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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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More New Homes
- Jess (27th Apr 2016  10:59:13)

There is a proposed development of two stretches of land where the horse is in London road and the hanger path which goes up to the church. An open conversation event is being organised on wed 11th May between 14.00pm and 18.30pm for those who are interested in objecting against this development. This land floods quite frequently in the winter and would be unsuitable to build houses on and cause problems with the River Wey.

Re: More New Homes
- liz (27th Apr 2016  14:40:34)

Isn't that part of the River Wey Conservation Area?

Re: More New Homes
- h (27th Apr 2016  16:23:50)

hi Jess, where is this event happening?

Re: More New Homes
- Big Sigh (27th Apr 2016  16:40:20)

check out for a copy of the leaflet which dropped through our letterboxes this am.


Re: More New Homes
- Hilda (27th Apr 2016  19:58:30)

We used to live near there and the traffic noise from London Rd and A3 can be terrible.. Also large trucks use the road fronting the proposed development as a layby.

Re: More New Homes
- Jess (27th Apr 2016  20:02:39)

The event is being held in the horses field.

Re: More New Homes
- Helen (27th Apr 2016  20:14:39)

On the plus side soon there will be no more patches of land to develop so EHDC planning will have to find a new target village to fulfill their new homes quota in

Re: More New Homes
- Robin (27th Apr 2016  21:21:17)

My dad used to work there from when he was 14 that area is made up bog land, also around that area the police buried animals all around that area that they thought had anthrax. To be truthful it's not a safe area for houses. Cow got lost in the bog it's that deep.

Re: More New Homes
- liz (28th Apr 2016  10:54:05)

Green Construct changed its name to Green Construct (Liphook) in October 2015. The company's registered address is 41 Walsingham Road, Enfield, Middlesex, also the registered address of director and shareholder Clifford Donald Wing. Other directors/shareholders are Roger Mark Hayes of Kingston upon Thames and Robin Timothy Hutchinson of Surbiton. Full address details available on the Companies House website.

Call me cynical but I doubt they have any concerns about the future of Liphook, environmental or otherwise. Their environmental ethos is certainly thrown into question by their desire to build on a flood plain.

Re: More New Homes
- h (28th Apr 2016  18:40:13)

ANd in a conservation area Liz! they forgot to mention that part!

Re: More New Homes
- SteveA (28th Apr 2016  20:27:22)

Interesting that they claim that 'our friends' from the River Wey Trust are in support building on a historic water meadow.

Re: More New Homes
- Sarah (28th Apr 2016  21:34:00)

The site is within a conservation area, and there is a guidance note about it here (although it is very old):

However, the fact that a site lies within a conservation area does not mean that there is a moratorium on development (this is a sadly misunderstood point of CA's). However, the reasons why the CA was designated and its special interest would both be important considerations when determining a planning application on the site. This is especially true for the CA which has very limited development within it and was designated because of the River Wey.

Looking at the Environment Agency website it also shows that the site falls within Flood Zone 2, again, I'm sure the developer could argue that measures could be put in place to mitigate against potential flooding.

So if you are planning to comment on either of the above points, I would strongly recommend that you look at their planning submission (when submitted) and their arguments/proposals on those points and then comment for or against their response to them. Simply saying the site floods or that it is within a conservation area is (in my opinion) a waste of a comment!

Hope this helps.

Re: More New Homes
- liz (29th Apr 2016  08:57:59)

Thanks Sarah. You are correct that objections to any planning submissions have to be very specific and we will see what they actually apply for. As someone with an environmental background I find it offensive that so many developers are now using dubious environmental claims to get local people onside in a bid to get approval for their development.

We have had 'Green Village Investments' trying to develop Liphooks small piece of the long fought for National Park (no doubt they'll be back) and now we have 'Green Construct' aiming to develop the Wey Conservation Area.

It's not as if Liphook had a shortage of new housing development! We have so much over development in the pipeline (we have more than met our quota) that the planners are apparently looking at carving up the village with more roads.

