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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Demolition of Tweenways
- Amy (14th Aug 2019 @ 14:08:47)

What a shame, I've just noticed permission has been given to demolish Tweenways and construct another retail building. The village centre won't look the same without it, that much can be said.

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- Diane (14th Aug 2019 @ 15:55:05)

Oh no, what a shame there goes a piece of Liphook history.
What about the building next door?

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- oldie (14th Aug 2019 @ 15:56:10)

Well I guess it was on the cards, hopefully the new building will be tasteful and in keeping with the conservation area.

Some of the shop fronts are an asset to the centre (Marion's comes to mind from recollection) some are a bit grotty (not going to name and shame them here) and many are just average. Maybe there should be some sort of lawful conservation oversight.

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- liz (14th Aug 2019 @ 16:15:05)

So much for the Conservation Area! .

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- Helen (14th Aug 2019 @ 16:51:24)

What’s the point of another retail unit when there’s at least 1/2 dozen sitting empty in the village already. Can’t see the logic in that.

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- Scott (14th Aug 2019 @ 18:29:48)

Might be nice to see an independent greengrocers or butchers or deli style outlet in the village, would probably make a flyaway success! Not much choice at the moment if you don't want to use you know where.

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- DavieShire (14th Aug 2019 @ 20:04:33)

That's a real shame, I believe it was built as (or was at least used as) a bomb shelter during the Second World War.

I remember visiting about 25 years ago with my grandfather, and Mr Cook gave us a tour of the back of the shop - complete with original benches. I don't think any real changes were made since the 1940s.

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- John (14th Aug 2019 @ 20:41:26)

Perfect spot for a take away or estate agent, even better a parking spot for the heritage kebab carriage, that will make Dave happy, he can launch his own falafel enterprise and plaster it with unsubstantiated words like “intimidation” etc

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- c.g (14th Aug 2019 @ 21:38:16)

Very sad - poor Liphook - not much left really

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- liz (15th Aug 2019 @ 15:25:10)

Well done to our local councillors for allowing a new devepment totally out of keeping with the Conservation Area. It does make you very cynical that the Conservation Area proposals are just a PR exercise.

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- D (15th Aug 2019 @ 17:12:17)

Personally I think it will improve that end of The Square.
It's taken the present owners of all those semi-derelict buildings on that side of London Road years to redevelopment them. Hopefully they will now crack on and improve the whole street scene and help Liphook look a bit better and more appealing.

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- Claudia (15th Aug 2019 @ 17:38:36)

Is there an option to oppose?

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- liz (16th Aug 2019 @ 09:04:26)

Unfortunately those properties have been allowed to fall into disrepair so that people are now fooled into thinking that almost anything is better. The large two storey structure approved appears totally out of keeping.

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- RT (16th Aug 2019 @ 12:15:38)

I do agree with D's comments about the state of the disused R M Colours and kebab shops. The other side of London Road is much smarter including the Green Dragon with its new signage. Incidentally there is a flier on the window of RM Colours about the Connexions Service (for the youth) going back to June 2009 (yes 10 years old!) which was replaced by the National Careers Service in 2012. What the latest with the planning application from December 2017 also shown in the window?

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- lew (16th Aug 2019 @ 12:27:06)

I tried to rent the old tweenways space without any luck i think it was snapped up specifically for demolition to makespace for the new shopping area there.

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- JH (16th Aug 2019 @ 13:04:12)

While I agree that Mr Cook was a local institution, I cannot see that the building has any architectural or aesthetic merit whatsoever. In fact, it's an eyesore, in my opinion.

I am more concerned about the retail outlet - there is no parking nearby so I fear cars will park on the pavement, on the crossing or wherever they feel inclined.

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- liz (16th Aug 2019 @ 13:30:08)

I am most concerned about the height of the development which is out of scale compared to the surrounding buildings. It is a pity that the Tweenways building could not be incorporated in some way as it does have some history. Too high cost to convert I suppose!

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- Diane (16th Aug 2019 @ 17:27:12)

I think there is parking behind.

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- David Starr (17th Aug 2019 @ 09:24:53)

Planning Application will probably be varied at some point in the future to build even more houses.

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- HK (17th Aug 2019 @ 09:37:22)

I can’t see from posts but what is being build here? Is the train shop and pizza place being demolished too? Hope so, total eye sore!!

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- Local (19th Aug 2019 @ 17:52:18)

I thought it might be an opportunity to actually widen the square/acess - demolish it and widen road/pavement rather than build something else.

Wouldn't that make more sense?

