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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Liphook Initiative
- Sue W (25th Mar 2009  08:27:18)


Let me put forward a proposal that is only to get feelers.

Would a committee of people from all sections of the community, ie commercial, retail, sports, schools and those who have a desire to improve the area be of use. Call it a think tank perhaps.

This would obviously have to be under the leadership of a number of councillors, as after all that is the centre of making decisions here and any plans would need their approval anyway.

As you may well be aware - I have tried to raise many issues and have been to the council, but quite frankly one against a dozen never works. It seems that the PC need this kind of initiative and help as there is such little action from them on many issues. In their defence they did send out questionnaires to residents only, but as to date no ideas have been offered, and as someone said they are only volunteers too, perhaps a separate section of further volunteers is what is needed.

I obviously would be willing to join such a group.

Anyone else??


Re: Liphook Initiative
- Dawn Hoskins (25th Mar 2009  11:44:26)

I think something along the lines of the Grayshott group would be a good thing.

It wouldn't take up much time and would promote a better environment for shoppers.

It would enable shop owners / businesses to speak with a united voice about their concerns too.

Re: Liphook Initiative
- Chris (25th Mar 2009  12:56:54)

If the PC is elected to represent us in various ways then they should be actively seeking out the issues not waiting for someone or another representative group to tell them.

For example the recent shocking crime that occured in Station Road...they know about it now! So "Parish Council", off you go and take it up with the police; lobby the police, cajole the police, get them to do something to prevent more of it. Surely we shouldn't need another group to meet up and remind them to do it. Pound to a Penny most constituents think that crime rates in the area are one of the most important issues.

So there you have it, issue number 1 for the PC to actively follow up on and we didn't even need a meeting to work it out!

Re: Liphook Initiative
- Paul Rochford (25th Mar 2009  14:07:15)

Probably the worst idea I've heard for some time.

Re: Liphook Initiative
- Sue w (25th Mar 2009  14:43:27)

Change of words 'obviously under the leadership of Councillors'

to 'perhaps including one or two current or ex councilors in the group'.


Re: Liphook Initiative
- Sue W (25th Mar 2009  17:28:02)

Dawn is on the right track to what I was talking about, not as some have taken it - a body attached to the council (which is why I changed the wording), but more widely accessable and useful to the whole community.

It would not be politically based - but driven by the issues that members bring to the meetings.and could be open to any individuals at any time they wish or require help in raising issues or ideas.

As I said it is just an idea and at this very early stage others ideas and input is important and welcome.

Re: Liphook Initiative
- Chris (26th Mar 2009  08:09:37)

Sounds better, as long as issues are prioritised and the big ones are actually addressed and not just discussed and minuted. We are STILL awaiting the results of the survey taken some while back. If the PC wants its efforts to garner community opinion regarding local issues to be taken seriously it needs to get results of public surveys published more quickly. Otherwise future surveys, if any, will end up in recycling boxes or people might start thinking that the results are in conflict with private agendas.

Re: Liphook Initiative/Liphook Market/ Welcome Packs
- Sumi Olson (26th Mar 2009  09:54:11)

Before this becomes a regular feature I'd suggest inititally a one-off meeting inviting businesses, organisations, and anyone else who is interested, hosted perhaps at a local business venue.

At this meeting, put together a list of the key issues with priorities and timescales attached (say short term by end summer, med term by end of year, and long term in 12-18m) to make the objectives manageable. Present list to PC or appropriate body who might assist and monitor progress and then work on delivering them! Everyone needs to be aware that this will take real time & effort on many peoples' behalf otherwise it's a pointless exercise.

However, if this is to turn into a personality-based, blame-game, buck-passing exercise, re-hashing old history and who did what to whom and when, then I'm simply not interested. BUT if this is going to be a collaborative, postive and forward-thinking oppportunty, with some reasonable & manageable goals and priorities, then great, I'd come to such a meeting.

Ben's produce market and Ashley's Welcome to Liphook Packs are all examples of the initiatives that I'm interested in getting involved with because they are tangible efforts by volunteers who are willing to put their time & effort behind their ideas. Liphook in Bloom and the Carnival are two other great proactive initatives and are a tribute to our village.

As someone who has volunteered many times before in the past (am currently a committee member on BLACS) and who has 20 odd years of business & commercial experience, I appreciate and value postive thinking get-up-and-goers; all too often I meet people who are willing to talk the talk/complain/ just enjoy the benefits of other peoples' efforts. Life's too short and I'm really not keen to get embroiled in negativity...

