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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Skatepark condemned ?
- Jason (2nd Feb 2016  23:10:45)

I notice the skatepark's gate has been chained closed permanently for the past 3 months. If the skatepark really was so well used and loved by many then surely talkback would have plenty of posts about it yet I can't find one since I first noticed the lock months ago?

The sheet metal is now peeling off the ramps exposing long sharp edges making it a death trap especially in the middle ramps. I had a good look and it's beyond safe repair. If the parish council are so keen to tear down the willows because of a minor issue then they should either demolish the skatepark or as least make it clear it's out of bounds until a decision is made. Some kids are still climbing over the fence and using it exposing themselves to a fairly serious risk, with nothing other than a chain around the gate to indicate it's now unsafe. It's a poor attempt at preventing kids from hurting themselves, it needs to be covered in signs until the rotting metal structure is torn down and made safe.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Parent (3rd Feb 2016  12:16:55)

My son's are desperately missing the skatepark, and on some occasions I am aware that they are hopping the fence!! They are now finding other places around the village to skate, which I am sure will soon pop up on talkback that they and their friends are becoming a nuisance , but what are they to do. They would rather be outside, liphook needs a skatepark.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Natalie (3rd Feb 2016  14:55:44)

Totally agree. The skate park is a great asset for the younger generation. Does anyone know what the plans are?

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- 10 (3rd Feb 2016  17:23:56)

I believe that the skate park has been closed off because it was being used for drugs again. Needles were found under the ramps.
Even though the gate is chained and padlocked it doesn't seem to stop parents taking their young children in there.
There was a sign up saying the skate park was closed but that was ripped down.
We've had to tell so many parents with their children in there why it's been closed and why they shouldn't be in there. The gate and fencing is just too easy to climb over.
Definitely needs to signed and fenced off properly to make sure no one goes in there.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Peter (3rd Feb 2016  17:41:16)

Jason in reply to you I can assure you when we closed the skate park signs were placed all round the fence area to say on safety grounds the park was closed

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- claire (3rd Feb 2016  20:05:50)

still kids using it, they just go over the fence!

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Lips (4th Feb 2016  06:24:12)

Oh well done, our local authority in it's infinite wisdom had closed a vital facility (which does require maintenance) because drugs might have been used there. Surely we can now tick off the eradication of Liphook's drug problem.
What now? Youths don't even have that facility to provide them alternative to drugs!

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Jane Ives (4th Feb 2016  08:17:13)

The skate park was closed due to the unsafe nature of the ramps, not because of drug taking.

To replace the structure would cost tens of thousands of pounds and locating it where it is now may not be best option. It needs careful thought and planning.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Dave (4th Feb 2016  09:02:37)

Perhaps they should use the council offices for drugs and get that closed too

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Parent (4th Feb 2016  09:58:38)

Well said Lips, exactly. And the children that were enjoying it for what it was, a skatepark now have nothing. When will people realise that the growing number of children now living in liphook need more recreational activities.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Trevor Maroney (4th Feb 2016  11:02:30)

The Parish Plan has identified the community’s need for more sports facilities including a skate park along with many other worthwhile projects. These all require considerable funding. Currently EHDC funding is being made available to provide such facilities for residents in Whitehill and Bordon. Perhaps there is a need for similar resources to be made available to the children of council tax payers in Bramshott & Liphook.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Grant (4th Feb 2016  12:37:51)

EHDC will be receiving a rather large financial payment from the developers, for the various sites around Liphook.
CIL levels are approx. £180/sqm of floor area create.
May be the Parish could look into this?

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Julian (4th Feb 2016  12:39:14)


Is there any reason why Bramshott & Liphook may have been left out?

Has anyone considered any National Lottery or other community funding applications?


Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- ellie (4th Feb 2016  12:49:12)

In areas where a lot of money has been spent on youth facilities and skateparks, there is still drugtaking. It is not an either or situation?

If you are old enough to remember the 60s and 70s drug taking started then, regardless of what youth facilities there were around at the time. The problems in our society have not arisen because of not spending money on young people.

The problem is possibly those children who are not academic enough to get to university see the lack of opportunity around in the area for jobs etc and become disillusioned, any number of skateparks are not going to change their poor prospects in life. It is lack of opportunity and to a degree, some youngsters are not very self reliant and self motivated.

There is a nice skatepark in Grayshott, yet there are still drug problems there. There is a nice skatepark in Haslemere, yet still there are drug problems. Drug taking is similar to alcoholism, it occurs because of low self esteem or personal issues, not because of no skateparks.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Trevor Maroney (4th Feb 2016  20:30:05)

In answer to Grant’s question: I agree that the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) level is £180 per square metre (sqm), but as we do not have a neighbourhood plan the parish council will only receive 15% of this sum or £27/sqm up to an annual total cap in each financial year. However, the 15% does NOT apply to affordable houses, currently 40%. With a neighbourhood plan the parish council will receive 25% (£45/sqm) and no cap. De facto, a neighbourhood plan would be financially beneficial. To ensure that the younger generation’s sporting needs are included it would help if some concerned young parents became involved in drawing up such a plan.

Julian, perhaps your question on funding and why Bramshott & Liphook may have been left out ought to be put to our district councillors.

The parish plan acknowledges that the parish council’s share of the CIL will not be enough to fund all the key projects in the village. It therefore proposes the setting up of a development trust to raise funds, in ways similar to Julian’s suggestion and others, to help deliver essential community facilities.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Evia (4th Feb 2016  21:57:44)


The Drugs story isn’t at all confirmed, yet occupies most of the comments? I can’t see how a few needles would instigate a lock down, if needles were found in the rec, or one of its playgrounds they would be cleaned up safely, the whole place wouldn’t be shut down for 3 months surely?

The real reason again unconfirmed but blatantly obvious from looking at the middle section ramps is that it’s a death trap, it has blade like lumps of metal poking out. No helmet or knee pad will prevent them doing serious damage if they fall on that section.

Oddly everyone is ONLY up in arms when its posted on talkback as someone noticed that its locked months after the fact. If it was that important it would have been big news on this site back when it was locked ages ago as reports from anyone and everyone including those that used it/walked past it would have filtered back. It seems to me that everything gets an inflated sense of importance and drama as soon as it enters talkback. Barely a person has set foot in it since it was locked, those that did probably seen the damage and thought better of spending time in it.
5 years ago someone got a skate park builder to knock up plans and costs (Remember 5 years the price will have changed for today) and the figures produced was £55,000 for something barely greater in features or size than the present park albeit new. Fact is not more than 100 different kids (That’s an overestimate) have rolled a skateboard inside the present skate park in the whole of 2015, sure there might be a hard core few dozen but until the money is allocated i.e between £550 to £2000 per child whom might use it and regularly use it there is little point making a fuss about what is presently a death trap and has been rightly closed off. Some are jumping the fence and will get badly hurt, whomever has locked it has done their little bit to defend them getting sued for damage from unfit equipment.
If its closed due to damage decisions do need to be made.

A. Tear it down cover in grass.
B. Allocate upwards of £55,000 to build a new one in the back rec and pray it gets through planning as its clear from talkback families living next to the late night anti-social hell will object.
C. Tear it down cover in grass & allocate upwards of £55,000 to build it somewhere else and again pray it gets through planning with the new neighbours whom will be aware it will attract late night idiots.
D. Allocate upwards of £55,000, put a massive fence around it at greater cost (like bowls club, tennis club) and maybe CCTV and both unlock and lock it for daylight hours so the idiots have no place to smash bottles/take drugs.

PS: you can only choose B, C or D if you raise the money and hand it over, comments on talkback don’t earn the hard cash to fix the problem. Option A will be paid for by the council if they feel there about to get sued by unfit equipment, poor fencing and inadequate signs (Laminated A4 signs held on by tape) that late night anti socials probably tear up in seconds.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- tony (4th Feb 2016  22:20:31)

Grant, of course it's ultimately the desperate purchaser who pays the CIL, about £20,000 on top of the price of the average new build, if the £180 per sq.m is accurate, I'll bet most of them don't even realise that they're even making this donation, probably for most the largest charitable donation of their lives!

