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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- Susan (2nd Apr 2021 09:10:44)

I noticed that the Passfield stores is having building work,and can see that on EHDC site they have planning for a extension and redevelopment.
Such a shame they were not required to sort out the parking.
Too many vans,,trucks etc often with trailers park on the common churning up the ground.
Seems they only have to provide parking spaces at the rear for the residents and staff of the shop.

The parking,often illegal,as it’s within 10 meters of the junction,and on the common has not been addressed and will only become worse.
The ground is badly churned up and it’s dangerously close to the bus stop.
The stores should be held accountable and address the problem.
The common is NT land and should be preserved, and protected.
So 2 areas to report to, Hampshire police and EHDC.
Photos taken, Land Rover with trailer behind a transit, parked facing wrong way, within 10 meters of junction, drivers using the shop!
Irresponsible and selfish.

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- Grape (2nd Apr 2021 11:44:35)

Four depressing realities

1) Although road safety issues along that specific stretch are known to the authorities: Nothing much been done.
2) Our local area is seeing uncontrollable and unsustainable urbanisation.
3) Open green spaces are being degraded through recreational and commercial use all around us: NT, commons, parks, Forestry Commission and so on.
4) Illegal activity on all levels is being tolerated, with the exception of “hate crime”. Society is in a free-fall.

The best route in combating the degradation at Passfield is manipulating the facts and present the issue as a “hate crime” somehow.

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- Mark (3rd Apr 2021 17:45:45)

I too have seen the destruction on the common.
Susan is quite right parking within 10 m.of a junction is an enforceable offence.

Clearly EHDC came out for their site visit when the shop was closed ! How convenient as the shops customers are the cause of the problem and no doubt it will only get worse.

The illegal parking will also result in yet ano accident waiting to happen at that junction,with the increase of cars pulling out, and speeding motorists / motorcycles.

Never mind the conservation of the common!

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- passfield k (3rd Apr 2021 20:37:50)

I am afraid that Passfield are the poor relations when it comes to so many aspects , whether parking , traffic calming , speeding , fly tipping along Hollywater Rd , or just rubbish strewn along the road , maybe one day the local council will take notice of what residents are saying.

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- Kate (4th Apr 2021 08:44:44)

The building has changed hands & is being developed.
Totally agree with what has been said, it's disgusting to see such disregard for National Trust land. The gentleman who owns it lives on the Council housing development in Lynchborough Road.

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- Passfield Resident 100 (4th Apr 2021 11:02:48)

To be fair to the new owners of Passfield Stores, I voiced my concerns to them a couple of weeks ago about some concerns I had (I am a Passfield resident) and they were understanding and open to a chat about their plans, so please do speak to them.

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- Jason Toovey (4th Apr 2021 20:16:26)

Hi Susan, I’m the lease holder of the shop, not the owner,
Once building work is finished by the owner, the staff will be parking at the rear, as they will be living on site, iv spoken to the owner who has spoken to national trust and the small area to the left is being topsoiled seeded and planted on with dragons teeth so no one can park or drive on there once building work is finished, as for people parking on the main road near the bus stop I can’t Enforce anything, as for litter we pick everything up if anything out side of the shop and have bins in plain sight for people to see and use, we are a very busy shop, and times are hard enough with COVID, iv also two pubs closed and iv traded 6 weeks in twelve months, iv got a lot to moan about believe me, please feel free to pop in to the shop anytime for a chat, I’m not a keyboard warrior and I’m not into backward and forward messages,
Our telephone number is 01428751261
Hope we can solve these issues!
Kind regards

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- Susan (4th Apr 2021 22:20:44)


I have already looked at the plans / permissions for parking,which is clearly bogus.
Parking on the common is increasing and a real nuisance.
No doubt at all EHDC did their site visit after closing hours.

The NT have a responsibility,as we all know to land surrounding this area,many of the residents concerned pay a premium to NT and your response is just a poor excuse for the development that you support.

Parking is and will be sanctioned by both EHDC and the police,as any parking within 10m of any junction is illegal parking.
Many customers attending the shop park within this,and so are parked illegally.

Disappointing to read your excuse Jason,but not surprisingly enough,as it seems you are not concerned about the environment.

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- Helen (5th Apr 2021 09:54:44)

Susan can you explain your comment please that residents pay a premium to the NT? I have not heard of this before? Is that because they pay to cross the NT common to access their houses?

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- David (5th Apr 2021 10:32:49)

Thank you Jason for your clarification, Susan, it comes across here that you have a bigger agenda than the original post! It seems your hostility is aimed at the shop (a fine asset to the area) for some reason and I suspect you are using talkback and a fake environmental concern to settle a personal grievance

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- gareth j rees (5th Apr 2021 11:32:28)

Passfield Stores is a great business that serves the community.

And the cheese rolls are lovely!

