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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- Martin (24th May 2020 08:36:44)

I & some friends have noticed a increase in unpleasantness from Cyclists on the Woolmer Range Perimeter Track recently. On doing some research I have found many references to cycling not being allowed on this track but there do seem to be many people using it for time trials. Some of these individuals can be quite abusive when asked to slow down. From the East Hants Cycle plan it seems that the MOD donated land for the Shipwrights Way Cycle Path to mitigate for the restricted use of the Woolmer Range Track. Why to these abusive people find it necessary to indulge their activity where it is so unsafe to do so.

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- P (24th May 2020 09:10:56)

walkers again Shut up maybe you lot causing problem think you own everything . think need change go anywhere you like. Like Scotland with land owner permission just live with it more people out at this time

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- D (24th May 2020 09:22:04)

Is the perimeter track actually a public right of way? It is the remains of the Lomgmoor Military Railway and as far as I know was never "given" to the public. After the closure of LMR the land remained the property of MOD as it does to this day. Anyone walking or cycling there is doing so at the courtesy and goodwill of the MOD. If I'm wrong no doubt there are Liphook residents more knowledgeable on this than I.

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- Martin (24th May 2020 13:41:48)

It would seem that the post telling me to Shut Up Says everything about the ignorance of some of the Cyclists on the Woolmer Range Perimeter Track. It would be quite sensible if the MOD were to enforce the ban on Cycles before there is an accident & preferably before there is a injury!

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- Bob Cocker (24th May 2020 15:56:16)

All the bylaws that lay out the rules you need to know about cycling and walking in these areas are covered by the Aldershot and District Military Lands Bylaws 1976.

This covers areas such as Weavers Down, Longmoor Ranges and the other areas around Bordon.

Its all pretty self explanatory.



Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- Claire (24th May 2020 16:58:59)

I walk and cycle on the perimeter track and I have encountered ignorant walkers / runners and cyclists.
The amount of dog walkers who seem to think that the current “ on lead in areas where you are likely to encounter others” doesn’t apply to them is astounding. I also witnessed two off lead labs flushing nesting birds, despicable the owner allowed this to happen.

There is room enough for everyone if we all just show a little thoughtfulness .

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- Jen (24th May 2020 18:15:11)

I would remind everyone using the perimeter track of the following:

Cyclists, please be aware that the people walking on the track in front of you may not hear you approaching from behind, even if you call out or ring a bell, therefore please exercise caution when passing pedestrians who have their backs to you. Be aware that they may suddenly move out on front of you (since they don't know that you're there).

Cyclists, please take care when approaching a bend; you don't know what or who may be obstructing the track around the bend.

Walkers, please be aware that you share the track with cyclists. Keep to one side, to enable cyclists to pass safely. Look behind you from time to time to check if anyone is approaching.

Dog-walkers, please remember that your dog should be on a lead at all times, in accordance with the government instructions for open spaces and also in accordance with the environmental laws for the protection of ground-nesting birds at this time of the year, ie dogs on leads, from 1st March until 31st July.

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- P (24th May 2020 18:49:29)

Martin you can shut now see below walkers just as bad

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- Jay (24th May 2020 19:11:39)

Yawn yawn yawn. Can Liphook Talkback be renamed ‘Cyclist bashing diatribe talk’
Then everybody else could move to a new community website and leave them to it;)

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- Martin (24th May 2020 19:25:11)

The Military bylaws of 1976 will not cover restrictions brought in after that period. There have been several occasions when cyclist were banned on th Woolmer range & to my knowledge, these have not been repealed.

The comments that I made refer to ignorant Cyclists whose bad attitude will spoil things for all. Walkers & Dog Owners have not been restricted. Trying to divert the criticism to theses people does not deflect from the fact that Some Cyclists have a bad attitude & it is only Cyclists that have restrictions placed on their activities.

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- Martin (24th May 2020 20:24:57)

The mass aggression of the Cycling community certainly tells the truth that they know thy cause problems. Somebody else erroneously reported that Dogs had to be kept on leads. This is a load of made up twaddle as is any restrictions being placed on walkers. Certainly there are sensible restrictions within the range but walkers & dog walkers are actively encouraged for most times in the outer areas. It is only Cycles that have had specific restrictions placed on them & from their attitude on her that is hardly surprising!

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- Bob Cocker (24th May 2020 20:26:42)


The military bylaws are still in force. Please check the following link.

This is the latest guidelines, straight from the .gov site.
Last updated 22 January 2019

Best to look there rather than local gossip!

If your still not sure, you can call the Defence Training Estate Training Area officer on 01420 483375.

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- Martin (24th May 2020 21:35:29)

So your details listed in your link agree with what I have said. Public access is allowed “On Foot”.

