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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Radford Park Poo-Stick Bridge
- Dizzie-wh (11th Aug 2017  21:20:30)

Has anyone any further news on the above??? Really missing this bridge when dog walking - means I have to go out on the main road to do a circular walk with my dogs!
I asked at Council Offices and was told that it WOULD be replaced but no idea as to when??
Anybody know any more information please??

Re: Radford Park Poo-Stick Bridge
- annehall (12th Aug 2017  17:26:42)

In April June and July this question was asked at the Council Meetings. At the Recreation Meeting it was pointed out that the work was in the conservation area and needs to go out to tender and that unlikely any work will begin on the bridge until Summer 2018. It is going to be quite expensive to build although some money will be available from grants. Until then it still means that little extra walk. Details can be read on the Council Minutes on their website.

Re: Radford Park Poo-Stick Bridge
- Anon (12th Aug 2017  20:11:13)

Me too. Nearly had to wade across and get my dog today as she happily ran across the other side as she used to!

Re: Radford Park Poo-Stick Bridge
- Dizzie-wh (14th Aug 2017  13:34:35)

Thank you for the information regarding the Poo-Stick Bridge. Seems such a shame that we are losing it for SO long!
Apart from the dog-walking problem it used to be the venue for the Annual Duck race- very sad!!
Thanks again for the info. Red tape etc gone nuts!

Re: Radford Park Poo-Stick Bridge
- dan (19th Aug 2017  13:10:23)

as i remember it was only repaired or replaced not too many years back so why has it gone! its crazy they havnt replaced it, we got money for another pointless roundabout but not for a wooden bridge. Council's got to sort it soon.

Re: Radford Park Poo-Stick Bridge
- Ian (19th Aug 2017  17:03:24)

Which pointless new roundabout are you talking about Dan? Presumably not the one on the Longmoor Road that is going to be servicing the 100+ new houses at Lowsley Farm land and being paid for by the developer!! And is going a very good job at slowing traffic down on the Longmoor Road as well!

Re: Radford Park Poo-Stick Bridge
- Ann (19th Aug 2017  18:01:42)

its never going to be done

Re: Radford Park Poo-Stick Bridge
- Dawn Hoskins (20th Aug 2017  12:17:37)

These replies really make me laugh.
After years of trying I simply need to stop expecting people to know which authority is responsible for what. I have to pay tax so I expect to know where it is going locally and where decisions are being made nationally.

It's my money so it is my responsibility to find out who is doing what with it.

I would be interested to know why anyone thinks that a voluntary Parish Council is responsible for the National Highways road building department, or in charge of a private 'house building' company whose highways plans have been approved years ago? Why, in addition, do these things have any connection with the bridge in the park - I would love to know

The process has already been explained. Tenders have to be sent out and received. Do people have some reason to disbelieve this? Why must the automatic position be one of distrust and besmirchment?

Re: Radford Park Poo-Stick Bridge
- annehall (21st Aug 2017  17:31:16)

For those interested the Radford Bridge and cost is being discussed tonight at the Recreation Meeting being held at the Millenium Hall 7-30p.m. This will also give a chance to have your say about this item.Anyone from the Public can attend.

Re: Radford Park Poo-Stick Bridge
- Elizabeth (22nd Aug 2017  22:30:01)

Thanks for this information. Who was running the recreation meeting? What was the outcome and where was it advertised? I missed that one.

Re: Radford Park Poo-Stick Bridge
- annehall (23rd Aug 2017  08:27:31)

This was advertised on the Recreation Agenda and on the notice boards outside of the Parish Office at the Haskell Centre Midhurst Road Car Park. The Recreation Committee would have discussed the bridge at the meeting. If anyone is interested in certain items the agendas and minutes of ALL meetings can be read on the Council website each month or the notice board. Shortly the minutes will be on the website for people to read from this meeting held on Monday at the Canada Room Millenium Hall and you can see the outcome.

Re: Radford Park Poo-Stick Bridge
- liz (23rd Aug 2017  08:58:15)

In the meantime some kind person could answer Elizabeth's question!

Re: Radford Park Poo-Stick Bridge
- J (29th Aug 2017  08:12:21)

I'm assuming this is the correct link?

The minutes for the meeting on the 21st haven't been added yet 🤔

Re: Radford Park Poo-Stick Bridge
- Sandy (29th Aug 2017  09:29:07)

Hi we now use the bridge by the duck pond - not quite as good but our Grandson still loves it !!

Re: Radford Park Poo-Stick Bridge
- annehall (29th Aug 2017  15:10:57)

Yes that is the correct link for the minutes and they are on the Recreation website. Bridge was discussed by Committee and seeking additional estimates. It was agreed not to proceed at present !!

Re: Radford Park Poo-Stick Bridge
- Dawn Hoskins (29th Aug 2017  20:52:11)

I imagine that they can't proceed with funding until they have all the quotes in for the work? All work of this nature has to go out to tender. The minutes could have been a bit more descriptive there surely? If you are not proceeding you need to say what you are waiting for - else people get the wrong end of the stick.

A report has been received from Hampshire County Council stating that the PC would have to make a formal application to undertake the work as it is in the Conservation Area.

This stuff takes time.

Still, at least we will all appreciate it when it is replaced!

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