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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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- James (2nd May 2021 11:32:38)

The elections are on the 6th it is important everyone votes! Especially young people.

The Conservatives have shown they are not fit to run a country so why would we let them run our community?

They have consistently cut youth services, what is one of the major complaints in Liphook? The Youth. Why is this? Because the services they once had have been cut.

You can find more about who is running on the who can I vote for website.…

Vote wisely. Vote for someone who will actually change our community for the better not the worse.

Re: Elections
- JB (3rd May 2021 07:43:37)

Practically zero canvassing other than a leaflet from the Cons and one from the LibDems. So no idea what people are standing for, particularly in the more local posts.

Re: Elections
- James (3rd May 2021 10:11:09)


The who can I vote for website offers a little bit more information. Still not a lot but it helps.

Re: Elections
- Pete (3rd May 2021 10:58:09)

Not much point voting, the media will take over enough minds to deliver the result they want, Labour for example will by portrayed as red communists and everyone will vote conservative again as they think voting conservative makes them posh etc.

1 vote on 3 possible idiots every few years might be democratic but nothing changes.

Re: Elections
- Richard (3rd May 2021 11:24:40)

Totally agree Pete.

Considering it's the same old same olds with no real alternative to the status quo they may as well say vote on being punched in the head, kicked in the balls or stamped on your foot.

All as bad as each other.

The only democratic vote is to write 'dissatisfied with all candidates'

Re: Elections
- er (3rd May 2021 11:25:40)

Sad when people say I haven't had a leaflet so I don't know what the parties (or candidates, same thing really) are standing for!

Do you really need a team of PR agents to write down some wonderful list of aspirations which will then be promptly ignored as actually just a wish list?

If people by now don't know the difference between Labour and Conservative, that there is no real difference on most things other than a bit of posturing about minority rights that they'll never give, they all care more about decorating their second homes than delivering!

Our politics is based on who shouts the loudest, who can give them more money and who the media likes, bickering to make each other look bad.

There, who needs a glossy leaflet through the door😂

Re: Elections
- Sam (3rd May 2021 14:11:50)

For what it's worth, I know one of the candidates personally and if you're looking for an alternative to the Conservatives, I'd really encourage you to vote for her. Alison Glasspool is a local mum, who's a great member of our community and is standing for election for the very first time.

Alison has a child at Bohunt, has worked in the charity sector for over 25 years, and has a genuine desire to help others and make a difference. She's standing for the Liberal Democrats, who are offering a real alternative to the Conservatives.

Before anyone asks: I'm not a member of any political party. I just believe that this area deserves change, and that after many years of Conservative cuts to our police, our youth facilities, and much more besides, Alison is just the kind of person who'd do a great job of representing our area.

Re: Elections
- Ian (3rd May 2021 14:36:29)

Don’t vote for any of them, it only encourages them. The system is broken

Re: Elections
- Alison Glasspool (3rd May 2021 16:16:10)

Thank you for raising the question about the local elections. It’s great that there’s interest in knowing who we are voting for.

I’m standing for the Liberal Democrats in the Hampshire County Council elections. If you received a leaflet with information this provides more information about me. You can also see who the candidates are on “Who can I vote for?” This also lets you know a bit more about what I stand for.

Firstly, I live close to Liphook and join in with quite a few community activities in the village and my child goes to Bohunt, so I know the local community and the breadth of issues etc.

Also, my background is 25 years working in the charity and community sector, so I understand the needs of local communities and also how to engage with local authorities. A few years ago I have even worked with Hampshire County Council in delivering children’s centres and a prisons project, Invisible Walls at HMP Winchester. These experiences have provided me with an understanding about how to engage with the council to get things done.

For Liphook my priorities are:
- Support local residents, businesses and local organisations as we emerge from Covid-19
- Protect our environment with improved recycling, tackling litter and no major new developments in Liphook
- Adopt local solutions for safe, accessible, green transport, with better traffic management in the village
- Support activities for children and young people which enhance their physical and mental health
- Work with the Parish Council to support local carer and voluntary organisations

I am willing to represent our area on Hampshire County Council, to address a breadth of issues. Effectively, putting our area on the map at Hampshire County Council.

