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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Japanese Knives and Swiss Pots Scam- a sorry story!
- TNM formally known as Neil Beacon (29th Apr 2016 16:57:48)

This is not a story I am proud about but I am willing to share with the good folk of Liphook in true community spirit. I will not come out looking too good about this so I will share the embarrassment with someone already well known on this site. To save his embarrassment I will only say his name rhymes with Finchie as he was in on the deal also. No criticism please we know, we know ..........

Earlier today we were approached by a heavily German accented chap driving a silver Mercedes ML (reg number to be added to by my friend Tinchy if he likes) with a very credible storyline about having a local delivery of top notch Japanese knives and heavy bottomed Swiss pan sets, apparently stock left over from the Ideal Home Exhibition.

Would we be interested in taking his remaining stock off his hands at an unbelievably low knock down price as he had to get back to Switzerland and could do without taking stock all the way back in his car?

"Well of course we would love to help!"
"All that stuff in the back of his car would have been a right pain driving back to Switzerland!" we thought-----somehow.

In our defence, we were able to inspect the goods, they were well packaged, we could open every package to ensure they were complete sets, nice feel to them, heavy pans etc. he provided a business card we checked the number to confirm his story (despite thinking it could have been his brother we were calling)- I could continue describing my stupidity but I have a remnant of self respect left which is holding me back but no doubt if you buy me a pint in the Green Dragon I will happily let even that go and spill the whole story, but I might describe it in the third person and refer to my friend Maeve Binchy a lot.

Only for the common sense of my dear wife who told us both not to be so gullible, (but with a few other expletives, which if you know her, you would also know she only uses these when I am being stupid like clumsily knocking her off a ski lift resulting in a broken finger), we would have been sucked in.

However, I thought it would be nice to share my friend Sparky and my narrow escape. Please beware, this chap is really good, I see even my hero Rick Parfitt from Status Quo has been done by the same guy and I rate him as highly intelligent like me and Shark Squinch!

Apparently this is a well known scam if you want to know about it read the Hampshire Watch website - btw the heavy bottom pans contain concrete and the knives aren't that good after a few uses- I am surprised.

Now does anyone have a pup for sale- I am in the market and so is my mate Bark!

Re: Japanese Knives and Swiss Pots Scam- a sorry story!
- Finchie (29th Apr 2016 17:53:39)

Mr Beacon, that's the last time I go drinking with you on a Friday (this week anyway).

You missed the best bit my capped crusader...

After Mrs Beacon distracted him (by checking every single knife your honour - no other way), then putting my sorry arse between him and his Merc car seat as Mr Beacon frantically ensured his "voluntary" refund actually went through ! Good plan mentioning kneecap in your heavy accent as well :-)

He won't be back to Liphook, but back to his stomping ground in St Georges Hill, Weybridge, Knightsbridge and Cobham. He even showed me pictures of premiership footballers he has sold. Perfect inter web downloads ! John Terry even bought a set, and our own local Roman Abramovich. But his jibe about them never using their kitchens raised my suspicions - won't catch me being sucked in....

@Ed - I'll email his photo and ID to you if you can post.

And the Merc reg is KLE PZ 555. (German plate)

Anyway, got to go as phone just gone - something about my Windows PC having a virus and some chap from Microsoft (in India) saying he can get rid of it. Odd really - as I only have Macs. Better take the call anyway.

BTW - anyone know anyone who can do my drive ...

Happy Weekend, Finchie

Knife seller

Re: Japanese Knives and Swiss Pots Scam- a sorry story!
- H Lucas (29th Apr 2016 21:33:01)

Glad it ended well. Had the best laughs today as this has unfolded. Looking forward to Mrs Beacon's version to top it off.

Re: Japanese Knives and Swiss Pots Scam- a sorry story!
- TNM now formerly known as Neil Beacon (30th Apr 2016 00:26:06)

Suffice to say I was washing and drying the dishes when the police called to ask for further details which is apparently only part of my rehabilitation and I understand there is a lovely outfit/dinner/piece of jewellery out there somewhere for less than might have been lost......

Re: Japanese Knives and Swiss Pots Scam- a sorry story!
- Finchie (30th Apr 2016 07:51:33)

Arthur Beacon,

I woke up this morning having had a weird dream about us going into business together. Then checked my pockets to find a business card.

The products still look really good in the cold light of day. If I remember, we can get the products just by paying the VAT. Hopefully that nice Swiss German fella never got the ferry and is still close by !

I still have the number in my phone from when called their corporate HQ.

I suggest that today we only do it off the back of guaranteed orders - Liphookians and Bramshottonians I call upon our collective purchasing power. Place your orders now.

What about it ? One day we could be miwionairres...

Rodney Finchie
PS I'm all for these European free trade agreements. If we exit, look at all the opportunities we'd loose out on

Re: Japanese Knives and Swiss Pots Scam- a sorry story!
- h (30th Apr 2016 18:01:09)

Just for info, this chap may not even be Swiss or German? Stadt Emmerrich, the mark in his "passport" is a hotel? the stamp mark is probably their stamp to use on bill payments etc. Emmerich is a town in Germany and he may have worked in that hotel. Stadt just means town.