I do not see Passfield Common as a beauty spot. In my opinion it's a dry, ugly, quite rough, unkempt piece of land. If it is owned by the National Trust then they are failing. They get significant funds and they should be maintaining it.

It is very unfair IMO for locals to be blaming this on a local business, doing a great job, serving the community during a pandemic.

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- Jason Toovey (5th Apr 2021 11:55:32)

Hi Susan

Like I said numbers above please give me a call,
Or pop in to see me,
Have a lovely day,

Kind regards

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- Sarah (5th Apr 2021 12:59:11)


That’s a ridiculous thing to say. Firstly, Passfield Common is a huge area, including the enclosed common, the area joining a Conford Moor, the wooded areas. It is not just the Green near the shop. Secondly, the green near the shop
is full of wildflowers, insects and animals and is much loved by locals. It isn’t meant to be a manicure lawn - most of us who live in Passfield understand the importance of keeping it undeveloped and wild. If you prefer manicured lawns in the countryside you shouldn’t be commenting on Passfield.

Either way, it shouldn’t be parked on or abused. It would be the same as Sainsburys customers suddenly parking on and driving across the millennium green, just because they can’t park in the car park or want to take a short cut.

However, the parking on the lay-by is not the problem of the currently shop owners who have inherited it - it has been happening for years and is the responsibility of the NT and Highways. I suspect it is left however, to ease the burden on the residents only NT residential dirt tracks to houses in the area, to prevent everyone parking on and using them when the only vehicular access rights are for local residents (as stated in house deeds). So the lay-by, as ugly as it is, allows large vehicles to visit the shop without further damaging the residential tracks.

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- Susan (7th Apr 2021 10:51:10)

@ David,

My OP is a “big agenda” as you put it !
It’s an environmental issue for everyone,where have you been ?!

Lots of litter,yesterday plastic bags flying around just outside of the shop and across the common.
Even you can see this is not environmentally friendly.
It will only get worse whilst nothing is done about it.

As for illegal parking that too will be the cause of accidents,it’s a busy junction already,or you may not have noticed!

Developers causing problems with insufficient parking are common posts here and are both relevant and current issues.

Have a wonderful day.

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- Jason Toovey (7th Apr 2021 19:17:18)

Hi Susan

We use paper bags in the shop,
So plastic bags not coming from the shop,

Have your self a lovely day !!
Feel free to pop in for a chat it’s easier than hiding
Behind a keyboard, I’ll even buy you a coffee!


Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- D (8th Apr 2021 07:34:03)

The green is neglected an unkempt, I have only ever seen it used once and that was in the 1970s when a traditional gypsy wagon parked on it. This symbol of old English rural life was promptly told to leave. The village green should either be used to it's full potential or replaced with something more positive and tangible. It is, after all, a village green and not a nature reserve.

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- Local Resident (8th Apr 2021 11:10:10)

Passfield Stores is a little gem.

All the agencies - and all the local residents, IMHO - should be stretching every sinew to ensure that it stays open and is able turn a profit. Otherwise the inexorable slide to the supermarkets will just continue, which degrades our communities - and our sense of community.

Stressing about the Common, 10 metres, parking, 'uncontrollable urbanisation' - Jeez. I mean, we all have a bit of 'Not In My Backyard' in our makeup, but this is going too far, surely?

What is vital is that the shop stays open.

It's 100% brilliant that they are so busy.

And indeed, yes - "It is.... a village green and not a nature reserve"

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- Sarah (8th Apr 2021 15:31:49)

It is a little gem, yes - and it’s strongly supported by local residents, who also help to divert flooding which threatened the shop last year, litter pick, buy produce etc. However, we also live here. It is our home all the time, with or without the shop. I think it’s fair for us to want to keep the landscape and nature looked after at the same time. The two are not mutually exclusive. The shop can be much loved and successful without the common being destroyed at the same time.

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- Susan (8th Apr 2021 15:41:48)

To all the know it alls out there:

Passfield is a hamlet and not a village.

As for the common it belongs to the NT,and is not the “village green”.


Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- D (8th Apr 2021 17:35:42)

Well, if it doesn't belong to Passfield and there is a parking problem, maybe the answer is to use the area near the shop for parking. It could be a one way system entered from the shop end of the (green?) and exited via a small single new lane running in front of the houses onto the Bramshott road. It could be tastefully done to blend with the surroundings maybe by using a herringbone block paving. Come to that, what happened to all that block paving laid in Liphook a few years ago only to be torn up a short time later?

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- Sarah (8th Apr 2021 19:05:39)

D - I now realise you are a trolling us residents, so I won’t respond further. As a shop supporter, you are not supporting them by winding up the locals.

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- D (8th Apr 2021 22:19:28)

Sarah, there is an alleged problem with parking and this is a good solution. What do you suggest? The locals seem to be doing everything they can to make this shop fail, my idea can only help it.