So there you go, thoughts as requested. Hope of use to this discussion thread.

Re: Liphook Initiative
- Sue W (26th Mar 2009  12:25:40)


I totally agree with your comments - and would seem an ideal candidate - if you have the time.

Perhaps I need to repair a few bridges and say this is in no way going to be a sounding platform for me, myself and I. If you think this is going to be and others then I would be more than prepared not to join the group. the formation of such a group is what is needed - not me.

I have taken on board many comments raised by residents on a variety of issues, coupled with comments that I do nothing, have realised that the only way forward as the PC do not react well to one voice - out of desperation and frustration decided to open up this for ideas.

I am trying.


Re: Liphook Initiative
- Sumi Olson (26th Mar 2009  14:59:55)

It's not for me or anyone else to exclude or preclude anyone to this meeting (if it goes ahead) and I don't think that's the way to be looking at this. I'm simply offering a suggested way of working.

I don't believe in meetings for meeting's sakes as they can become simply a talking shop. There should be an agenda and format to the evening to provide structure. It is far better to approach external bodies with a firm programme of initatives & targets agreed by the interested parties.

In addition, I'd recommend inviting key players in the Grayshott & Haslmere schemes so that they can offer some advice and share their experiences.

Once the attendees have met and discussed things, no doubt a group will be formed from - yes, that word again, volunteers - to take things to the next stage. Let's keep things manageable and control our expectations and we can avoid the frustration to which you refer.

NB: If people do agree to hold a meeting then someone will need to organise a venue, promotion, invitations, agendas and so on and so on...


Re: Liphook Initiative
- Alan Baker (26th Mar 2009  15:53:13)

Venue - sorted

I've spoken to the owner of the Passfield Business Centre, and he is happy for the meeting(s) to be held in the centre's conference room.

Just need to co-ordinate dates & times (through this thread), can be during the day or evenings.


Re: Liphook Initiative
- Sue W (26th Mar 2009  16:13:24)

Sorry folks - having internet problems - if anyone wishes to discuss this please phone 07920205651.

Re: Liphook Initiative
- Sumi Olson (27th Mar 2009  11:39:44)

Good news about a potential venue! Thanks, Alan.

Sue - hope internet connection running ok now. Am posting rather than phoning as think it's important to keep dialogue flowing on the site so that people can respond and think about whether this initiative is viable.
Do people have a preference to an evening or day-time meeting?
Do people have ideas as to what the key issues are? etc. etc


Re: Liphook Initiative
- Mani (27th Mar 2009  15:26:54)

Sue, Sumi & Dawn,

As someone who has business interests in Liphook and Grayshott I enjoyed reading your postings. As a recent arrival in Liphook (Oct 07), I do not have the depth of knowledge about what Liphook that the 3 of you have, but I fully concur with the views you have expressed. Sitting at home moaning about the deteriorating situation (commercial and social) achieves nothing. The Parish Council SHOULD be addressing these issues, but it looks as though they do not have the resouces to do so.

I would be happy to attend a meeting to discuss the "way forward". The initial meeting will enevitably be a bit chaotic as everyone will want to have their say about their particular "bug bear" or "initiative". I would however recommend that the Terms of Reference for the Liphook and Bramshott Improvement Committee? (LaBIC) is agreed - this will ensure that we do not do the PC or other organisations' work for them. It will need a clear "Mission Statement" that will enable us to focus attention on the stated aspirations rather than disappearing down the myriad of rabbit holes discussed on talkback. I fully support the idea of LaBIC having short, medium and long term goals.

The Committee of LaBIC should be elected and membership open to everyone. I would strongly recommend having a PC member on the LaBIC so that he/she can take away "action points" for the PC and provide feed back from them.

I am a member of Grayshott's Buy in Grayshott (BIG). It is a model I would recommend emulating, as it provides a single focus for all the activities within Grayshott. e.g. Party in Grayshoot (PIG), Grayshott Concerts - see I am quite happy to ask Dick Smith the Chairman of BIG to come the inaugral meeting and talk about the work that BIG does.

I am a novice at businessman (4 years) but as a serving Army Officer (37 years), I do know about planning, managing and execution of plans and would be willing to help where I can.


Re: Liphook Initiative
- Sumi Olson (27th Mar 2009  16:51:40)

Bless you, Mani

Your ideas are very sound and gives me actual hope that perhaps we might have something concrete and tangible set up to improve Liphook rather than the usual "a myriad of rabbit holes" of discussions which make us feel good after posting them (speaking for mysefl) but actually, doesn't much change the situation!

