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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Sainsbury’s petrol
- Helen (12th Jun 2018 @ 07:24:10)

Liphook gets a mention!

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Mr Paddy's Daddy (12th Jun 2018 @ 09:07:57)

What a great exposure - I hope it has been drawn to the attention of their CEO Mike Coup.

I tried to email him the link but all addresses just bounce back as 'Mail Undeliverable'

No surprise there then !!

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Mrs (13th Jun 2018 @ 07:12:47)

I have sent an email to Mr Coup, I will let you know his reply, if any.

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Mrs (13th Jun 2018 @ 07:16:53)

Just seen this on the BBC

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Mr Paddy's Daddy (13th Jun 2018 @ 08:01:14)

Mrs -

Perhaps you could publish Mr Coups email address on this site - so those of us who object to Sainsbury's pricing policy can add more weight.

Thank you

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Mrs (13th Jun 2018 @ 09:08:59)

Happy to oblige:

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Scrooge (13th Jun 2018 @ 16:14:35)

Boycott the petrol station for a couple of weeks see what happens

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Richard (13th Jun 2018 @ 20:03:20)

Sainsbury Waterlooville this evening...Unleaded 123.9

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Mrs (14th Jun 2018 @ 10:45:01)

The reply, from Sainsbury's,

Your Sainsbury’s Case ID: ECM-50099/CM

Dear Mrs Goodson

Thanks for your email to Mike Coupe, I’ve been asked to respond on his behalf. I understand you have concerns about the price of fuel in your local area, and I’d like to address this.

The fuel market is very competitive and prices are very volatile in the current climate. Prices differ throughout the UK and you’ll see varying prices between outlets owned by the same company.

We always want to ensure our petrol stations remain competitive within their local area, offering customers a fair price wherever they live. To achieve this, we adjust the prices at each station using locally gathered pricing information.

You may also like to know that an Office of Fair Trading (OFT) investigation into the UK petrol and diesel sector found that supermarkets play a positive role in keeping fuel prices down and ensuring that the fuel market is competitive.

Thanks again for taking the time to get in touch, as your feedback is important to us.

Kind regards

Craig McEwan | Executive Office
Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd

I have sent another email, asking why Liphook is being used as a cash machine.

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Richard (14th Jun 2018 @ 12:10:09)

And when there is no competition the price gets ramped!

I previously asked a similar question if Sainsbury, a few years ago, and received a remarkably similar answer.

The only conclusion it that it is corporate policy to charge as much as possible, and claim local competitiveness.

The only way this may change is if Liphook suddenly stops selling as much fuel, but this may then carry the risk that Sainsbury's closes the petrol station

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Rölli (14th Jun 2018 @ 15:24:27)

Lets not be so naïve here. Most businesses, big or small, will look to charge as much as they can get away with. Not nice but that's free market economy for you. All you can do is choose to purchase elsewhere

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Janice Morgan (14th Jun 2018 @ 15:32:33)

Noticed yesterday the price had dropped 1p and another 1p today. Maybe by next week it will be the cheapest in the country! I won't hold my breath.

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Mandy (14th Jun 2018 @ 22:29:23)

I put a thread on here last week but it didnt get put up so here goes il.try again.i went to water looville sainsburys and the petrol was 123 so how come its cheap down there??

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Al (14th Jun 2018 @ 22:32:02)

I dont go to sainsburys for petrol i go to asda last week it was 124

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Ginny Goulding (16th Jun 2018 @ 15:07:49)

Just like to say That I went to Sainsburys at Waterlooville and the price of petrol was £1.20.9p a litre. That's 10p cheaper a litre than Liphook and I don't think they can justify the high price. Do they think we are all rolling rich in Liphook? I'm afraid I for one, will boycott Liphook until they take notice of their customers and not their profit.

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Anne (17th Jun 2018 @ 18:08:49)

I'm currently in Preston and Sainsbury is selling unleaded at £1.20 !!!!!

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Simon (18th Jun 2018 @ 09:30:43)

Sainsburys Liphook are currently charging £1.32, both BP and Murco at Hindhead are £1.34 this morning, and no doubt Liphook Services are even higher.

As the email from HQ says, it's all about local pricing. Sainsburys Liphook still the cheapest within the immediate area, but they don't have an Asda charging £1.24 on the doorstep to compete with.

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Lorac (18th Jun 2018 @ 12:35:08)

I heartily agree with all the writers about Sainsbury`s petrol policy. Several months ago I sent an email to Head office about this topic. We often visit our daughter in Colchester and often the petrol there at Sainsburys can be as much as 3, 4or 5 pence cheaper than here. We now target Sainsburys in Liphook by not shopping there for most of our main food shopping; we spend only diddly bits of money there on last minute items. Maybe others could do the same though I appreciate that not everyone has a car to go elsewhere. They have no nearby competition (within 1 or 2 miles) so can fleece us Liphook residents with impunity.