Trevor, could you clarify what's the difference between the Parish Plan that's being worked on and a Neighbourhood Plan.

I googled it and got this "In areas with a parish or town council, the parish or town council will take the lead on neighbourhood planning. They have long experience of working with and representing local communities." (

Another couple of interesting points mentioned were that there are grants available of up to £7,000 and intriguingly, the local council will need to organise a referendum in order to pass a neighbourhood plan, where they will need 50% of votes.

Also they must be "in line with local and national planning policies" I wonder who decides that!

So if we get say 750 new homes (see Parish Plan commentary) and as Trevor says, we get an extra 10% of the CIL (up from 15% to 25%), that's £2000 x 450 (as CIL doesn't apply to affordable homes) = £900,000 we would stand to gain for our local benefit, so I would support that!

So if these figures are correct if anyone could verify them, it seems worthwhile.

(Sorry if I've side-tracked this topic, Ed feel free to move it to the Parish Plan if you see fit)

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Debra (5th Feb 2016  10:00:07)

just reading through this thread and am disgusted to read that the skate park will cost £55,000 to either do it up or to scrap it and put grass there etc even if that is a rough figure and it's down to the council to pay or funds from where ever certainly I will not be happy paying for this from our council tax . Ask me it's a waste of space it being there what is the point it looks so shabby .
It's funny that isn't it that most are up for a skate park in Liphook maybe where as a nursery needs to be built . I find that so wrong . In my view skate park was just causing a nuisance well what I have read on here about it all disgusts me .
I think it's a eyesore of Liphook . Not exactly a lovely skate park is it like what you see in different parts of the country not exactly top notch !!!! And well built .
It's a eye sore . Think it should be knocked down and a nursery to be built
Sorry I'm so for a new nursery in the village somewhere because it's the children of today and in the future that need the help as its educational needs and important . If all the nurserys are full once the new houses built what will happen . What about the parents that do not drive that have not got a driving liscence /or be lucky enough to have access to a car what about them how do they get there children or child to a nursery without proper transport round here that would be my concern what the child misses out now ? I just don't get why the village well most are against the willows . And this thread disgusts me about the skate park
Hope it closes for good we don't need this here rather have a nursery for children to use. The community is always growing and people are having babies all the time so yes we do need a new nursery and it's not fair
I say scrap the skate park and build a new nursery on it fab idea .
Anyone else with me on this I know it won't happen but just saying that's what I would like to see.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- DB (5th Feb 2016  11:14:43)

Pretty low move in my opinion to hijack another thread to keep banging the nursery drum there are other threads for that.

You say you want to build a nursery for the children well don't the children also deserve somewhere to gather and entertain themselves?

I do however agree with other posters that it needs to be fully enclosed to better protect residents from anti-social behaviour late at night.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Peter (5th Feb 2016  11:31:53)

Yip Debra, it's an eyesore and a problem area, get rid of it entirely. It's looks like some sort of East German slum from the 80's around there.

There's plenty of space in the main rec for kids to get out and play safely, And there are many other much cheaper and more deserving investments that can be made for the village and its children rather than such a specialist and expensive facilty to cater for so few.

PS tearing it down won't cost £55,000 that's just the estimate of building a new one. Tearing down is a day or twos work and will cost a few hundred not tens of thousands. At least then we will be safe in the knowledge children won't get seriously hurt.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Parent (5th Feb 2016  11:46:02)

Not all parents in liphook have children of nursery school age. I agree, there is a need for more nursery school places, those children will also grow up and maybe they would benefit from more recreational activities being available to them.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Debra (5th Feb 2016  12:01:32)

Yes I agree the children have the park and green area to play in and also the other park which is for the older children I believe where as the first park is for under 11 or what ever age
Oh I'm so sorry to mention about the willows again oh I'm ever so sorry
Whom ever DB is atleast put your real name :)) I can write what I like where I like sorry but I can !!! . Free country . I'm not going to strip to your levels .

Anyhow for all I'm seeing as that this so called village community doesn't care as not your problem when most of Liphook is made up of the elderly and what do they care and youngsters which are the very young
Not one of you that are ederly would love to have your day centres or day groups taken away no you wouldn't so why let something we need be taken
Oh well it be the poor parents that suffer. Anyhow getting onto the subject of the skate park it needs to be scrapped then being its dangerous how long will it take to be scrapped or mended ? I wouldn't want no child getting on it to be seriously hurt :(

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Debra (5th Feb 2016  12:50:41)

Just thinking can anything else not be built there as not all children are into or will be into skate boarding etc .
Put something there for all children to enjoy and use. We need something that will be cheap enough and would be sufficient for boys and girls of the community not just aimed for boys I mean don't get me wrong yes girls skateboard etc but not many . So whilst this discussion goes on let's think about all the boys and girls in Liphook I don't know why it never been thought of before actually doing something for both to enjoy
Why don't we ask the youngsters what they would like to do to have in there community :)))

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- liz (5th Feb 2016  13:30:51)


Most of Liphook is made up of elderly people who don't care? What a load of tosh.

I think we need the skate park as there is so little for older children or teens (as you will find out when your children are older.) Also I don't think it should be up to the council to provide or subsidise nursery buildings.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Sarah (5th Feb 2016  16:50:07)

If it is not up to the council then who is it up to ?
Because if/when the willows closes, and later down the line there is a shortage of pre-school places in Liphook, who do you think will be left to pay the cost of building a new pre-school building ? Yes , thats right - the council AKA the tax payer

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- SA (5th Feb 2016  17:38:09)

Liz, You might not think it is up to the council to provide or subsidise nursery buildings, but the law says it is, see

"Local Authorities are required by legislation to secure early education places offering 570 hours a year over no fewer than 38 weeks of the year for every child in their area from the relevant date set out in paragraph A1.1 below until the child reaches compulsory school age"

In order to meet that statutory obligation to 'secure' places, it may well mean having to provide or subsidise a building.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- tony (5th Feb 2016  17:45:25)

I just Bing'd this off Wikipedia.

"Parish councils have powers to provide some facilities themselves, or they can contribute towards their provision by others. There are large variations in the services provided by parishes, but they can include the following:

Support and encouragement of arts and crafts
Provision of village halls
Provision and maintenance of recreation grounds, parks, children's play areas, playing fields and swimming baths
Provision and maintenance of cemeteries and crematoria
Maintenance of closed churchyards
Cleaning and drainage of ponds, watercourses and ditches
Control of litter
Provision and maintenance of public toilets
Creation and maintenance of footpaths and bridleways
Provision of cycle and motorcycle parking
Acquisition and maintenance of rights of way
Provision and maintenance of public clocks
Maintenance of war memorials
Encouragement of tourism

They may also provide the following, subject to the consent of the county council or unitary authority of the area in which they lie:

Bus shelters
Signposting of footpaths
Lighting of footpaths
Off-street car parks
Provision, maintenance and protection of roadside verges"


Unless I'm missing something, nowhere does it say childcare facilities. So they can't do it. Simples. Not authorised.

The government will give you money to pay the fees, but they won't provide the facilities. Sorry.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Nic (5th Feb 2016  17:53:55)

I agree that I'd like to see it repaired for scootering and skating.

My kids haven't been for awhile because of the weather so hadn't noticed it was closed.

Surely maintenance is budgeted for?

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Neil (5th Feb 2016  18:51:53)

No Sarah it wouldn't be the parish council that would pay for a new building, its the county council who are responsible. I think that this sort of misunderstanding is causing a lot of problems. Parish councils are not responsible for nursery education and the nursery were lucky to be subsidised by them for so long.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Dawn Hoskins (5th Feb 2016  19:04:02)

no Sarah, the tax payer doesn't pay for a privately run business to set up a nursery. So not the tax-payer. Have you asked any of the other pre-school nurseries how much the East Hampshire District Council have helped them? Answer - not at all.

In the same way that East Hampshire District Council doesn't pay for the buildings of any shops or premises of other private busnesses.

