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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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road works
- wendy (19th Jul 2013  19:25:23)

Ok anyone know what the closure of ALL the roads into the square for 8 weeks is all about. Is this going to be a total closure or (hopefully) just a night time nuisance?

Re: road works
- Chris (19th Jul 2013  22:37:33)

News to me, and being that I live in the Square, I would be very interested in any news about an 8 week closure????

Re: road works
- Alan Baker (19th Jul 2013  22:54:32)

I think it is related to this on the PC website.

Re: road works
- wendy (19th Jul 2013  22:56:25)

Road work signs appeared today on the headley, haslemere and petersfield roads as u come into the square. Not sure about the longmoor road or london road.

Re: road works
- wendy (19th Jul 2013  23:00:11)

Not sure about the above Alan as the date for those closers is May 2012

But over 12 months and I don't remember any of them happening

Re: road works
- tony (20th Jul 2013  12:58:46)

We got a letter today. I read it quickly but don't have it in front of me now.
From what I gathered they're going to resurface the roads in and leading off the square through August, including the pavements. The Square (which surely is the least 'square' square in the world) will be closed overnight at some times but generally the other roads will close from 9am till 4.30 pm with diversions in place.
The work will be phased so that they do each in sequence starting with Headley Road and I don't think they're going more than 100metres or so off the Square along the roads.
Generally I thought it sounded quite well thought through. Hope this helps.

Re: road works
- Editor (20th Jul 2013  13:39:28)

Footway, kerbing and drainage works

First closure is 30m of Headley Road. 29th July to 6th August, this will be closed overnight as well.

Then 7th August to 11th August inc weekend for the Square, again closed overnight.

Haslemere Road will be closed from 9 to 4:30 from 12th August to 17th August.

Midhurst Rd 19th to 30th August 9 to 4:30

Portsmouth Rd 31st August to 13th September 9 to 4:30

Re-surfacing starts on the 6th September. Details below.

Re: road works
- Dawn Hoskins (20th Jul 2013  15:43:40)

Ferris Cowper has been regularly reporting on this at full council meetings. I am not sure how up to date the PC web entries are but you can check them here.

Alternatively, I thing Ferris also posts his reports.newsletters on the Grayshott site.

At any rate - it is Ferris you need to speak to - to get it from the horses mouth so to speak (I am not calling Ferris a horse!).

Re: road works
- Councillor Barbara Easton (20th Jul 2013  19:10:00)

The details on the Parish Council website are correct but out of date. The work for Operation Resilience was delayed firstly for funding reasons and secondly Parish Councillors wished not to coincide the disruption with the main school terms. The work in the square will be undertaken at weekends during the night and will close the square on some occasions. The work on re surfacing the main roads is being staged so that only one main road into the square will be closed at any one time. Thje work will commence on 29th July and hopefully be finished by 15th September. We are expecting a press release from Hampshire Highways and as soon as it is available it will be posted on the PC website. We know that it will cause disruption but if the work is delayed again funding for the repairs could well be lost for good.

Re: road works
- Phil (21st Jul 2013  13:42:18)

We're trapped!

I feel claustrophobic already!

Re: road works
- Chris (22nd Jul 2013  09:55:16)

With all the expense, inconvenience and disruption I hope the end result is an improvement both aesthetically as well as functionally and not just another example of the authorities spending our money because they have a surplus and need to justify their budget.

How this will improve the roads is yet to be seen. Will the pavements be changed (there are parts of the Square that don’t even have pavements), new kerbs or just the roads and Square paved? Can we see a list of improvements or do we just wait to see what is and is not done?

I also hope that 'Operation Resilience' isn’t an excuse to show that the roads can handle further housing developments….

Over to you Ferris Cowper.

Re: road works
- Editor (22nd Jul 2013  11:00:33)

Re-surfacing dates

Friday 6th September 7pm to 7am roads closed - Liphook Square, Portsmouth Rd and Haslemere Rd.

Saturday 7th September 7am to 7pm roads closed - Liphook Square, Portsmouth Rd and Haslemere Rd.

Sunday 8th September 7am to 7pm - Longmoor Rd, Headley Rd and London Rd.

Saturday 14th September 7am to 7pm - Haslemere Road and Midhurst Rd.

Sunday 15th September 7am to 7pm - Haslemere Road and Midhurst Rd.

Contact information

All changes to scheduled dates will be made clear on the yellow boards. You can call 0845 603 5633 to check when work is being carried out.

