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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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- D (7th Jul 2018 @ 07:53:29)

I take it the group's of youngsters going around liphook last night/ this morning had a good time! As they are still over the millenium field at 7.44 am! Fighting shouting all night keeping everyone awake is not ok! I'm all for kids having a good time but drunken youth having no respect for anybody else just plain disrespectful! No police station here is making people do as they please! Anybody know where there kids were last night? I love living here but every weekend is the same and last night was just ridiculous!

Re: Noisy
- J (7th Jul 2018 @ 09:18:40)

I heard them at about 2.30am running around and shouting, but (fortunately) donít live close enough to see what they were up to do didnít have anything useful to call the police with.

Re: Noisy
- D (7th Jul 2018 @ 11:32:34)

Something about a fight etc,one was passed out over the field 7.30 this morning it carried on all night! Police wouldn't do much i don't think

Re: Noisy
- Richard (7th Jul 2018 @ 15:19:37)

I heard them about 3 am.

Too hot to sleep with windows shut and too noisy with them open.

Selfish bastards

Re: Noisy
- oldie (7th Jul 2018 @ 16:44:36)

It makes me sick too, these young people having finished their exams are out on the village green enjoying these long summer nights just like we used to, my god can't their parents control them in their rooms, don't they have ipads? We bought our new build houses overlooking this green, we paid staggering amounts of money for our terraced pads pricing out the locals and now all we can hear are the yoof out there! Nobody told us to expect such frivolities in 21st century Britain, it is a shock that we still have drunkenness and misbehaviour in the countryside village greens in summer, you'd expect it in the cities we all moved out of to escape down here and shockingly, we seem to have brought some city style yoofish adolescent issues with us!

Ha ha, strike me down if the editor publishes this tongue in cheek rant I'll give a tenner to charity!!

Charlies Charity for Brain Tumour Research please 😂😂

Re: Noisy
- Katie (7th Jul 2018 @ 17:34:44)

Well played, Ed!

Re: Noisy
- Ian (7th Jul 2018 @ 17:36:57)

Oldie, how sad and embittered you sound! Let me know your address and I will let these youths know they are more than welcome to party all night outside! They can even leave some broken bottles laying about as well just so you know they had really good time

Re: Noisy
- Dollypops (7th Jul 2018 @ 17:37:34)

I believe the Environment Department at EHDC can help (noise pollution). You can keep a diary and, presumably, in this day and age, record the sound on your phone or CCTV (as long as you have a notice announcing the fact.) Also, if they are school age, tell the school. Technology can record the time which helps.

Re: Noisy
- Nic (7th Jul 2018 @ 18:44:27)

The only way that the young people know they're causing a problem is if someone tells them. I appreciate that being kept awake is annoying, but, did you try talking to them? Again, I'm aware that it was late/early and could be intimidating, but approaching from a distance and assessing the scene to see if it was viable to talk to them is possible.

I'm not stirring or trolling, but the best way to get people to do something is to talk to them. And, I don't mean aggressively - approaching and talking to the people on the edge might work.

If we want a community to work, we have to be a part of that community. I recall the saying "it takes a villager to raise a child". Perhaps it could have been an opportunity to demonstrate mature, rational and adult behaviour.

Anyways sorry for the long post.

Re: Noisy
- Katie (7th Jul 2018 @ 20:01:41)

We live on Haslemere Road near The Square and got the midnight to 2am antics here.

It wasnít just noisy, they were fighting and the shouting was very loud and aggressive. It sounded like a pub brawl had spilled out onto the streets.

To put this in context I used to live in London next to a pub that frisked customers for fire arms and later between half way houses for recently released prisoners. Last night I would gladly have moved back for a bit of peace and security.

No way I was approaching them. And yes, I was young once (not very long ago), I lived somewhere with a lot less to do and I did get up to no good but at least I kept it to myself.

Re: Noisy
- D (7th Jul 2018 @ 22:01:21)

I knew there would be someone with a sarcastic comment! So yes please let us know your address as I'm sure they will love to have another drunken noisy night outside your house! I was young once too and like I said I've nothing against people enjoying themselves,but this was a step too far! And yes they were spoken too,I think the reply was there is more of us than you . Im glad the majority of you agree with me.i really didn't want to sound like a grumpy old lady!