Sue, since you're leading with this, I assume you'll do the necessary liasing with Mani and his Grayshott contacts. Does anyone know the team from the Haslemere Wey Hill group?

I've found the post set up under the Liphook then & now thread very interesting and useful in giving some insights on how the community interacts with the village services. I hope that we gain something from the posts which we can take further with the Liphook and Bramshott Improvement Committee (LaBIC) efforts?

Please site visitors, let's not drop the ball Sue has thrown in the air. Anyone else want to get involved in this idea?

Re: Liphook Initiative
- Allan at the Black Fox Inn (27th Mar 2009  17:11:50)

I am happy to offer the use of my function room free of charge for your meetings.


Re: Liphook Initiative
- Sue w (28th Mar 2009  08:58:48)

Hello once again Mani – glad you are out and about.

We first met one dark cold (wet too I think) evening outside the Parish Office, after attending a meeting. We then discussed various issues (in haste!) about our ideas for something along these lines. Its out there now - fingers crossed.

I intend to deliver some information about this idea today to various businesses; as I know all too well that not everyone reads or joins in with posts. There are possibly more interested people yet to be made aware. Mani, you have saved an envelope!

I think I can add one more interested party, whom I have spoken to.

We may have got offers for venues – thanks Allan & Alan, but until we have a few more interested people we can’t set dates.

Thanks Sumi for continuing the thread.


Re: Liphook Initiative
- sue W (31st Mar 2009  11:58:15)


Having read your election manifesto - feel you would be a good member to have on this new initiative; if you do not make it to council and would be interested?


Re: Liphook Initiative
- Sue W (3rd Apr 2009  21:15:11)


Mani, I need to discuss a few items with you, I have your restaurant number, but know you are not always there. Can you leave your contact details c/o Liphook Hardware. Thanks

Just to keep people informed, I have received back 3 of the 25 leaflets I distributed, and all are in agreement that it is a good idea, and Liphook needs this. Better still, two are willing to attend the first meeting, and help the group - both are from the Square area - just what we need.

When we have set a date, I will ask the Herald to publish details, and hopefully this will attract those that have been missed.

Awaiting a reply that I sent to a department of EHDC to see if they would like to provide information/advice, but one of the Businesses that have contacted me has connections with the Haslemere Chamber of Commerce.


Re: Liphook Initiative
- Mani (5th Apr 2009  10:25:23)


My contact details are as follows:

Major M K Rai MBE, 3 Duke of Cornwall Avenue, Camberley, Surrey GU15 4NE. Tel No: 01276-677148 (Home), 01252-347879 (Office) & 07939929490 (mobile).

Well done in getting the questionnaires out. I think the first thing we need to do is for a small group of us to sit down and plan the first "full" meeting. At the first "full" meeting, I would like to see LiDBA, Liphook in Bloom, PC, EHDC, and all the other groups that already do so much in and around Liphook to be present so that we have an idea of what each groups' aspirations. This will enable us to support each others events, avoid diary clashes and work towards a common goal - improving Liphook for the residents and for visitors.


Re: Liphook Initiative
- Philip Jordan (5th Apr 2009  16:28:08)


As the Parish Councillor tasked with Chairing the Village Appraisal Working Party I have read the comments with interest. Firstly let me inform you that the Parish Survey is still being processed, but we hope nearing the end of much dedicated time and hard work to collate the data. With some 1500 returns (40%) it has take over 200 hours of dedicated effort to enter the repliers into a computer database. I am now collating the "Love/Hate/Would like to see changes" written replies. It is our intension to try and have a summarised report to be ready in late spring. This has been a long journey for a few who given their time voluntarily.

It has always been the intension to use the Parish Survey data as a starting point for a "Parish Plan". A Parish Plan is a document that sets out how a communtiy sees itself developing over the next ten or more years-often described as a "shared vision" for the future. A good plan should include and reflect the views of the whole community and detail the steps needed to achieve this "vision". It will have used a variety of consultation methods to find out the views of residents and once these are known, gone back to the community to identify the most important actions to be taken and who should be invloved to ensure their successful outcome,

A Parish Plan sets out how community action can meet local needs, can help to priorities resources and can provide important innformation to help inflience the policies, decisions and actions of others. Parish Plans belongs to the communtiy, to be delivered by that community or in partnership with other agencies.

It is intended to be a process by which the whole communtiy can voice their opinions on what actions they wish to see taken in thier local area in the future. The Plan when conmpleted highlights actions which can be taken by communtiy members, be used to influence service providers such as the Local Authority, and act as evidence of need when applying for funding.

