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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Mark (6th Dec 2017  17:15:20)

Late this afternoon I parked to shop at Sainsburys, parking well within the marked bay.
Only to find after about 15 minutes in the store I am blocked in by
a large silver 4x4 Volvo.

& Yes I am shaming who ever did this.
I waited just over 20 minutes after asking the customer service to make announcement over their tannoy,nobody reported themselves to customer service as requested.

No guarantees the culprit was even in the store, but just a guess!!

This is just plain arrogant,inconsiderate and lazy, without any excuse.....
This person came eventually out of the store,with shopping bag in hand, jumped in and started to drive away.....until I asked had they actually noticed the problem they were responsible for.

This 'person' was an elderly lady, who didn't careless.....all I got was a 'yes, yes ,yes.....oh.....'....& they say the youth are ignorant.

This is just absolutely, awful & if she's your neighbour, or you know who it is, good luck with that attitude....!!

She really should NOT be driving!

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- A.R (6th Dec 2017  19:30:23)

Could you not climb in your passenger seat and drive off. Poor lady seems to have parked too close and you made her flummoxed. We all make boo boo's from time to time.

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Della Smallbone (6th Dec 2017  22:29:40)

Climb in the passengers seat , are you for real why should you have too , people should park considerately.

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Mark (6th Dec 2017  23:01:55)

Boo boos,

what sort of excuse is that....?

& No I could not - climb across my gear stick etc., are you completely bonkers ????
are you the culprit, with a lame suggestion, me thinks........
This sort of parking / driving is just downright lazy, and inconsiderate.In fact incompetent.
This person should be retested, simple as.

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Amy (7th Dec 2017  07:31:16)

This exact thing happened to me in Sainsbury's car park when I was heavily pregnant - I was also asked if I could just climb in the passenger side. Anyone with half a brain would realise that would be not only very hard work but also could cause a potential injury which is totally unessesary when you've parked totally within the lines yourself! I don't think being elderly and flustered is any excuse - if you can't park then you shouldn't be driving.

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- liz (7th Dec 2017  10:12:03)

Mark and Amy

You are in fact suggesting that everyone who parks inconsiderately should be retested. That could be an interesting one! You were both separately inconvenienced and obviously extremely peeved but I think its just a tad OTT!

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Ann (7th Dec 2017  10:31:40)

Lines are painted in car parks for a reason - so people should park in between the lines - not across them!

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Ian (7th Dec 2017  11:20:03)

I have said before, OAP's on the roads are a menace, in my opinion as bad as boy racers.

We have to accept that with an ageing population who are invariable too arrogant or in denial to recognise their faculties are in decline, we need mandatory retesting at 70 and thereafter annual booster test

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- ? (7th Dec 2017  11:25:46)

Sadly it is the design of our car parks that mean if one car parks a little over line the next one comes in and does the same only a bit more over Not excusing bad parking but it does happen the herring bone parking system used more in states better ie angled bays

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- liz (7th Dec 2017  13:48:56)


Nothing like a good generalisation is there. You missed out middle-aged men in BMWs and blonde pony-tailed women in 4x4s! I'm sure there's more!

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Ian (7th Dec 2017  16:09:18)

Liz, those others you mention are probably due to many factors but not decrepitness or senility

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- liz (7th Dec 2017  18:52:09)

Glad to see you've got a sense of humour Ian (!)

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Mark (7th Dec 2017  19:06:18)

to -?

There was nobody to one side of me, as I parked next to the walkway, well tucked into my space, and empty spaces on my right.....

unfortunately,this was a case of lazy inconsiderate arrogant parking, by a selfish woman.

It is not OTT, but commonsense, and a requirement, that if there are lines ie bay parking you park within them !

But of course if you got your licence from the Post Office you were never tested to start with, you should now surrender your licence or at least go for a test / advanced assessment, and get off the road if you can't meet the current standards, that apply to all of us, and not just a few.
You are a hazard and present a risk for all of us playing by the rules.

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Jen (7th Dec 2017  21:03:56)

This is one aspect of daily living that driverless cars will improve! How fantastic it will be simply to get in the car and tell it where to take you and where to park itself! Imagine all the cars perfectly aligned between the white lines. No more car park rage!

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- liz (7th Dec 2017  22:20:43)


The lady may or may not have been all the things you say. I still think your reaction was OTT. You could have climbed in the passenger side (I'm assuming you're not pregnant!) - even though it was inconvenient etc. etc.

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Jen (7th Dec 2017  22:39:21)

Mark, what are talking about? The driving test has been compulsory in the UK since 1st April 1934. There can't be many drivers still on the roads who started driving more than 83 years ago!!