Re: More New Homes
- lucy (29th Apr 2016  10:44:40)

The planners are responding to arm twists from our district councillors who are trying to get a road built in the National Park in order to justify the demands from Bohunt and Northcott land owners who both want houses built in the Park on their land.

Re: More New Homes
- liz (29th Apr 2016  11:48:16)

Ironically the proposed route from the Longmoor Road to opposite Station Rd will not relieve most of the congestion. it is traffic on the Headley and Haslemere Roads which is a the greater problem.

I wonder why our District Councillors are so keen on all this development in Liphook? Particularly with 3-4000 homes proposed in Bordon - nearest station Liphook!

Re: More New Homes
- Roger Hayes (29th Apr 2016  13:57:42)

Can we please try to set the record straight – I am Roger Hayes from Green Construct. As I hoped we’d made clear in the newsletter we circulated the other day, our proposal is to gift a large area of land to the River Wey Trust. That is the "two stretches of land from London road and the hanger path which goes up to the church" mentioned at the top of this thread.

We DO NOT propose to build on this land but instead want to release it from private ownership and make it available to the community by placing it in the hands of the River Wey Trust.

To cover the cost of the transfer of that land we would like to build just a few houses on the bottom corner where the horse grazes now. At our event on 11th May we want to start an open conversation with local people like yourselves to get your input and thought on the proposals, for you to see what the River Wey Trust have in mind for the land we would pass to them and to see what you think about the idea of a small, highly sustainable enabling development to pay for it.

Do please come along on 11th May between 2pm and 7:30pm for a chat and I hope that will give you a chance to share your thoughts with us before we go any further. We are nowhere near making a planning application for anything yet. In the meantime if you have specific questions do please email us at thank you.

Re: More New Homes
- Rob (29th Apr 2016  14:05:45)

The idea is for a road from Headley Road to Longmoor Road through the new estate across the field by the Headley Road, with a junction by Hunters Chase, possibly a mini roundabout, another one!

Re: More New Homes
- liz (29th Apr 2016  15:12:41)


There is no need to "set the record straight". Your proposals are quite clear. You have acquired a parcel of land. Some, where there is no possibilty of building (no matter who owns it) you are giving to the River Wey Trust. It is no use to your company and it might heighten your 'green' credentials. The remainder you proposed to try and develop. Many of us would rather not see a housing development on the fringes of the village, so close to the river and in the Conservation Area.

Re: More New Homes
- Paul (29th Apr 2016  15:55:30)

What a very sensible and helpful post from Roger Hayes. Perhaps now is the time to stop pre-judging and scaremongering until the meeting has taken place on May 11 when we can all take part in an informed discussion. I am sure that representatives from the River Wey Trust will be there.

Re: More New Homes
- liz (29th Apr 2016  16:10:24)


Roger's post merely sets out what we already know from the leaflet. Nobody is scaremongering, just setting out the facts whether you perceive them to be good or bad.

Re: More New Homes
- Paul (29th Apr 2016  17:06:46)

The following posts are demonstrably "scaremongering"

"1. lucy (29th Apr 2016 10:44:40)
The planners are responding to arm twists from our district councillors who are trying to get a road built in the National Park in order to justify the demands from Bohunt and Northcott land owners who both want houses built in the Park on their land."


"2. Robin (27th Apr 2016 21:21:17)
My dad used to work there from when he was 14 that area is made up bog land, also around that area the police buried animals all around that area that they thought had anthrax. To be truthful it's not a safe area for houses. Cow got lost in the bog it's that deep."

The following post is getting away from the Thread

"Re: More New Homes
- liz (29th Apr 2016 11:48:16)

Ironically the proposed route from the Longmoor Road to opposite Station Rd will not relieve most of the congestion. it is traffic on the Headley and Haslemere Roads which is a the greater problem.

I wonder why our District Councillors are so keen on all this development in Liphook? Particularly with 3-4000 homes proposed in Bordon - nearest station Liphook!"

What has the proposal to build 3-4000 homes in Bordon got to do with a very small proposed development in Liphook?