Re: road works
- Councillor Barbara Easton (22nd Jul 2013  12:22:02)

I would like to direct residents to the new information about the roadworks which has now been posted on the Bramshott and Liphook Parish Council website. There is also further information available in the Parish office, in the form of detailed maps of the work and road closures. As far as I am aware the work in the square is to replace the Paviers with asphalt but there is a dedicated telephone number for detailed enquiries which I believe has already been posted on this website.

Re: road works
- Chris (22nd Jul 2013  13:36:56)

"As far as I am aware the work in the square is to replace the Paviers with asphalt but there is a dedicated telephone number for detailed enquiries which I believe has already been posted on this website."

"As far as I am aware" seems to be the problem, no one is aware. I called and was told by the person that he didn’t know but would have an engineer call to explain what works would be done....... There are businesses and families living in the Square, I believe more than one weeks notice for major works is needed, as far as I am aware!

"The programmed dates for the footway, kerbing and drainage works are as follows, a map has been enclosed to identify these locations:" ...are all the footways being done?

Re: road works
- Local Businesses (24th Jul 2013  09:56:43)

This is just to let you know that local business will be open during this time. The Anchor car park and the Midhurst Road car park will also be accessable. This includes the time they are closing the square (5 days)

Thank you

Re: road works
- liz (24th Jul 2013  13:34:35)

The first I heard of this was when the letter (dated 19 July) arrived. Works commence on 29 July. I think just 10 days notice (for the majority of us) for disruption of this scale is ridiculous.

Re: road works
- Chris Jackson (24th Jul 2013  14:08:02)

I agree...and the real shame is the works are “like for like” so even with this disruption to us all, no improvements will be put in place. Like raised crosswalks or paving stones being put down where they are missing (London Road.) It would also have been a good time to install another crosswalk on Haslemere Rd, but I have been told that the engineer in charge of safety doesn’t think there is an issue with speeders and traffic in the village.????

Re: road works
- Barry (24th Jul 2013  15:39:21)

There will be a meeting with someone from the council in my showroom at Anchor Garage tomorrow morning at 9am (25/07/2013) for all the local businesses that are worried about the road works.

Please come along.

Re: road works
- tony (24th Jul 2013  16:10:14)

I agree that speeding is a problem in the village (like most villages) and I would love to see something in the design of this layout that would better cater for cyclists, mums with kids etc. \'Like for like\' does suggest that they haven\'t given it much thought in that respect.
It\'s hard to see how they could realistically achieve it though, maybe they will have to make Haslemere Road one-way eventually and make another bypass, east to west. But has anyone at the council got a few million to spare? Thought not. Just keep building hundreds more houses though.

Re: road works
- Editor (5th Aug 2013  08:30:38)

Looks like the Headley Road is being closed again this morning, so could be overnight and all day tomorrow as well.

Wednesday is scheduled to be the closure of the square.

Re: road works
- Jade (5th Aug 2013  09:26:20)

If the square is closed on Wednesday how do I get to the A3 from Haslemere road?

Re: road works
- Editor (5th Aug 2013  09:32:43)

Not easily, I'm afraid. Depends if you want to go north or south.

If north - drive towards Haslemere and join the A3 just south of the Hindhead tunnel.

If south - again start by driving towards Haslemere, then take a right turn (after the bridge) into Highfield Lane, at the bottom turn right towards Liphook, over the railway bridge and immediately left into Station Road. At the end of station road turn left towards Petersfield and continue all the way to the roundabout with the A272 turn right and then take the A3 north or south as required.

It is possible to join the A3 through Liss, but would probably take longer.

Re: road works
- Jade (5th Aug 2013  11:19:58)

Thank you, I will be heading south bound!!
This is unbelievably ridiculous how I have to waste all my petrol to get to work and I will have to get up earlier!!

Re: road works
- Phil (6th Aug 2013  17:35:23)

When Headley Road was briefly re-opened on Sunday AM, all I noticed in terms of works was a small resurfaced area near the junction. I will assume there is more to it than that, given the road was closed for days and caused misery!

As for today - Tuesday - what a disaster trying to cross Liphook! Quickest route to Whitehill (to avoid queues and temporary lights) was down the old A3, into Liss, back up the A3 and off along the A325. A waste of time and fuel, and there were plenty of other cars and trucks doing the same I noticed.

Will be interesting to see the finished roads.

Does anyone know the total cost of these works, out of curiousity?