It is a sad affair that Government 'Education' provision does not cover anything other than infant school children, but this is the case up and down the country in every town and village. That is why church halls and village halls up and down the land are rented out by small businesses to be run as private nurseries. That is just the way it is in this country.

No one has said that they don't care about nursery provision. Not at all. But you can't change the way the entire country deals with education policy by blaming a public body who has no control over it and no money to pay for it.

Nurseries in the UK are run by small businesses. End of.

Getting back to the original topic. . . . . . . . . I agree that if the skate equipment is a danger that it should be properly fenced off to prevent injury. I think a road should be built straight across between the Library and the park!!! that would get a lot of traffic out of the square.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Dawn Hoskins (6th Feb 2016  10:37:04)

In reply to teh post made by Tony:

That is a very interesting article Tony. Our Parish Council do look after all the land & property that has been will/gifted to them over the last century either as outright owners or as Trustees - which includes Radford Park off Malthouse Meadows, the allotment land off Tunbridge Lane, Millennium Village Green, the common land at Hammer Vale, the common land at Bramshott Triangle, the Bramshott War Memorial Recreation Ground, the Jubilee Recreation Ground (Little Rec), Fletchers Field, the Millennium Centre, the Public Toilets, the Haskell Centre offices, Liphook Village Hall & Bramshott Club, the Peak Centre and Conford Village Hall. They also pay for and maintain 4 Notice boards to inform everyone when meetings are etc [Parish Council Office; Conford Village Hall; Passfield Store; Church Road – Bramshott] 7 bus shelters and 3 Right of Way Maps [Parish Office; Station; Passfield Store].

So apart from a swimming pool – which we would all dearly love of course - pretty much all of your list is paid for by the Parish Council precept.

The groundsmen do a fantastic job of keeping all our playgrounds, parks and beautiful spaces in tip-top condition, but their remit cannot necessarily run to erecting special safety hoarding which would probably have to be done by a contractor?

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- SA (6th Feb 2016  12:53:07)

The tax payer pays virtually all the costs for nursery education as local authorities (in out case HCC) have a statutory obligation to make nursery education available in its area. HCC might largely meets that obligation by outsourcing to privately run nurseries but that does not take away its obligation nor its requirement to fund or subsidise them. In FY2015/16 HCC received a DSG Early years block grant of £58.28 million to subsidise early years education (ie nurseries) in Hampshire.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Dawn Hoskins (6th Feb 2016  18:02:18)

I was responding to Sarahs question as to who will build and pay for a new pre-school building.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Evia (6th Feb 2016  23:37:18)

OFF TOPIC ALERT ! "oh yeah I know this is of topic but ill blurt it out anyway"

The majority of posts on this are off topic already, I mean really, whats the point when you start one subject and suddenly it all about the williows etc.

Utter Yawn !

Back to the subject.... tear it down and get rid

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Harry (13th Feb 2016  18:49:05)

A new skate park should definitely be built. I know I would use it every single day and that it wouldn't go unused. I drive to Petersfield every opportunity I get just to go to the skate park there when i'm not at college and I know there are many others at Petersfield and Haslemere that would use a new skatepark here as theres really not much in Liphook for young people. So I think that the current hazard of a skatepark should be scrapped but then again im bias to a new skatepark.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Sarah (14th Feb 2016  07:50:23)

I totally agree Harry. Unfortunately though, the parish council and therefore Liphook, is run by a load of oap's who only care about their needs, not the communities. In my opinion families and the younger generation, aren't given any consideration when they make plans. The skate park should have been maintained for the public to use but clearly another resource overlooked by the parish councillors. How many more resources do we have to lose/ close down because they haven't been maintained properly. Firstly the Beacons building now the skatepark.

Well done parish council, keep up the great work.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Robbie (14th Feb 2016  23:20:00)

This makes me really sad, and I should no as I skated there and I rode my bike there. I was one of the first in there when it was built and even jumped the fence before it was finished and I have jumped the fence since.
This skatepark was never good but it was our skatepark, it was the skatepark that the kids of Liphook had and we made the best of it. I have seen some good riders in that park and who knows how good they could have been if the park had been maintained, updated or even made right the first time.
£55k is I wildly outrageous figure considering a good mini ramp can be purchased for less the £5k new so maybe the other £50k was lining some bodies pocket at the expense of others.
Locking the gate won't stop somebody jumping a fence to take take drugs and if you think that you are stupid.
With so many new houses being built there is nothing and I mean nothing for anybody aged 13 and up to do in Liphook and that makes me sad.
But hey who cares as it wasn't mentioned on talkback so clearly nobody is bothered. Don't be so narrow minded, the people that noticed probably have a strong sense of apathy as it is or just thought the caretaker forgot To unlock it so just jumped over the fence.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Parent (15th Feb 2016  08:11:50)

Well said Robbie.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- liz (15th Feb 2016  08:40:23)


IF what you say is true (and I suppose it depends on who you think 'runs' Liphook) why don't "families and the younger generation" get involved?

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- K (15th Feb 2016  08:59:42)

Sarah, you clearly know nothing about the parish council if you say they're all OAPs. Half of them are not retired out of 12, 3 of those are working mums, 1 of those a young dad. Get your facts straight please.

Oh and a decent skate park costs a lot more than £50k with no pockets lined!

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Dawn Hoskins (15th Feb 2016  10:03:37)

Sarah, you should really do a little fact finding.

The Parish councillors are by no means ‘old age pensioners’ – however – even if they were – that would only be the case either because the young refuse to stand for election or the young refuse to vote.

Perhaps Sarah you would like to devote your time and stand as a Parish Councillor……oh…too busy…..not interested enough…..
Not too busy or disinterested to moan about those who are there and make up rubbish about what they have and haven’t done – with no evidence or truth to slow down your keyboard.

For you information the Beacon building WAS maintained. It was maintained for over 70 years when it should only have lasted for about 25. All due to the excellent and continuous work undertaken by the PC (out of tax payers pockets of course). If they hadn’t maintained it – it would have collapsed in 1970.
ONLY when the surveyor said the floor was totally unsafe for any sort of activity like dancing or even children jumping did they say ‘no more’ – particularly as it was being used as a nursery at the time! Have you heard of Health and Safety?

The skate park is another kettle of fish entirely. Only a small percentage of people were using it to skate in. As evidenced by the continuous and reoccurring levels of broken bottles, various alcoholic beverages, condoms, syringes etc. the majority of the time it was unsafe, not because of the structure, but because of the way the YOUNG had treated it and behaved in it.

People would turn up with skates or bikes – take one look and turn away in disgust! And who cleared that all up………yep you got it.

Do not blame the ‘old’ for trashing the equipment and making it dangerous. It wasn’t them.

Come up with a positive solution Sarah/Robbie/Harry. Not just mudslinging and untruths. If you want a skate park how are you going to raise the money. What are your plans?

It can’t be up to everyone else all the time – sometimes it is up to you.

Understand what the problems are - and what battle you have to actually fight, for what, and with whom - before you start attacking the wrong people.

There is no money from central government. There is no money from county council. There is no money from district council. None. Zilch.

Currently in the big scheme of things Policemen, Firemen, Nurses, Midwives are being laid off or getting pay cuts. Police stations and NHS buildings are being sold off or closed. Our essential services are being withdrawn. Serious cuts are being made which hurt people in the most dangerous of ways.

The powers that be are not too interested in skate parks right now………… So put your thinking caps on and start a campaign.

Work WITH the system and not AGAINST it.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Chris (15th Feb 2016  16:13:09)

I can’t believe my eyes! Someone stated "There is nothing and I mean nothing for anybody aged 13 and up to do in Liphook"

Here is a list; I could double it if I had another five minutes to research it.