If you take the time to read the East Hants Council cycle Plan you can also see reference to the fact the MOD donated a strip of land to the Council for use as the Shipwrights Way Cycleway to mitigate the lack of access to the road around the Range.

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- P (25th May 2020 08:48:15)

Martin who says I am a biker I have no problem with riders sounds you have because you like it for yourself seen walkers 10 abreast and don’t move for other walkers on south downs way seen riders ringing bells and don’t move I guess you be putting yellow jacket on and waving arms at riders

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- Martin (25th May 2020 11:32:11)

Deflect all you like. This post was with reference to badly behaved Cyclists. It does mention the fact that the bylaws say they should not be there.

If you want to complain about the fact that you are having your access affected on a piece of land, where you are not allowed, I suggest you start your own thread.

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- Kath (25th May 2020 13:10:06)

Actually Martin, you are allowed on the perimeter track. I was on the track this morning and the MOD dog warden went past at 8:45 and didn’t say anything to me in fact he waved as he drove past.
The bylaws state this and the one that you point out that says on foot actually states ‘in addition areas accessed on foot is available in those areas delineated with the managed access symbols on the ordnance survey explorer maps.

What you need to do is find the information on the Internet that states it’s only people walking and not anybody else allowed on the perimeter track.

The track is busier and therefore everybody who uses it needs to be considerate and understanding of everybody else.

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- P (25th May 2020 15:24:59)

Walkers can go on fire range when flags are red😀

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- D (25th May 2020 18:28:49)

Has no-one read the MoD information boards placed at points around the perimeter? I know there is one opposite the engineer park and I'm sure I've noticed others along the stretch running parallel to the A3. Surely this would clear up any confusion.

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- Kath (25th May 2020 20:07:45)

I read the information board by Conford end of the track. The writing small but it does state the you can ride you bike or horse and walk with the permission of the MOD.

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- D (25th May 2020 20:50:24)

Hello Kath, there you go then, no problem. I'm sure these boards would be updated in the event of MoD rules changing. I think you can take it for granted the information on them is current. Happy cycling. Nice to know the Longmoor Loop still has a use.

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- JOE (25th May 2020 23:48:42)

The key point is that the MOD has not given permission
How many cyclists or horse riders actually ask them? The MOD charge for permits
for horse riders yet very few of the horseriders and cyclists actually bother to get the permits.

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- D (26th May 2020 07:04:19)

Joe, I know of only one horse rider who had to purchase a permit and that was because she was using MoD land in connection with her business. The land belongs to the MoD, if there was any problem with persons using it I'm sure MoD would have instructed Landmarc personnel to address the issue.

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- Martin (26th May 2020 08:33:33)

For the information of Kath. The bylaws stating that access to the outer range is restricted to persons”On Foot” has already been posted on this thread.

For other posters the fact that theDog Warden doesn’t stop people Cycling is hardly proof that Cycle access is allowed.

The purpose of my post was simply to ask that Cyclists act in a sensible manner so that a small minority of ignorant people do not spoil the enjoyment of the many.

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- Rich (28th May 2020 06:34:32)

P - both what you’re saying and the way you put it across (grammar and spelling) remind me of a stroppy toddler. Did you miss your afternoon nap? Simply telling people to “shut up” when they’re trying to have a sensible discussion isn’t really bringing anything to the table.

I’m sure the MOD doesn’t mind who uses the track as long as people respect each other. That means being considerate of the speed at which you’re using the track when others are around and, at this time, SD.

If people can’t play nicely, Maybe someone will take away this lovely toy which will be a crying shame.

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- Martin (28th May 2020 08:13:58)

The childish attitude of a few Cyclists is exactly the reason that I started this post. Unfortunately it is not just the young & presumably Childish for that reason. I have suffered verbal abuse & threats of violence from some, of an age, who should know better, I have also had conversations with Range Wardens who also consider that the actions of a few are going to result in a serious accident & or injury. That is exactly the scenario that previously caused Cyclists to be banned. With a bit of consideration & a sensible attitude we can all live in peace.

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- P (28th May 2020 13:06:38)

Get a go-pro for bikers /walkers /runners and dog owners then see who is the problem Shame you cannot put video on here I love it

Video - just upload to YouTube and them embed into your post.

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- Paul (28th May 2020 18:23:19)

Riders Not be long the fair Weather walkers be at home with slippers front of fire plotting what To can complain about like to much leaves in garden to much rain Christmas coming
Then we can ride without seeing anyone for days and weeks

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- P (2nd Jun 2020 13:03:31)

Walkers must be down beach now Bet complaining how busy it is

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- Terence (2nd Jun 2020 15:37:57)

I wonder what p stands for?!!!

Re: Cyclists on Woolmer Range
- JOE (2nd Jun 2020 16:21:07)

P Could stand for poor speller?

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