distance pubs restaurants and even our hub 'the Big orange' so why make this a vendetta against an individual whilst 'bigging up' the competition (tried all, not impressed but they are what they are).

Look forward to seeing you in the Hungry Horse for cod and chips as the way things are going only the chains will survive.

Re: Headley Road Fish & chip shop
- ian (17th May 2017  13:22:25)


Re: Headley Road Fish & chip shop
- L (17th May 2017  14:45:01)


Re: Headley Road Fish & chip shop
- Sally (18th May 2017  09:02:28)

With regards to Dave L's response I disagree that the fish and chip shop is being put on trial by faceless individuals or that a vendetta, (which the Oxford dictionary defines as a prolonged and bitter campaign against someone) is being waged against them.

Forums such as Liphook Talkback merely allow individuals to share their opinions regarding local issues and businesses online rather than by word of mouth in previous times. Reading through the comments on this thread I do not see examples of anyone relishing in causing pain.

I am saddened by Dave's comments that local businesses have such thoughtless disregard for each other that they are operating in a cut throat environment. If true then Liphook businesses would surely benefit from being supportive towards each other to try and maintain support and patronage of the local community.

I feel for Dave if he is being pushed whilst on holiday to submit his opinions to Trip advisor. Echoes of those dreadful years when people were besieged by time share touts come to mind.

I had assumed opinions and ratings were given on a voluntary basis and necessitated reviewers logging onto tripadvisor to submit comments. I welcome sites like Tripadvisor and whilst there will always be a malicious element present on these and other online forums I think it gives businesses an opportunity to receive praise and feedback that can only benefit them and mean their efforts for trying their best will not be in vain.
Benefits are also afforded to potential customers to view other peoples opinions and experiences and giving those businesses who are causing complaint to address complaints and improve the service they provide.

If Dave is suggesting that people should keep their opinions to themselves or not complain when they receive less than satisfactory service then I cannot agree with him.

Is he himself though not being critical when suggesting that all businesses within walking distance (assuming he means within the village as he does not specify where he is walking from) are suffering from a lack of quality control due to a poor supply chain?

As for suggesting people are bigging up the competition is it not usual practice to recommend to others a product or service that you enjoyed or felt was worth using?
I am all for being loyal to local business but that does not mean I will put up with less than I deserve.

In these austere times it is even more important that businesses do all they can for their customers. Business such as restaurants, takeaways and other non essential services have even more reason as what they offer is often seen as a treat or a reward after a hard day at work, something to be enjoyed and lift flagging spirits.
How disappointing then if they show a total disregard to the quality of the product or service they provide to their customers and I for one do not think they deserve our sympathy.

The business world is a competitive place and any business worth it's salt would welcome feedback good or bad so it can assess its competency. Businesses dealing predominately with a local customer base have even more responsibility with a potential to build a lasting relationship built on reliability and trust.

None of my comments are directed personally toward Dave or Headley Road Fish and Chip Shop they are merely based on my own opinions my right to free speech and without malicious intent.

I hope that the Headley Road Fish and Chip Shop will look at improvements and aim to be the very best Fish and Chip shop in the area.

I have fond memories from my childhood going with my Dad to collect fresh bread from Conford Bakery before calling in to the Headley Road Fish and Chip shop and even though I was an impatient child being happy to wait whilst the fish was cooked knowing that we would soon be home tucking and savouring every mouthful.

Fish and chips are food for the soul. Not just for sustenance they evoke strong emotions and purveyors traditional dishes have a responsibility to give their customers the very best.

Re: Headley Road Fish & chip shop
- ian (18th May 2017  12:38:10)

Just Googled some stats which seem to indicate that it is recognised that at least 30% of negative online reviews are fake!

And if I recall correctly there was a recent case on Talkback where the editor discovered a negative posting followed by a recommendation for another firm was from the same IP address.

Increasingly there are now "proper" online review sites that have a thorough authentication process to ensure reviews are genuine and accountable, which I don't think is the case on Talkback unless the Editor has the time and inclination to cross reference/investigate/review all IP addresses for every posting

Re: Headley Road Fish & chip shop
- Penny (18th May 2017  17:02:58)

Sally Well done. Your post was well written and full of common sense. Makes a nice change.

Re: Headley Road Fish & chip shop
- Dizzie-wh (18th May 2017  19:08:52)

Would just like to add I have used this Fish and Chip shop for ages on a regular basis and have always found their food really good compared to others in the village (which I found soggy batter and not much fish). Give them a break - may have been just a blip - let's be fair all businesses can't please all of the people all of the time! Will be continuing to buy their superb fish and chips.

Re: Headley Road Fish & chip shop
- Andy (18th May 2017  21:01:13)

IP addresses are nearly irrelevant in this context unless your the police etc whom have the power to ask the ISP who it belongs to and then enter properties to trace the individual.

For example my current IP could be anyone of 600 people as thats how many individuals are behind this IP and within this business. One person working at a business in liphook could be discussing a point on this site and go and post something, whereas the other whom disagreed could go back to their own desk and post something else to the contary. Both posts would reveal only 1 external IP to the editor so it would be unfair to suggest they co-relate IP's. The exact same thing will happen in your own home, 5 people using the internet all appear on the internet as the same external IP.

As for the Chips, sort of agree its not great to say one place is bad and then another is better, thats open for abuse. We should just stick to the fact the chips were not good, someone whom claims to be the chip shop provided a reason for it and a number for you to call them on, so as they are local they deserve another chance.

Re: Headley Road Fish & chip shop
- Hwpa (19th May 2017  07:46:06)

Had haddock and chips from there last week and we both thought it was great.

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