The Parish Plan should:-

-be comprehensive, considering all aspects of local life including social, economic and environmental issues of concern to the community.

-involve the whole community; everyone should have their chance to have their say and get involved in producing a Parish plan

-be based upon information provided by community participation, suveys and research.

-involve Local authority with the process.

-be focussed on creating an action plan with a clear statement of Who / What / Why and How?

Hampshire County Council and East Hants District Council are very supportive of getting parishes to prepare their Parish Plans and many parishes have done so; there is considerable experience and enthusiasm out there to tap into. Only a little time on the internet will conect you with a wealth of information. This however is a communty project and not just an action lead by the Parish Council.

If you would like to see Bramshott & Liphook Parish Council support and seek to encourage the setting up of a Parish Plan working group why not let the Parish Council know know; come to a Parish Council meeting and voice your views during the section dedicated to pulbic input. Getting people more interested and closely involved to help establish a core group to get the process started must be the key to starting the jouney towards creating a Parish Plan for Bramshott & Liphook

Phil Jordan

Re: Liphook Initiative
- Sue W (5th Apr 2009  19:38:08)

Mr Jordon

Its nice to see that steps have been made into looking into all areas of the community. I have on a number of occasions spoken of a need of the business community being supported from a united PC. But, no one has ever contacted me; I have been to two meetings expressing the situation faced by businesses here - not just retail. I understand and acknowledge that surveys we sent out - but excluded Businesses!

Having been told that it would suit a councillor if we moved our business elsewhere - was a point of no return, together with another councillor stating that it was not their responsibility to advertise Businesses and promote the area for profit of others, it seemed that the will or foresight was not there, and you would rather see another business leave the village than make moves to discuss the issues than take onboard the comments.

This Liphook Initiative has gained momentum, and perhaps it has reached the ears of PC members those Businesses and individuals acknowledge that as of to date things have been to say the least ‘inadequate’.

I welcome dialogue with the council - and perhaps we can move Liphook community and Businesses into the 21st Century!! (if not completely; akin to other local areas)

How can we attract new business and ventures - offering employment and services that the community need - all the time we are told 'its not our problem'.

Please contact me as we need to move forward on this issue - and the help of the PC would be most welcome.

Update on responses - another 3 willing to join the group, and two more have requested forms - having heard via others interest. I knew there was a need, and not all are from the retail sector.

Lets move forward, community, businesses and the PC!!

Contact Sue 07920205651


Re: Liphook Initiative
- Chris (6th Apr 2009  08:49:43)


I am all for it but please advise how we can take the resolve of a Parish Plan seriously when we see examples of fervent local opinion being ridden roughshod over by HM inspectors who recently unilaterally overruled objections to building at the Silent Garden? This house building was opposed by both EHDC and the PC as well as local residents, for good reason.
Instead of local opinion being respected we have a situation where the desires of another self-seeking opportunist building company, that has no resident status, have presidence.

"a Parish Plan should also": developed with the assumption that the desires of participant community residents will be upheld...guaranteed.

The development of a plan must go hand in hand with a change in procedure or legislation that allows the local Parish Council much more power to uphold and enforce the community decisions that it represents.

Re: Liphook Initiative
- Barbara E (6th Apr 2009  12:36:28)

Hi just to confirm that although I realise communication can be easily misconstrued, I did not say to Sue get out of Liphook. I just became fed up with the constant remarks about how terrible part of Liphook is - Station Road.

I am trying to point out that I do not believe it is any better or any worse that when the Lease of the shop was first entered into. The comments about the Parish Councillors being lazy was also uncalled for. The Parish Council has no influence on private landlords. We cannot issue an edict to them such as "improve the look of your commercial property for the benefit of the commercial leaseholders/renters".

Commercial Business Rates are paid directly to EHDC not the Parish Council. It is very unclear what Sue thinks we should do. Hand her local tax payers money? Would that benefit local people?

As far as I am aware the first port of call if a building needs improvement is the landlord who grants the leases.

An approach was made to a private landlord who owns the lease on a shop, for permission to turn it into a youth drop in centre in Newtown Road, but that was refused, as the insurance cover on the building would have become null and void. The parish council does not own any property in Newtown Road.

It is always easy to critisize, as I have said before Sue. Run in the elections to become a parish councillor.