Re: road works
- Gary (6th Aug 2013  18:56:02)

Hello we are all inconvienienced by the road works but we need to get on with it .
The roads NEED repairing and when ever its done it will upset some more than others

So we have to get up 5/10 minutes early thats not a hardship really is it ?

I made a decision wen I went self employed to get up early on purpose to miss the school traffic in the village so I start work earliy so ??? This means I finish early so I can enjoy the sunny weather in the garden Blissful

If they did it with the traffic lights and kept the roads flowing imagine HOW LONG that would take!!! then you could really moan.

looking forward to a quiet portsmouth road peace and quiet wonderfull

This is going to come hard to some people show some patience and good will to other roads users for once and get on with life

Be thank full you hae a job to go to and can afford to run a car to get there there are a lot a hell of a lot worse off and would be glad to be in your shoes!!!!


LEts have som happy talkback for a change

Bring on the Carnival oh no roads closed again aaaaaaaarrrrrrgggggggghhhhhh

Re: road works
- Editor (7th Aug 2013  08:40:17)

It appears that the Square is going to be closed off from outside the Anchor Garage, so the Midhurst Rd roundabout (to Sainsburys) looks like it will still be accessible from the Haslemere Road.

Can we have an update from the very local residents and businesses in the Square as to exactly which section is closed off.

Many thanks

Re: road works
- Jade (7th Aug 2013  10:22:49)

That's lucky for you that you are self employed and you can have to opportunity to get up early and finished early to enjoy the sun but unlike you I actually work full time in an office with set hours so I cannot pick and choose my hours therefore why should I have to get up early to go to work!!

Anyone can get a job if they work hard and apply for them!!!

I just don't see why I should have to waste MY MONEY on more petrol when I shouldn't need to!!

Re: road works
- iwik61 (7th Aug 2013  11:35:31)

Jade, what would be your perfect answer to fix the roads as i can't see any way without some sort of disruption, maybe two hours a day for the next two years.

Let them get on with it and then complain if it only lasts for a few months like the last time. Do it once and do it well !

Re: road works
- Jade (7th Aug 2013  11:55:37)

They could do it over night??

Re: road works
- liz (7th Aug 2013  12:13:44)

Good grief Jade - the closure of the Square will only affect you for three days! Five if you work weekends as well. Hardly a major inconvenience.

Re: road works
- Confused (7th Aug 2013  12:41:20)

Saw it all today, firstly "all business open as usual" some on the Square closed!

Then a number 13 bus from Whitehill, travels along The Avenue (even though the Headley Rd is now open) gets to the r/a and wants to turn right through the village. Hasn't anyone told the bus Co!

At the same time a Sainsburys Artic wants to turn left from London Rd towards Sainsburys.!

Many many cars trying to do the same.

Re: road works
- Russell (7th Aug 2013  15:48:11)

The council should concentrate on some of the surrounding roads first especially after the farce of last year's resurfacing.

The square should have been closed over 2 consecutive weekends not during the working week when people have to get to work, especially as the square is the main direct route to the A3 for a lot of residents in Liphook.

Re: road works
- Ian (7th Aug 2013  18:17:27)

What an absolute farce! To get from Haslemere Road to Passfield today either means going through Haslemere, Grayshott and Headley or alternatively through Liss (+level crossing!), Greatham and Whitehill/Bordon.

Either route is 15+ miles and 30+ mins in traffic.

At the same time, the main road through Lindford is closed as well. Hats off to the planners, what a joke.

Has HCC in its wisdom considered the implication of anyone living in or off of Haslemere Road calling 999 for emergency services?? How are they supposed to negotiate their way through to an emergency with the whole Square being closed?? A tragedy waiting to happen!!

It was handled better in 1993; at least you could get from one side of the village to the other with a single carriageway being left open.

Ian, best to join A3 south at Hindhead, then off at Liphook, up Tower Rd, right turn onto Headley Rd to Passfield, or just continue to first roundabout and turn right onto Headley Rd to miss the humps.

Re: road works
- Gary (7th Aug 2013  18:52:04)

Jade ... Jade .. Jade

So just how much earlier to you have to get up hmm ?

Blood now boiling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you been self employed ? it is FULL TIME WORK

Do you work 7 days a week ?

Do you have to work late nights to get jobs done , have you any idea the amount of travelling done ? petrol cost's

DO you have to buy equipment to do your job from your own pocket ?

I bet you get holiday pay , sick pay ? I DONT !!!!!

Yes its my choice and there are benefits but not always

Do you have job security ?

Do you know when your next pay cheque is ?

