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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Sainsburys garage
- Rob (7th Jun 2021 22:15:24)

How tight can sainsburys get, all the money they make and now they charge for air to pump up your tyres.

Re: Sainsburys garage
- Don (8th Jun 2021 09:32:43)

They are a business, businesses are there to make money whichever way they can. Despite what all the closet communists think they are not a public service; they are a commercial enterprise out to maximise profits.

Fortunately you are not obliged to use them, you could even beg/borrow a foot pump and inflate your tyres (rather than your feeling of entitlement) yourself.

Re: Sainsburys garage
- Joe (8th Jun 2021 09:40:43)

Most other petrol garages do charge I cannot think offhand of any that do not charge at least 50p

Re: Sainsburys garage
- er (8th Jun 2021 10:52:21)

Cue the 'of course they do it's a business, stop moaning' predictable replies!

I think OP's point is they never used to, it's a shame yet another much appreciated service has gone to short sighted profit. Yes we know the days of service at a service station are over, now it's more about buying food, when I say food I mean crisps and energy drinks!

Of course it went on the bill somewhow, but the point was simply that it was a nice service that will be missed, for those of us who regularly like to check this life saving often overlooked little chore!

Let's analyse, you pay £1 in many places for a couple of minutes, you rush around hoping it doesn't run out before you finish all four (should really be all 5 officer!). You don't bother doing it again in many cases for several weeks or months!

Versus, just checking every time you visit, because it's a service and they want you to be safe, it's free, it's stress free, you feel welcome, don't tell me everything's all about profit, something's are just about caring and service and a lot of people go back there because of that, especially in a small town where they are the only village 'service' station, come on Sainsbury's, you can't be that hard up!

Re: Sainsburys garage
- JH (8th Jun 2021 14:51:48)

I used to queue up for free air after I had bought fuel. A lot of people drove in, checked their tyres, and drove out again, without buying anything.

So I don't blame Sainsburys ; as usual, the acts of a few selfish people spoil it for the majority.

Re: Sainsburys garage
- Sue (8th Jun 2021 17:04:43)

With facilities broken and out of service as a norm, and off-hand service, a new charge for free air (even staff couldn't work the automatic card payment system) - seems Sainsbury's are uninterested in the garage.
By the way, other countries have statutory free air and water pumps - makes sense ("free" always means only free at point of use).

Re: Sainsburys garage
- Daisy (9th Jun 2021 23:59:59)

Its only 30p, hardly going to break the bank is it.
Its been taken over by a private company so thats why you now have to pay.

Re: Sainsburys garage
- Paul (11th Jun 2021 17:22:30)

Get a foot pump get fit pumping tyre up

Re: Sainsburys garage
- Sue (12th Jun 2021 09:08:50)

The fact is that nothing we get for 'free' anywhere - Sainsbury's included, is never free.
What used to be a "free" air pump was already paid for within the price of the fuel. The newly charges are EXTRA greed.
The "free" car park and trollies: They're all paid for by our grocery bills. When they decide to charge for the parking and trollies they will be making additional extra greedy charges. Although with the car park and trollies: Yobs and vandals are costing us all by their damage and theft.

Re: Sainsburys garage
- Ian (12th Jun 2021 23:54:00)

@ Sue, why are they greedy? They are a business, the aim is to maximise profit, it’s not greed, it’s business! If you don’t like it you don’t have to use it, your choice!

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