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Local Talkback

Talkback allows the local residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events - get your voice heard now!

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Millennium Cinema
- Yellow Bannanna Adrian (25th Oct 2019 16:27:50)

I was looking at the films on offer at the millennium centre today. They do seem to be aimed at senior ladies.
Could we not have some films that may be of interest to the men in liphook we do make up 50% of the population. Or something that people under the age of 60 may like.

I know that they used to have a film preview night which resulted in the same type of films being chosen and I believe it's a committee now but the same type of films are coming in.

I can guarantee that the latest Rambo film has no chance of coming to Liphook.

Re: Millennium Cinema
- Pete (25th Oct 2019 16:57:17)

When we have attended the cinema evenings we have been asked to choose from a list which films we would like them to show. Cant get much more inclusive than that.

Re: Millennium Cinema
- Yellow Bannanna Adrian (28th Oct 2019 08:30:58)


You've just proved my point. If you go and see a film and then are asked to choose future films you are obviously going to choose a film similar to the one you have gone to watch as you like that type of film.
This method of choosing limits the type of films that will be chosen.
If you like romantic films and have gone to see one you're hardly likely to choose a blockbuster action film.
To make the cinema a success you need to choose a range of films to attract a range of audiences.

Re: Millennium Cinema
- John (28th Oct 2019 08:45:47)

The Hollywood blockbuster films are not devised in a suitable format for the small screen cinema there? the films to choose from the supplier do not contain those Hollywood style loud films suited to surround sound and 3d effects. It is a limited list to begin with.

Re: Millennium Cinema
- Liphook Millennium Centre (28th Oct 2019 11:03:19)

Thank you for your comments, there are all sorts of reasons for the film choice.

1. We currently use a company that do a lot of the Licencing work for us and give us a selection of films from a selection of film companies.We have about 40 films to
choose from each season, the screening of these films will be on Friday 22nd November at 6pm - 7pm FOC prior to the film 'Fishermans Friends'. The Millennium centre community bar is open and anyone can come along.

2. As soon as I receive the seasons choice I print them and put them on a notice board in the foyer of the LMC for everyone to see. I encourage people to write their choice on a piece of paper and put it in a box, I then use these suggestions to help me choose.

3. We have a email list of people who have requested information about films and other events at the LMC. I email the group with the list and links to trailers, I ask that suggestions are sent back to me by a certain date.
I would LOVE more help choosing the film

Looking to the future I will place a list of the available films onto our NEW Website [ah][t][c]. Then advertise it on here so that more of the community would be able to have a look and help choose.

The downside of using the company that we use is that the films we receive are just being released on DVD, we can use other companies, and I am currently looking into costs.

Currently we do not have a cinema committee, but we would love to have a group of people who help to choose films, perhaps help at cinema screenings, help with the equipment etc.

Anyone that would like to help should get in touch, either via the website 'contact us' or

Also looking to the future we are working towards finding out about using different companies that can provide more up to date films, we need volunteers, to help process their requirements and then help to run more frequent films.

Thank you for asking about the films in Liphook, its is hard to know what people would like, so really welcome any ideas that you have.

For current films, dates etc we use [a][t][c] for our ticket sales

Re: Millennium Cinema
- Liphook Millennium Centre (19th Nov 2019 13:20:09)

For those that would like to know, the choices for next seasons films (January - April) are in the foyer of the LMC till Friday eve. The trailers will be shown before this weeks film, from 6pm - 7pm (open to all FOC) Friday evening (22nd Nov). The film at 7.30pm on Friday evening is Fishermans friend. £6(£5 concession).
Final choices will be made after the liphook village christmas market on Saturday 23rd November. So plenty of opportunity to have your say.
We will be serving mulled wine £3 per glass, and warm spiced apple juice £1 as well as the usual bar menu.
See you there

Re: Millennium Cinema
- Liphook Millennium Centre (16th Dec 2019 10:58:19)

The Films for Next season January to April, have been booked and are available to view on our NEW WEBSITE

To book visit the Ticket source link on the Website page
Thank you

Re: Millennium Cinema
- Dawn Hoskins (16th Dec 2019 13:17:35)

Well we’ve got someone from the millennium centre giving helpful answers,........

We were in the centre for the first time in a long time, to vote. I brought my father in and while we were in there he was looking for some sort of information about ‘what’s on’ or what’s happening at the centre.

I was expecting to see some sort of schedule of events or leaflet we could take away - but we couldn’t see anything at all?

Re: Millennium Cinema
- john (17th Dec 2019 00:11:55)

Was there a member of staff there to ask?

Re: Millennium Cinema
- Pauline Murdoch (18th Dec 2019 09:56:01)

Forthcoming films..... have seen both Knives Out and Judy - recommend both

Re: Millennium Cinema
- Liphook Millennium Centre (2nd Jan 2020 13:22:25)

Don't forget we are showing Rocketman this Friday evening
Purchase tickets online by clicking on the link OR just pop along.
Film starts at 7.30pm

Re: Millennium Cinema
- Gill Snedden (4th Feb 2020 14:19:04)

Just wanted to say Thank you to Yellow Banana Adrian.
'Knives out' is showing at the Liphook Millennium Centre this Friday, and is proving to be a good choice. We had many more people come to choose films this time around and this resulted in a more varied selection.
So thank you for your critique.

Tickets are still available [a][t][c]

If you would like to help choose films to be shown from May to Sept please come along to our FREE trailer preview on Friday 20th March 6pm - 7pm.
Choices will also be published on our website prior to this date.

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