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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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McDonald’s on a3
- Jon (15th Nov 2022 - 22:12:28)

Does anyone know when the new mcdonalds is opening and will it do home delivery

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- C (16th Nov 2022 - 13:51:10)

Not sure but dreading it. Wait for the increased influx of litter.....

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- M (16th Nov 2022 - 14:32:23)

Try "Google", you'd be surprised what comes up. Maybe you'll easily find the answer to your question?

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- PR (16th Nov 2022 - 15:53:15)

Do people seriously still eat this cr*p ??

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- Dave (16th Nov 2022 - 16:33:42)

can't wait, looking forward to Big Mac, 1/4 pounder with cheese and fries. Food glorious food and for those that don't like it, don't go there......

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- C (16th Nov 2022 - 18:39:08)

PR -totally agree. Each to their own but can’t believe people still want to eat this type of food when there’s so much choice available for eating out.

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- Ian (16th Nov 2022 - 19:34:42)

C, what an arrogant patronising view!

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- C (16th Nov 2022 - 21:06:09)

Not really Ian. If you like it, eat it! I’d just rather eat something less pumped full of chemicals and processed!

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- er (16th Nov 2022 - 21:59:19)

C, it's easy to criticise McD's but if it's only an occasional treat just how is it worse than a Chinese, Indian takeaway, a doner kebab or a takeaway pizza etc? A lot of the chemicals you get in American fast food are banned in the UK so don't believe all the headlines.

The basic pull for any tasty food is fat, salt and sugar, colouring and preservative, beyond that all processed food from ready meals, lasagne, pizza, pies and battered fish sold in supermarkets are probably unhealthy.

Maybe we should all take our teens to the Ivy Restaurant for their treat, but for £100 versus £6 a meal it's not always realistic, so don't moralise so much, I'd bet even the average restaurant food isn't as good as if you had your own organic farm in a pre industrialised landscape, but hey we're living way longer now than ever, it's what it is!

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- paul (17th Nov 2022 - 18:38:34)

One of the real reasons of McDonalds success is addiction to sugar.
Their menu of all products contain this sweetener, including beefburgers. It is not advertised but is the reason for U.K's. popularity
of this fast-food chain.

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- Al (22nd Nov 2022 - 07:11:33)

Chinese food is full of chemicals as well, they put it in for you to want more, can't wait for maccy ds to open, everything in moderation I say.

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- Joe (22nd Nov 2022 - 11:30:59)

Not all Chinese food is full of chemicals I cook my own without using any chemicals and certainly you could even order certain takeaway dishes without loads of sauce, it is also possible to buy Chinese prepared dishes from the supermarket without too much nasty stuff. A burger is processed before it is even cooked as is bacon, should be avoided for health reasons.

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- Sam (22nd Nov 2022 - 21:16:39)

At least it will pressure a few of the local Fastfood places to up the game or go out of business and it all fair in a competitive world, some places in our village haven't seen a fresh coat of paint since the 1980's, it's like a time warp in Liphook.

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- B (23rd Nov 2022 - 15:46:55)

Another topic that’s taken a handbrake turn.

Does anyone know when it’s opening?

Don’t care about the health implications or whether or not Chinese food has chemicals in it or the litter.

Thank you

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- sarah clark (23rd Nov 2022 - 18:07:33)

It opens on December 7th.

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- Kevin (25th Nov 2022 - 16:08:04)

Opens Dec 7th and will be on Deliveroo

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- paul (2nd Dec 2022 - 11:53:25)


I see that McDonalds are now posting flyers for jobs at the new A3 northbound outlet.

The company has won awards as a good employer, with fast promotion prospects. Reasonable rates of pay, a Store Manager around 30k per year. Junior staff around £10 per hour, staff paid holidays, free food, and uniform. Different shifts for work/life balance.

Could be a career start for local people.

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- gareth j rees (7th Dec 2022 - 11:37:21)

has s opened today?

can't see that it has on google

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- I (7th Dec 2022 - 19:52:34)

It’s open , yay!!! £5 gets a Big Mac meal deal, great value when compared to the Deers Hut £19 burger. Happy Days

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- Jen (7th Dec 2022 - 20:24:13)

Personally, I'd rather pay £19 for one decent burger on one occasion than £5 for a grotty burger on 4 occasions! But others take a different view. We're lucky to now have facilities to cater for both options.