- Clean & maintained Recreation ground.
- Many clean & maintained playgrounds.
- Liphook Football club has many teams spanning in years from under 7’s all the way to under 15’s with training and events on weekends provided by dedicated volunteers.
- Liphook tennis club has lawn and all year around facilities.
- Liphook Cricket club has again another range of age groups available.
- Liphook youth club. 11 to 16 year olds
- Bohunt has loads of after school events, such as Dance, Netball, Rugby, Drama, Music, Hockey etc
- Liphook is surrounded by good countryside to take your bike around
- Liphook site has a list of over 70 clubs, ok not all are for kids but check it out Liphook Clubs & Societies

I strongly doubt any of the above activities’ cost 10’s of thousands of pounds to make them available to kids, in fact many cost less than a few hundred. I am also certain that all of the above don’t attract out of hours problems like the skate park does. The figure of 55k is a fact but it’s also a wildly out of date fact, i.e the current cost would be greater. Haslemere skatepark cost 100k!

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Thomas (15th Feb 2016  17:40:35)

Agreed there are many clubs (you missed Scouts and Guides) for youngsters, but there are a sizeable number of young people who don't wish to join an organised club or group, most of which require a commitment and a membership fee.

The ideal community will cater both for those who enjoy team sports and organised group activities, and for those who prefer more free spirited casual activities.

It would be interesting to know from the local keen skateboarders here whether, if skate parks were run as a business with an entry fee, adult supervision and rules and regulations, they would still take part in the activity as a hobby?

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Helen (15th Feb 2016  18:29:44)

Skate park closure means we have drug takers, anti social behaviour lot and underage alcohol swiggers back under the A3 bridge near Hunters Chase.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Parent (15th Feb 2016  20:44:28)

Thomas, in reply to your thread re: paying for the skatepark, indeed I think they would still be interested, I spent many a day through the last summer holidays with a number of other parents lift sharing our children to southsea skatepark, and have also been as far as The base, Bognor Regis!! My eldest is now older enough to catch the train and spends most of his time either at haslemere or petersfield skateparks, I'd rather save on the train fare and pay for one in Liphook. But unfortunately will never happen!!!!

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- rob (15th Feb 2016  21:28:58)

Would any one mind if I just went and fixed the park ?

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Phil (15th Feb 2016  22:09:11)

@Thomas. I asked your question of my 9 year old and unprompted this was his answer - "No, because the skatepark is meant to be something for the community".

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Tom (15th Feb 2016  23:09:20)

Fix it? Surely your joking? I think your missing at least some of the point. Those living near it want it gone, they want it covered in grass so it's no longer a late night hell hole of music and broken bottles. I know there is going to be considerable legal opposition to any attempt to either fix or replace it in its present site. It's underused, expensive and attracts idiots out of hours, now that it's a danger and unfit for purpose and we can't afford another, can we please just tear it down ?

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Andy (16th Feb 2016  00:25:31)

Phil, does your nine year old live next to it and get woken up by idiots at night? There have been plenty a post about the problems in the past, where was the community then? If I remember rightly the only response to those within the community near the skatepark was to accuse them of being anti children. It's all very well you tug at our heart strings with the views of your child, what about the children being kept up at night or the ones repeating the language used, or even those who will get hurt in the present rusty death trap? Find 55k &move its location to somewhere easier to police, lock it up at night (just like the tennis club or bowls club) and everyone will be happy

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Phil (16th Feb 2016  12:05:46)

@Andy - my post was unemotive, a direct response to someone else's question.

It never even occurred to me to try and 'pull at heart strings' so you have managed to read very far into the simple comment of an innocent 9 year old and twist it out of proportion. Well done.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Andy (16th Feb 2016  17:26:19)

Sorry Phil no offense or twist intended, a badly expressed comment on my part.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Skatepark user (16th Feb 2016  20:16:29)

I'm a regular user in the local skatepark and I think that this skatepark is an embarrassment towards Liphook. And I am complaining about the lack of activities for us kids. And the fact that no one has ever brought this up before is just silly. Yes there are all them activitys but not everyone likes all the sports like that. Some kids just like to chill skating at the park with there mates and not having to worry about anything. Skating is something some kids do to take there minds off of bad things that are happening at home or school. you adults don't have a clue what goes on in the skatepark. Your just being so stereotypical of the typical skaters. We don't just do drugs. We don't just cause trouble. We don't just annoy the elders. We skate. We skate to take our minds of any problems or just to have pure fun. Me, personally skate to have fun and to enjoy myself. We are not trouble makers. Your going to get druggies, that's part of the skater fashion. It's not just kids who use skateparks. Adults do too so keep that in mind aswell. Just because we are kids doesn't mean that we shouldn't have our facility's. Yes there are play parks but now kids are too old for that. We move on. Haslmere has a good skatepark, so does haslmere. But not us. No. We're too busy building bloody houses that will attract more people to Liphook and will just make Liphook a busy place. My mum and dad can barely get through the square as it is. I don't think people take in mind the kids that actually use it. I now pay for the train to haslmere to skate there as Liphook is unskateable. Also you don't know how dangerous the ramps are. The box is tiny and I have fallen off the side many times. The flat bank is actually going INTO the ground so you can't just smoothly roll down. There is no space on the Quarter pipes so you can do fly out tricks and overall it's a piece of sh*t. Why can't we have a good skatepark that is safe and fun. And stop thinking about the negatives like drug taking as that's just gonna happen. Skate parks are a good, fun place that we all cherish and enjoy.

Sincerely, a local skater

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Concerned (19th Feb 2016  01:33:59)

Many thanks Skatepark user for the following quotes in your very own words
1. "Your going to get druggies, that's part of the skater fashion"
2. "And stop thinking about the negatives like drug taking as that's just gonna happen"

As up till now I don't think anyone implicated the actual skaters in the trouble, in fact am positive all posts indicated it was non skating people after dark causing issues. Now your confirming is a lot more wide spread than we had assumed and that skaters themselves find drugs fashionable???

Can we demolish it NOW please before any other kids start to thinks skateboard and drugs are normal !!

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- lips (19th Feb 2016  09:10:24)

'Drugs' are consumed in cars and homes too, can we please have them immediately demolished?

Lips, they aren't 'public' places - that's the difference.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- dave (19th Feb 2016  11:40:21)

Editor- What about The Houses of Parliament? Are they public? Should they be demolished after were found there?

It wasn't actually me suggesting anything should be demolished Dave. But maybe the Houses of Parliament should have a skate park built inside it :-)

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- tony (19th Feb 2016  11:58:45)

Concerned, you just trashed a young persons plea to the community, picked holes in it like a barrister would in a courtroom.

This is precisely why this growing frontier town, earmarked for turbo charged growth by the government, Local Authority and not to mention soon to be frontline battle ground for the coming fracking wars down south, desperately needs a full time town planner, with clout.

I used to like it when it was a village too, but it's not anymore and as the saying goes (corny I know) 'if you fail to plan, you plan to fail'

It's not just sections of youth being overlooked, the whole town is being taken for a ride, without consideration.

It's one thing greedy adults packing in their shoebox houses all over town, 3 into one with parking for 10, profit over mass vandalism, don't moan, don't stand in the way of progress but err, what exactly is the example we are setting our kids?

Greed, vandalism and profit. Kids join the team, tow the line or sod off.

If the skate park is in the wrong place, move it somewhere more open, do it properly, we may need to give up on a few extra houses that we could have squeezed in, but let's have a proper park with café, green, skate park etc, all the things people want and need, somewhere nice, not half hearted and then the rest is just about good policing. They can manage it elsewhere in the developed world, have we given up here?

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Parent (19th Feb 2016  15:43:02)

Tony, what a fantastic true point you have made.Well said.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Inked M (19th Feb 2016  18:09:23)

Some things never change !!! I remember when we had the original issue with trying to get a skate-park all those years ago.

Are people suggesting we move it or just get rid of it ???

