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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Nepalese restaurant.
- Dave Lambert (16th Jan 2017 11:36:17)

Last night Sunday 15th. January my wife and I and four friends went to the Nepalese restaurant (Gurkha Chautari) in Station road, Liphook. As always we had a fantastic meal served by very friendly staff and all at a very seasonable price. The sad thing was we were the only people in the restaurant the whole evening now if this continues it will be impossible for them to make a living and it will close. So I urge the local people from Liphook and the surrounding area to give them your support other wise we will not have this wonderful restaurant for very long and when it's gone it will be to late. SO USE IT OR LOSE IT.

Re: Nepalese restaurant.
- Ian (16th Jan 2017 12:18:56)

Firstly I agree it is a fabulous restaurant.

However, I'm not sure that an empty restaurant on a wet cold Sunday evening in the middle of January is an accurate reflection of their overall volume of trade. I go quite a lot and going back years, it has never had much Sunday night trade. I know it does well on Fridays and Saturdays and also does a lot of takeaways, I suspect their challenge as with so many other food outlets is the midweek and if open, lunchtime trade.

It is worth a visit though, great food, very reasonable prices and does not sit so heavy on the tummy like an Indian meal does

Re: Nepalese restaurant.
- Dave Lambert (16th Jan 2017 16:57:26)

Hi Ian,
My wife and I go there on a regular basis about every eight weeks.
We go on different days and it is never busy which is a shame as the quality of the food is excellent. We have eaten at most of the local restaurants Indian, Thai, Chinese Nepalese etc. and this place is the best by a country mile so I hope the locals will give it the support it deserves.
Dave L............

Re: Nepalese restaurant.
- Clare (17th Jan 2017 04:38:09)

I agree, food is wonderful, it's our family's favourite.I think the lack of clientele could be because from out side it is unappealing and the inside needs "a cosy up" somehow......maybe time for a bit of a relaunch, local mail box offers etc. Would indeed be sad to see it go.

Re: Nepalese restaurant.
- Neil (17th Jan 2017 10:58:01)

Have lived in Liphook for 9 years and only ever been there a handful of times you could call it busy.

As previously mentioned, the food is stand out fantastic and unlike most other Indian type restaurants is not swimming with oil/butter which I cannot stand.

I've taken plenty of people there who have all said the same about how good it is.

Thoroughly recommended - long may it stay open.

Re: Nepalese restaurant.
- Martin (17th Jan 2017 19:11:38)

I totally agree with the last comments, the food is very good in the restaurant and yes we should support the restaurant, we all saw what happened to the Indian Restaurant in the square when we didn't.

However the place does need a makeover to make it more inviting and they also need to promote themselves to the local community.

Lets try and support them to ensure that we do not end up with another estate agents.

I will be there next weekend.

Re: Nepalese restaurant.
- Jayne (19th May 2017 21:51:38)

Wow! Agree with these posts.

Just had an excellent meal here tonight. It really is very good quality food and service. Will be returning again very soon. It deserves our support!

Re: Nepalese restaurant.
- Gabriela (20th May 2017 11:22:35)

Agree . Excellent food . Good quality . Let's support them .

Re: Nepalese restaurant.
- Jayne (17th Feb 2018 21:11:59)

Another fabulous meal here tonight but very quiet for a Saturday evening. Perhaps people are away for half term?

Hopefully this restaurant will stay busy enough to survive. Thoroughly recommend to all! It really is great quality food and service.

Re: Nepalese restaurant.
- Willo (18th Feb 2018 21:25:22)

Just looked on there website, they have a voucher to print off which gives 20% off all food! I haven't been there yet but will book for the end of the month based on all the good reviews.

Re: Nepalese restaurant.
- Ryan La Mon (19th Feb 2018 12:23:44)

I used to get takeout from there a few years ago and it was amazing, but then they had new owners and I was not at all happy with the food. On the back of the recent comments, ill be sure to give them another try.

Re: Nepalese restaurant.
- BillPoster (21st Feb 2018 12:48:35)

We had a big birthday meal there a couple of years ago. The staff could not have been more helpful. Food was plentiful and delicious.
Id recommend them any time.

Re: Nepalese restaurant.
- Katie (21st Feb 2018 14:32:09)

Definitely the best take away around! The food is delicious.

I've never eaten in the restaurant - I wouldn't inflict my little darlings on the staff or customers ;)

Re: Nepalese restaurant.
- Alice (24th Feb 2018 14:00:30)

I agree lovely food, I agree its not that inviting from outside, I don't like sitting there knowing when you walk past, everyone can see you sitting there, don't u think it would be better if you couldn't see In? Maybe it's just me

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