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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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- Karen (13th Mar 2018  11:39:10)

Countrywide is shutting,I heard a rumour ages ago it was,let's hope it's another supermarket

Re: Countrywide
- Sarah (13th Mar 2018  12:05:56)

Hi it is a similar store, Mole country stores

Re: Countrywide
- Caroline (13th Mar 2018  12:16:10)

Lidl or Aldi please!!

Re: Countrywide
- Geoff (13th Mar 2018  12:45:25)

Mole Valley pulled out so I don't think there's a new tenant yet

Re: Countrywide
- Ann (13th Mar 2018  12:56:20)

Lidl or Aldi would be great!

Re: Countrywide
- Karen (13th Mar 2018  14:46:53)

Well iceland were rumoured to be going there last year as they pulled out of we will wait and see lets hope aldi or iceland or lidl would be fantastic

Re: Countrywide
- K (13th Mar 2018  14:47:14)

Don't think it would be a big enough site for Aldi or LIdl to be interested - with Lidl stores at Bordon & Petersfield doubt it would be economical to open another store so close - how about something the area dosen't already have!

Re: Countrywide
- Ann (13th Mar 2018  15:12:03)

I think it would be big enough for Lidl or Aldi - used to be Gateway Supermarket. A shoe shop would be good for Liphook. Definitely not a takeaway, but there again ....................... a Macdonalds drive thru!!!!

Re: Countrywide
- Karen (13th Mar 2018  15:18:12)

Aldi it would be big enough and iceland i was born in liphook and remember when ot first opened up as gateways it is plenty big enough

Re: Countrywide
- Helen (13th Mar 2018  17:19:38)

Although the store is big enough the car park is not

Re: Countrywide
- Dave (13th Mar 2018  17:43:53)

The car park isnt a problem they have alot of land opposite,car park would probably go there,i would love to see another shop ,bring it on i say

Re: Countrywide
- nick (13th Mar 2018  19:30:42)

Countrywide has gone into administration as of last week
Mole Valley has not indicated in any way at this time to take an interest in acquiring the company(as a shareholder in Mole Valley no reports or letters attaining to acquiring the site has not been mentioned)

To clarify Countrywide Farmers Plc is in administration, and not any similar named companies

Re: Countrywide
- Alison (13th Mar 2018  21:23:03)

Marks and Spencer food would be would pick up the railway commuter business as well as bringing up the standard of shops in Liphook.

Re: Countrywide
- Helen (13th Mar 2018  21:51:39)

Please think about the people that work there - the shop and the warehouse - before you fantasise about supermarkets! They are hoping for a buy out from a similar retailer. This shop is one of the most profitable in the chain - many deliveries are made to local farms and equestrian concerns. Please be sensitive at this difficult time for the staff.

Re: Countrywide
- Ian (14th Mar 2018  11:54:47)

I contacted Mole Valley Farmers directly to enquire of their interest in Countrywide, here is the response

Good afternoon,

I write further to your email below to advise that Mole Valley Farmers had been working with Countrywide to identify a solution that would satisfy the CMA requirements ,and secure the future of over 600 staff and retail stores. However the protracted review and recent ruling has prevented us from acquiring the business as we had hoped.

Customer Services Manager - Retail

Mole Valley Farmers Ltd| Moorland House, Station Road, South Molton, Devon EX36 3BH

Re: Countrywide
- Helpfull (14th Mar 2018  17:40:37)

Knock it down put a new bigger train station car park

Re: Countrywide
- Julie (14th Mar 2018  19:25:20)

Iceland would be brilliant. We need an inexpensive supermarket and our closest 1 doesn't deliver to Liphook

Re: Countrywide
- oldie (14th Mar 2018  20:01:32)

Surely perfect for a McDonalds for our growing town, the car park is a bit small but there's plenty of free parking on the nearby streets, may get a bit congested but at least we can get a Happy Meal. Would put us on the map and encourage more visitors/growth!

Re: Countrywide
- helen (14th Mar 2018  23:05:44)

If I were to choose it would be a supermarket of some kind not a Macdonalds that would just attract littering.

