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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Residential Burglary 8th January
- Editor (10th Jan 2020 08:48:49)

From Longmoor Neighbourhood Policing Team

Dear Residents,

I’d like to make you aware of a burglary which happened in The Avenue, Liphook. The incident is believed to have happened sometime during 8th January 2020. At this time, it is reported that nothing was stolen.

Were you in the area?

Did you see or hear anything suspicious?

Do you have residential CCTV or Dash Cam footage that may help with our enquiries?

If you saw anything suspicious or have any information please call Hampshire Constabulary on 101, quoting reference number 44200010263. Alternatively you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Re: Residential Burglary 8th January
- J (13th Jan 2020 13:36:06)

There were 2 men in a van last night with torches in Greenfield Close looking in people's cars etc. They drove off after being spooked. Please be vigilant.

Re: Residential Burglary 8th January
- Greenfield Resident (14th Jan 2020 10:51:38)

Yes there was a white van Monday 3:15-3:20am, sadly I couldn't make out the registration or I would have reported it to the Police.

Re: Residential Burglary 8th January
- J (16th Jan 2020 15:16:26)

Just be aware. A Blue VW Golf with male occupant was seen parked up at various locations this morning in Paddock way watching houses.

Re: Residential Burglary 8th January
- S (22nd Jan 2020 14:04:33)

A white van was also seen in Weylands close Monday morning 2am men with torches

Re: Residential Burglary 8th January
- J (22nd Jan 2020 16:28:15)

3.30pm today an orange/red SEAT hatchback was seen hanging around with two scruffy men in. Sped off when someone arrived back at home.

Re: Residential Burglary 8th January
- Rölli (22nd Jan 2020 17:21:53)

Numerous vehicles driving around the village today with shifty looking individuals acting suspiciously

Re: Residential Burglary 8th January
- Gary gill (22nd Jan 2020 21:46:13)

Jesus....bit bloody busy criminals in the area !

Re: Residential Burglary 8th January
- Adrian (22nd Jan 2020 23:41:21)

Thanks for the heads up. Just activated my shed’s defences. Give the PKY white van man scum a nice little ‘Reasonable Force’ your honour welcome. Just got to remember now to open the shed door very very carefully myself 😆

Re: Residential Burglary 8th January
- Resident (24th Jan 2020 08:50:07)

White van in Weylands close 3.10 am this morning stopped for a while with full lights on then driove down and turned round couldn’t see registration 2nd time this week !

Re: Residential Burglary 8th January
- Barnabas (25th Jan 2020 02:22:37)

I seen them two too. A couple of stocky short fat old white men in a white van with ladders on top. Seen these two acting suspicious around Moss Court recently. They were looking into the windows for loot and swagger me thinks agh

Re: Residential Burglary 8th January
- helen (25th Jan 2020 02:32:05)

Gosh he’s brave venturing down Weylands Close. It’s full of cursing twitchers and rough type’s devil sprogs. We hear their racket from Paddock Way.

Re: Residential Burglary 8th January
- Resident (25th Jan 2020 09:36:07)

Helen please do not generalise on the residents of Weylands close all we are concerned about is protecting our property from these people in this van

Re: Residential Burglary 8th January
- Pete (25th Jan 2020 10:41:44)

Well I never, birdwatchers casting spells on people and children of Lucifer all in one road in little old Liphook.

Re: Residential Burglary 8th January
- The Other D (25th Jan 2020 22:32:27)

I think the Burglars obviously fancy something of quality down Weylands, rather than the pile of horse dung that Helen is spewing out of her foul mouth!

Re: Residential Burglary 8th January
- MD (25th Jan 2020 23:57:01)

I disturbed 2 males tonight Saturday 19.50 church road bramshott. Broken into my house , fled on my return. One carrying hammer or tool. Silver saloon car older type

Re: Residential Burglary 8th January
- Resident (26th Jan 2020 10:09:34)

Thank you “The other D” for your comments regarding Weylands close and Helens rude and offensive comments on Weylands residents,she obviously doesn’t take this problem seriously does she not read the comments from other Liphook residents that have seen shady characters around the village

Re: Residential Burglary 8th January
- Ian (26th Jan 2020 10:50:40)

My parents live near there. There are plenty of vans driving about and sometimes noisy kids playing on the road but people are usually friendly salt of the earth types. Unfortunately these houses are small with little gardens so their kids have to play out on the road. I live in Bordon now and i would say at times it’s only marginally better here.

Re: Residential Burglary 8th January
- Elliot (28th Jan 2020 20:02:14)

A white van was about again last night. Paddock way. Two men with torches seemed to checking out driveways and cars around 2am when drive past.

Re: Residential Burglary 8th January
- R (29th Jan 2020 14:43:42)

The white van was driving around Paddock Way/Weylands Close/Greenfield Close once again last night at 2.23am.

The man got out, walked up a driveway with a torch, picked up some empty bottles and put them in his van. He did this at a few houses in Greenfield Close having just come from Weylands Close.

The houses that the van stops at have milk delivered by the local milkman.

It would be helpful if someone who has milk delivered could advise the milkman about this thread and suggest he gets some sign writing on his van.

Re: Residential Burglary 8th January
- Ian (29th Jan 2020 19:04:15)

If it was the milkman he must be doing very nicely to afford wages for two bottle collectors. Also I have never seen a milkman shining his torch into parked cars at 2am in the morning. Maybe he was looking for thirst doggers to sell milk too.

Re: Residential Burglary 8th January
- Resident (30th Jan 2020 11:01:58)

I have tried ringing the Dairy to try and confirm if this is the milkman but with out any luck you just hang on for ever. I hung on-and gave up after 15mins but I think this needs clearing up so we can have piece of mind

Re: Residential Burglary 8th January
- George (30th Jan 2020 12:12:07)

Basic question, but has anybody taken reg nos and passed concerns to police?

Re: Residential Burglary 8th January
- R (30th Jan 2020 19:10:26)


I did take a note of the registration number of the white van that was round on Tuesday night, but it was only the local milkman.

Therefore there was nothing to report.

Re: Residential Burglary 8th January
- R (1st Feb 2020 00:29:29)

There was a different vehicle doing the rounds in Greenfield Close and Weylands Close last night at 2.30am.

This van was larger but had an open back similar to the old electric milk floats.

The driver used a torch and was walking up driveways collecting bottles and stopped at the same houses as the white van on Tuesday.

Safe to say that the white van spotted regularly in the area is nothing more sinister than the local milkman.

Hope this information helps clear up any anxiety people may have had regarding this vehicle.

Re: Residential Burglary 8th January
- Malcolm (1st Feb 2020 11:40:01)

The two men I saw last week Mead/.Paddock Way were likely not milkmen as they were searching vehicles with torches not collecting bottles.
They stopped what they were doing as I approached. Both were hooded and moved very quickly.

Re: Residential Burglary 8th January
- Anon (5th Feb 2020 22:52:41)

White van with ladders on top seen parked up on private driveway , no reason to be there.
Could be same van mentioned earlier in thread
Reg number SJ63 XDR

Re: Residential Burglary 8th January
- Resident (6th Feb 2020 15:06:59)

It looks like we all have to remain very vigilant after the last two threads

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