Re: Noisy
- Richard (7th Jul 2018 @ 22:17:50)

I heard them on the other side of the recreation ground so the noise was certainly carrying.

As regards your comments oldie, you can be as flippant and sarcastic as you like but it is most unsettling hearing what was going on so it must have been worse to have it right outside the house.

Re: Noisy
- oldie (7th Jul 2018 @ 23:30:58)

Well there you go then, the mob have spoken, oldie must shut up or give out his address yeah, the village centre is noisy and unpleasant on a summers night and the village bobby has been disposed of, new housing estates going up, Liphook growing but no new resourses, of course I'll happily donate £10 to a childrens charity and remind you to keep it civil as some seem to forget, this is a talkback site and if you can't respect other peoples opinions don't somehow expect your kids will be any better!

Re: Noisy
- Gail Platts (8th Jul 2018 @ 00:13:31)

Think some of these people may live on the A3 end of London Rd. I passed them walking my dog early yesterday morning. They were shouting, drinking and urinating at the Radford Bridge memorial opposite the park. I often see the gas capsules they sniff and bottle / drug wrappers in this area.

Re: Noisy
- Mandi (8th Jul 2018 @ 07:23:49)

I noticed you have to get your i paid staggering amounts of money for my house.who cares if you dont like it then move.we were all young once and acted foolish welcome to liphook

Re: Noisy
- Mr Keith N Budden (8th Jul 2018 @ 08:45:24)

If there was fighting etc, did any of you ring 101 or even 999.

It's easy to criticise the lack of police but hey they can't be everywhere and if no one tells them where problems are occurring surprise surprise nothing happens and everyone just has a good ole moan.

It's not worth the effort, I hear you cry - well for less effort than it took you to post here on Liphook talkback you could have rung 101 - and yes it can work. We had some anti-social behaviour happening near me a few weeks ago, I rang 101 as did some of my neighbours, result a police car on the scene within an hour, the people involved spoken too and the next day one of their houses visited by the community officer from their housing association. End result - no more asbo from that group since.

Re: Noisy
- helen (8th Jul 2018 @ 13:55:51)

I do not think there is any connection with living along the london rd end of Liphook and aqueduct area it is purely a convenient space and wall for them to use such as the rec and Radford Park are, the antisocial behaviour is not usually perpetrated near where they live, Mummy and Daddy may see or hear it! There are parents who would never believe
their offspring capable of misbehaving!

Re: Noisy
- D (8th Jul 2018 @ 16:47:48)

As I'm the original poster,is like to clarify I didn't say I paid lots of money for my house quite the opposite really,As I don't own my house, social housing single mum who happened to have a child trying to sleep! Shock horror! Did I phone 101 no silly me,maybe next time I will,move out of liphook why should I?post my opinion without getting into a disagreement well I knew that wouldn't happen! Maybe you don't have young children trying to sleep or even maybe they were your teenagers making all the noise! Who knows.

Re: Noisy
- Mandi (10th Jul 2018 @ 19:00:33)

D it wasn't your comment i was replying too! And no my children are all grown up thankyou

Re: Noisy
- D (11th Jul 2018 @ 14:23:03)

Then I apologise Mandi,but I didn't mean your children that was aimed at the sarcastic one on here.

Re: Noisy
- Mandi (11th Jul 2018 @ 20:23:33)

Thank you d for your apology

Re: Noisy
- Anon (14th Jul 2018 @ 03:19:15)

Another weekend of no sleep ,currently 3am & big group of kids yet again all night! I knew as soon as I saw a group of about 15 kids wearing rucksacks getting off the train about 7.45 pm this would be the case! Clearly not from liphook! 101 was called too

Re: Noisy
- Paul (15th Jul 2018 @ 17:41:48)

@anon - I believe the group you mentioned were all students from Godalming College who came down on the train to Liphook to party on the green.

2 of them were passed out in a neighbours front garden by 11pm - they didn't make much noise :)

I have a feeling if I organised a huge family party on the green and kept music on until midnight that I'd probably end up arrested! How come the students got away with it? I don't know so I'll ask - is it legal to party on a public green late at night, would a permit of some sort normally be required?

Re: Noisy
- Anon (15th Jul 2018 @ 20:04:34)

That would explain the noise! I agree it shouldn't be allowed. But they were still running around at 3am! I didn't hear them after that though

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