There is a large group of kids who skate/scooter/bmx in this village and the condition of the skate-park is just a joke, all they did when the built is was buy some ramps and slap it on top of the original concrete that used to be outside scout hut. You can not skate on it properly, and what idiot puts a ramp and box so close to the quarter pipes. Yes some of it was vandalised by some idiots, but i can guarantee it wasn't by any of the lads that used it for its correct purpose, maybe if we had some form of actual local Police then all of the People who did use it to drink and do drugs around wouldn't of been an issue. I know for a fact that the people selling the drugs up there didn't skate, he was about 55 used to work in Co-Op and rode a moped, and sat on the bench opposite the library, so all of the little idiots that ruined it just used to go to him up there. I have actually been up there before with a broom and leaf blower to remove the glass that was smashed up there on purpose so if you fell it would be worse. just so they can actually use it to skate.

If you give poor facilities they will not be used properly and it will bring in the vagrants you dont want, if you provide good facilities then it will be used for what it is meant to.

We can not get rid of just about the only facilities that our young people have in this village.

Please just go and look at the skate facilities in Haslemere, Petersfield and even Grayshott whos average age in the village must be 85, most of the lads that go there are from Liphook.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- anne (19th Feb 2016  19:05:49)

I am sure that about two years or so ago it was suggested that the young people who wanted a skatepark got together and formed a Committee- giving ideas and perhaps helping with various fund raising events towards the cost of the repairs to the skatepark or replacement. What happened to those young people who had come up with the ideas and suggestions have they given up altogether.? If people do not want the skatepark where it is -can any of the users suggest another place where a new one could be built that would be of no trouble to the residents living near the present one.With the housing that is being built in the Liphook area and talks of play areas being planned on these sites a skatepark could perhaps be added into the Builders plans. Just a thought.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Liz (21st Feb 2016  01:38:14)

Anne, you are absolutely correct, the young people of Liphook did form a committee, it's was a few more years on top of what you suggested but it was an abject failure in the fact no money was raised, only 3 people in all commented on the public page over the space of a year. They did however get a skatepark building company to provide the 55k quote way back then.

Tony is spot on, move the skatepark to somewhere that it can be policed better.

Tony Phase 1; Demolish present skatepark (before someone gets hurt and or sues)

Tony Phase 2; locate new site

Tony Phase 3; Raise 55k plus

Tony Phase 4; build something that's locked away when it gets dark.... Everyone's happy :)

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- lips (21st Feb 2016  08:32:41)

Any public building will potentially be used for drugs abuse. Demolish them all?
My point is you do not eradicate an issue by driving it underground. No matter how angry you feel, demolition is not a very constructive solution.
There will always be a certain element in society that is less agreeable. It's a story involving various measures of nurture and nature. From asbo to serious crime, good luck changing human nature by demolishing Liphook's skate park.
Personally. I have special interest in maintaining civil and pleasant on goings in that part of our village.
And thank you dear Moderator for not censoring my posting this time :-)

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Bob (21st Apr 2016  23:57:14)

Its been locked up for months, no single person has started a post in support or repair or replacement in many years. Its a rusting sharp mess yet kids still jump the fence and play daily yet few of them are able to actually skate over it. If this was a dangerous building site or a hole in the ground you would all be up in arm's.

We don't, and wont have money to relocation/replace, and we wont and don't have the money to make it safe however much cheaper that option is...... until one of the fence jumpers slice's their body open,.

Well done everyone... lets wait for it to happen, am sure your efforts on the keyboard afterwards will heal the wounds

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Rob (23rd Apr 2016  00:51:55)

"but let's have a proper park with café, green, skate park etc, all the things people want and need, somewhere nice, not half hearted"

Actually a "proper" park would be nice, can't the developers be persuaded to give us one on some of the land they want to build on in exchange for permission? A few display beds, a bit of grass, a playground that makes sense i.e. keep the babies stuff and the older kids stuff seperate, but not the other side of the park, a duck pond (?), a skate park, maybe a cafe (the one on the heath in Petersfield does rather well).

Sounds like a plan. Perhaps what is needed really is better football facilities for Liphook FC? (I have no connection) then the wreck could be given over to more general recreational uses.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Inked M (23rd Apr 2016  08:08:10)

I can not believe this is coming up again !!!

There is a reason that it is not used and you do not see any kids wanting to go in there, it is awful and very poorly thought out.

Liphook does have a lot of kids who skate/scooter/bmx but most of them go to either Haslemere, Grayshott or Petersfield. Have you seen there facilities ? when you bare in mind the average age in Grayshott is about 92 and yet they have one of the best free skate facilities around.

The facilities for young people in Liphook are a complete joke and have been for as long as I can remember.

I was told a little story a while ago by a chap who shall remain nameless but has a lot of connections within Liphook about how the chap who used to own the Bohunt Manor estate offered to put in a swimming pool for the local community to use but was told by the parish not to bother. That just about sums up the attitude of the Liphook Councillors towards the youth and there needs and it has been that way for as long as i can remember.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Parent (23rd Apr 2016  08:39:26)

Well said INKED M, let's just keep filling Liphook up with houses, without any proper facilities to accomadate the influx of families!!!!!

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Jay W (24th Apr 2016  09:51:52)

Ok so I'll just put this idea out there and before you shoot me down in flames, I will say that I haven't done research and don't mind polite correction!
So, don't developers pay some sort of amenity money? Hasn't lots of development been approved in Liphook? Does the amenity money get allocated outside of the village suffering the development or can it all be used for the good of the village?
If there's amenity money due to us, why not buy up Pope 's field (opposite Catholic Church ) which I understand has been refused planning permission? It has one neighbouring house which could be well screened and new houses to be built behind (tough if you buy house knowing what is/will be next door) by pass on other side, houses opposite are across the road and is close enough for kids to get to but not too central - good place for new skate park with parking (could be used for school parking) and possibly other facilities. Keep it locked overnight or even run as a business with small entrance fee like they do in Southsea.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- KB (27th Apr 2016  22:35:39)

I read a comment earlier in this thread I agree with.....

"I think a road should be built straight across between the Library and the park!!! that would get a lot of traffic out of the square."

A brilliant idea if in the form of a 'one-way' system. Such a plan was put forth before and I think it has merit. It would provide a smoother flow of traffic around the village and relieve some of the traffic from the square. The people going from Headley Rd. to Longmore Rd. would have a bit longer to go but only a minute. The best benefit could be that wider and safer pavements could be provided on the Haslemere Rd. leg from Allianz into the Square. Many children walk this section on the way to school. I personally have had my hand hit by a wing mirror while walking on the pavement there.

I also do think that the skate park still needs to be modernized. I suggest that it should be moved to the Millennium field near the Centre. It could quite easily be built in the green space east of the hall (behind the Scout hall hedge). Nice trees and environment, well lit and wide open.

The Parish council can use some of the increased revenue they receive from raising their rates this year by 2%. That maybe should be a new thread to discuss what that is about.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- KB (1st May 2016  21:58:16)

Just the mention of a one-way system has everyone 'tight lipped'. I thought sure this would have had the nay-sayers up in arms.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Ray (1st May 2016  22:11:38)

.... like everything else it goes off topic.

PS death trap still exists, kids still play in it... no .... one .... cares

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Symo (29th Dec 2016  08:25:43)

Build a concrete bowl, attracts older skaters who in turn police the site. They also carry brushes as their skate time is between kids/jobs so any chance to skate is relished.