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Nadine (7th Dec 2017  23:15:46)

I followed an elderly person last week who actually couldn’t see through their windscreen, due to being iced up. They wove all over the road and then, at the crossing in the middle of the village, I saw 2 elderly people venturing towards the crossing and I was thinking “uh oh” what happens next... yes, it actually happened, they didn’t see them, and the elderly gentleman ranted at them, shook his fist but they were oblivious.

They then wove their way down to station road at which point I lost them.

They literally had 3 inches of clear windscreen, along the bottom, to see through.

I have reported them -they are an accident waiting to happen and shouldn’t be in the road. Re-test everyone at 70 I say, and every five years after.

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Sam (8th Dec 2017  00:27:43)


It is a bit OTT, yes agreed a bit inconsiderate, perhaps lazy but it does look like you picked up the arrogant bit from very little other than her Big Volvo, maybe your jealous?
As for “no excuse” you have no way of proving that, maybe she is having a far harder day that you could ever know about and venting on here isn’t likely to change it nor is identifying her by number plate.
No one got hurt and nothing was damaged so there is no need for the repeated fuse blowing your expressing on here well after the event. I expect when you reach that age you might not be that great at parking but it’s probavly not going to mean your some lethal weopon on the streets either.
Take your rage elsewhere, you have made your point and your making it bitter with each return.

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- liz (8th Dec 2017  08:54:35)


In my experience being too lazy to clear your windscreen properly is not age related. I'm not in the in the OAP bracket (fortunately, as I would otherwise no doubt be deemed too senile to have an opinion) but I have been driving for quite a long time.

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Sam K (8th Dec 2017  15:44:08)

First of all I would like to mention that it was my mother who you verbally 'assaulted' that late afternoon. By verbally assaulted I mean that you opened and swung open her car door and started shouting at her. You made her jump, scream and TERRIFIED her. By her description you are big built guy and well over 6 foot tall. My elderly mother has been mugged and robbed once before and your actions made her feel very threatened.

You write on here about 'shaming' and 'culprit', and yet there was nothing she did wrong.
1) She was parked within the white lines of her parking slot, which she showed you.
2) She is hearing impaired and wouldn't have heard a supermarket announcement and let's be honest, even able hearing people might not have realised the announcement was for them.
3) YOU were parked close to her car because of the car on the OTHER side of you not parking properly and yet you chose to shout at an elderly woman to vent your anger.
4) What has a Volvo got to do with anything? She has worked her backside off all her life and doesn't deserve to be judged on what car she drives.
5) You wrote she said "yes, yes ,yes.....oh.....'....& they say the youth are ignorant." Do you know why she said that? Hmm? Because you were shouting at her and wouldn't stop. You went on and on at her not letting her get a word in, so she just nodded along.

You should be ashamed of yourself for your actions. I won't be replying on here about this again. She's done with it and so am I.

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Ian (8th Dec 2017  16:37:15)

Mark - if Sam K's version of events is true, you are a bit of a bell end and sounds like you are a bully!

But I guess that is the problem with forums such as this and Liphook Rants, WE JUST NEVER WILL KNOW WHAT IS THE TRUTH.

Regardless, still think the elderly need to sit a booster driving test at 70

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- liz (8th Dec 2017  16:58:47)

Think I would be pretty scared if some great big bloke opened the car door and started yelling at me. In general the best thing to do with nutters like that is just to agree with them as you never know what they will do next. I'm sure you're not a nutter Mark, but how was the lady to know?

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- B (8th Dec 2017  17:01:58)

Well played Sam. The truth finally puts. I hope your Mum is ok and not too shaken up

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Bob (8th Dec 2017  18:04:32)

Well well so as they say always two sides to a story . Maybe we all need to step back from our anger and think before the red mist comes down . No rights no wrongs in this story just bad judgements which lead to sorry reactions all round . Hey ho life goes on

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Mark (8th Dec 2017  19:01:02)

To Sam K et al,

I have the photos which show exactly where she was parked.....

way over the white lines, both sides.
What alot of bluster from you Sam - LOL....

She must also be deranged, as I'm approx 5ft 6ins, and slim build....
nobody had to knock on her window as I & my wife were both waiting next to her vehicle,with a member of Sainsburys staff.
Sainsburys staff had been announcing the reg plate multiple times,and if she's deaf she should NOT be driiving.
But don't worry I'll be reporting the incident to DVLA.

All of your comments are meaningless, unless you witnessed the event.
I have plenty of pictures,all very clear.