Re: More New Homes
- liz (29th Apr 2016  18:18:28)

I can't speak for others but the proposed roads mentioned are under consideration and the Bordon development is underway - scary not scaremongering.

Re: More New Homes
- Elizabeth Allford (11th May 2016  16:14:46)

Don't forget to go to the meetings. Roger and Robin are both there until 6.30 - 7 today . Next tour is at 6.30. River Wey Trust is also there.

Re: More New Homes
- Elizabeth Allford (11th May 2016  16:25:55)

Just met Roger Haynes and knew I recognised him/his name.

This link might be useful. Regardless of your politics it's good to read good things about people.

Re: More New Homes
- liz (11th May 2016  16:34:24)

No visit needed. Just a map. It's a flood plain in the River Wey Conservation area.

You may or may not think that's a good place for housing - particularly when Liphook is getting rather full with the Silent Garden development underway and 300+ more houses to be built on Lowsley Farm.

Re: More New Homes
- Alan (11th May 2016  16:42:09)

The area appears to be both outside of the settlement boundary and in a flood zone.

liphook settlement and flood

Re: More New Homes
- Helen (11th May 2016  16:58:42)

Paul the proposed 4000 new homes in Bordon will greatly impact Liphook as the council's own transport plan cites the Headley road as main transport corridor for the new homes, and Liphook is the nearest station. The development in Bordon is regularly headlined in national media as one of the UK's major new home developments, yet there is very limited infrastructure planning information to support him, hence Liphook should be at least curious if not concerned how it will be impacted.

Re: More New Homes
- Robin Lock (11th May 2016  19:36:03)

Paul you are talking out yr arse
You were not there at the time this went on.
If you want to meet have no problem putting you straight!!!!
They want to build 9 houses on the land. May I ask how much are you going to make out of this, a true liphook person that loves the village and born here would not want any more houses being built on ground like that is.

Re: More New Homes
- Tanaka (12th May 2016  08:50:22)

No new homes on green field!!!
Liphook is slowly turning into a vast urban sprawl with facilities of a small village. Besides, where will Lucky the horse live? I do not believe that John would be selling Luck's home.

Re: More New Homes
- liz (12th May 2016  12:01:41)

I don't think the horse owner owns the land so Lucky the horse will be evicted.

Re: More New Homes
- Paul (12th May 2016  15:39:37)

As we are on the subject of More New Homes, Applegarth, Grayshott was given permission last night to build of 80 new houses, 44 affordable and 36 open market.

The land on which they want to build is in the Local Gap and outside the Planning Development Area. In addition Grayshott have their 5 Year Housing Land Supply. It was down for recommendation by EHDC I suspect because of pressure from on high locally (not National Government) and the two main reasons for recommendation and subsequent permission were:

1. The need for Affordable Housing

2. Applegarth is a family owned business who want to open a "Kitchen School" and provide employment for 18 people.

Neither of the above are planning considerations and this is a very worrying decision because it "blows a hole" in the "Local Gap Protection" which is applicable to all Local Gaps in East Hampshire including of course, Liphook. You can be sure that every developer around will have been watching the outcome of this application very, very carefully. What is the point of having Local Gaps and land outside development areas if these are blatantly ignored by Planning officers on EHDC and our elected councillors?

Ferris Cowper, Grayshott Parish and District Councillor and until very recently our Hampshire County Councillor spoke strongly in favour of the application for development and so did Angela Glass, our Liphook & Bramshott District Councillor. Watch out Liphook!! With all that is going on in Liphook, it really doesn't need councillors who "bend" the planning guidelines to this extent. I will open a Thread entitled Applegarth Permission but thought it was pertinent to this Thread. I know it is in Grayshott but this decision affects all of us in East Hampshire.

I will conclude by saying that yes we do need Affordable Homes, but within a cohesive and workable Development Policy Plan. Local Gaps are so important and erosion of them will have a serious effect on the environment and all of us.

Re: More New Homes
- liz (12th May 2016  16:07:55)

Even more houses in the area so even less need to build on a flood plain in Liphook!