Try self employment see how you get on !

Sorry folks for the rant but getting ...................................

Re: road works
- Phil (7th Aug 2013  19:04:03)

Shame on the road works. What a disaster, why isn't the work taking place at night to avoid traffic mayhem?

Just been on a Tour de Liphook to get home - a waste of my time and fuel.

How would an ambulance get from the A3 to the southern side of Liphook in a hurry?

Flippin' disaster.

Re: road works
- Phil (7th Aug 2013  19:07:04)

@ Gary - if you are self-employed and not claiming for your fuel and equipment as you seem to imply, then I strongly suggest you see an accountant.

Re: road works
- Jo Joanne (7th Aug 2013  19:24:59)

All you do gooders if you had limited time to get to Whitehill then back to Liss from liphook in an hour timescale to keep a job would you too be so happy ??? I think not !!

Re: road works
- Gary (7th Aug 2013  19:47:24)

Hello Phil
I do just trying to make somebody on here realise self employment is full time and not all easy going

Re: road works
- Hels (7th Aug 2013  20:09:17)

Hi All,
Being relatively new to the area - anyone got any good suggestions about how I get from Liphook station to the end of Headley Road whilst the square is closed for roadworks???

As a commuter from London, tonight I ended up going home via Liss! So want to plan a better route for tomorrow's 6.30am start (and walking isn't an option tomorrow as I have to rush to get my son from nursery when I get back to Liphook). Any advice on back routes welcome!

I'd go up Haslemere Rd towards Haslemere then left up A287 to Hindhead, down A333 joining A3 to Liphook junction. A bit shorter than Liss option.

Re: road works
- iwik61 (7th Aug 2013  21:21:06)

go from liss station instead perhaps or just throw a sickie and get paid

Re: road works
- Phil (8th Aug 2013  08:13:48)

@Hels - I would personally go from Haslemere Station and get there via Bramshot and Hindhead. And for fun, send a claim to HCC Roadworks for your fuel ....

I suspect what is really troubling people the most is that a 20m bit of roadworks requires a 10k diversion, and local businesses are affected during a time of recession / economic stress.

I did have a loony plan this morning - HCC should have been told to put in a temporary car-only route through the existing skate park linking London Road and Haslemere Road. Once road works completed, it should be torn up and turned into the new skate park. Da da!

Re: road works
- Jade (8th Aug 2013  09:01:42)

Why is your blood boiling?? Personally I do not particularly care if you are self employed, work full time or not. All I did was complain how much of a pain these road works are!!!

Re: road works
- Dawn Hoskins (8th Aug 2013  12:19:19)

Phil, you've given people ideas now! I wonder how many cars are going to try squeezing past the library LOL

I do however agree that the Library - Skate park cut though route should be considered in all seriousness to ease congestion. Won't happen though - I'm sure as I believe it was considered in depth when Sainsburys was being built and turned down.

I have been getting my groceries delivered. Let the van use the extra fuel, in addition if they miss their time slot, they dont charge for the delivery!

Re: road works
- Chris (8th Aug 2013  13:03:24)

All in all….A HUGE waste of money and inconvenience and just to replace like for like…….when will the traffic and congestion problems actually be looked at/dealt with ? After we put another 300 or 400 new houses in the village/area and traffic comes to a complete stand still? Anyone……County Council ....District Council...anyone?

Re: road works
- Diane (8th Aug 2013  16:08:03)

I just hope there are no fires in Bramshott or on the north side of the square because by the time the fire brigade get here (the firemen have to get to the fire engine first) it could be a disaster. Are there any contingency plans?

Re: road works
- liz (8th Aug 2013  16:33:26)

I think the fire engine is allowed to cut across the Rec.

Re: road works
- Chris (9th Aug 2013  09:15:00)

I was just told off for not replacing the four very large and heavy cones and gate when removing my car from the Square. I told a gentlemen ( I don’t know who or what position he holds) that it is difficult for me to remove and replace these items when I leave Square but it will be impossible for the other “older” residence, he didn’t agree…who is running this Circus?

Re: road works
- Suzi (9th Aug 2013  09:15:21)

The diversions for this are very poor.

The contractor - who should be accepting responsibility, has so much room to improve.

Only yesterday afternoon, no signs on coming into Liphook, right up until the square & exactly how are you expected to get to the station ??

Diversion - through where exactly Birmingham & York no doubt!!

Sensible answers only please...