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- M (9th Apr 2021 18:31:41)

Having read through this post to me it appears that Sarah does have some sort of issue with the new owners/leaseholders of the Passfield Stores.
In my experience any "moaning" on Liphook Talkback achieves nothing. My suggestion Sarah is to speak to the new owners (they have responded on here with all the contact info you would require) and come to some sort of resolution that all can be happy with.
Being a faceless keyboard warrior (yes you might say that's what I am but I have no issue with the Passfield Stores, they are a local business that needs all the help and custom they can get) will not resolve your problem!

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- Sarah (9th Apr 2021 18:54:21)

Ummm, M, I think you have the wrong person

I said I support the stores, that the lay-by isn’t their responsibility (because they inherited the problems with it) but is the responsibility of the NT and Highways, that lots of neighbours support the store and that we can have both a successful store and also solve the parking issues. Not sure why you’re singling me out when I’ve been very reasonable. Suspect you are the same person as D and are trying to goad me into a response or somehow have a vested interest in this.

My final words - I support the store and also keeping the common. I won’t be looking on here again, I should have learnt my lesson that it is full of trolls who like to twist what people have written and not actually read what they have written.

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- D (9th Apr 2021 22:42:38)

Sarah, I am not the same person as M. As you know the editor can confirm this if you ask him as he has all our e-mail addresses. There really is no need for rudeness.

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- M (10th Apr 2021 08:48:05)

My sincerely apologies Sarah, I got my "S"s mixed up, my comment was directed to the original poster, Susan.
Sorry again.

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- Maz (13th Apr 2021 15:43:23)


There is someone on this site who has to resort to denigrate another when they have nothing value to add,this time and once again it is you D.

Clearly you are not the sharpest knife in the draw,as Susan’s points are all relevant without being personal.

It is Jason who has made it personal with attempts to buy Susan off with coffee,he states.
Perhaps this is how he does his business,as he points out he also has 2 pubs.
Not the best way to undertake any business,with a bribe,in my opinion.

But D,I note you comment on this site regularly,often reducing meaningful posts to nothing more than attempting to denigrate other subscribers.a clearly you have nothing better to spend your time attending to.So it’s sad that you can’t even contribute facts,that are accurate and knowledgeable.
I will leave it at that,you deserve no more of my valuable time.

As for the common,its damaged and looks a mess,with the shop now under development will only get worse.
I wonder how he got the PP......

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- D (13th Apr 2021 18:21:24)

Maz, I really don't see how I've "denigrated" anyone. On the contrary, my posts on this thread have been in support of Passfield Stores. If anyone is doing any denigrating it is those whining about the parking situation. I think the proprietor's offer of visiting him for a chat over coffee most generous and noble. He also has two pubs? So what? It proves one thing, he works very hard. Nothing worse than the politics of jealousy.

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- Nikki (13th Apr 2021 22:01:01)

The green belongs to the National Trust, it may not look perfectly manicured because its not supposed to be.
It is well used by walkers. It's not the place to have "things on it" .
It's a haven for wildlife, wildlife that you may not be able to see but it's full of insects, butterflies, lizards, moths etc. Sure it may not be Kew Gardens but we should try to protect & respect it by not parking on it. There's litter bins outside the stores but how do you control people's actions? The litter that I've seen evidently has come out of visiting cars/vans, Passfield stores don't sell McDonald's or Greggs. It's also on the Verges up the Hollywater Road and surrounds. Some people don't give 2 sh!ts about the mess that they make and I feel its unfair to blame everything on the Shop. Perhaps a sign in the shop window would help & show willing 🤷🏼‍♀️ however. Jason has gone above and beyond during the Pandemic, delivering fresh fruit & veg when we couldn't get an online supermarket slot. Its also lovely to see the stores support local businesses and craftsman during these difficult times , fresh locally baked cakes & brownies to hand crafted wooden signs. Agree about the parking issue but I'm sure the stores are/would work with the NT & highways to sort out a solution.
And yes Passfield is a hamlet, not a Village (yet 🙄)

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- gr (14th Apr 2021 12:17:03)

The green used to be well maintained with football goals on it back in the 70 s

but I guess with cut backs it is so unkempt

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- passfield resident (14th Apr 2021 12:57:14)

Agree with Nikki's points. I was there today and I don't think the common looks any different to the way it has looked for years. There appeared to be no rubbish at all caused by the shop, which is selling a really good range of stuff, with an impressive lunchtime menu. The people running it seemed very pleasant and keen to keep improving it. Good luck to them-there are no other facilities like this in Passfield so it's an important part of the community.

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- D (14th Apr 2021 16:55:38)

Maz, if you want to see a good example of denigration have a look at the "Lloyd's Bank-Last Bank in Town" thread of 19th September last year. On this thread Lloyd's Bank; the manager; staff; residents of Liphook and Liphook itself receive a good slagging off. The style in which these entries are written is very similar to yours, the contributor's name is even the same as yours. Pots and kettles come to mind.