Re: More New Homes
- Ed (12th May 2016  19:21:26)

I have never seen this field flooded in over 60 years.

Re: More New Homes
- Doris (12th May 2016  21:57:03)

Field was waterlogged in 2014 during heavy rainfall and left hand corner was flooded.
Anyway who wants to live there with the noise from A3 fly over bridge and busy London Rd? Have to sell the houses cheap.

Re: More New Homes
- Elizabeth (16th Sep 2016  19:03:16)

Any more thoughts/comments since receiving the latest newsletter re the proposals?

Re: More New Homes
- Helen (16th Sep 2016  20:43:40)

I do not think they have put a planning application in yet? The conservation area aspect of this is worrying though as it recieved the designation in order to protect the river from this sort of development. I think it would lead to all kinds of applications coming forward in other parts of the river wey conservation area nothing then to stop building all along the riverbanks from here to Tilford and Haslemere. It is surely contaminated land most of it being on the former abbatoir site?
The time to get motivated is when they actually apply for this in a formal way. I believe one of the owners of green construct is a Kingston on Thames borough councillor, so he knows the planning system inside out!

Re: More New Homes
- Elizabeth (21st Sep 2016  19:14:08)

There was a second letter that was delivered locally suggesting that local people support the proposal for homes to be built on the land. What do locals really think?

Re: More New Homes
- liz (22nd Sep 2016  08:27:15)

I certainly would not be in favour. Surely developers should be discouraged from building so close to the river, particularly as this will be on or close to the historic water meadows.There is no need for this development as we have sufficient in Liphook already. These developers were trying to get the support of the River Wey Trust, let's hope they haven't succeeded.

Re: More New Homes
- Elizabeth (7th Mar 2018  23:37:33)

Please be aware that Green Construct have now made their second presentation to the Parish Council.

The first one is here:

The second one is here:

They have also now put their third flyer through doors although I don't know how many people received one.

Here is the link to the latest flyer: The other two no longer seem accessible on the website, but I still have my copies if anyone is interested.

Note that the title of the fliers have changed from "Land for Community in Liphook" April 2016 to

"Local Support for Radford Bridge land proposals UPDATE" August 2016 (not sure how the title of this one can be justified judging from the previous comments)

to the final one "Radford Bridge and the River Wey Trust PROPOSALS" Feb 2018. This final title makes it sound as if the River Wey Trust is prosing this and not a construction company.

I would like to draw the community's attention to the council's policy that clearly states: “It is therefore not legitimate for unacceptable development to be permitted because of the benefits or inducements offered by a developer, which are not necessary to make the development acceptable in planning terms.”

If the building of houses on a plot of land outside the settlement boundary, in a conservation area is "unacceptable" then the inducement of a "gift" should have no bearing on the council's final decision.

Please read the documents carefully. Decide whether this is an acceptable proposal or not. Write to your parish councilors, to the EHDC and make your opinions known. If this goes ahead, it will set a precedent. Once the planning application goes in, you need to be ready with your arguments.

Lots of people turned out for the Local Plan Consultation - here's another chance for your voice to be heard.

It seems as if Green Construct are getting ready to submit a planning application in the not too distant future.

Re: More New Homes
- liz (8th Mar 2018  08:21:59)

I believe this is outside the settlement area and on a floodplain. It is supported by the River Wey Trust who appear to be giving up on this bit of the Wey near Liphook for land ownership elsewhere despite its proximity to the historic water meadows. Interesting how so many of these small developers put 'green' in their titles even though they are anything but. - Obviously trying to get permission before the introduction of any local plan.

Re: More New Homes
- judy (8th Mar 2018  17:26:33)

although it is good to plan ahead there is no point objecting until the application has been published. Two good points in a flood plain and outside the settlement boundary and some of it in a conservation area.
Development is supposed to enhance the conservation area. On the other hand it is not that far out of the village.

Re: More New Homes
- Dawn Hoskins (9th Mar 2018  10:32:40)

I'm unclear where the new road is going?