If you provide standard ramps on tarmac it does not cut it, tarmac becomes broken with loose stones everywhere making it unskateable. Concrete bowls aren't cheap but are far less maintenance hassle than metal ramps on tarmac, plus provide great progression on a skateboard. Petersfield bowl is awesome, not quite saffron walden but great fun to skate.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Suzy (29th Dec 2016  19:16:24)

In response to many comments on the link between skateparks and drug use I would like to say this and hopefully educate you all.....Drug use/addiction knows no boundaries and can affect any individual, regardless of age, gender, sexual preference or socioeconomic status.
Often drug use is associated with people who struggle monetarily, while those who seek out drug rehab tend to be part of a higher economic bracket. The fact that celebrities and homeless people alike can develop drug addictions simply shows that drugs truly have no boundaries. Regardless of social and economic status anyone can have access to drugs and become addicted to them.
Those who seek treatment for drug abuse range from young adolescents to mature adults. When kids undergo major transitions in their life, for example leaving school and going to college or leaving home, they are often exposed to the world of drugs. Many youngsters therefore experiment with drugs during their teenage years whether due to peer pressure or simply curiosity. This is one of the most dangerous times.
Teenagers that have fulfillment in pursuing their passion or sport are less likely to experiment with drugs.
Not all teenagers love tennis, or footie, or cricket.....some love skating, or BMX ing. Lets respect their choice and individuality and let them enjoy their sport, and let them grow and flourish.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- John (29th Dec 2016  21:05:07)

Agree with the last two views, however am not sure you would feel the same if you lived next to it?
Its about 80k to build a new one which is £79999 more than the local council was prepared to invest in repairing the nursery (which more younger people attended) so the chances of a new stake park are remote to say the least, meanwhile the present one rots into a death trap. Its rapidly running out of time as a safe place and its time to make the call. 1. Either we have 80k to spend on a dozen users, and if we do we 2. re-locate it to somewhere not hidden were it can police itself so that the dozen mis-users don't hang out at it or we 3. don't have 80k we sit on our hands till someone gets hurt or 4 pull it down so there is no more risk of getting hurt or mis-users

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Symo (30th Dec 2016  07:45:48)

John to address your points.

1)the reason for the low number of users is its design. It does not attract users and as I stated before, older users like myself willing to show up now and then to skate (would be great to go somewhere after the ids are asleep for a quick session on my doorstep). What we have is a classic "we need a skatepark, let's ask children what to build". See the link at the end of where that leads to.
A well designed concrete bowl is far quieter than a ramp with a metal interface and frame to reverberate loudly. Also there are no under spaces to hide under out of site to undertake neferarious (sic) activities. Older skaters like myself will travel for a decent bowl facility, but ramps no (unless it's a good solid vert ramp). We also tend to buy our lunch locally too.

2) also good, build the bowl next to the millennium centre with less adjoining residences to hear it.

3) apply for funding to sport England to match funds and/or lottery. Skateboardings olympic now (sad day).

4) not really an option, particularly as I see more people carrying their decks around the village, providing nothing is not an option.

I will drop a letter into the parish office stating my disatisfaction with the currently provided facilities for my chosen leisure pursuit.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Symo (30th Dec 2016  08:38:27)

Missed on my last post but this is what happens when councils consult children and then hire a playground company in to do it.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- roo (30th Dec 2016  09:50:02)

Some body please explain why the parish council should spend 80k on something that will be used by a very small minority of people when the money could be spent on more useful projects. And Symo there are more houses surrounding the millennium green than the area where the current skate park is located and look at nuisance and upset that is causing to residents.
IF the said skate park is relocated it should be in a gated area so it can be locked up at night to prevent disturbance to the surrounding area.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Brian (31st Dec 2016  00:28:42)

Design has nothing to do with the numbers of users, total nonsense, its the same as saying less kids play football because the pitch is damp! Skateboard, bmx and those scooter thing users are a minority compared to other sports in the village yet they want ten of thousands of pounds more than the other sports.
There are other activities that cost a fraction to run and support that have ten fold the amount of weekly users.
I live next to the rusting dangerous hulk we wasted a lot of money on and I can see with my own eyes from my own sofa whom attends the skatepark over the past 2 years. It's 18 different people max, 8 regular and by regular I mean you only twice a month over the whole year. Also not one of them holding/using a skateboard, bmx or scooter is a female.
It's a total sexist boys club for about a dozen users, so 80k is 6k per current user, even if it becomes amazing as has 200 regular users (never going to happen) it's £400 per user.
Am afraid those costs as still ridiculous as every other club or activity supporting way more kids does not cost anywhere near the same investment.
TEAR IT DOWN before someone gets hurt and sues ALL the money we have left to spend on other more worthy kids activities

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Mark (1st Jan 2017  11:15:51)

Wow, I am presuming that the majority of people that complain about the skate park are the ones that live in a house that was built a long time after the skate park was installed, and have never skated before in there life.

The way the skatepark was originally built is very poor and was just dumped on top of old pre existing tarmac full of bumps and cracks which you can not skate on without fear of hitting one of these and falling off, and whoever decided to put the box and the mini ramps bang in the middle of the quarter pipes clearly had no idea what they were doing.

I was one of the original 'youngsters' who was skating at the time of the original installation and whilst we were very grateful it was still a very poor installation,with no real consultation.

Now being a father of one of the people who do skate and want to use a local skatepark I am fully aware of the amount of youngsters who do skate/bmx/scooter and it is far more than the handful stated in previous posts.

You can NOT skate properly on that poor installation and we often take and the kids also use the train to get to Haslemere, Petersfield and even Grayshott who have one of the best skate parks around yet the average age of there residents is about 70.

If the LOCAL kids whos parents have lived here a lot longer than the majority of the people that complain were provided with a good well thought out and actually planned (not just to the cheapest bidder) then it would be looked after as the majority of these kids just want somewhere good to skate.

Why don't we use some of the ridiculous budget that Liphook in bloom receives to help the local kids and the next generation of local adults have something nice instead of just flower beds.

I don't think Liphook in Bloom get anywhere near as much funding as you think. Most is self generated by the large number of volunteers. Surely the passionate teenagers and their parents should start a committee to genetate income and ideas for what can be produced in the space(s) available.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Lucy (1st Jan 2017  22:29:42)

sadly there will be complaints from residents wherever the skatepark may be improved/ re-sited and rebuilt. If rebuilt at The Millennium Green, there would be complaints from the users inside the Hall as surely the noise of the ramp would be heard inside the Hall? As a previous poster has said, the per capita cost would be enormous; some sports facilities have to be paid for by the end user, the cost of the skatepark and ongoing maintenance would be on the local council tax bill which most of the population of liphook would not want.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- symo (26th May 2017  14:35:03)

Yes why should people pay for something they do not want or use?

For me that would be all our tennis facilities. Why should I pay for the upkeep and maintenance of those when only a minority of Liphook use them.

Same goes for the bowling green. I don't use that either and again it seems to be for a minority of people only.

See how easy that argument is. The sad fact is that there is a growing community of skateboarders, BMXers and Scooterers (sic) that have nothing here in Liphook. Unlike football, tennis and bowls these people use facilities daily (weather depending) not on training/match/game days only.

We need a skatepark that is decent. Hell if the developers are trying to move in, make them give us the cash (and a decent ammount not a token) and lets have a world class Olympic facility here in Liphook.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- F (26th May 2017  18:29:40)

any work done on the tennis courts the tennis club pay for, any work done on the bowls green the bowls club pay for, any work done on the football pitches, including marking them the football club pay for. That said i too would like a decent skatepark.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Ken (26th May 2017  20:59:09)

Symo, your argument lacks in so many areas.

1. The Tennis club isn't asking anyone for £80,000+
2. The Tennis club does not suffer from the problems that the skate park does as its fenced off and locked up.
3. The Tennis club looks after their club and causes no nuisance to anyone.
4. The Bowling club isnt asking for £80,000+
5. The Bowling club does not suffer from the problems that the skate park does as its fenced off and locked up.
6. The Bowling club looks after their club and causes no nuisance to anyone.
7. Quote "The sad fact is that there is a growing community of skateboarders, BMXers and Scooterers (sic)"
Your community isn't growing, its the same 12-18 people it has been for years much less than those that use tennis club, lots less than use the bowling club and miles behind the football club all of which cause no problems and cost little or self fund themselves which a skate park will never do.
8. Quote "that have nothing here in Liphook" You don't have nothing, stop being ridiculous!! You already have a skate park and every part of it is fully functioning, there is not one part of it that you cant use currently.
9. We cant even get developers to give us money for infrastructure or schools what chance do we have for a skate park.
10. Quote "lets have a world class Olympic facility here in Liphook" your £80,000 needs to be nearer £350,000 for that.

Happy to welcome a new skate park when

1. Its moved away from the rec.
2. Someone finds £80k Plus.
3. Its fenced and locked up at night like all the other decent skate parks nearby.

