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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Knock on door - Collection for guide dogs?
- lff (20th Mar 2017  21:14:02)

I just had a young gentleman knock on our door who said he was collecting on behalf of Guide dogs, this was at 9.00pm in the evening - anyone else been similarly visited at this kind of time? just seems a bit late to me, made me feel a little uneasy..

Re: Knock on door - Collection for guide dogs?
- Rita black (21st Mar 2017  06:57:13)

I had a lady knock very hard on my door about 7.30 last
Night. She had a clip board and I d badge on but I don't trust anyone who knocks on my door. So I said I wasn't interested. There were 3 of them going round on our estate.

Re: Knock on door - Collection for guide dogs?
- Ian (21st Mar 2017  08:22:13)

"I don't trust anyone that knocked on my door" how very sad!

Re: Knock on door - Collection for guide dogs?
- Rita black (21st Mar 2017  10:02:27)

Hello Ian. I will tell you exactly why I don't trust anyone who I don't know knocking on my door. The last time I answered my door to a "Charity " person there was 2 men trying to get into my shed in my garden. So I don't care if you think I am sad. Better to be safe than sorry.

Re: Knock on door - Collection for guide dogs?
- Amy (21st Mar 2017  11:20:49)

We had the same person knock at our door just before 9 last night. Not appreciated with a tiny baby who was sleeping!

It's unreasonably late. I'm sure the argument on their behalf is that more people are around at that time but it's not very considerate.

We also don't do door to door charity/sales etc. I think it's perfectly reasonable not to trust people who turn up on your doorstep trying to get money from you!

Re: Knock on door - Collection for guide dogs?
- km (21st Mar 2017  12:21:49)

Fully understand people being wary this time of night specially elderly & those living alone - don't think I would even answer the door at 9pm - I am trying to contact Guide dogs to see if there is a campaign on at the moment - if I get a reply will let you know !

Re: Knock on door - Collection for guide dogs?
- Elizabeth (22nd Mar 2017  09:29:44)

A lady knocked on ours too. We thought it was strange as it was so late. Would like to know if it was genuine.

Re: Knock on door - Collection for guide dogs?
- DaveW (22nd Mar 2017  13:20:06)

To be certain on 'Collectors', can I suggest checking with the Local Authority, (ie EHDC?) Organisations have to get authority from the Local Authority to hold collections in a specified area and EHDC should be able to tell you straight away of any authorised collections in any particular area, which will be specified under the terms of these things.

I don't live in Liphook any more, but your Parish Council should also have details of any ongoing collections as they should have been notified by the Local Authority. The Liphook Parish Council Clerk if they are doing what they are expected to do, should in turn be emailing their local Parish Councillors to inform them; so no one should be in the dark as to the legitimacy or otherwise of collectors. (Well that's the way it is supposed to work !!!!)

Re: Knock on door - Collection for guide dogs?
- Jo herridge (22nd Mar 2017  18:58:03)

Just before 9pm last night they knocked on my door too. I just said politely I wasn't interested. The young lady said thanks anyway and wished me a good evening. I did feel it was a bit late and I hid behind the door when I opened it.

Re: Knock on door - Collection for guide dogs?
- Jen (22nd Mar 2017  23:06:13)

I wouldn't answer the door at that time of night unless I was expecting someone.

It's not compulsory to open the front door when the bell rings!

Re: Knock on door - Collection for guide dogs?
- KM (23rd Mar 2017  10:12:06)

Hope to have an answer today from Guide dogs for blind are checking for me if collection scheduled in area - will let you know

Re: Knock on door - Collection for guide dogs?
- ian (23rd Mar 2017  10:13:06)

A while ago my wife's car broke down late at night and her mobile phone was not picking up any signal. She had to knock on a few doors before anyone would answer eventually finding someone who not only opened the door but allowed her in to borrow the phone so she could ring me. Thank goodness she was not in Liphook

Re: Knock on door - Collection for guide dogs?
- Jo herridge (23rd Mar 2017  19:24:57)

Glad your wife got helped that night and was able to contact you. However, the point people are making is the time of the evening. I very rarely have anyone knock my door anytime of the evening so I am a bit cautious if the door does knock. You can never be sure who it is and its a good thing to be cautious. Like any area we have elderly and vulnerable people in Liphook.

Re: Knock on door - Collection for guide dogs?
- ian (24th Mar 2017  11:08:33)

The point I am making is that we are becoming an increasingly neurotic society where fear is taking over and we see muggers, terrorists, paedophiles and bad people wishing us harm everywhere. Society is losing its sense of decency and goodwill and if we carry on like this we will all be frightened of going out or helping anyone. Yes there are venerable people and SENSIBLE precautions should be taking but lets keep it in perspective.

Re: Knock on door - Collection for guide dogs?
- Jen (24th Mar 2017  11:28:56)

Ian, I don't think many of us would be expecting a mugger or a paedophile or a terrorist to be ringing our doorbells.

Unfortunately, what we do expect (and get) is dodgy salespeople, charity collectors, religious groups and the like. These people are uninvited and I see that as just as annoying and invasive as all the junk phone calls we receive.

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