Re: Liphook Initiative
- Sue w (6th Apr 2009  19:26:26)


I have never run Station Road down!! May have pointed out that it is largely forgotten in the scheme of things. In fact others have said it in the past and I have explained why some Landlords are willing to help and others are not. The comment about the appearance and knocking it down because it is dreadful came from another poster, as did the comment about litter and landlords etc. All I did was lump the two comments together and delivered the message.

As usual its shoot the messenger

In fact I was going to answer the poster by saying over the past 18mths many of the outsides of the buildings have been repainted, some even have repaired the dreadful fascias. The Dentist, Liphook Care, Cancer shop, Gurkha, Wine shop, the Hardware shop have all had the outside painted The village Tandoori has had a complete makeover, and the new hair salon has spent a fortune on refitting the whole shop – so too did Peep Inside and the Gurkha..

Sorry, but to suggest that if we are unhappy with Liphook - then move to Haslemere was a point that even my husband said was one comment too far - but it has made him think!!. If you are happy for businesses to leave just because you have personally had enough then your wishes may just become a reality!

Councillors are only in it for a term - or more (or less) if they wish, we are in this until we retire or if it becomes financially stretched - such is our commitment.

To be honest I have had enough of 'who said what, who misunderstood what'. I have taken on board comments that I do nothing (which is not really true)- together with the concerns of the commercial sector and have 'put myself up for organising something'. Lets not diminish the work being carried out before it has got underway.

Now, I see this as an opportunity to join business & commercial with the community to work together as it would seem the Council have been directed to set up a Plan for Liphook. It’s not too late to offer your support? You never know, together Liphook could be even better.

You may dislike what I say, I still have Liphook to heart, why else would I take my own personal time and money trying to achieve something that I know is being asked for. I have also had a number of offers in despatching more information etc, which I will in due course reply too.

That is all I am going to say on this subject. If you wish to know more - you and Councillor Jordan are more than welcome to join in our initial meeting

Best regards

Sue Woods

PS I am more than willing to sit down with you over a coffee in the café at the square.

Re: Liphook Initiative & the PC
- Sumi Olson (8th Apr 2009  10:29:45)

Thanks for the background information on the Parish Plan and the update on the Survey.

Firstly, it was useful to know that compilation of the survey is done by volunteers. This was news to me and so thanks for those giving up their time to do this. Like many others, I'm interested in the results and look forward to seeing them.

However, I think it would help all the people of the parish to know more about how such processes work and hope that the PC could look more towards putting such info, explainations and updates on the website. I appreciate that this means devoting time & resources to maintaining the content but I think it would do much to manage expectations and relieve the sense of distance felt by the parish about what the PC are doing.

Also, it would mean that we don't learn of PC matters from councillors who are reading talkback and responding. Whether they intend to or not it sometimes reads like they are having to defending their ground and that's not necessarily a good thing.

As I'm sure councillors know, not everyone can make the evening meetings for one reason or the other, and a lack of "bums on seats" doesn't indicate a passionate interest in the current workings and future planning of the area. The interaction on talkback demonstrates that. So in short, I would urge you to use this website and the PC section of it more constructively so that there is a greater sense of dialogue and understanding.

In relation to the Liphook Initiative, it is obviously key that members of the PC such as you and Barbara are able to join the group and feed in to discussions. I don't think anyone wants to waste time going over ground already covered and your feedback will be pertinent. Karen Feeney mentioned to me the other day the Liphook Marketing Board (?) which once existed. I hope that members of that group will also come and give the benefit of their experience.

Personally, for this to have any real lasting impact, it will need to look at more than Station Road's issues. We have Passfield, Headley Road, Hollycombe, The Square, and those based from home. Whilst it has a commercial/business element, it's not the only group who has something to offer. I hope those involved in Liphook in Bloom & the Carnival will get involved. Villagers interested in transport, housing developments, litter, dog-fouling, youth activities and so on and so on, are all deeply committed to making things better so I hope that we'll have a representative group covering all interests.

There's no "us and them" in wanting to improve Liphook!

Re: Liphook Initiative
- Sue w (8th Apr 2009  12:47:24)

Sorry - need to make this post!

This initiative is not just about Station Road and never was!!. It has always been for the WHOLE of Liphook and district.

I am very aware that Businesses in Passfield and Hollycombe have a say. Right at this precise moment in time, I have very little 'spare' time to deliver the 'Survey' forms or contact anyone else. But I will be at the Producers Market on Saturday, with a number of leaflets - so please if you are interested pop in and collect one.