All issues will then be resolved.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Ian (26th May 2017  22:44:52)

Symo, you appear to have an overinflated sence of entitlement

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Slimetime (27th May 2017  09:24:43)

Sadly it's an issue that seems to divide our community. As a former skateboarder, a parent and tax payers, I feel I'm well placed to give my opinion on the matter. The skatepark is poorly designed, the ramps are made from metal; wood or concrete would have been far better. Wood and concrete are quieter and far more forgiving should one fall over. If you don't think that it's poorly designed then I'm going to make the assumption, rightly or wrongly, that you have never skateboarded. It's location is poor and should have never been placed where it currently is. Where to put it should there be a new skatepark? If you take Guildford's skatepark as an example, its location is perfect. It's at the back of Guildford College on Stoke Park, far away from houses and thus can be opened 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If money were no option, then purchasing a plot behind Liphook train station would be, in my opinion would be perfect, but money is an issue which take me to my final point. Moving the skatepark is without a doubt going to cost more money, so with limited funding it's likely to stay where it is. The skatepark size isn't the issue, it's the poor design, poor materials and not utilising the space effectively. Has anyone contacted a specialist firm that design a build
skateparks and asked how much it would cost to relayed the surface and the cost of a single quarter-pipe, one fun-box (with a 3 stairs set and handrail) one flat bank and a couple of stand alone handrails would cost? Because in reality that's all it needs to be greatly improved. And lastly, I do believe that that it should have an opening and closing time purely based on its current location.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Brian (27th May 2017  16:30:52)

No redevelopment in the existing site, and also if you take a look at other posts there are former skateboarders whom oppose the current site unless it's fenced off.
We all know what will happen, 10K thrown at it to tidy it up and no addressing of the issues.
There will be legal opposition... fact

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Steve (27th May 2017  23:06:10)

Am a former skateboarder (in the 80's) and someone whom lives nearby, Fact is I see everyone whom uses it and I can tell you with 100% certainty that those that use it aren’t there for the sport. The vast majority use scooters which is frankly pointless in my eyes (Training wheels for primary kids) barely use what it’s designed for, namely Skateboards, BMX's and inline skates.

The place is just a hangout away from adults and place to get up to no good and practice bad social behaviors and be as rude as feasibly possible to everyone nearby.

Not 1 of the users is doing anything other than riding from one ramp to the other and the whole party never have or have attempted to try anything other than 1-3 tricks and that’s got nothing to do with the state of the facilities. Scooters are for young kids to learn yet it’s full of older kids whom really should have progressed to skateboards/bmx's etc yet it’s full of older kids doing nothing other than riding from one side to the other shouting obscenities at the top of their lungs.

All this talk of "Olympic skate park" is utter nonsense. It’s just an anti-social sess pit of bullying neighbours and the younger users.

I feel sorry for the younger ones under 9 whom are growing up thinking this is fun as the more time those older kids spend in this unmanaged s***hole they are becoming badly influenced by the shameful breeding ground that this place currently represents.

This place is an embarrassment to every other club in Liphook, it’s not a breeding ground of fun, it’s a breeding ground for idiots and it’s affecting your own children’s futures. It harbors zero sporting skill, development and comradery other than teen bravado in a handy an isolated pocket of bad influence and then failed futures.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Kayleigh (30th May 2017  16:47:58)

We have moved on from the 80s and currently in 2017.
So firstly from your 'factual knowledge' I'm assuming (oh maybe I shouldn't assume, only stupid assume) ok I'm guessing you spend everyday, all day at the skatepark facilities as you state the youngsters that are there arent using it for the sport. Please do tell me what you are viewing when there allday, everyday?? You said you are 100% sure, you must be there 24/7. Forgive me if I'm wrong.
Can you tell me why shooters are pointless?? Training wheels for primary kids??? They use the faculties that are there to the best of their own individual abilities. I didn't realise Liphook skatepark was specifically aimed at skateboards, BMX and inline skate users.
A hangout away from adults...I know that most teenagers would rather their parents/carers not hold their hands at all times during their social periods but again I could be wrong. I'm not saying that none of them are angels and there can be the occasional youth that find it acceptable to use foul language. This is very rare. On the same point you have made, i do visit, go along with my son and his peers to support and encourage the sport of scootering. I'm guessing this is when you've popped home for a cuppa. I must say he is always proud to show me his and his friends new tricks and achievements.
I also pass by daily when my son hasn't been present and not once has anyone been rude or practised bad social behaviours.
Riding from one ramp to the other....? Hhhhmmm how did you get from ramp to ramp if not riding?? This puzzles me.
I can assure you as I have witnessed the achievements of new tricks that several of the teenagers have gained, bearing in mind the skatepark limits their trick variation and progression in the sport.
Scooters are for young kids?? I disagree.
Jordan Clark, 18, 2x World champion scooter rider, 2xEuropean Champion. (Visited Liphook skatepark not too long ago!)
Ryan Williams, 22, travelling the world with Nitro Circus with his scooter.
Terry Price, 29, scooter kid since 1999, rides for MGP.
Dakota Schultz, 21, 4x World Champion scooter rider and CEO and founder at Kota Inc.
to name just a few.
The youngsters that are usually Liphook skatepark aspire to these champions just like some children aspire to famous footballers, tennis players, the list goes on.
Have you called the police regarding this bullying that you are so sure of?
Younger users of the skatepark who are there with their parents due to their age look up to the older users in awe of the cool skills that they would love to learn, and I have no doubt will learn and be using the skatepark when they are teenagers showing the next generation what an incredible sport this is.
You are confirming that this is a unmanaged s***hole? We are trying to get it updated!
I would like to ask of this area is so shameful and a s***hole, why are you there???
I'm not sure what clubs you do support in Liphook but this is not a club, just a facility for youngsters to use.
Please do not refer to my child as an idiot and I feel the same about the majority of the users of the skatepark.
In the 4 years my son has been scootering he has progressed and learnt a vast number of new tricks showing promise as a scooter rider.
I fail to understand how you know this will affect their futures.

As stated earlier this harbours skill in the sport of scooter riding, it also develops social skills for all participants.
And finally you finish again putting these youngsters down by calling them failures, maybe take the time while you are listing what goes on to actually speak to them, that are human beings growing up in this cruel world where adults should be supportive of all children's futures no matter what their abilities.
Reading your post has prompted me to encourage and assist them in moving forward with their faculties, future developments and perhaps making a Skate Club.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- oldie (30th May 2017  22:44:58)

Steve, I guess you're intentions are good but you did come across as a bit of an ex skateboarding snob!

I never skateboarded or had a BMX, so maybe those things are pointless unless you're doing stunts or showing off, I don't know, but I rollerscated for a few years (the old fashioned fours, although they were just called skates as that's all there was), I had very few 'tricks' although a few friends were into them to show off, but equally I hardly ever fell over either and had a lot of fun and we used to skate for miles. I had the red krypto wheels (does anyone remember them, ok didn't think so!). I could get over 30mph on the downhill.

Anyway, my point was, if kids want to skate in the park or public skate area, it's entirely up to them how many tricks they do, a dozen or none at all, as long as they're having fun, whatever it's on.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Tags (1st Jun 2017  14:47:54)

I'm happy to lend you all my support for your new Skate Club venture Kayleigh... Let's get started ;-)

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- k (2nd Jun 2017  09:36:17)

Anyone thought of may be some joint funding - those using or interested to raise part of money - instead of entirely funded by community - could lead to best of both worlds - as would promote proper use & look after site if have a vested interest?

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- unknown skater (4th Jun 2017  21:27:10)

the only reason only a dozen kids use the skatepark is that it's easy for them to go for for a bit of after school usage. No one really goes there as there is nothing much to use! as a skater myself who usually skates at haslemere area but lives in liphook i think all u need to do is bang a 3 stair in there and couple rails and small and big quarter pipe and some ledges. not to difficult not too expensive, and creates a lovely job. it would get used as it's actually a decent, safe skatepark. instead of a hell hole. i do bare tricks unlike u lot so i know what the tings like. my gs all u need to do it work on the ting put a bit of blood sweat and tears into it and people will skate it. #doegangbaby #liphookforaskatepark #ugotitwromg #noscooters #beamanandskate #leagalisetheting #skatingisnocrime btw skateparks are nice places to be unlike liphook because there is nothing there and it's used as a drug den. if u get a decent skatepark then it will be used for skating. make sure u put a sign for no scooters tho they always get in the way

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Dave Heath (5th Jun 2017  12:21:32)

I think its a good thing... My kids use it both supervised and unsupervised.....

