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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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recovering trucks parked all over village
- jan (28th Dec 2022 - 15:22:55)

has anyone been aware of trucks parked down longmoor road where layby was put to help parents pick there children up and men there stripping parts of them

Re: recovering trucks parked all over village
- Clouseau (5th Jan 2023 - 14:57:00)

Yes they have been there since December with a whole range of broken down vehicles. The company is CG Nationwide Recovery & Transport based in Grayshott.
I have contacted the Council (East Hants) regards what are clearly abandoned vehicles and an unlicensed business premises (Longmoor road lay-by) and was met with basic disinterest.
The lady from Havant did however say that the DVLA is the enforcement authority for abandoned, untaxed and uninsured cars. I have reported some of the cars online, wait to see what happens. Not a lot I’m guessing

Re: recovering trucks parked all over village
- Debbie (11th Jan 2023 - 10:57:24)

It's quite sad because there's now a load of rubbish been dumped beside one of the tow trucks.

Re: recovering trucks parked all over village
- Jan (13th Jan 2023 - 19:13:08)

It’s disgusting why don’t they have a yard it makes good business - Look bad why aren't the police doing something ?

Re: recovering trucks parked all over village
- Joyce (14th Jan 2023 - 21:15:55)

I live on Longmoor Rd and reported this incident to Police. I had the standard reply too. No action to be taken. My husband reported fly tipping to council (EHDC) a they have cleared it . The pick up truck and two cars are still in layby.
Some Parents are parking, of necessity , on roadway at school drop off.

Re: recovering trucks parked all over village
- M (15th Jan 2023 - 11:26:55)

Joyce et all,
Take the registration numbers of all the vehicles and check them on the DVLA site to see if they are taxed, insured and MOT'd.. If they're aren't then they are illegally parked on the public highway (if that particular layby is the public highway) and can be reported to the DVLA for removal.
If the vehicle is classed as abandoned then report it to EHDC.
Don't hold your breath though as it won't be overnight, takes weeks!

Re: recovering trucks parked all over village
- S (16th Jan 2023 - 18:16:14)

CG Nationwide Recovery & Transport appear to have a facebook site that they update reasonably regularly with reviews for their work carried out..

Perhaps asking in the comments area as to why they are dumping the vehicles in Liphook might be a start so that everyone can see?? Just a thought :-)

Re: recovering trucks parked all over village
- Richard (16th Jan 2023 - 20:56:54)


I did that and they claim it's nothing to do with them.

Re: recovering trucks parked all over village
- Paul Robinson (17th Jan 2023 - 09:16:05)

I damned nearly ran over a pair of legs, protruding into the Longmoor Road the other night belonging to someone crawling under one of these vehicles being repaired.

Paul Robinson

Re: recovering trucks parked all over village
- Abby Yusef (20th Jan 2023 - 14:22:43)

Their trucks means it’s everything to do with them!

Re: recovering trucks parked all over village
- Richard (21st Jan 2023 - 11:57:24)


Exactly what I would have thought.

I said as much on Facebook and got a shirty response from who I assume is someone linked to the company saying it wasn't them and a private from a different person threatening legal action for libel

I removed the Facebook post but did point out that fair comment was not subject to the laws regarding slander or libel and it's fair comment to assume that a website and truck of the same name must be linked.

Re: recovering trucks parked all over village
- curious er (21st Jan 2023 - 12:44:46)

I thought the fair comment defence would only apply to opinions not statements of fact which are either right or wrong, I'm wondering if the defence of serious harm (or lack of) would be better, which seems quite a high bar for companies to reach, or perhaps qualified privilege or public interest, although I'm not clear if some of those defences apply to members of the public or just journalists etc

I'm also just wondering for those on this thread, what if anything the vehicle drivers are doing wrong by parking (presumably) road legal vehicles in a parking layby?

It's just a question I was wondering, as I've not personally noticed them.

Re: recovering trucks parked all over village
- Ian (22nd Jan 2023 - 07:06:44)

They are taking spaces from parents who pick kids up had a blue recovery truck end of avenue last year dumping cars on road again near school by flats on Headley road take them to a yard there is a breakers yard in Longmoor road also look bad on other businesses in Longmoor road

Re: recovering trucks parked all over village
- Warden (22nd Jan 2023 - 08:23:27)

IF they are taxed and insured they can park on any public road just like the rest of us

Re: recovering trucks parked all over village
- AF (25th Jan 2023 - 17:19:26)

What are these trucks recovering from? Have they been unwell? Perhaps they need a bit of kindness to get well again.

Re: recovering trucks parked all over village
- jmb (6th Feb 2023 - 12:27:49)

deliberate and will lead to controlled parking zones (CPZs)

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