Re: Japanese Knives and Swiss Pots Scam- a sorry story!
- Jay (1st May 2016 08:11:27)

- "Please beware, this chap is really good"

It doesn't matter how convincing a crook is, the fact he used the old spiel about "..stock left over.." and "..could do without taking stock all the way back in his car.." should have been enough of a warning.

Honestly, they've been using this one for YEARS.

Guy selling stuff from the back of his Merc? #seemslegit

Re: Japanese Knives and Swiss Pots Scam- a sorry story!
- Finchie (1st May 2016 08:23:24)

H, great info. I'll ask Ed to upload the other side if his "passport" to see what you can glean from that.

The challenge is, I suspect he is not doing anything immediately illegal other than preying on donuts like us, telling a great story and selling them cheap far eastern goods as though they are premium. From what I read the metal is soft and the knifes won't sharpen, and the pans contain concrete.

I bet there are all sorts of other issues they can be nabbed on, corporation tax, employee tax, VAT, import duty, licence to trade etc etc. A bit like when Al Capone got put away for tax evasion.

The police can decide that.

Why I scratch my head, is that the amount of effort and detail going into it - the website, the goods, the importing, very good sales patter, I'm sure they could be more successful with a proper business ! He should just ask his suppliers to use better steel. And rather than put concrete in the pans actually just use steel !!! Surely it's harder to design and manufacture something with concrete in !!! He'd then have a quality business.

Cheers, Finchie


Re: Japanese Knives and Swiss Pots Scam- a sorry story!
- Finchie (1st May 2016 08:27:52)

And if this thread and spreading awareness stops just one person from being sucked in, I'm happy Jay.

Re: Japanese Knives and Swiss Pots Scam- a sorry story!
- h (1st May 2016 16:40:12)

Hi there,
this is not a real passport, German Passports are just as computerised as ours and now require a fingerprint scan and microchip. I have just used google to see a photo of a real one, they are fully computerised and very similar to the way ours have been for 20 years. I would not be more convinced to buy something just because he has a passport, real or otherwise!

Re: Japanese Knives and Swiss Pots Scam- a sorry story!
- H (1st May 2016 16:47:53)

Hi there again, having done further reasearch, this "doc" makes reference to the fact he is dutch, and the words are identifying him merely as a company salesman, for the fake conpany! His name starts with Van rather than VON, Van is the dutch prefix.

Re: Japanese Knives and Swiss Pots Scam- a sorry story!
- h (2nd May 2016 19:16:11)

Having looked at the website, it is a fake website as well? it has no site map, and no contact details, surprise surprise! who would think that one thousand four hundred and ninetyfive pounds is good value for a set of saucepans!

Re: Japanese Knives and Swiss Pots Scam- a sorry story!
- Arthur Deacon aka Neil (3rd May 2016 21:38:48)

Cheers Jay , very insightful of you and much appreciated. Might get him back and see if he can sell you a sense of humour.

Re: Japanese Knives and Swiss Pots Scam- a sorry story!
- E BRIDEL (19th Mar 2019 17:43:57)

Beware, this man caught me at Fleet Services two weeks ago.( March 7th 2019).The same old story of having left -over stock from a trade fair in London, unfortunately I bought saucepans and knives he dropped the price very quickly from £300 to £200 which should have made alarm bells ring, however I was very tired as was on my way home following a trans Atlantic night flight. Don't let him catch you!

Re: Japanese Knives and Swiss Pots Scam- a sorry story!
- Tom Tankers (19th Mar 2019 19:16:46)

You lot sound a right old of numpties. I mean who buys anything from a car’s boot or at the door these days? If you want something either go to a shop or a reputable shop online. Don’t risk buying stolen property or counterfeit sh*te from Pie Keys. If it too good to be true then it’s too good to be true. Only a complete idiot buys cheap goods or services to feed his own greed and whinges when he’s ripped off. You only have yourselves to blame so learn from it and just move on.

Re: Japanese Knives and Swiss Pots Scam- a sorry story!
- Finchnumptie (20th Mar 2019 07:04:25)

Great info E Bridel, sorry to hear your scam, and thanks for sharing and spreading awareness.

As for you Mr “holier than thou” Tommy Tanker, pleasant post that adds a whole load of value - not. Hope you break a leg when you fall off your high horse. It’s all in your name. ‘nuff said.

Spat my tea out when this post popped up. Fun memories though.

Cheers, Finchnumptie

Re: Japanese Knives and Swiss Pots Scam- a sorry story!
- steve (1st Aug 2020 17:06:06)

just to let you know, there is a way of recovering your misspent funds if you have suffered as much as I did: If you paid by credit card and are patient and write the correct legal letter (at Which?) you may be able to retrieve your money via backcharging because of a fraudulent transaction. Stay safe!

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