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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Yellow sign at Hollywater Road junction
- H (15th Mar 2017  16:01:11)

Could the person responsible for the temporary road sign "Bordon trading estates & Chocolate Frog" at this junction please move it as it's obstructing the view of traffic when navigation out of Hollywater road to the right. It is also obstructing the footpath.

Re: Yellow sign at Hollywater Road junction
- Passfield Resident (15th Mar 2017  20:35:10)

Totally agree!

Two mornings in a row I have had to negotiate this junction with barely no visibility, This junction is notoriously bad at the best of times!!

Re: Yellow sign at Hollywater Road junction
- Richard (16th Mar 2017  07:32:47)

I suspect by the time whoever owns the sign gets round to moving it, the road works that are closing Oakhanger Road in Bordon will be finished.

Have you tried lodging a report on "Fix My Street"

Re: Yellow sign at Hollywater Road junction
- Anne (16th Mar 2017  08:20:59)

Just a thought - get out of your car and move it yourself, just like I did last week when 2 cars in front of me swerved around a large branch that had fallen in the road!!

Re: Yellow sign at Hollywater Road junction
- Iwik61 (16th Mar 2017  08:33:40)

You will find that this will be here for 5 to 6 weeks as the road is closed so this is for the bussiness to survive as the main road is shut

Re: Yellow sign at Hollywater Road junction
- H (16th Mar 2017  10:08:19)

Oh please, there are better places to site this sign away from a narrow footpath used by wheelchair users, next to a busy main road & a deep drainage ditch. Not to mention the school kids who have to walk along it to get to the bus stop . It IS also OBSTRUCTING the view to the right & dangerous.
2 fatal accidents at this junction already .
And Anne, you are lucky that you are mobile enough to move heavy items including sandbags weighing the sign down. .some of us are not! Reported to HCC

Re: Yellow sign at Hollywater Road junction
- H (16th Mar 2017  10:19:05)

Roadsigns have to have permission from the police and highways authority temporary or not. If this is an illegal sign please report to the proper authorities.

Re: Yellow sign at Hollywater Road junction
- Jonathan (16th Mar 2017  16:28:15)

I have also reported this by telephone to HCC having just used his junction!

Re: Yellow sign at Hollywater Road junction
- Dawn Hoskins (18th Mar 2017  13:03:07)

I walked past it on the way back from dog walking and the poor motorists trying to turn right out of the Hollywater/B3004 junction were rocking back and forth in their seats trying to see if anything was coming.

I very nearly pushed the whole thing over into the drainage ditch!

It is a lot of free advertising it seems to me!?
A previous poster said that 2 people had died, but that is only in very recent years. 4 people have died to my knowledge in RTA's but that doesn't include all the regular prangs and people hurt but not fatally.

This is an accident blackspot of monumental proportion when you consider the accident, injury and death rate all combined. There is no way a huge sign blocking visibility of oncoming traffic should ever have been allowed to be placed there just to advertise local businesses.

Someone with bigger muscles than me needs to simply pick it up and move it.

Re: Yellow sign at Hollywater Road junction
- Anne (18th Mar 2017  19:26:53)

It's been moved and visibility is now good

Re: Yellow sign at Hollywater Road junction
- Phil (18th Mar 2017  20:03:51)

Chocolate Frog Company on the sign, quick Google search here's their phone number for those concerned about the sign to phone them:

01420 471437

Re: Yellow sign at Hollywater Road junction
- Dawn Hoskins (20th Mar 2017  18:09:23)

I don't understand why it has to be in Passfield at all?
The end of the road in Whitehall has the signage and so does Lindford. Why does this blasted tea shop require such a massive [vision reducing] sign to be posted in every neighbouring village in a 15 mile radius?

It doesn't make sense!?

Re: Yellow sign at Hollywater Road junction
- N (21st Mar 2017  08:55:51)

This sign is encouraging HGV'S unfamiliar with the area, to drive down Lynchborough Road . The amount of drivers I've had to redirect to the Bordon Trading Estate , they think its Passfield Business Centre .

Somebody take this flipping sign down it serves no purpose and is not relevant to this area !

Re: Yellow sign at Hollywater Road junction
- Lucy (21st Mar 2017  17:21:35)

the owner of the chocolate frog company is Richard Millard who will shortly become leader of EHDC. I am sure his phone number is on their website!

Re: Yellow sign at Hollywater Road junction
- Dawn Hoskins (22nd Mar 2017  00:23:32)

Well, that final comment certainly explains the vast expense that has been gone to, to advertise this blinking coffee shop all over the darn place.
Detour signs would have cost no money at all as they are in abundance - this special sign writing must have cost a bomb!

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