We do a have a Facebook page “Liphookheadleygrayshottlibdems” for more information.

Regarding canvassing, with the pandemic restrictions we’ve not had a chance to do door knocking in Liphook this time. Our priority has been to distribute our leaflets across as many houses as possible which is all done by our volunteers.

Do contact me via our website if you have any further questions at

We have signed the Jo Cox Foundation pledge ensuring that we run a respectful campaign alongside our other candidates.

Thank you for reading.

Re: Elections
- D (3rd May 2021 16:48:43)

Well, who DO I vote for? We've already had five years of the Liberal Party in coalition and it was a disaster. That leaves either the party who has led the world in covid vaccination which will hopefully put an end to this nightmare. Or the party who's only concern at the moment seems to be the Prime Minister's wallpaper.

Re: Elections
- Alison Glasspool (3rd May 2021 17:01:55)

I think you will find that it is the global brilliance of our scientists who work internationally who developed the vaccinations we have, not the government’s response that we had. The scientists were developing the vaccines while the PM was failing to turn up to cobra meetings and getting us to wash our hands and carry on. If they hadn’t acted before we realised the severity of the situation then we would not be in the position of getting our vaccines as soon as we did.

This is a county election not a national one. What are our local priorities?

Re: Elections
- James (3rd May 2021 17:36:15)


The party that let COVID rage in the UK you mean? The party that has ruined all of our lives, the party that thinks 100k+ deaths is an achievement?

The party that cuts 20k police officers then brags about adding 8k a decade later.

Re: Elections
- D (3rd May 2021 17:54:31)

It was Boris Johnson who had the foresight to get his order in early for the vaccine while the rest of the world was waiting to see what happened. Wouldn't you be moaning about him now if it hadn't done as well. Your opinions on the Liberals riding into power on the coat tails of the Conservative Party?

Re: Elections
- D (3rd May 2021 19:17:45)

James, let's discuss your issues one by one.

Covid has been "raging" all over the world.

"The party that has ruined our lives"? I think you mean covid has "ruined" our lives.

"100,000 deaths is an achievement"? Who said this? It's a pretty nasty thing to say about anyone.

As for police cuts a decade ago, that was when we had the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition in power. So you could blame the Liberal Democrats for that as much as the Conservatives. (Oops! Shot yourself in the foot there.)

Anyway, as the Liberal Democrat candidate said after attacking the Prime Minister, this is a local election not a national one.

Re: Elections
- James (3rd May 2021 19:30:17)


While yes we do have a good vaccine rollout we do not have the best. A lot of people have not had their 2nd dose and a lot of people haven't even had the vaccine.

Boris Johnson allowed COVID-19 to spread across the UK.

We still do not have anywhere near the toughest border controls.

We still do not have an effective track & trace

We still have children going hungry (I will also add that the Tories voted against feeding children)

We still have one of the worst death rates.

The vaccine rollout is about the only thing the Tories have done some what well.

Re: Elections
- D (3rd May 2021 20:30:07)

James, it is interesting how you ignore my response over the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition police cuts but you introduce new issues into your rhetoric. I think you will find it is only Israel who are ahead of us on the vaccine front. Ours is going really well, some countries haven't even started yet. Such cynicism in someone so young.

Re: Elections
- D (3rd May 2021 20:31:55)

"The Tories voted against feeding children"?

Is it illegal now then?

Re: Elections
- James (3rd May 2021 21:14:09)


I mention police cuts from 2010, they have been cut every year since then up until now. You can not blame that on a coalition government.

Yes, it is not a national election. You are correct. However, which party you vote for will still impact local matters.

For example, Donna Jones who is running for PCC wants drones to be patrolling rural communities. Do you really want that?

In 2008, Hampshire had 3912 officers it is now 2962. Donna only wants to add 600. Is that really enough? Not forgetting that our constituency East Hampshire, has grown by 10k+ since 2010 and that is only East Hampshire.