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- James (19th Aug 2019 @ 22:35:49)

Here's the planning link:

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- clint (20th Aug 2019 @ 09:41:48)

I think this is a nice respectful touch... (taken from the planning consent)

"Within 3 months of the commencement of the development, the developer shall submit written details of a historic building plaque,
including the location on the building hereby approved, design and text to be included. The plaque is to signify the location of the former World War II air-raid shelter and its long term use by as a cobbler by Don Cook. The agreed plaque shall be installed prior to the first occupants of the building, hereby approved. It shall thereafter be retained in perpetuity and kept clean and legible.

Reason - In the interests of historical significance and place making."

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- Dawn Hoskins (20th Aug 2019 @ 10:59:32)

I think it looks great on the plan. I like all of it although I wouldn't want to be living in the flats which are immediately opposite the pub. but people live in pubs and opposite pubs all over the place so I don't imagine it will be a problem other than for parking.

The one chap owns the whole bit of road I think - shops 1 through 5. to be honest I just wish he would hurry up and do it - looking at the ugly empty buildings is a horrible approach to the village.

57703/001 | Construction of new retail building following demolition of existing retail building | 1a London Road, Liphook, GU30 7AP

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- liz (20th Aug 2019 @ 13:02:00)

Look at the Proposed Context SE Elevation drawing which shows the building taller than its neighbour. It will therefore be much taller than the buildings opposite and out of scale for that part of the village.
As red brick and glass against the rendered buildings to the side and opposite it will certainly stand out - but in a good way on my view. However it has been approved so we are stuck with it.

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- Dawn Hoskins (20th Aug 2019 @ 13:43:51)

Isn't the Green Dragon two storeys?

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- Dawn Hoskins (20th Aug 2019 @ 13:45:37)

Also (forgive me I haven't read all the documents I'm at work right now) but wasn't the initial part for units 2,3,4,5, etc passed ages ago?
I may be thinking of something else

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- Editor (20th Aug 2019 @ 13:57:33)

This is bizarre, when the Google car went through Liphook in July 2015 and June 2016, Don (RIP) was just opening or closing his shop.

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- liz (20th Aug 2019 @ 14:44:14)

Yes Dawn and so is the coffee shop next door. But if you look at the plans the new building is higher than the coffee shop which itself is quite a bit higher than the Green Dragon and its neighbouring buildings.

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- Rob (20th Aug 2019 @ 18:19:48)

I can't see that the existing buildings have any particular architectural or historical significance (other than the use of Tweenways), but I may be wrong. They certainly aren't in any sort of habitable state at the moment.

They are a bit higher than Madhuban and the Lazy lizard, but not excessively looking at the elevations.

What's their relation to the very large house behind?

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- Dawn Hoskins (20th Aug 2019 @ 19:31:31)

That's lovely that he is immortalized on Google Earth, isn't it. (Until they update it of course).

I'm still not seeing a problem with smart new shops, despite them being 2 storeys. I know its all a matter of opinion so I'm sure that some people will think they are an ugly eyesore. We'll just have to wait and see - a bit like the cinema and it's surrounds.

I'm impatient with planning matters. Get the approval, get it built. Waiting for the outcome of planning applications also drives me nuts especially when there seems no explanation for delayed decision making.

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- Elizabeth (20th Aug 2019 @ 22:47:59)

Thank you for sharing all of this - especially about the plaque and the photos.

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- liz (21st Aug 2019 @ 08:57:30)

The building behind is to be part of the new development but the section adjacent to the road is taller which gives you an ideal of scale. The new building is also much closer to the road than the Madhuban and coffee shop so it will be quite overbearing in my view -particularly relative to the properties opposite.

Dawn mentions the cinema plans - where there seems to have been some real effort in the design to improve on what's there rather than creating something unsympathetic.

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- Dawn Hoskins (22nd Aug 2019 @ 11:20:43)

There seem to be very few letters either objections or consents from Liphook locals in this planning application?
Mind you, that isn't unusual I suppose.

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- Grant (22nd Aug 2019 @ 14:36:47)

Its a substandard group of buildings, with no architectural merit.

If you look around the square, you will notice that there are many different ridge levels and roof profiles.

The development is a vast improvement, WHATS THE PROBLEM........

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- local resident (27th Aug 2019 @ 08:56:24)

I'm rubbish at interpreting plans - and there are a lot of documents on the EHDC link provided here - so can I ask if there is one document which sums up what is going to happen on the site? thanks.

Personally I massively support anything constructive happening on this site, which I walk past almost every day, and which has been a bizarre eyesore for almost a decade.

Re: Demolition of Tweenways
- liz (28th Aug 2019 @ 12:52:53)


It's not a case of wanting to keep the existing. It's about not replacing them with an out of scale eyesore in the Conservation Area. It's not that the ridge height is different - it's just quite a bit higher and close to the road and so will dominate existing buildings. I might be wrong, in fact I certainly hope so because permission has been given so we are stuck with it.

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