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- Maz (15th Apr 2021 09:17:23)

We have a troll using subscriber @ D.

D you are the very precise version of a troll,you have gone completely off topic.
I feel sorry for you.The life you lead must be empty for you to have so much time on your hands,attacking your keyboard with venom.

D you have shown your hand to be trolling throughout this site,you just can’t leave it alone.
I am interested in the environment and road safety,2 things you dismissed and lack care for.
D you can troll away,my points are made,I won’t be bullied and trolled by you,but now everyone can see you for what you are a troubled TROLL.

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- D (15th Apr 2021 16:22:25)

Maz, I am honoured that a person such as yourself who has worked all over the world including the far east and United States thinks a troll such as myself deserving of your valuable time. If I were you I would be more concerned about your libellous comments towards the proprietor of Passfield Stores.

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- Ian (15th Apr 2021 17:48:41)

Maz, just because you are offended by or disagree with d does not make him a troll. You come across as over sensitive and a bit precious and no, I’m not trolling you! Just exercising my freedom of speech

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- passfield resident (15th Apr 2021 20:09:28)

Maz. Perhaps you should state your opinions on the proprietor of Passfield Stores to his face. Actually, I think you'd choose to keep your mouth shut if you were face to face with him.

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- Susan (15th Apr 2021 21:54:10)

Do not feed the the troll.

It seems D has trolled other posters,going out of his way to write imfllattory comments,which bear no resemblance to my OP.
Odd really as D has made no valuable comments with reference to the common or road safety.
He suggests the common is a green and should be paved / bricked over,somewhat peculiar as its NT land,seems he is unaware or is trolling,as earlier poster stated.

Either way,the point is increasing rubbish,& damage to the common,no doubt that will be disregarded by motorists and illegal parking will continue.
My pics will continue to be received by those that matter.

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- D the happy troll (15th Apr 2021 22:27:55)

I couldn't help noticing the similarities of Susan and Maz's posts. Overuse of commas and no space after the commas. I can't help thinking the sole purpose of this thread was an attempt to badmouth Passfield Stores. I'm intrigued by Susan/Maz's comment that parts of the planning application are "bogus." Never heard such rubbish.

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- er or whoever I may be! (16th Apr 2021 00:27:37)

Not sure about coming in on this as it's all got a little know!


1) I have a policy of never publicly criticising a hard working local business which may be someone's livelihood unless it's totally unavoidable and I've pursued all personal routes (never yet happened!), but hey, I've said that before I'm sure! (I don't include Sainsbury's etc as they are far too big to be bothered much by comments by me, whoever I may be!)

2) Strictly speaking it's not illegal to park within 10 metres of a junction, it's simply advisory in the Code and 'may' be used in evidence by a police officer (if other factors apply I guess).

3) I went in there the other day, just out of curiosity to have a look, it seems like a lovely little store, an asset I would have guessed to the local community, they seem to have quite a few parking spots just before the shop, the green looked OK to me, I noticed minor tyre mark impact to the very edge in one spot, the layby was unmarked (suggesting it's for general parking), access to park by the shop appeared to be permitted, beyond the shop a private sign which did not appear to be an official road sign, so I guess there would be no traffic contravention in passing it, but it was clear that beyond the shop was restricted private NT property.

However if you came in the other way (of the loop) I didn't see any similar sign, but I didn't go any further to check, perhaps there's a sign further up.

Use it or lose it I guess!

Calm down folks and let's all get along:)

PS Just for the record, as I believe the dreaded libel has been mentioned, I wish to confirm that although I am a multi millionaire, I am a complete lunatic and nobody should take anything I say seriously, all of my comments are opinions and my lawyers will recommend I plead insanity:)

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- Barbara Easton (16th Apr 2021 01:39:42)

D, I do not believe any post on this thread is a personal attack on Jason, rather the amount of rubbish and damage to the common. Offering a cup of coffee will not solve the problem. The original owners obtained a large amount of taxpayers money for the shop, so there should be some awareness of the surroundings of the shop. I would not, however think that Jason is personally to blame for the problems.

Re: Parking for Passfield stores spoiling common
- D (16th Apr 2021 09:54:45)

Hello Barbara. With the greatest of respect to yourself, Susan's opening contribution on this thread was a criticism of Passfield Stores. She then went on to state that items on the relevant planning application are "bogus" and accused the proprietor of bribing people with cups of coffee. She also made salacious remarks concerning his business practices.

None of the complainants on this thread have offered any solution to Susan's criticisms. Anyone who does is branded a troll. Oh well, could be worse. I'm sure a few centuries ago I would have been burnt on Passfield Green (or whatever people want to call it) as a witch by now.

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