On top of that, I am not sure where the funding is coming from giving that Hampshire & Isle of Wight Police Force receive about 43 million pounds less than the national average. An issue the Tories have failed to fix. Donna does not even mention funding.

As for COVID-19, yes that party has ruined our lives.

Are you forgetting that Johnson refused to attend the first 5 COBRA meetings? He failed to secure our borders, he failed to lockdown early enough, he failed on PPE and test & trace.

Taiwan has 12 covid deaths all time and has a population of 673 per km(2), England has a population of 275 per km(2) and has 112k deaths.

So, D, when I say this government has destroyed our lives, it is because I mean this government has destroyed our lives.

I'm just sorry that you can not see that.

Re: Elections
- D (3rd May 2021 22:27:27)

James, you've had it in for me ever since I refused your repeated requests to correspond with you on your private email address.

Re: Elections
- Dave (4th May 2021 08:05:28)

James you really should get off your keyboard, get out your bedroom and put yourself out as a candidate! Over the last 12 months you have shared with talkback your expert opinions on just about every topic posted and clearly the larger community should have the opportunity to benefit from your righteousness and superior knowledge

Re: Elections
- D (4th May 2021 08:12:33)

Liberal Democrat candidate Alison Glasspool. I am disappointed that you wasted no time in useing the covid crises which has claimed the lives of millions, as an excuse to attack our Prime Minister. He was himself suffering from covid for a long time last year.

You've lost my vote.

Re: Elections
- James (4th May 2021 09:05:32)

D, I find that hillarious.

I've had it in for you since you promoted child abuse.

Re: Elections
- Oldie (4th May 2021 10:48:15)

The young ones will say old people again. But we do have an advantage hind sight. Having lived through all the governments from the war we can compare them. Having been employed, self employed , and run my own business and brought up a family I will give my opinion. 50 60s quite good. 70s80s not so good Labour in unions running the country strikes everywhere decimation of our car industry. Unions blacking private companies putting them out of business. Came to a head with miners strike Something had to be done. An Election and in came Mrs Thatcher when she got a clear majority away we went the country got back on its feet boom time. Yes she made mistakes but they all do comes with the job. But her time was the best we have had. When Labour ditch the unions then perhaps they will be a candidate. But they have a long way to go.Boris has done a good job getting us out of the EU dealing with the virus none of the others could have done better, it would have been a complete shambles if Labour had been in. So from the war time to now conservatives come out top and their doing a good job know.

Re: Elections
- Paul Robinson (4th May 2021 20:04:22)

For what its worth, this Thursday I will do something I have never done since I attained the right to vote. I will 'spoil' my paper for the election of the Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

The first incumbent of this position was Simon Hayes. During his term in office I do not believe that he ever visited or communicated with the parish of Bramshott and Liphook. I was, at the time, a Parish Councillor and we issued an invitation for him to visit the village and, during our annual Parish Meeting, give a presentation on the role of the PCC and answer questions. This invitation was declined.

He was succeeded by another Conservative candidate Michael Lane who, despite a bold and ambitious manifesto, succeeded in witnessing a reduction of police manpower by 30% while his salary, allowances and office expenses expanded beyond that of his predecessor.

He has subsequently been deselected by his Conservative Association and has lost the confidence and support of Hampshire and Isle of Wight constabulary.

So when I complete my vote for the Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner I will write "None of the Above".

Paul Robinson

Re: Elections
- James (4th May 2021 20:16:02)

Hi Oldie,

As someone who has grown up in a mainly Conservative government I will never vote for Conservative.

They have consistently cut or got rid of vital services.

Public Health Funding (this funds school nurses etc) - CUT by 600 million

Imagine the impact this has on young people?

If you want the best for this local community, then you should vote anything but Conservative.

Re: Elections
- D (4th May 2021 20:57:33)

James, you constantly whine about the Conservative Party and criticise anybody who indicates support for them. Do you think your behaviour is going to encourage people to vote for any other party?