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Ian (18th Jun 2018 @ 15:58:59)

Small minded penny pinchers, for goodness sake get a life (or moped). Within the immediate area still the cheapest.

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- S (18th Jun 2018 @ 22:34:24)

Within the immediate area still the cheapest? What do you mean? Well I suppose Sainsbury Liphook is cheaper than trying to find oil by drilling in my back garden then refining it myself .... Where is it more expensive than Sainsburys in the immediate area?

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Mary W (18th Jun 2018 @ 23:59:45)

Sainsbury’s diesel is £1.31 in Liphook and £1.25 in Waterlooville.
£3.00 difference on a full tank.

Sainsbury’s are a disgrace, repaying our loyalty in such a fashion. I never buy fuel there now, on principle. I rarely buy food there nowadays, half the shelves are empty by late afternoon, anyway.

If you download the free GPS Waze app, you can check out all the prices en route and call in on the cheapest. And it’s never Liphook.

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Steve R (19th Jun 2018 @ 07:35:54)

Never mind Ian when you are old enough to start riding a moped you will then consider the price of fuel.

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Ian (19th Jun 2018 @ 09:15:16)

Esso in Haslemere more expensive
Petrol stations at Hindhead more expensive
Liphook service station more expensive

Of course you could drive to Bordon where you could save just under a penny a litre at the Jet garage

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Rölli (19th Jun 2018 @ 10:16:18)

We moan on about the price of fuel which is a finite resource that when it is gone its gone, yet happily pay £1.35 for a litre of San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water!!

When you consider how precious fossil fuels are and at the moment we have no economically viable alternatives, we perhaps should be paying more to reduce wastage!

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- helen (19th Jun 2018 @ 10:17:57)

I agree with Mary the only way the petrol garages will take notice is if we do not use them, but because it is convenient to have the food and petrol in one place people use that garage. There is talk of a merger with Asda
perhaps petrol would become cheaper then!

I do not use Sainsburys now except in an emergency as I do not think they offer a very good product range or enough quality products, for instance the deli counter.

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- liz (19th Jun 2018 @ 10:50:34)


It is regional differences people are complaining about as I'm sure you realise. They are charging us more just because they can.

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Fiona (19th Jun 2018 @ 11:18:26)

I just find it funny that Mr Coupe was caught singing "we're in the money" on national television. He must be thinking of the price he charges us for petrol in liphook.

I do think this is wrong that a company can charge different prices for the same product.

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- NICK (22nd Jun 2018 @ 12:34:25)

just dont go in , ive been using the jet in godalming for a long time now. if we stoped bying the price wil go down.

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Mary W (22nd Jun 2018 @ 18:46:50)

I paid £1.27 for diesel at Sainsbury, Farnham, the other day. It’s always worth checking when you go out of the district and topping up if it’s cheaper.
I suppose anyone buying San Pellegrino fizzy water for £1.37 instead of Aldi’s at a quarter the price, would find a £3.00 saving on a tank of petrol not worth the bother...

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Richard (25th Jun 2018 @ 07:09:18)

Sainsbury are now trying to appease by a price drop of...(wait for it)...0.5p /litre.

Are they taking the mickey...feels it!?

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Gr (25th Jun 2018 @ 12:00:53)

Paid £1.22 ltr havant tesco asda normally the same waterlooville sainsburys £1.23

If we all boycott liphook for 1 week they might think again

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- k (28th Jun 2018 @ 09:50:19)

Agree pricing structure all wrong - but if they can charge more -will - but trouble is if you are having to drive elsewhere to get petrol - are you actually saving on a tank of fuel - great if you just happen to be there - but how much does it cost to make the journey to just to fill up!

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- J (28th Jun 2018 @ 10:14:49)

I noticed that fuel was cheaper in central Guildford yesterday! Both Ladymead petrol stations and the one on Woodbridge Road opposite the Cricket Club!

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- a (28th Jun 2018 @ 10:31:21)

Whatever you do do NOT USE THE petrol station opposite the cricket club. I had my credit card cloned and used repeatedly by them. They have a reputation for this. BE VERY CAREFUL!!!
might be cheaper petrol but at what cost?

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- J (28th Jun 2018 @ 10:41:23)

I didn't say I'd used them! ;-)
Thanks for the warning though!

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- S (28th Jun 2018 @ 20:03:50)

Keep emailing Sainsbury's, the more people do, the more chance of something being done. I've emailed three times now. Let's keep them busy if they're going to rip us off in liphook....

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Wendy (2nd Jul 2018 @ 19:21:59)

If you are going Waterlooville way and you need fuel, fill up at Sainsburys, 118.9 a litre of unleaded compared to 129.9 at Liphook sainsburys!

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Mandi (3rd Jul 2018 @ 21:28:49)

Yes wendy i go down there and always fill up

sainsburys in liphook are just greedy

Re: Sainsbury’s petrol
- Helen (4th Jul 2018 @ 09:31:55)

The merger with Asda should make a difference!

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