For some reason my e-mails will only send occasionally, and I seem to lose a number in cyber space? Funny - I can receive without problems (well I think I can???!!!) Put it this way more are coming in than going out.

Sumi, I have compiled a list of those who have received a form and the replies back. This list has been amended to add further businesses to contact - If you allow the editor to release your e-mail details I will TRY and send it to you with a copy of the Survey and if you are passing any of those on the list - feel free to drop them one in.


Re: Liphook Initiative
- Sue w (9th Apr 2009  08:40:51)

Interesting reading of this previous post

"Bringing people back to Liphook Shopping" - raised nearly 2years ago!!

Re: Liphook Initiative
- Mani (9th Apr 2009  10:35:48)

Allan (Black Fox Inn) kindly offered the use of his function room as a venue for any meetings. I have provisionally booked it for 29 Apr 09 from 7 PM. Please come along and give us your views on what issues we need to address and what format the Association/Group/Club should take i.e. Terms of Reference, Membership, Committee, frequency of meetings,etc..

It will be a very informal meeting and hopefully everyone will be able to have their say.

Allan - thank you.


Re: Liphook Initiative
- Sue w (9th Apr 2009  20:18:46)


Sorry to ask, but did you receive any e-mails from me recently?

I am trying to send one today, but it keeps failing. Life is so crap without proper connections.


Re: Liphook Initiative
- Sudha and Mani (10th Apr 2009  14:07:36)

Hi Sue,

Sorry haven't got back to you.Yes,received the email and survey form.I shall drop it off to your stall at the Liphook Market on Saturday.
We hope many people will turn up and support this "Initiative" to make it a success.
I remember learning English proverbs at school....United we stand: divided we fall...or something like that.Let's go for it and pray "Liphookians" are enterpreanual,motivated,civic minded and determined to stick together to support Liphook.

Sudha and Mani.

Re: Liphook Initiative
- Sumi Olson (20th Apr 2009  11:03:14)

Assuming I've not given birth early, am looking forward to attending the meeting at the Black Fox on Monday [editor - Wednesday, I think].

Sue - am happy for Alan to give you my email details but just to warn you, I'm not always on the computer (I know it must seem so with my posts but believe me, I just blast them & other emails out at the same time when I've got a chance to sit at the computer!). My email signature will give you my mobile no if you need it.


Re: Liphook Initiative
- Liphook Initiative (22nd Apr 2009  11:33:51)

Thought adding this information would keep people in touch.

Here is a copy of the Survey form, and how it has been introduced to the Businesses sector.

‘We are looking in to setting up an organisation, which will address the issues that concern retail, commercial, groups and individuals of the community. We once had a group called the Liphook Marketing Panel, set up in the last recession, to help promote Liphook.

Other areas have a Chamber of Commerce (Haslemere), Buy in Grayshott (BIG), but Liphook, being one of the largest wards in EHD are without any.

This new scheme could go further and aid those who have ideas, approach/lobby the Parish Council, with more support behind it. It will not be an alternative council, but if successful will benefit the Community.

Before we get moving on this idea, we need to gauge the feelings of those here.’


We have received excellent results and support from the Business sector of the Community - who are all making comments that having a voice and being included within the community is much needed.

Fundamentally this is a Businesses Initiative but it is not solely for Business, but members of the community (residents) that have an interest to see Liphook provide facilities, fill the empty shops and industrial units, and raise the general profile of Liphook together! So if you have/may consider entering into a Business here, this is the place to start. The wealth of information, tips and support could make it easier.

The village will have more housing over the next 10-15 years, but what facilities, business opportunities and services?

As with other organisations, the need for those willing to help; makes a difference. Together, we could work with the Carnival Committee, Liphook in Bloom and the Parish Council - the more people feel involved and connected the rewards will be reaped by everybody.

So this meeting is open for all and is completely free to attend.

Re: Liphook Initiative
- liphook Initiative (1st May 2009  11:56:59)

Just an update on the meeting held Wednesday.

The room was full of about 20, most were from Businesses - but 2 parish councillors and a member of Lidba also joined us.

There were numerous points raised and methods discussed - and the outcome was that those present thought it worth creating a formal organisation! Brilliant!!

There were also a number of very interested businesses - who for various reasons could not make the first meeting, but should be present at the next.

There is of course a lot of groundwork to undertake between now and the next meeting, which will be posted here when time date and venue has been confirmed.

It was very heartening to see and hear other businesses opinions and concerns.

If you need to know any other details you can contact either Mani Rai or Sue Woods, on numbers already given out under this thread.

Wish this new association the very best of luck!

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