I also run a local business and would be happy to contribute to its renovation with other local people / businesses...

Some very short sighted people on here as always never seeing past the letterbox...

Happy to help ..... it has potential and is a nice thing for the kids.....

Any other businesses wanting to join in let me know and see if we can get something going.....

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Kayleigh Adair (5th Jun 2017  18:07:57)

Hi David,
Please can the editor pass on my email address for contact to be made between us. Would love to know more about your business and any help would be great. I've spoke with the council today and awaiting some info. I will be hoping to organise a get together at the skatepark soon to get all the support and interest that's needed before I can go any further.
Anyone else that would like to help in anyway with funding, or helping this skatepark get the name it needs then please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. Tags if you would like to get your contact details to me as well and we can all start moving forward with this.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- dave heath (5th Jun 2017  19:20:08)

happy for the editor to pass this on....

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Steve (6th Jun 2017  20:36:50)

This place needs a fence and locked gate, no point wasting the money improving it when its just going to get ruined like the sitting area and basketball thing next to it. The new stuff will be busted within weeks, they even managed to tear the near indestructable installation just next to the entrance.

Waste of money if you dont address the problems first. It just pouring the money down the drain.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- B (15th Jun 2017  13:18:05)

I'd like to put my 2 pennies worth into this discussion after the last 2 nights.

My opinion is that the bloody thing should be ripped up and grassed over.

The kids that use the skate park don't treat it or the people living near it with respect. All you can hear is effing and jeffing, loud music and the CONSTANT thudding of people going back and forth in their scooters.

For the last 2 nights they've been "skating" until 11pm!!! 11pm for gods sake. How is that even possible in the dark? Then when they finally decide to stop they sit around talking loudly and playing shite music at an unacceptable level.

I know I'm sounding like an old git but there's absolutely no respect given by any of the kids who use that facility for any of the people that live near it to the constant thud, thud, thudding, swearing, loud music and litter.

Here endeth my rant

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- -- (15th Jun 2017  13:38:42)

B, I agree with you!

I have to get up early and come home late due to work, and the sound irritates me no-end. I live very close to the skatepark, and since the evenings have been lighter there have been more and more people trapsing past, being loud and inconsiderate at silly times of night. I had a Sainsburys pasta pot strewn accross the pavement outside my front door 2 days ago, cider cans and sweet/chocolate wrappers in the bushes and the driveway and fag butts everwhere. The car park is also used as a dumping ground - and there are bins provided!!!

If they had a little more respect I wouldnt mind so much - kids need to be kids afterall, but there comes a point!!

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- B (15th Jun 2017  15:22:51)

Don't get me started on the litter.

There's a litter bin right next to the skate park but you walk past it on a Saturday and Sunday and all the drinks cans and bottles, crisp packets and sweet wrappers have been left all over the ground.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- I (15th Jun 2017  18:03:24)

It seems we are sandwiched between two groups of selfish inconsiderates in Liphook as the OAP set in different ways are equally annoying

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Kayleigh Adair (16th Jun 2017  17:33:53)

B, such a shame how many people on here still cannot put their real or full names, anyway that's minor.
2 pennies worth....hhhmmm, so should be ripped up and grassed over you say. Please could you enlighten me as to how long you have lived in your property which is so close to the skatepark....personal I know, but all this information will help me and my skatepark project team get an idea of how many, and more detailed negative inputs there will be.
When you say don't treat it with respect, please tell me which users are you referring to? I do believe the users of the skatepark are using it correctly with the very few minority possibly using as a meet up place.
I would say that in most areas that has a skatepark close to housing this does occur on the odd occasion.
Constant thudding of scooters going back and forth, they can't exactly ballet dance across the park, it will eliminate the purpose of a skatepark.
From what I am ready from you B, it seems that the youngsters can't do right for doing wrong. They meet, talk, listen to music and socialise, in your eyes is wrong, they scooter from ramp to ramp making a thudding noise. In your eyes is wrong. As I say seems they cannot do anything to make you satisfied.
Treating the people living near it with respect? I'm now confused, Have you ever approached them with respect, I'm not sure what your getting at. Has any of them been rude to you personally?
Again I will not have people say my child has no respect, you will then reply to me and say you had not said my child in particular but yes you have because you have stated ALL children!
- -- in reply to you, the noise irritates you, as you have to work. Cars passing by my house, beeping horns, birds tweeting early hours wakes me up, it's life. Id say you've been a close resident for many years then as obviously the skatepark has been there longer than most near by property.
Litter is something you get everywhere and anywhere and who's to say it's the users of the skatepark, that's because you seem to be another negative input into this and will find every excuse possible. I live on a main road and wake up daily to rubbish at my front door, what do I do, get on Talkback and moan, no course not, I pick it up and put it in the bin because that's life, litter is everywhere.
Can I ask what car park you refer to as a dumping ground as I walk through both car parks at either end daily and don't seem to find anything dumped, so again confused.
We could go on, people with dogs walk past poo bins but do they pick it up, nope! But there's a whole new story.
I finish with, I will continue with my crusade to try to enhance the current facility because let's face it children are our future.

I will be at the skatepark tomorrow at various times, if anyone would like to come along and chat to me to air their views, all welcome.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- helen (16th Jun 2017  20:41:15)

Hi Kayleigh, to get a good idea I think you have to go in the evening to observe what is going on there, it is also a huge job for you to pick up all
the litter at the skatepark every day? I am sure that the residents who
are affected would probably rather you went and had a chat to them in person, as some people will not even have heard of this site. Good luck.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Kayleigh Adair (16th Jun 2017  22:17:44)

Hi Helen,
Yes I will be visiting local residents, this is in our plan but we haven't got to that stage as of yet. I just find it difficult to sit and keepi reading such negative comments especially as my son is a regular user, all users as stated by previous comments on here have been referred to as failures, disrespectful and idiots, and I can't sit here and read that knowing my son is a regular user of the skatepark.
I will be arranging public meets, visits, for all to attend and these will be made public not just on here for all to see.
I am just a determined parent/member of the community who has grown up the skatepark and forever hearing a bad name, it's such a shame all of these youngsters are being labelled.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Talie Green (17th Jun 2017  08:51:53)

Really pleased to see someone taking action to try & improve the skate park. I'm in full support, as I'm sure lots of the community will be. Good work & best of luck!

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Les Futcher (17th Jun 2017  15:55:27)

The problems at the Skatepark are due to be discussed at the next meeting of the Recreation Committee on Monday 19th june.

They were also discussed at the previous meeting held in April.

Full details on the Parish Council Website.

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- John (18th Jun 2017  16:35:43)

I live right next to it and generally see no issues during the day, its the after dark users causing 95% of the issues. The skatepark is noisy and often they are playing music and shouting etc (last night till 10:55pm). Many will say oh it's just kids having fun but when your own kids can't sleep night after night due to the noise I think it's quite unfair some are suggesting we just improve it without considering putting a high fence around it and locking it off after 7pm.
This measure I believe would solve everything, we need a balanced approach that going to work best for all, rather than taking sides on this issue.
I don't want the kids to lose the park, I also don't want it open 24/7

Re: Skatepark condemned ?
- Kayleigh Adair (19th Jun 2017  06:22:33)

Hi John,
Great comment and suggestion, and to reply, this has been suggested by a few already, and I agree a great idea.
I can only apologise about the noise at that time of night coming from the skatepark, I know my son was fast asleep then but yes fully aware of the older users gathering here in the evenings and it will definitely be discussed.
Thanks for the support.

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