To get to the 'station' side of Liphook you have to approach either from the Haslemere Road (basically from Hindhead - A333 then A287) or from the Portsmouth Road (up the old A3 from Liss) - hope that helps a bit. Extra distance is around 10 - 12 miles, luckily roads are fairly quiet because of the holidays.

Re: road works
- Suzi (9th Aug 2013  10:04:01)

Thanks for the advice -

so its extra miles & extra time to get an early train to work & to whom do I send my financial claim to ?

& an adequate explanation to my boss for missing the train, as I wasn't able to get to the station etc.etc.
because some contractor who will be held to account, is incompetent.

Should all be gone on Monday morning, when it moves to the Haslemere Road, so those of us on that side of Liphook will have the same problem getting out to A3 for another week - but hopefully only closed 9am to 4:30pm

Re: road works
- Brian (9th Aug 2013  12:57:00)

Just thought I would add a note to say how helpful the workmen have been and how patient they are with some people. The road is shut and there is nothing we can do about it so lets leave them alone to finish the job.

It's the residents along the diversion routes that seem to be having the most disruption.

Re: road works
- Richard (9th Aug 2013  14:47:18)

I would concur with Brian. I spoke to them this afternoon, They are pleasant and polite and were kind enough to explain the new closures and what the problem was with the existing surface (I may misquote here, but apparently the blocks sink into the ground under the weight of traffic as the blocks have no real support. The rebuilt surface should have a longer life and be easier to repair) . I appreciate that it is a pain driving round the country side, but getting it done quickly is probably better for all of us in the long run, rather than having the road works being done one section at a time and having the traffic jams from hell.

Re: road works
- May Li (9th Aug 2013  15:27:16)


I had to say your post about getting your groceries delivered had me laughing out loud !

Re: road works
- Phil (9th Aug 2013  16:41:15)

Wouldn't recommend using Sandy Lane - lost a wing mirror there yesterday due to traffic squeezing past (VW camper van - he didn't stop, but I did).

Nothing on satnav about closed roads - odd, they appear for every other road. Why not Liphook?

"Village cut off for a week due to 20m of road resurfacing".

They have put up signs saying 'not suitable for diverted traffic' to discourage people using Hewshott Lane and in Hammer to prevent the same. Not sure if they remembered to do the Bramshott Chase/A3 junction.

Re: road works
- Dawn Hoskins (9th Aug 2013  21:33:47)

I also lost a wing mirror which hit the handle of a wheelie bin.

Although the wheels of the bin were on the curb - the triangular design means that the over hang into the road is quite considerable if just 'dumped back' onto the pavement with the handles sticking into the road.

That was on the narrow bend from Passfield to Headley Down where the houses with curbs are on the left hand side.

Very upsetting

Re: road works
- claire (10th Aug 2013  05:27:07)

I love it , the square now has the feel of a mediterranean piazza when you are sitting outside the Anchor without the traffic trundling past.

Re: road works
- A cyclist (10th Aug 2013  08:33:51)

There is a large cycling event starting/finishing in liphook on Sunday. We are due to park and meet at bohunt school. As someone who has never been to liphook, can i still get there from the a3 via longmoor lane? I appreciate it wont make sense going through the village, from all the previous comments. Thanks

Hi. Bohunt School can be accessed from both A3 junctions for Liphook.

Re: road works
- Ian S (10th Aug 2013  11:12:05)

As horrible and disruptive as the Square closure has been, it has been nice to see so many pedestrians around the square and so many local people actually talking to each other.

Re: road works
- Grenouf (10th Aug 2013  12:41:24)

Just remember southern exit says GRIGGS GREEN not liphook

Re: road works
- andy (10th Aug 2013  13:48:19)

perhaps in the light of the chaos caused by these roadworks, perhaps when granting planning permission for new houses in the village a new road bypassing the centre of the village should be included

Re: road works
- Pauline (10th Aug 2013  18:12:26)

It would be nice to know what the next phase will be as they are not in the order on the letter put through my door, any one out there know what is happening please.

The dates on the letter are correct, they had just changed the order of the phases, so go by dates not the phase number. So from Monday Haslemere Rd should be closed from 9am to 4:30pm

Re: road works
- Grenouf (10th Aug 2013  19:48:16)

Well just seen it all followed a car from Petersfield to liphook so it goes past road closed sign at station road/portsmouth road junction towrds the village I have stopped outside my house to back into our drive , wathcing the car it gets to the road closed sign just past the sorting office drives around it and gets to the square turns around then drives like a bat out of hell back down the portsmouth road
3 road closed signs and still a puzzled expression on the drivers face!!!!

