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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Edmonton Way Car Park
- Resident (13th Sep 2017  21:07:30)

I have noticed that a lot of cars have started parking up Edmonton way (maple park by Canada way) seems to be a mixture of commuters and labourers - does anyone have more info to share?

Edmonton way is resident parking not a car park for commuters or local workers, especially when they park horrendously!

Re: Edmonton Way Car Park
- Local (13th Sep 2017  22:49:36)

Best thing is to contact the management company about the parking issue.

Also a lot of cars are from the building site behind so contact the foreman/ building company with details of who is parking where they shouldn't be.

Re: Edmonton Way Car Park
- Resident (13th Sep 2017  22:55:49)

It is all the builders for the building site off Calgary gardens which is the road off Edmonton way. I contacted Aquinna Homes the developers of the site and they said once the road had been done into the site they would park inside. The road has been done for over two weeks and none of the builders park inside. I have contacted them again regarding this but I haven't had a reply. Likewise the parking is not great and they also block the dipped curbs to get pushchairs up and down. I do not believe it is commuters, it is all the builders. Also when contacting the developers I expressed that parking on the development is extremely limited and all the parking is taken up by the builders.

Re: Edmonton Way Car Park
- Ian (13th Sep 2017  23:01:05)

Is it resident parking or public highway, cannot recall seeing any no parking signs or restrictions?

Re: Edmonton Way Car Park
- Resident2 (14th Sep 2017  08:43:13)

Ian it is interesting you say this when the people bought the properties on Edmonton Way and Calgary Gardens we were told it is a private road and would not be owned by the council and therefore there would be a maintenance cost for the road and development.

Therefore we pay every 6 months-year for it so therefore it is paid by the residents. So in my opinion the builders should be using the parking facilities inside the new building development as promised by the developers and not make it difficult to pull out of drives, see round corners or block dropped curbs or pavements.

Re: Edmonton Way Car Park
- P Weyland (14th Sep 2017  09:40:47)

Parking seems to be a problem in certain areas. The van that is usually parked right on the junction of Tunbridge Crescent/Headley Rd - the owner of this lives all the way over in The Mead!

Re: Edmonton Way Car Park
- Amy (14th Sep 2017  11:13:51)

We've also had problems with parking in Edmonton Way. I've contacted the management company and they've spoken to the developer on multiple occasions. I also phoned Aquinna homes who said their site manager assures them that cars are parked legally and "it's a public road so they can park where they like" - that's a direct quote! I corrected the lady on the phone and told her it is a private road and and she as good as said she didn't care. I also said the vans weren't parked legally as she implied because they were on junctions (to Calgary Gardens) and at times it would be very hard for an emergency vehicle to pass. I was given an email address to send photos, which I did, but I've had no reply. I've also tried talking to the builders who were aggressive in response when I asked them not to park opposite drives or blocking a crossing where I wanted to cross with my buggy.
Sadly I think the issue will continue at least until the building work is done as the developer simply doesn't care about the residents at all.

Re: Edmonton Way Car Park
- Ian (14th Sep 2017  11:20:48)

Resident-so what offence other than annoying you are these people committing? I do sympathise BUT are they breaking any FORMAL and DOCUMENTED restrictions in parking here. Is there anything in your deeds that would give you legal rights to say who can and cannot park in the street? Is there any legal written down covenants saying who can and cannot park? If not, you're stuffed!

Re: Edmonton Way Car Park
- Paul (14th Sep 2017  13:22:43)

There isn't anything in the deeds regarding parking in Edmonton, and while annoying the builders are parking their taxed vehicles on public roads. They can't and should not park illegally, of course.

That being said - maybe the residents need to get their own houses in order so to speak. For example, there are double yellows along Canada Way outside the properties bordering the green - but some residents are repeatedly ignoring the law and parking on double yellows despite having dedicated parking to the rear of their own homes.

Re: Edmonton Way Car Park
- Amy (14th Sep 2017  13:38:30)

Sadly you're right Ian, which is why they continue to do it. They know we can't really do anything to stop them.
Ironic though, that we have signed a covenant to say we cannot park large vehicles anywhere or cars in the road and we've had letters from the management company when people have done so. Seems a little unfair that we pay for the road and yet cannot park on it and yet they can do whatever they like.
Although they have broken laws in their parking - I saw a car have to mount the pavement the other day to get into the road. Let's just pray no one needs a fire engine!

Re: Edmonton Way Car Park
- Brian (14th Sep 2017  13:41:20)

I didn't even know there was an Edmonton Way.

Re: Edmonton Way Car Park
- Dawn Hoskins (14th Sep 2017  14:05:17)

The issue that the residents need to clarify is that of ‘ownership’ of the road. A road may be called Private or Unadopted, but that does not mean that residents have the right to restrict parking – even if they have to pay to maintain the road.

This sucks as people are often totally misled by estate agents about roads being ‘Private’ and for ‘Residents Only’ when if fact there is no such notion in law.