Perhaps Sam you should do the dutiful thing & take your mother shopping,all this could then be avoided,unless that is you also are unable to park competently !!

Merry Xmas to you All.

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parkingm
- John (8th Dec 2017  19:58:30)

I think it’s only fair Mark posts his own car make model colour and number plate now !

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Ginny Stacpoole (8th Dec 2017  20:38:55)

And they say the elderly are bigoted. This thread proves otherwise.

How venomous the young are and lacking in respect for their elders or anyone else it seems. How sad the future looks.

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Mandy (8th Dec 2017  21:16:58)

Hahahahaha this is making me die laughing LOL, GOODNESS SAKE, there's people ill and dying and, your moaning about a car parked wrong, Hahahahaha.

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Corey (8th Dec 2017  21:38:02)

Mark, are you saying that deaf people should not be allowed to drive?? I think you will find that the only drivers that have to inform the DVLA that they are deaf are HGV, bus or public service drivers.

Also it is still a frightening occurrence for any woman to have a man shouting and ranting at you regardless of height or stature for something so petty.

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- ? (8th Dec 2017  21:42:10)

Time to call it on this one hey guys . Report it to DVLA they will tell you Not there problem sasainsbury car park not highway . So that's that plus your photos taken without prior permission is an offence guys please enough just human error no offence as lines are down as a guide unless a sign tells you otherwise .Please stop this NOW

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- liz (8th Dec 2017  22:19:16)


You are 5'6" and slim build and you couldn't climb in from the passenger seat?! I can recommend a good gym if that would help.

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Dave (8th Dec 2017  23:24:00)

Let’s see the pictures then Mark. Put your evidence on display and clear your name. Am sure the editor is willing to assist you and or adjudicate.

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Sam (8th Dec 2017  23:29:28)

Wow! If Marks right and this Volvo was “way over the white lines on BOTH sides” then this Volvo is two spaces wide.

You sure this Volvo wasn’t a lorry mate?

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Joc (9th Dec 2017  06:53:32)

If not mandatory, would you volunteer for a retest when you are seventy? Or would your attitude be “I’m competent and don’t need retesting”

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Richard (9th Dec 2017  09:18:56)

Or we could just put it down to experience and life's rich tapestry!

Some people aren't very good behind the wheel, for lots of reasons, we all get it wrong on occasion.

If no one was hurt, let's move on.

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Ian (9th Dec 2017  09:27:29)

Nic - it has to be mandatory as no doubt by the time I am 70 I will be an arrogant know all, totally in denial that my abilities have deteriorated in any way. Without being compelled to take a test I would just potentially carry on being a menace and danger to other road users

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- A.R. (9th Dec 2017  10:51:45)

Mark, look up the phrase boo boo.
But judging what seems to have happened I don't think the lady did.
Regarding Liz's remark, at 5' 6" you could have easily climbed through the passenger door, unless you are about 70 years old.
All in all Sir I believe you made one hell of a boo boo.

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Penny (9th Dec 2017  11:13:08)

Having read your posts Mark, you do sound as though you have a very low tolerance threshold. Talk about overraction. If indeed Sam K is to be believed and you were leaning over this lady berating her it could have appeared that you were much larger than you actually are. By your own admission you were very angry and this would have made you appear intimidating. Churchill was only 5’6 but because of his dynamic presence he gave the impression of being taller, not that I am comparing you to Churchill – it just seems a good analogy demonstrating how in some circumstances people seem “larger than life”.
I suggest that now you either “put up” or “shut up”. Please let us see your evidence and post your pictures as I and I suspect others would be really interested to see how one car could be parked over both white lines.

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- david (9th Dec 2017  18:40:17)

I was in the shop when I heard the request come over asking for the owner to come to the information desk. I thought to myself someone hit there car. When walking to pay for my shopping I saw someone waiting at customer service looking very pissed off. I thought has he hit that other car or vice versa. When walking out of the shop and lady ran past me into the shop then I see the man that was waiting at customer service run up to the car and open the car door of the volvo and start on at the old lady in question. When looking over I was confused at what could have happened as both cars where side by side and couldn't see what could have happened. Now reading this I'm thinking omfg you idiot you waited to scream at a old defenceless lady because you couldn't get in your car. If you want to moan at anyone moan at sainsbury for not doing wider spaces .

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Dawn Hoskins (9th Dec 2017  23:55:50)

I work with the Deaf and would like to report that they are among the safest road users. Highly vigilant with excellent visual perception to a greater degree than people with hearing, and also never get distracted by noise etc. Statistically, the Deaf are among the lowest insurance groups as they very rarely have accidents as they are so visually aware of their surroundings.