Re: Countrywide
- Karen (15th Mar 2018  07:16:37)

Helen its not fantasising ,liphook needs another shop the village has alot of new builds going up over the next three years,sainsburys is not enough,its ok if youve got alot of money,i cant afford to do a weekly shop there,i go to lidl to do mine,as its a new shop would be great.but we shall all wait and see.maybe itl be knocked down and more flats and houses will be built

Re: Countrywide
- Ian (15th Mar 2018  10:54:37)

Karen - no need to worry yourself, it will not get change of use, will have to remain an employment resource

Re: Countrywide
- Karen (15th Mar 2018  13:54:55)

A real shame about this store. I popped in yesterday and said to the staff how sorry I was. I always thought they were very helpful had very good stuff and will be missed. Hope all the staff manage to find alternative jobs and thank them for assistance over the years.

Re: Countrywide
- Willo (15th Mar 2018  21:56:50)

Hope it's not going to be a fast food place, Bigger car park for the station would be good.

Re: Countrywide
- Jen (16th Mar 2018  08:22:22)

I've never got round to going into Countrywide. I still think of it as "that new shop where Gateway used to be, that one of these days I will go and have a look at what they sell in there"! Oh well.

Re: Countrywide
- NICK (16th Mar 2018  08:23:51)

How about some new flats lol , or maybe an estate agent !!

Re: Countrywide
- Helen (16th Mar 2018  10:17:51)

Network rail would not spend
a fortune buying a shop knocking it down just to make
life easier for commuters! I think a lot of commuterd park
there now anyway!

Re: Countrywide
- Dave (16th Mar 2018  10:22:45)

It has been rumoured that Foxtons are interested.

Re: Countrywide
- Helen (16th Mar 2018  16:58:13)

I hope not a new supermarket is preferable to an estate agent

Re: Countrywide
- John (16th Mar 2018  23:06:25)

Lidl or Aldi EXPRESS maybe...? Why not ;) Two hands up for that :)

Re: Countrywide
- J (16th Mar 2018  23:22:23)

ALDI please! :)

Re: Countrywide
- Susie (17th Mar 2018  12:21:31)

yes I heard it was Foxtons too, really excited if they come,they are a great company to work for.They really look after people.
At least it would mean more jobs for locals too,and a bit of competition in the area. They would raise the profile of the village for the better,and I'm sure that would work in all our interests.

Re: Countrywide
- Helen (17th Mar 2018  13:13:58)

do not think an estate agents would generate many local jobs 3 or 4 new jobs at most and not perhaps all going to be for people who live in Liphook. Glad you are excited about another estate agency!

Re: Countrywide
- Concerned (17th Mar 2018  14:19:18)

Excited about an estate agent. The country's gone mad.

Re: Countrywide
- J (17th Mar 2018  16:27:42)

Why on earth would an estate agent want a big unit like that? Must be a wind-up!

Re: Countrywide
- dave (18th Mar 2018  12:51:40)

I think they plan to divide it up and sub-let units to more estate agents. You just can't have too many.

Re: Countrywide
- Mr Paddy's Daddy (18th Mar 2018  15:49:19)

Liphook gets what Liphook deserves - use it or lose it - the same everywhere

Re: Countrywide
- helen (19th Mar 2018  10:40:25)

I think it is not surprising that we are going to have another estate agent there. In light of all the new houses being built, commission is there to be made. Take a look at look at the website this clearly
states that they are working with the Neighbourhood Steering Group and Liphook Parish Council, in their efforts to bring even more houses to Liphook, this time in the National Park. Is it any surprise estate agents are following this money trail?

Website above corrected to .com

Re: Countrywide
- Dawn Hoskins (19th Mar 2018  14:02:08)

Helen, the Northcott developers are not the Parish Council?

The Parish Council have not written or created this webpage - I'm confused

Do you think that Liphook Parish Councilors have some sort of sway over the planners at EHDC - I can assure you that they do not! EHDC are obliged to give a cursory glance at what the volunteers have said - but don't generally pay any attention and make up their own damn minds on most things - contrary to local opinion mainly!