A road may be unadopted and all that means is that the council don’t pay for its upkeep – the residents of all the houses along it have to pay to repair it - BUT it still counts as a public highway.

Unadopted roads don’t necessarily belong to anyone whereas a private road is most definitely owned by the residents who live along it (or in some cases a company that is set up for this purpose). If the residents own it, they effectively own a ‘joint share’ in the road.

So, unless all the residents on Edmonton Way own it jointly between them – which will be on the deeds, it is not a private road and is merely just "unadopted".

If it is just ‘Unadopted’ then it is still a public highway and no one can be prevented from driving along it or parking on it. The terms public highway and private highway do not actually refer to who owns it – only to who PAYS for it.

Only if you OWN the land can you block it, gate it, and clamp cars within it. This is because there is no easement over it and anyone other than the owners are trespassing.

The situation can become very confusing as unadopted and private roads are not necessarily the same thing, but usually are. Both unadopted and private roads can be classed as highways and both may have easements over them [rights or way] for other users.

You must check what your solicitors told you when you purchased the house – they should have explained this to you prior to purchase. It is a pain in the bum to have to pay to maintain a road that builders, commuters etc are parking on – that is why your solicitor should have explained it to you.

On a general note - no one should park in front of a dropped curb or block access to your house. That doesn't mean that they won't - only that they shouldn't.

Re: Edmonton Way Car Park
- D (14th Sep 2017  18:10:32)

I recommend you speak to EHDC Planning.
There is normally a planning restriction/regulation, when you receive planning permission for a large construction scheme like this, that all construction vehicles must be parked on the site.
Get EHDC involved and the Developer will soon sort out the problem as they won't want to be shut down.

Re: Edmonton Way Car Park
- Local (14th Sep 2017  20:05:23)

I agree with D.

Contact EDHC Planning. I have found them very helpful in the past and I am sure they would get their point across!

Re: Edmonton Way Car Park
- Resident2 (14th Sep 2017  22:39:22)

Maybe all the residents should park their cars on the road then the builders wouldn't have anywhere to park and it would force them to use the parking the developers insisted they would use. Amy I have had a similar thing with the builders being incredibly rude, it's not nice!

Re: Edmonton Way Car Park
- oldie (15th Sep 2017  09:32:01)

Is there any signage saying private road or residents only parking? Because if not, irrespective of who may legally own the road, it is a public highway and you cannot tell people off for parking there, but if you do, don't be surprised if they tell you where to go back (especially if they are builders) what do you expect and what would you say if I shouted at you for daring to park outside my house, which is a public road too?

Also don't forget, before someone plonked you're new estate there, we used to be able to park all along Canada Way but lost that right to accommodate you and we didn't complain! (OK I know it was army land before that)

It's only going to get worse and soon we'll need a multi storey car park, the council will never give us one, so all you're going to do is push parking further and further out till Gunns Farm, the Berg, Malthouse Meadows are all having the same problem with commuters etc and the whole village will become one giant dormitory town full of twee Barratts style housing estates and yellow lines and hairdressers and estate agents!

Also, if there's nothing in you're deeds, or the freeholders deeds or with the council, you don't own it and you are wrong, whether they are commuters, builders or whoever. Buying near an airport and complaining about planes comes to mind. In this case, buying in a village and complaining it's turning into a town.

Re: Edmonton Way Car Park
- J (15th Sep 2017  16:25:30)

To answer some of the points above...
- We don't seem to have a problem with commuters.
- We do have a covenant in our deeds which prohibits parking of large commercial vehicles and caravans.
- We were made well aware that the road is simply "unadopted" at present but should be adopted in due course.
- We are only complaining about the builders vans as we were told that they wouldn't be using our road for access to the new site. Their parking is most concerning in terms of emergency vehicle access.

Raising the matter with EHDC does seem to be the way to go.

Re: Edmonton Way Car Park
- Amy (15th Sep 2017  16:36:23)

I'm not exactly sure what you read, Oldie, but no one has "shouted" at them for parking there. In fact, I didn't tell them at any point they couldn't park in our road. I politely asked them not to park in front of a crossing with a dropped curb (which if we are arguing the 'public highway' dispute they are in the wrong for doing) as I needed to use said dropped curb to cross with my buggy. I don't see that as unreasonable in any way and I certainly don't think it called for an aggressive response especially in front of a baby. And in answer to your question, if someone said that same to me I'd never be aggressive in response. Clearly you've been bought up to handle situations in a different way if you think that sort of behaviour is ok.

Seemingly you are very bitter that new houses have been built in the village and therefore think it's acceptable for people to make our lives harder when they already have a perfectly acceptable place to park.

Re: Edmonton Way Car Park
- Q (17th Sep 2017  14:27:37)

The parking is the least of our worries, what shocked me was seeing one of the workman climb the fence onto private property to steal from a garden!!!

Re: Edmonton Way Car Park
- Local (17th Sep 2017  21:38:23)

Hi Q,

I hope you called the police?!

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