Re: More New Homes
- helen (9th Mar 2018  21:11:45)

I do not think these houses include any new roads? they are directly on the london road next to the Parish council aqueduct.

Re: More New Homes
- Elizabeth (9th Mar 2018  21:16:09)

Here is a link to the East Hants planning application page which tells you some of the things you can and can't comment on.

Whilst one cannot officially support or oppose an application until it has been submitted, at that point one only has 28 days to respond which goes really quickly. Hence bringing this to the attention of the community again.

In the meantime those residents who are concerned one way or the other can raise issues and concerns with the planning office and / or councillors as this is all part of the pre planning consultation and the raising of public awareness.

In fact only yesterday the council released their draft "Statement of Community Involvement" which they wish the community to comment on.

One line simply says " The public has a right to get involved and the only way that the Council will understand what people’s views are if they are told by the public. "

Here is another paragraph
"Pre-Application Advice12.4
The Council considers it very important that the local community is involved the development management process as early as possible. The Council therefore encourages applicants on major, significant or sensitive sites to engage with the local community before a planning application is actually
submitted to ensure that issues are identified and applicants have the opportunity to make appropriate changes to their

And another one
The Council would expect applicants to undertake high quality consultation that is transparent for the community, is not misleading andmakes it clear that no decision has been made by the Council. The Local Planning Authority wishes to encourage pre-application engagement with communities and developers where it will add value to the process and the outcome.

Although I have quoted from the current draft document, I believe the statements are similar in the 2015 document that is currently in place.

So if you feel passionately, one way or another now is the time to voice your opinions/concerns.

Re: More New Homes
- George (10th Mar 2018  01:38:21)

Road follows/replaces the current footpath

Re: More New Homes
- Pete (10th Mar 2018  08:19:51)

I live next door to this land and after looking at the development plans have come to the conclusion that this is a very good use of a patch of land that is very sadly neglected. 9 houses on a small area with the payoff being the benefit of opening up the rest of the land for recreational use seems a very good deal to me.
If the right construction methods are used then there is no reason that flooding should be a problem and if the design is sympathetic to the surrounding area then I think this is an idea that is far preferable to the large scale development currently being undertaken at longmoor road.
These types of small low impact developments are exactly what we need to help with the lack of housing that the country as a whole is suffering from.
I hardly think the traffic argument is viable in this case and if this is a worry simple things like not routing Haslemere traffic from the A3 through Liphook (as is currently the case even after the Hindhead tunnel) and holding the government to account for the woeful lack of public transport can help with this.
I suppose the other option is we can all stop procreating or go back to the time when generations lived together in the same house with brothers sharing a bed like I did.

Re: More New Homes
- SteveA (10th Mar 2018  19:43:47)

The problem as far as I'm concerned with this development is that if approved it sets a worrying precedent. It is in a conservation area and outside the settlement boundry. Also the developers have carefully omitted to gift a further strip of land between the end of their current planned development and the A3. Call me cynical, but I can forsee rather more than the 9 initial dwellings if the planning committee fall for Green Constructs liberal doses of greenwash.

Re: More New Homes
- Silvia (10th Mar 2018  22:53:27)

I doubt they will want to build any closer in to the A3 River Wey
Road bridge. The traffic noise from vehicles crossing this bridge at times can be very bad. The noise coming from the bridge especially when heavy goods vehicle tyres hit the expansion joints is very bad. We live nearby the horse’s field and a loud clonking from the A3 River Wey Road bridge can be clearly heard across this low lying land. This is even more noticeable at night.

Re: More New Homes
- Elizabeth (11th Mar 2018  08:54:04)

Parish planning minutes March 2016
"There was to be a small area to be retained which might be suitable for commercial development."

Re: More New Homes
- Elizabeth (11th Mar 2018  08:57:40)

P.S. The retained land runs up to the A3 up to the end of Hunter's Close.

Re: More New Homes
- liz (12th Mar 2018  09:45:17)

A feature on 'Countryfile' last night about "weak" Councils with "no local plan in place" being targeted by developers. I know our Local Plan is underway - the sooner it is implemented the better it would seem.

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