Re: Countrywide
- Ian (19th Mar 2018  15:16:26)

I am actually staggered that anyone could seriously think that any estate agent would take on a supermarket size premises, for goodness sake people engage your brains!!!!

This is Liphook, growing yes, but a long way off being able to have sufficient housing to justify any agent taking on a premises of this size. Just how much money do you think they make!!! Get real you daft so and so's.

I expect the comments have been made tongue-in-cheek due to the number of Estate Agents in the area :-)

This just shows the ridiculousness and danger of the Internet. Put something online and there will always be some people that think its the truth, my goodness what a crazy world we live in.

However to add my suggestion for the premises, wouldn't it be lovely if it became an indoor market type place for local farmers, small goods producers etc with a lovely coffee shop/restaurant located in the side section. Something like Applegarth but on a bigger scale

Re: Countrywide
- Penny (19th Mar 2018  15:21:33)

Web page is not Quote from their web page:
"The Northcott Trust and GVI are engaging with the Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group, South Downs National Park Authority, East Hants District Council, Hampshire County Council and the Parish Council to progress these proposals, as the proposed Western Relief Road is critical for the future of Liphook and to unlock other community benefits."

I think that the word "sway" has been used inappropriately and smacks of bribery! I would take issue when it is said that the planners at EHDC do not listen or take in account what Parish Councils think. This is not true. What they will not do is recommend refusal if the application does not have a have sound planning reason why it should not be given permission. They work within the constraints of the current development plan and they are mindful that if the refusal is not based on sound planning reasons, it will probably go to appeal, the application will be successful and the costs are bourne by the taxpayer. All areas have as well as their Parish Councillors, District Councillors and sometimes the District Councillors serve as Parish Councillors as well. If there is a contentious planning application with I think more than 15 objections the local member can request that this is brought to committee for discussion and voting. It is all to easy to smear and criticise, but I feel that if one feels strongly enough then perhaps it is time for he or she to stand for office on the District Council. There is an awful lot of work that our District Councillors have to do and the planners will listen to reasoned and intelligent diaglogue. At the end of the day the District Councillors have the vote. I appreciate that applications can be taken to appeal and then the decision is in the hands of the Inspector not the District Council.

Re: Countrywide
- liz (19th Mar 2018  15:37:42)

The Western Relief Road is not actually critical to the future of Liphook and would not provide relief for the key traffic problem areas (Headley Rd - London Rd - Haslemere Rd) but it would benefit GVI and others with their proposed developments. The advisors for the Local Plan poured a lot of cold water on any plans for development in the National Park and so the developers must be working hard at lobbying the National Park Authority. They have the time and money to do that.

As I noted in another post, Countryfile did a feature on "weak" councils with "no Local Plan in place" being a target for developers so the sooner the Local Plan is completed the better. Last I heard it was awaiting the results of a traffic survey.

Logically the Countrywide site should be turned into a car park for the shops and station - but no one will pay for it.

Re: Countrywide
- MJR (19th Mar 2018  16:51:44)

Just to clarify the situation with planning applications in our Parish.

East Hampshire District Council has no authority in respect of Planning matters within the South Downs National Park. This is the responsibility of the South Downs National Park Authority [SDNP]

The SDNP have now finalised their Local Plan which is about to be forwarded to the Secretary of State for examination; following public consultation last year.

The SDNP Local Plan can be viewed at

This Plan indicates that there is no allocation for housing within the area of the SDNP in the Parish of Bramshott & Liphook.

Re: Countrywide
- Otto (19th Mar 2018  17:01:34)

Its set to be a supermarket folks.No more estate agents for now anyway.
Lets face it,we will all benefit from another shop,with competition etc and loads of household favourites being right on our door step.
I for one can't wait, its long over due,Sainsburys may just have to 'try' a bit harder, or not!

Re: Countrywide
- Joc (19th Mar 2018  17:37:32)

I heard from a reliable source that self contained commuter flats were going in there.

Re: Countrywide
- Helen (19th Mar 2018  18:19:28)

Otto could you reveal the source of your info please?
And Dawn I only quoted from
Liphook visions website website perhaps the steering group could correct them!