Re: road works
- A. Ryan (10th Aug 2013  22:00:30)

Have had no letters for all these roadworks, the only information has been on here. Thank goodness I am an avid reader of this website, otherwise I would be feeling rather complexed. Actually I am rather complexed

Re: road works
- Paul (10th Aug 2013  23:07:47)


A job well done.

For all the problems of getting around, the standard of work being achieved is worthy of high praise.
Can we arrange a gift for the workmen of a job well done in these present times that should last for years.
Maybe a thirst fund in high Summer might help at the Anchor?

Well done guys.

Re: road works
- Jo (11th Aug 2013  14:55:36)

I thought the square was supposed to open again on the 10th, does anyone know when it will be open so cars can get from Longmoor Rd to London Rd?

It has always been due to be open by tomorrow morning. So, I guess sometime later today, if it stays on schedule.

Re: road works
- Editor (11th Aug 2013  20:54:14)

I am reliably informed that the Square is fully open.

From monday Haslemere Road will be closed from 9am to 4:30pm.

Local diversion via Highfield Lane.


Re: road works
- dawn (12th Aug 2013  12:05:36)

Poor Timing!?

There is now a set of temporary traffic lights and a reasonably long stretch of road being dug up on the way to Greatham.

Many people are using this route as a diversion to get to Liphook – so this is going to be a big problem in the rush hour. [Passfield; Greatham; A3; Liphook]

Don’t different [highways] areas have to talk to one another before these consents are given?

Hi Dawn, with the Square now open people should not need to be doing long diversions any more. Haslemere Road is closed from 9am to 4:30pm with a local diversion possible via Highfield Lane.

Re: road works
- Lucy (12th Aug 2013  17:39:41)

"I thought the square was supposed to open again on the 10th, does anyone know when it will be open so cars can get from Longmoor Rd to London Rd?"

Cars could always get from Longmoor Rd to London Rd during the roadworks. You just couldn't turn right through The Square.

What a good job they are doing and all on schedule too! Not quite the "hell" that has been reported in the Herald!

Re: road works
- a (12th Aug 2013  18:14:42)

So im confused is the square NOW infact open? As i work towards guildford i want to know how to get home via the A3 or if i still have to go down the haslemere road as i believe this is due to be closed today for roadworks also and dont want to have to end up turning around and diverting back around???

Should be no confusion. As above The Square is fully open.

Re: road works
- Suzie (12th Aug 2013  20:31:17)

Thankfully I can get to work in Alton now, without having to trek cross country. I calculated that I did 60 extra miles this week because of the roadworks. I tried three different ways to get to Alton, but they all took about the same amount of time. I didn't realise how many tractors there are on the Selourne road!

Re: road works
- Chris (12th Aug 2013  23:06:11)

As I understand it from the signs today, Haslemere Rd is closed between 0900-1630 hrs. I've been through the village numerous times today at various times. At 0745 it was open, at 0830 it was closed and I followed the diversions along Highfield Lane. At 1645 it was open. Every time there were no drama's with any delays.

I think the workforce are doing a thankless job as quick as possible and doing a good job anyway. We all moan about the state of the roads and moan even more if it causes us a bit of disruption when they put it right. Get up earlier, plan your route, stop moaning and smile and wave!

Re: road works
- Nicole S (14th Aug 2013  13:37:52)

Hi does anyone know what portion of the Haslemere road is closed?
I need to get to the old coytes/bank car park, could I do this whilst the road is closed or would I need to wait until after 4.30.

I'm happy to come in from either direction

Many Thanks

Hi Nicole, if you mean the Lloyds bank carpark that can only be accessed by car from the Square. But you could park in Haslemere Road and walk there, as it is only a very short length starting from the Square that is closed.

Re: road works
- Dee (14th Aug 2013  14:32:18)

Hi You can reach the HSBC car park/Coytes entrance from Haslemere side only but this is as far as you can get.

Re: road works
- Nicole S (15th Aug 2013  08:13:05)

Hi Dee

That's perfect, thank you

Re: road works
- Ian (7th Sep 2013  11:01:06)

I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants this absolute farce to be OVER!!

The lack of communication, poor and ambiguous signage, lack of access to the Haslemere Road side for emergency services, and the utterly excessive diversion for those of us on this side of The Square to simply get to Passfield -- all needs to be fed back formally to HCC so that this debacle never happens in the same way again. Where is the voice of the Parish???

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