By the way, why DID you invite me to correspond with you via your private e-mail address several times? If you're trying to meet someone there are clubs for that.

Re: Elections
- James (4th May 2021 22:12:37)


If I am correct I put my email address on a public forum for you to email me an apology for being disrespectful.

I am not sure why you are bringing this up? Unless you are wanting to apologise now.

I am bringing up the Tories a lot because they are one of the major parties in the UK, D. I thought you would know this.

Re: Elections
- James (4th May 2021 22:26:35)

Also D,

Isn't criticizing a part of democracy? You criticize each party to see which one is the best? Not sure why you are making it sound like a bad thing.

Re: Elections
- JB (5th May 2021 07:18:22)

It’s nice to see that one candidate is engaging with the local community through the community board - well done!

And I really think it’s time to move on from criticism of a coalition that is now history. Especially when one of the parties was the second player and often overruled by the majority in that coalition. I guess a lot of the people will be different now too.

Re: Elections
- Joe (5th May 2021 10:48:41)

Because the Tories have been in power in local government for so long they are likely to get in again. Also the age demographic of EHDC means it is more likely, and the local Herald group is owned by someone who donates large amounts to the Tories, so all we usually get is spin from the Herald, although the new reporter seems more balanced in reporting than the previous one.

Re: Elections
- Penny Williamson (5th May 2021 13:25:50)

I have always thought that there should not be any Party Politics in Local Government. Every councillor should have the best interests of his/her local constitutents. With regard to National Politics and the past performances of the three main parties I would make the following points.

1. The Labour Party spend other peoples' money till it runs out.
2 The Liberal Party only ever seem to be able to form a government with another party where they are in the minority. Result none of their manifesto is honoured ie Free Student Tuition Fees.
3. The Conservative Party is the worst party until you compare it with the two preceding parties.

Not much hope really! Still hey ho so what we live in a Democracy not a Dictatorship - yet.

Re: Elections
- Don (5th May 2021 13:33:31)

Met the Conservative candidate this morning, lovely lady, gets my vote.

Not a fan of Boris who is a twerp but hate the Socialists and Liberals even more who live in a world that totally ignores economics. The Liberal on this site boasts about her work for charity, well most charities depend on public donations, in the case of government this will mean increased TAXES! which they then waste on airy fairy left wing nonsense projects

Re: Elections
- Joe (5th May 2021 14:31:16)

I think Don you would vote conservative by the sound of it anyway. You have not, by the sound of it met the other candidates in person. Criticising someone because they have worked for a charity instead of perhaps coming from a different work background to that is not impressive.

Re: Elections
- D (5th May 2021 15:16:10)

I agree with both Penny and Don, there are some very well paid jobs in the charity sector. The Liberal Democrat candidate is doing her party no favours in her attack on the Prime Minister.

Re: Elections
- Penny Williamson (5th May 2021 17:29:04)

I agree with D. I read Alison Glasspool's first post with interest. However then I read her second post - what a shame she posted that because she was not stating all the facts and sounded like the rest of the point-scoring politicians and I felt disillusioned.

Yes the best brains in the scientific world have all been working incredibly hard to find a vaccine. However Kate Bingham, who is a managing partner at a venture capital firm SV Health Investors, was chosen by Boris Johnson to procure vaccines for the UK and "to do whatever it takes" to get the vaccine "roll=out" for the UK.. In 2020 Bingham chaired the UK Government's Vaccine Taskforce, steering procurement of vaccines and the strategy for their deployment during the COVID-19 pandemic and whatever anyone thinks of the present Government in general and Boris in particular our vaccination program has been an incredible achievement, surpassed only by that of Israel I believe.

I will not be voting for the Conservative Candidate in tomorrow's elections and was going to vote Liberal but after reading Alison Glasspool's second rather disingenuous post I really am not sure. I become increasingly tired of MP's and Councillors, and they all do it across party, scoring political points, instead of addressing real issues.

Our next County Councillor should be someone who works for our local community and the people who live it in - not wasting time sniping at the opposition. Perhaps I am looking for Utopia!

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