On another note, I've had to scoot across to get in or out of the passenger door on many occasions. Annoying but not the end of the world.

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Anon (10th Dec 2017  11:28:56)

Dawn - that’s exactly my thoughts on this.

It seems that there are naturally angry people out there who can’t see past petty inconveniences like this.

Take a deep breath and put yourself into the other persons shoes. Is it worth getting upset? No. There are bigger things to worry about in life - spend the energy on the more important things.

If I was this man I would apologise. Hopefully he has the decency to realise that he acted wrongly now that he knows she a) is deaf b) has been attacked in the past and was terrified. I would be absolutely mortified to have done this to someone.

I fully expect to see that the parking was bad and frankly I don’t care. You shouldn’t either.

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Dave (10th Dec 2017  15:37:43)

The evidence against Mark is mounting, no photos he claims to have are forthcoming so as it stands its entirely clear he is a bully. Mark, do you care to reply with your photos please?

PS They need to be ones showing a Volvo, its number plate etc not some googled ultra close ups within which neither car or location can be identified.

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Mark (10th Dec 2017  17:29:22)

Well, well, well,

its comical to find that you all have nothing better to occupy your time !!
I certainly don't need to prove anything to you bullies out there,that are just disbelieving.
My photos belong to me, I do not need permission to take pics of cars, parked in a car park !!
What a daft lot you are..........
& as for me I'm too busy now trotting over to Sainsburys in Alton, where those of you are in the 21st century will be aware they already have the 'Parking Eye' system in place,& which does require you to park within the marked bays.....or be FINED !!......

Go try it Mrs Volvo, and the not so dutiful family member.

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Ian (11th Dec 2017  01:05:03)

Well well well! NO PHOTOS as previously claimed!

Laters Mark, please stay over in Alton as shouting at the elderly and then attempting to publically shame them in your made up rage story isn’t welcome here.

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Bob (11th Dec 2017  11:13:56)

Well I bet that's cheaper going there to shop???? Sainsbury liphook must be devastated surely fella you aint serious to go to another area just over a car park space - life's too short my friend

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Mark (11th Dec 2017  12:18:23)


I do have photos, and as previously posted they are with DVLA,
I have nothing to prove to you !

I will go about my business my way, if you don't like it, don't read it.
You don't have enough to do ......ha ha !

I will write as it occurs,and if it happens again, will post it again !

That woman went off through Liphook, NOT home, but to continue her shopping in the CO OP, I saw that she indicated left at every roundabout & turned right, don't worry tho all captured on my onboard video cam.....completely oblivious and unsafe.
A real hazard,to all the lovely Liphook folks.

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Ian (11th Dec 2017  12:55:52)

Mark, so you were following her? no doubt to intimidate her even more

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Jason (11th Dec 2017  13:29:01)

Clearly lying 🤥 no photos still. All made up

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- liz (11th Dec 2017  13:31:20)

Photos of bad parking sent to DVLA. Opening the lady's car door and yelling at her (for poor parking!) then tracking her through Liphook. Not OTT?!! Maybe not. More like bonkers.

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Kathy (11th Dec 2017  14:10:06)

The more I read your postings on the thread that you started, the more unpleasant, arrogant and threatening you are coming across as.
Not only did you frighten this poor woman half to death by ripping her car door open and verbally abusing her, you then proceed to follow her? I would imagine that having been scared to death she knew that you were following her and did not want to go home (very wise move), so that you would then know where she lived She did what people are advised to do in situations like this, drive to the nearest place where there are other people around.

You actually called some of the people that posted bullies, maybe you should sit in front of a mirror and take a long hard look at yourself and see what looks back at you.

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Kathy (11th Dec 2017  14:30:21)

Don't even think that the photos are that important anyway as her initial apology should have been enough don't you think?

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Mark (11th Dec 2017  14:39:15)


have you considered life as a story teller ? - or even a comedian ?

You have managed to sensationalise this occurrence more than I could have ever done....well done to you,for all the fabrication !!
Pure joy to read the utter nonsense you scribe...

Now I really am busy, don't know you & don't want to sooo

Merry Xmas !...etc etc...

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- liz (11th Dec 2017  15:41:50)


Yes, you are so busy you followed an elderly lady around Liphook for careless parking when you had already, according to you, been delayed!

Re: Inconsiderate, lazy & arrogant parking
- Bob (11th Dec 2017  15:51:34)

Mate tracking this person through the village ARE YOU FOR REAL harrasment !!! You know what I can't read this any more editor this individual needs no more publishing time a very very sad individual who clearly needs our sympathy and understanding Not !!!

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