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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Speedwatch Portsmouth road
- H (13th Apr 2017 23:08:20)

I see the high viz brigade have taken to hiding behind a wall on the Portsmouth road , the speedgun was literally poking out of the wall.
What's the protocol on this? Even i didnt see them until the last minute but I did have my head down looking at my phone
(I was on foot btw!)

Re: Speedwatch Portsmouth road
- Richard (14th Apr 2017 08:03:55)

Maybe it is a Health and Safety thing to hide behind a barrier!?

Does seem a bit underhand though when the government paints all fixed speed cameras bright yellow, signposts them, and advertises where they are.

Even the new HADECS3 cameras on the M25 were painted yellow after they started life as grey, due to public outrage.

The official policy is preventing speeding by visible deterrence. Hiding behind a wall does not meet this policy, this seems like an attempt to entrap, rather than an attempt to make people slow down before the speeding offence is committed.

Re: Speedwatch Portsmouth road
- Amy (14th Apr 2017 20:13:08)

I wish they'd just put a damn speed camera on the road before someone is killed.. High vis brigade aren't gonna make a difference

Re: Speedwatch Portsmouth road
- Richard (14th Apr 2017 21:56:52)

At least it wouldn't be behind the wall!

Re: Speedwatch Portsmouth road
- Lips (15th Apr 2017 05:19:06)

I can't see what moral grounds could the speed offenders have having been caught willfully breaking the Highway Code?

Re: Speedwatch Portsmouth road
- Richard (15th Apr 2017 10:22:33)

Lips, can you clarify your comment please. I seem to have taken a stupid pill this morning!

Re: Speedwatch Portsmouth road
- liz (15th Apr 2017 11:21:17)


The only powers the high viz brigade have is to send you a letter. Their only use is as a deterrent - so pretty pointless if hiding behind a wall!

Re: Speedwatch Portsmouth road
- Lips (15th Apr 2017 14:52:26)

Totally agree with you Liz.
Sorry Richard, I'll try again:
I find it inexplicable, where drivers who have been caught speeding, think it's apt to criticise the manner by which they have been caught, be it hiviz or hidden speed checks.

Re: Speedwatch Portsmouth road
- Dawn Hoskins (15th Apr 2017 19:15:59)

I find this post so contrary. At times, half of Liphook and Passfield are on here moaning about the dangerous speed that drivers are whizzing through the village at. Then when the volunteer Speed Watch crew are actually out and about trying to slow people down it results in moaning that they are there at all??

I admit that it would be silly if they were in fact hiding, but so far no one from the volunteer crew has responded to say wha they were doing, so we haven't got any real input.

I think that Speedwatch is a really good idea. We are not likely to ever get speed cameras or actual police officers {}, so in reality, it is the only way we have or getting drivers to pay attention to their speed.

I disagree that they aren't effective. When you see a person in high-vis holding a speed gun - you automatically curb your speed. Also, they send details [of speeding drivers] to the police. The police issue a warning letter, and if this happens three times they can prosecute you.

Having a scheme wich is run by the community, for the benefit of everyone and which costs the tax-payers nothing . . . .Win Win situation in my book.

Re: Speedwatch Portsmouth road
- Richard (15th Apr 2017 19:23:35)

Lips, thanks for the clarification. The government policy on all crime (and speeding is a criminal offence) is to prevent, not to punish after the event unless necessary.

In terms of speeding, prior to speed enforcement, the road is supposed to have adequate engineering to deal with the issues that cause people to speed.

Putting up speed limit signs does not do this, nor does speed detection. What does work for the majority of people will be engineering the road via pinch points/narrowing/etc. This means the average speed will be lowered.

Then if speeding is still an issue, enforcement is brought to bear, to target the persistent minority. Enforcement does need to be done via the Police though, as I suspect the letters may not be terribly effective, and is this a method that the police use to say they are doing something about a localised issue that is not high enough on their priority list to make enforcement an option.

Out of curiosity, does anyone know (as opposed to guessing) the count of serious incidents(that are related to inappropriate speed) that would enable the council to be forced to investigate the road layout, its condition and design, so if there is a serious speed issue it can be addressed?

Funnily enough, anecdotal evidence suggests the worst speeders are locals, who ought to know better!

Perhaps a few more cars parked down here will help as these will have a similar effect to that of those on Headley Down, forcing traffic to slow down?

Re: Speedwatch Portsmouth road
- david king (18th Apr 2017 11:57:32)

I did see the speedwatch personnel standing quite clearly on the pavement.
I am also mystified by the 20mph signs near the roundabouts; Has anyone been caught speeding there? Usually there is a queue waiting to get on to the roundabouts and school times can be a nightmare.
I often see baffled drivers dithering on the 3 roundabouts, no doubt because there are only 2 roundabouts on the advance direction signs. Isn't it time that the signs were updated?

Re: Speedwatch Portsmouth road
- H (18th Apr 2017 12:25:04)

Quite clearly if approaching from the square. Not if approaching from Portsmouth road- wall in the way and they were standing behind it.

Re: Speedwatch Portsmouth road
- G renouf (19th Apr 2017 17:44:37)

For those moaners just watched an idiot in a passat overtake at high speed through first set out pinch points heading towards the village on portsmouth road and not slow down through the square
this is WHY we need speedwatch I dont care where they stand if we can stop idiot drivers who think the rules of the road dont apply to them

Re: Speedwatch Portsmouth road
- Paul (20th Apr 2017 08:31:39)

Easter Monday, cycling with my family (well spaced out along the road to give cars space to slot in if needed while overtaking), a hatchback overtook my 16 year old son immediately after the entrance to Liphook Golf Club. At the same time, a light blue Volvo saloon decided to overtake the hatchback overtaking him. My son is an experienced junior racer (British Cycling licensed and insured - there's a thing!), so he managed to ride in the gutter to give himself maximum distance from the hatchback who was forced to use far less road to overtake thanks to the Volvo driver.

This was just before the right hand turn into Champneys, from where a horse truck safely emerged further up the road. At speed, the Volvo driver continued to overtake that even before it had completed its turn - on the brow of a slight hill, and from experience no visibility of cars in the dip coming the other direction.

Perhaps get Speedwatch out onto the more rural roads, as I'd suggest there is far more inappropriate speeding outside the town.

(BTW - we ride with GoPro's at all times, so the above has been captured in full 4k video - for Hampshire Constabulary to follow up).

Re: Speedwatch Portsmouth road
- Sam (20th Apr 2017 10:16:19)

I completely agree with the post from G Renouf. We need to embrace ALL measures to try to stop these speeding idiots. There's no police presence and seemingly there's no money/willingness for the council to do anything about it (speed cameras etc) . The speedwatch team need applauding, not criticising. If their presence make just a few thoughtless people think twice about their actions each time then at least it's a step in the right direction.

Re: Speedwatch Portsmouth road
- Dawn Hoskins (21st Apr 2017 00:37:28)

When you say 'the council' who are you talking about?
Parish Council?
District council?
County council?
Central government?

How much money would you be prepared to put on your council tax to pay for a scheme, and what would you suggest that scheme should be? Local people moaned like hell about the council tax as it is. Speed cameras do not bring revenue to 'councils' only to the HMRC's coffers, but unfortunately, it is not the HMRC that pays to buy them, erect them and maintain them.
I say - go with the FREE option and hopefully, the police will prosecute those that get caught 3 times. If you think the camera need to be in a different place why not volunteer to be on the team and put that suggestion forward? They always need more volunteers.

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