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- er (7th Dec 2022 - 20:53:12)

Snobbishness plays a part too unless you can't cook and need to eat out every single day then you'd better find a fresh cooked organic cafe, but if like 99% of us you cook and eating out is for convenience, socialising and fun then fat, meat (minced) sugar, salt, bread etc etc are all pretty much the same and it's not every day, end of the day we all want a Mercedes AMG but actually a Skoda is just as good for you and better for your wallet!

I don't think there's such a thing as a truly healthy burger anyway, it's a fatty ketchuppy indulgence usually enjoyed (very much)with deeply fried potatoes and we all know it, 99p or £99 so enjoy or stay home😂

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- D (8th Dec 2022 - 09:08:20)

Who would have thought there would be a social hierarchy over burgers? Could only happen here. I've paid less than a fiver for burgers recently and they've been excellent. People pay that much for a burger? No cost of living crisis here then.

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- Pete (8th Dec 2022 - 16:47:50)

Looking through the thread one post sums up the problem.
B - Don't care about the health implications or whether or not it has chemicals [fine that's your choice your body] OR THE LITTER. Not fine.

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- passfield resident (8th Dec 2022 - 20:12:30)

One thing that's definitely true about burgers-in some pubs you can pay ridiculous amounts for burgers that are tasteless. If I want something bland to fill me up I'd rather not get ripped off

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- D (8th Dec 2022 - 23:24:12)

Several concerns have been voiced about "chemicals" in food. Organic food is the minimum use of chemicals, (NOT "no" chemicals). Given how any producer would have to pay for these chemicals, it is not unreasonable to assume anything we eat has been produced with minimal chemicals.

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- Anon (9th Dec 2022 - 09:19:31)

Whatever you think of McDonald's food, in the UK they use 100% British and Irish beef and work with farmers who are all approved by nationally recognised farm assurance schemes, such as Red Tractor or Bord Bia.

The eggs are free range, again sourced from the UK and Ireland. In fact during the Pandemic when McDonald's was closed the egg farmers were suddenly left with thousands of eggs every day, so McDonald's helped them source small egg boxes so they could go to the shops to be sold.

The milk they use is organic too.

No, I don't work for them, nor do I eat McDonald's, but they are trying to make animal farming less cruel, unlike many food suppliers in the UK.

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- C (9th Dec 2022 - 10:09:49)

Pete - couldn’t agree more. Am always so saddened by the fact so few people seem to care about litter. It genuinely makes me depressed. (And yes, I do go litter picking regularly before someone tells me to do something about it then!)

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- Joe (9th Dec 2022 - 10:57:27)

Do not know if the previous poster works for McDonald's but the red tractor mark does not mean cattle raised and slaughtered in Britain- I believe it means processed in Britain only not reared. Also we have some farms here with very intensive farming methods.

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- PR (9th Dec 2022 - 13:35:01)

Well said Joe ~ as some people know the Red Tractor mark means very little.

Also, previous poster Paul sounds like he works for McDonald's HR Department

All smells a bit fishy ~ like a Big Mac yuk ....

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- paul (9th Dec 2022 - 16:12:52)

It is all personal choice where we eat, and spend our money.
Mcdonald's now offer a choice locally, we are all mostly adults, to decide where, and when, to eat.
Nutrition and health if a deciding factor, may not be suitable.
An occasional treat is o.k. as with any balanced diet.

Back in the '70s Wimpy restaurants with the ever popular burger, price for a Kingsize was 31 pence!

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- AF (11th Dec 2022 - 07:39:49)

I know they have opened but no home delivery service.

We have to actually get in the car and drive there, life is tough these days.

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- Joe (11th Dec 2022 - 10:09:06)

I think that if you are desperate firms like deliveroo will bring you your McDonalds or KFC at home.

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- paul (11th Dec 2022 - 15:06:17)

There was a time in Liphook back in the day when most residents did not have a car. Also they had not heard of fast-food.
Happy days.

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- AF (17th Dec 2022 - 10:50:26)

Just had breakfast at the new McDonalds on the A3. Superb meal and very quick service, the only negative the building could have been warmer. They don't do deliveries yet, but deliveroo will start the end of January

Re: McDonald’s on a3
- paul (17th Dec 2022 - 17:13:48)

Great news AF about delivery to Liphook at the end of next month.
Like the look of the Smoky BLT Double Quarter Pounder with cheese. Only 990 calories, good for a balanced diet.

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