Re: Countrywide
- Dave (19th Mar 2018  19:53:05)

Well said otto it is going to be a food shop but these people wont have it will they.its about time too3

Re: Countrywide
- Helen (19th Mar 2018  20:59:50)

If you tell us how you know this we will be consvinced! A masons meeting maybe?

Re: Countrywide
- liz (20th Mar 2018  08:50:51)


Re: Countrywide
- Vivienne (20th Mar 2018  13:08:45)

Sainsbury's would never allow another supermarket to come into Liphook.

Re: Countrywide
- oldie (20th Mar 2018  18:41:03)

A pound shop, or even better a 99p shop, now that would please oldie, I like looking around the one in Petersfield and every penny counts!

Re: Countrywide
- Al (20th Mar 2018  20:52:10)

Vivienne you say Sainsburys would never allow another supermarket in Liphook, care to enlighten on that comment?....What I know is probably what you know and so your comment is correct. I think we are at the mercy of another business which Liphook doesn't need.

Re: Countrywide
- Judy (22nd Mar 2018  15:07:32)

I still think that those people who seem to know what is going to be there
should verify the source of the info.

Re: Countrywide
- David (22nd Mar 2018  16:03:24)

Judy, no-one knows, its all just internet speculation. In todays retail and economic climate I would not be surprised if it remains empty (like Anchor Garage) for many years. Hope I am wrong but.....

Re: Countrywide
- Jacqui (22nd Mar 2018  16:28:09)

Re Waitrose,

The Petrol station on the A3 is having a small Waitrose when it reopens

Re: Countrywide
- Katie (22nd Mar 2018  16:33:52)

I vote for Pizza Express.

That is all.

Re: Countrywide
- liz (22nd Mar 2018  16:54:29)


I get the impression that nobody has a clue!!

Re: Countrywide
- Neil (28th Mar 2018  00:34:46)

Anchor garage would make a great restaurant, as long as it wasn't more Italian chain garbage.

Re: Countrywide
- oldie (28th Mar 2018  19:12:48)

Well that's clear then, we all want different things. Personally I'd like too see a motorbike dealer, either location but actually the Anchor garage site would be ideal, never had quite enough parking for cars, but for bikes would be fine, somewhere to buy a new Goldwing, OK I'm showing my age, whatever the modern comparison is, and of course all those motocross bikes need servicing somewhere...!

Re: Countrywide
- K (29th Mar 2018  09:54:55)

May be what the good people of Liphook want is irrelevant it may be more a case of who wants to supply & support Liphook & with what? We are in the hands of those willing to invest in our Village.

Re: Countrywide
- Lynn (30th Mar 2018  16:52:39)

Does anyone know the actual date that Countrywide is closing it's doors ?

Re: Countrywide
- Otto (31st Mar 2018  13:05:31)

Not long now folks till we get our long wanted new retail outlet!
It'll be here before the Bordon scenario get their act together.
I personally don't think Prezzo closing along with Toys r us, or any other old, tired, out of date formulas will impact on this coming.Its long overdue, and with all the commuters passing through to get to the station will do really well!

Re: Countrywide
- Al (31st Mar 2018  21:35:50)

I suppose what we get will depend on whether Sainsburys will still pay the rent on the plot....if they do then don't expect another supermarket any time soon!

Re: Countrywide
- Clare (3rd Apr 2018  23:01:32)

Liphook needs an Ann Summers store, there are so many in the town who are terribly vexed by estate agents, dog poop, lack of courtesy when driving, the parish council, new houses , sales people from the “north”..........a little redirectional correctional could lead to a happier population!

Re: Countrywide
- Rachael (4th Apr 2018  12:39:16)

Looks like we have one less estate agent in the village. Was having a coffee in the square this morning and noticed Keats were clearing the equipment out of their offices and a note in the window is diverting people to another office

Re: Countrywide
- Macca (5th Apr 2018  08:57:27)

Another empty shop in the town centre! It will soon be a ghost town.

Re: Countrywide
- Otto (5th Apr 2018  11:51:10)

Not a ghost town at all,once the new retail comes to the old Countrywide, and the new Foxtons estate agents, it'll be a real buzz!!
Don't fret.

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